Pack Of Lies

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6-My Heart versus My Head

I went home that night and went about my daily routine. I put my work stuff in my office and went to have dinner with the kids, even though I was supposed to be having dinner with Logan later. Afterwards, I watched some television with the kids, gave them their bath and put them to bed at 8 P.M., which actually, I didn’t notice until now, how did Logan know what time I put the kids down? That’s something I’m going to have to find out tonight because that’s something I don’t like. What goes on in my house is my business.

Whatever. I started getting ready to be picked up by Logan at 9. Luckily for me, one of the skills I kept from my military career was the fact that I can get ready quickly, which would come in handy tonight, seeing as how I wasn’t even sure what to wear since I didn’t know where we were going. I felt like calling to ask but I didn’t want to give Logan any more reason to think I was a complete idiot when it came to him.

I settled on the extra dress I bought on my shopping spree last week. It was either that or a business suit and I wasn’t sure that was what Logan was looking for, for our “date”. I decided on this at 8:45, hurriedly put the dress on, and let my hair out of the bun it has always been in and brushed it out. I even put on a small amount of make-up. Eye liner, eye shadow and lip gloss. Man, I haven’t worn make-up since I was a teenager. I went downstairs to wait for Logan and sat on the couch as I was remembering the last time I ever wore make-up.

I was 15 and had the biggest crush on my boyfriend at the time. We had been out on a few dates and I was so naïve. I actually believed he liked me for me. It turned out he had a bet with his friends as to how long it would take him to get into my pants. This stupid naïve girl waited a whole month. He won his bet and never really talked to me again, unless it was to ridicule me. But, then again, when you’re 15 and graduating midway through the year when the rest of the people your age are in their freshman year it tends to make people feel stupid and angry. Either way, it taught me a very valuable lesson: “We can draw lessons from the past but we cannot live in it.”

Promptly at 9 the gate buzzer sounds and brings me back to reality. I buzzed in the driver and by the time I made it to the door so did Logan. He had so many flowers in his hands I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with them. No man has ever given me flowers before. To be honest I don’t even know if I’m a flowers type of girl. I stood there looking at the flowers for a few seconds while Logan was looking at me with a hint of curiosity on his face. He had an enormous bouquet of roses, lilies and orchids mixed together. He handed them to me and I thanked him but was still a little unsure as to what I was supposed to do.

He finally takes some of the tension out of the situation by saying, “I take it you’ve either never gotten flowers from a man or you don’t like them. If you don’t like them you can throw them away but they do make an amazing scent. If you’d like to keep them it’d probably be best for you to put them in a vase before we leave.”

I hated that I was that easy for him to read, but glad I didn’t have to explain myself. I started to turn to go to the kitchen and put the flowers in water, but Hazel appeared and said she’d do it for me. I thanked her and told her I’d be back later. When I stepped out onto the front porch with my jacket in hand ready to put on Logan finally noticed me since he had more light now. He stepped back and took a deep breath while his eyes widened.

I froze almost instantly with fear that I looked ridiculous. “What? Is what I’m wearing not right? I can go change. Am I overdressed?” I’ve trained myself to illuminate the things in my personality that are likable and to hide the things that are less likable. Well Will Smith definitely couldn’t have described me better with that quote if he tried because this definitely describes what I feel when I’m around Logan. I keep trying to hide the way he makes me feel but I think the harder I try to hide it the more he sees it.

Logan immediately stepped up and helped me put on my jacket and replied, “No, you look amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful woman in my life.”

At that moment he leaned in and kissed me. I felt like a real woman for the first time in my life. When he pulled back I noticed I was on the step and he was on the ground, yet he was still a good four inches taller than me which is funny since I have on four inch heels and the step is four inches higher than the ground. I never noticed he was a full foot taller than me, much less six feet four inches tall. Either I’m starting to slack on my reconnaissance or I’ve just tried avoiding really looking at this man for so long I never took notice. Seconds later, out pops Justin. Weird. I didn’t know he was coming with us, but then again, he is supposed to be on 24 hour surveillance. I did notice Dante was driving so that made sense. Justin got into the front seat beside Dante and Logan and I got into the backseat. I told him then I had eaten with the kids so I wasn’t hungry really.

“I had already figured you would eat with your children so I figured it would probably be best if we only went for drinks and dessert if that’s okay with you.” Again reading my mind before I had a chance to really give him any useful information.

“Okay then Mr. Know-it-all, that sounds fine.”

About 5 minutes later we pulled up to another gate. Dante punched in a code and we pulled up to this house that was much like mine only bigger.

“Where are we, Logan?” I asked curiously.

“Well, seeing as how I’ve already told you about the little security issue we’re currently having with you, and the fact that you’ve already eaten, I brought you back to my place to have dessert and the drinks. This way, Dante and Justin don’t have to linger over us because we’re safe in the house. They can wander about, and we can have some privacy so we can have an honest conversation,” he explained with an air of confidence.

“Oh. Okay, that makes sense. But had I known that I wouldn’t have dressed up.”

“Yes, but just think, Rain, look how stunning you are and I’m extremely happy I got to see you this way.”

All I could do was roll my eyes because it sounds like a line of bullshit I would’ve gotten back in high school.

We made our way into the house, which was spectacular by the way, and Justin followed Dante into a game room, while Logan and I went to the dining room. His housekeeper brought us some Cookies and Cream ice cream, my favorite, and each a Jack and Coke. Once she left we started the conversations we should have had back before I started working for him.

Logan started. “So tell me, Rain, what exactly is going on in your life that I seemed to have missed? How is it your military career has gotten past my investigators, and why is it your ex is trying to kill you? I understand you gave me a cliff notes version, but I want the whole story. I know it’s hard for you to trust people, but if I’m going to be able to help you I have to know everything. I trusted you with my past when I don’t tell anyone about that, you need to trust your gut on this one, and I know your gut’s telling you to trust me. So what’s going on here?”

I sat back looked across the table at Logan and sighed. He was right. He should know everything. It’s not right for me to be putting him in danger, or letting him put himself in danger without knowing everything. I finished my last bite of ice cream, downed my Jack and Coke and looked him in the eye before I started to speak.

“Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Like everything we do in life is leading us to a point where we were originally meant to be in the first place. Sometimes we get off track, but all-in-all, it still brings us to the same destination?”

He looked puzzled but answered, “Yes, I believe everything we do in life has a purpose and we just go along until we get to that purpose to fulfill it. Why?”

“Because, that was something I was told long ago, but to be honest, I’m not sure if I believe that. I think what Thomas Edison said is right: Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. I guess the only way to completely fill you in is to start from the beginning like you did with me.

“I never had a mother, She died giving birth to me, and my father was never interested in me or anything I did because he preferred sons. I did all kinds of boyish things trying to get him to notice me, or even to just get him to spend some time with me. I’m scary smart when it comes to books. I learn very quickly and I read up on cars. I could take an engine apart and rebuild it with my eyes closed. That got Dad to spend a little time with me since he was a mechanic, and now had free help. My brothers were never interested in learning about mechanical things, and my sisters were all Barbies. Eventually, the customers got tired of having a 6 year old girl running around telling them what was wrong with their vehicles by just listening to them or working on them, so Dad stopped bringing me around there. Then, I got into all kinds of Martial Arts, Boxing, and Kickboxing, whatever I could do to take out my aggression. I was small, but never lost. I had too much rage that I couldn’t let go of, and used that when I was in the ring. We’re all given some sort of skill in life. Mine just happened to be that I’m good at beating up on people. Dad barely noticed. I graduated high school after one semester in when I was 15, but not before I let myself fall victim to wanting to be a regular girl and falling for the wrong boy. He was my first and I was just a conquest to him. After him I swore I would never let myself be used again.

“I was emancipated right after graduating, which was right before my birthday so a few weeks later I got my driver’s license and then enlisted into the military. Originally, they don’t take anyone under 18 unless you’re close, at least 17, but I was considered an adult and they thought they could use the extra couple years to train me. I was a prodigy. I excelled in everything they put me in. I was trained in almost every job field the Army has to offer as well as some of the other career fields in the other branches. What took most men months to learn, I had down in a week if not days. That’s what gave them the idea to start my unit and a few like mine. Ten total to be exact. Each team has five members, except mine had six. I convinced them to keep Hammer, um Robert, on in my team. I thought I loved him and I wanted him near me but in all honesty I didn’t feel he was capable of running his own team.

“I’m the best in the world at what I do, anything I do, military wise at least, and even some civilian things. This poses a threat to some people. The government considers me a weapon, not a person. I’m their greatest weapon and they always have tabs on me. They weren’t happy when I didn’t re-sign my contract and got out to have my kids. But, my being a weapon to the government means they’d have me killed before I fell into the wrong hands. I led my unit to all kinds of hells when we were at ‘peace’ and when we were at war. I’ve been a spy, and posed as a hostage to get Intel. I’ve pretty much done everything that makes up people’s nightmares, and did it without a second thought. I’m very good at compartmentalizing my life, as you said, and this was an asset the government liked. I didn’t hesitate when I had a mark, no matter who it was. I’ve been shot, stabbed, blown up and all of which still never stopped me from completing my missions.

“I trained the units that followed suit and were like mine. I handpicked the people that were to be in these units and the leaders to run them, but more importantly, I overseen all of the units. I sent them where they needed to be and if I didn’t think they could get the job done then I did it myself. When certain people let it go to their heads or started talking, it was my job to put them down. You know: Join the Army, meet interesting people, and then kill them.

“Since getting out, I’ve severely slacked on keeping in shape and keeping my edge with things, but when it comes down to it, I’m still considered the number one threat to a lot of people. The government thought they lost me once, but I was just in deeper cover than they thought it’d take for me. It turns out they found out how many countries has me as their number one target. I guess it’s a good thing they don’t know what I look like right? That was supposed to be a joke. Thanks for laughing…not.”

The entire time I was talking, Logan never took his eyes off of me. He never looked scared, or like he was going to go running for cover like I expected he would.

After a few seconds he asked, “So what does your ex have to do with trying to kill you or whatever it was you said that was about and what it’s about now?”

“Robert buttered up to me because I’m the best, plain and simply. In these units everyone has a ranking, one through fifty or in this case fifty-one, and he’s number six. He didn’t like that. He didn’t like not making my team originally, and my having to convince them to let him stay a part of our team, as opposed to being in another squad. He didn’t and still doesn’t like having to take orders from a woman, and he hated the fact that I had no intention of letting him take the reins at all, much less anytime soon. So he started buttering up to me. I knew why he was doing it, but I wanted to believe that there was at least one man out there that wanted me for me, and not to get something out of me, so I ignored my instincts and started a relationship with him.

“About five months into the relationship we were on leave and when we went back we were all supposed to resign our contracts because they were up. I found out the day before I was pregnant with Jesse, so I didn’t resign. It made Robert happy and my unit was ecstatic for me, but the government, well, not so much. I had Jesse with no complications and was glad to be a mom. Robert seemed to be growing restless because they were keeping my unit close at bay unless absolutely necessary because they thought I would come back after having Jesse. The truth was, I had thought about it but what kind of mother would I be to him if I was never there. Jesse was about 11 months old and I wasn’t supposed to be home yet but got done at the gym early and when I came through the house I heard Robert smack Jesse. Jesse started screaming and was completely red on the face and hands. He had his hands up by his face and was chewing on his hands. He was hungry and Robert thought it was funny not to feed him all day, and then eat in front of him. I beat the shit out of Robert and threw him out on his ass along with all his stuff. At that point, the military accepted I wasn’t going back when they heard I had just found out I was pregnant with my second child. The funny thing was, we always used condoms. Afterwards I found out Robert was intentionally trying to get me pregnant so I wouldn’t go back to the military. Only, he didn’t count on it working out the way it did.

“He still didn’t get the number one slot that I had and barely got to stay in the military. When they were stationed at home he came over one night when I was putting Jesse to bed. He didn’t know I was pregnant again and I didn’t tell him. I left the room for a minute tops but when I came back in, there stood Robert with a knife at Jesse’s throat while he lay there sleeping. He told me to walk over and not do anything while he covered my mouth with a chloroform rag. I had no other option because even though I was fast and knew I could take him out, even being pregnant, I wasn’t going to risk him being able to hurt Jesse at all. He’s pretty quick himself and it was a chance I couldn’t take, so I did as I was told.

“When I came to, I had my hands cuffed behind my back and my ankles tied together. I already had a splitting headache and could only see out of one eye because he had been beating me while I was unconscious. My head was split open, as was my nose and lips. My eyebrows were busted and my other eye was swelling to the point where soon I wasn’t going to be able to see out of it. I had a broken arm, which was easy to tell by the bone sticking out of the skin and I wasn’t sure what else at that point.

“He sat there looking at me laughing when I groaned a little from my ribs. Seven broken. He said he knew that as long as I was alive he would never be taken seriously, and he would never get to be number one. I laughed at him and told him even without me he’d still never be number one. That provoked him and he got up to kick me again, only I already had the cuffs undone and with my one good arm I grabbed his foot knocking him on his ass. I cuffed his left arm and right leg together behind his back and did the same with the opposite arm and leg in front of him. I should have just killed him them, but I realized I was starting to bleed.

“At that moment I told him I was pregnant and he probably managed to just kill his own child instead of me. He laughed and said, ‘He would kill both of the little bastards’. So I knocked him out and called my team, Shadow being first. She came to get me and Jesse and take me to the hospital while the rest of the team went to my house to get Robert and ‘play’ for lack of a better word, but when they got there, he was gone. He’s been on the run from them ever since. Hence the reason for my confusion as to why he’d surface now and so openly, much less come after me. It would make more sense for him to kill them off first before coming for me.”

That’s when it hit me. “OH, FUCK! I have to call them and get them here to warn them.”

I started to walk out with this on my mind but Logan stopped me. “Look, I know what it took for you to tell me this, and I’m happy you trusted me enough to do that, but please don’t just run off on me now. I’m not scared or running and I want you to stick around.”

He sounded so sincere I wasn’t sure how to take this. Both times I trusted a man I thought cared about me I got used and hurt. Then again, this man has put himself out there more than any other man ever has just to help me and keep me and my kids safe.

I softened a little. “Logan, I’m just going for my phone real quick. I need to make a couple of calls and then I’ll be back in here to finish this discussion. I’m not running off anywhere. One thing you’ll learn about me is, I don’t scare easily and won’t be intimidated by someone that is so dark. Albert Einstein said: In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. My life may be difficult at the moment, and has been the entire time, but I’ve had plenty of opportunities to make things better. I’ll be right back.”

I walked into the living room and picked up my purse, but immediately the hairs on the back of my neck started standing on end. I closed my eyes and listened to what was going on in the house that could be making me feel this. In the meantime I was slowly hiking up my dress and getting out my weapon. A Beretta 92FS, semi-automatic. I can hear Logan in the Dining room, his housekeeper in the kitchen, Dante and Justin still in the Game room to my right, but that was all the people that were supposed to be in the house. Gun in hand and eyes still closed I listened a little more closely and then I found it.

There, in the closet by the front door. I took my cell phone out of my purse and kept my gun hidden with the purse and calmly walked to the door like there was nothing wrong. As soon as I got past the closet door I spun, opened it and found Cera standing there with a gun in hand, fumbling, trying to get a better grip on it as I took it from here before she had a chance to do anything with it, and yanked her out of the closet. I was impressed, even in four inch heels it didn’t stop me from being exactly how I used to be and this kind of made me miss the action.

Then again, I was pissed! I knew there was something wrong with this Bitch and now she’s here, in Logan’s house, with a gun, well, without one now, when there’s not supposed to be anyone here. I kicked here in the stomach to drop her and then a quick knee to the face before I knelt over her with my gun to her head and yelling for Logan.

He came running into the living room only to skid to a stop when he caught the whole scene and looking at Cera as if she were an alien.

I was seething by the time I spoke. “Do you mind telling me what the fuck is going on? I come in here to get my phone and sense someone here and find her in the closet with a gun pointed at me.”

At this point Justin and Dante are running into the room as well because they heard the commotion of me pulling Cera out of the closet and knocking her down. They stood there with the same dumb look on their face as Logan had on his.

Logan stumbled through his response still shocked by what he saw. “Rain, I swear I have no idea what she’s doing here. I didn’t even know she knew how to get into my house. Dante had just done a security sweep before we left to get you. We were only gone for a total of 30 minutes max, plus there’s a security system.”

Logan pointed to his system and I rolled my eyes upon seeing it. “You know, Logan, for someone who has top of the line things you sure do have a shit security system. I can disarm that in less than ten seconds, which is what she did I’m sure.”

I turned back to Cera laying on the floor with her nose and lip bleeding smiling up at me.

At this point it was as if my blood was boiling over with my rage. “What do you find so amusing, Cera? You’re on your back with a gun to your head. What possible outcome do you think you’re going to have where this doesn’t end badly for you?”

Cera sneered her response to my question. “What’s wrong, Wolf? Were you scared? Are you now? You should be! You’re going to die very soon, in a very painful way.”

Hmmm….this woman knows my nickname for the military. “Well, Cera, we all die at some point, that’s not the important part. What’s important is how you lived your life and how painful I can make your death.”

Logan, Justin and Dante all seemed to make a squeamish face when I made my remark. Apparently me being overly violent is something most people still have a hard time fathoming from me.

She started laughing. “This coming from someone with over 600 kills on her belt, really? How is it you think you’ve lived your life? Did you think you could just walk away and no one would come for you?”

Cera then spoke, “Вы собираетесьумереть ужасной мучительной смертью, и скоро ваши дети будут страдать от худшей участи, как только мы их в руках. Они будут сначала просто мучить тебя дальше, то, когда ты просил, чтобы умереть, вам будет выведен из ваших страданий.

Тот факт, чтовы даже думаете, что вы сможете приблизиться к моим детям показывают свою глупость и просто стоить вам сделать самую большую ошибку в своей жизни. Расскажите своим боссам Я иду за ними и я не буду останавливаться, пока у меня есть головы на моей стене. Никто никогда не приблизится мои дети, а тем более причинить им вред. Вы будете первыми узнавать этот урок.

Justin spoke up now, “Uh, Translation.”

I answered, “she said you’re going to die a horrible painful death and soon your children will suffer a worse fate once we have them in hand. They’ll be first, just to torture you further, then, when you’re begging to die, you’ll be put out of your misery.”

“Okay and you said what?”

“I told her: The mere fact that you even think you’ll be able to come near my children shows your stupidity and just cost you to make the biggest mistake of your life. I’m coming for your bosses and I won’t stop until I have their heads on my wall. No one will ever come near my children, much less hurt them. You’re going to be the first to learn this lesson.”

Logan spoke this time. “Okay there’s another thing I didn’t have on file for you. I didn’t know you knew Russian. That’s what that was, Russian correct?”

My answer was almost harsh. “Yes, Logan, that was Russian. Dante how about you take Cera here and find some kind of chair to tie her to and watch her to make sure she doesn’t move. Justin, do another quick sweep of the house to make sure there’s no more sleepers. Logan, please call my house and check in with Ben and Andrew and tell them what just happened so they know to keep their eyes open and ready for whatever comes down, but not to alert the kids. Also, tell them to tell Gary what’s going on. I need to make that phone call now”

They all jumped into action as I stepped out onto the front porch and immediately dug my phone out of my purse. I had to take a few seconds to steady myself though. No one, and I repeat, NO ONE will ever hurt my kids. Especially not because of who I am, or was.

I dialed a number that wasn’t programmed into the phone on the second ring Jill answered. “Hey, it’s Rain. I don’t know what you guys are doing, but I need all of you here in Atlanta by tomorrow. We need to talk in person. Can you make that? Okay that’s fine, 10 is fine, come to the WINTERS building downtown. When you guys get there tell the receptionist you’re here for me. She’ll call me and I’ll have to go down for you but then we can come up and be in a private conference room. You know I wouldn’t be calling unless it was that urgent. Okay, well tell the guys I’ll see you all tomorrow. Bye, Jill. Thanks”

Immediately I deleted the number from the phone although I wondered if I was doing it out of habit since it was a burner phone that couldn’t be traced. I stuck it back into my purse and went back inside to finish my conversation with Cera. However, I didn’t make it that far into the house before I heard the commotion. I ran to the dining room kicking off the heels in the process and ran smack into Logan flying backwards. Dante was on the floor, as was Justin, but Cera was still tied to the chair so it couldn’t have been her that did this.

Another sleeper is in the house somewhere, and nearby. I had to have just missed him. I checked on all three men and tried to act casual. All three were still breathing and no signs of broken bones, and there it was. Someone rushing up behind me.

I jumped up and half ran up the wall managing a back flip. This huge man ran smack into the wall but spun swinging. I dodged all of his swings but knew I wasn’t going to keep getting this lucky with three men lying unconscious on the floor around me for me to trip over. I backed into the living room and that’s when the fighting really began. He rushed me, only this time I couldn’t get away. He had me in a bear hug and was squeezing. I could feel my ribs getting ready to pop if I didn’t do something soon. I boxed his ears and this seemed to temporarily stun him long enough for me to catch my breath and begin my assault. It wasn’t hard to see that I was definitely out of shape because I was much slower and weaker than I used to be, but I was still quick enough to sweep his feet and get him on his back. I had the advantage when he was on the ground. I started punching him in the face with one hand while with the other I grabbed his Adams apple just right, to where he knew if he moved, then he’d be dead within a matter of seconds.

Logan, Justin and Dante started coming around at this point, and once they seen the man on the floor with me on top of him, they remembered what the hell happened and was going on. Apparently this man snuck in while we were there, killed the housekeeper and was in the kitchen. When Justin was doing a secondary sweep of the house he came across him and so began the show. Only, they found themselves a little outmatched. They all looked a little stunned that I had this man on the floor with him not moving seemingly beaten.

With my hand still clutched around his Adams apple I reached out with the other. Logan seemed to know what it was that I wanted and grabbed my phone from my purse and handed it to me. He held it while I dialed another number, and then he handed me the phone.

“General, it’s Harv; I think we have a big problem here. Well, I have a Russian assassin tied to a chair that threatened me and my children, and another that I’m sitting on with his throat in my hand. Do you mind filling me in on what’s going on? WHAT?!? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN? THIS IS BULLSHIT AND WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PREVENT! HOW COULD MY IDENTITY AND POSITION BE LEAKED AND YOU JUST BE FINDING OUT ABOUT IT? Of course! I should have seen that one coming! No, don’t worry about it. Send someone to collect these two jackasses until I can get there to question them. In the meantime my team is on their way here. I’ll take care of this myself, since you obviously can’t. Don’t give me any of that shit! If I was that valuable you would have made damn sure this never happened, but you didn’t, so I’ll clean up your mess just like I have since I was 18 and deployed the first time, which got me into this mess in the first place. You know exactly where I am. You never lost track of me so don’t play games with me, I’m not in the mood after the night I’ve just had. Exactly, I may not be active but that doesn’t mean I forgot everything. You got five minutes before I start beating on this guy myself. If either make a move I will just kill them here and now and you can pick up their bodies. DON’T TELL ME NOT TO BE SO HOSTILE WHEN THEY THREATENED MY CHILDREN’S LIFE! Bullshit! People are in the military and have families all the time so don’t tell me that having a family while in the military is reckless. I may be different but I’m still human, which you seem to forget. Five minutes. I mean it. Your time starts now!”

At that point Logan slowly leaned over to Justin and whispered, “Remind me never to piss her off.” All three men laughed but it was a laugh of intimidation more than comical.

When I hung up I deleted the number again, I think it’s still automatic, but when I look up I saw all three men looking at me with questions all over their faces.

“Not now. Is Cera still secure?” Dante went to look and came back pulling the chair with Cera in it with him. Justin finished his second sweep and came back saying those were the only two. Logan took my phone and put it back in my purse.

Within the five minutes span the gate buzzer was going off and a government truck was pulling up. They took Cera and the man with them. After they were gone I turned to get my things but seen that I wasn’t going to make it out of that house that easily without explaining what had just happened.

I tried rushing through my explanation as best as possible. “Cera was a Russian spy sent here to confirm my identity and try to get close to me so she can get my children. The Russians want to torture and kill my kids in front of me and then kill me. He was her enforcer. He’s the number one guy, so to speak, the Russians have, which is why he took you three down so easily. It’s no longer safe for any of you. The Russians know I’m working for you, Logan, and this is proof they’ll come after you too. Robert leaked my identity to them to try to get them to do his dirty work. I should go before I put you in any more danger.”

Logan immediately jumped in front of me stopping me from leaving. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up a minute there. Dante and Justin, please excuse us. Look, Rain, I know I’m not as deadly as you are, but I’m also no coward. I told you, I fell in love with you and as long as you’re alive I’m not letting anyone scare me away from you or those kids.”

He pulled me into an embrace and it was at that point that I realized I was shaking. I wasn’t sure if I was shaking from the adrenaline, the thought of someone hurting my children, or the fact that someone almost hurt this man hugging me. I don’t even know why I cared that he was almost hurt, but the fact that someone tried made me even angrier and I still couldn’t figure it out.

I looked up at him, then grabbed him by the hair and pulled him down to where I was able to kiss him. He lifted me by my hips so I was even with him and he didn’t have to stoop. I didn’t realize he was this muscly but it turned me on. Again, I was unaware as to why because I’ve met lots of men that had more muscles than Logan but I wasn’t attracted to them in the least. I was tired of thinking, I deepened the kiss. The way our tongues danced together was like our mouths were molded for each other. Logan was moving but at that point I barely noticed and didn’t care much. He carried me up the stairs and to the left where the master suite was. He set me on my knees on an ottoman at the foot of the bed before he took a step back and looked at me.

“Rain, I’m not just another man that wants to take advantage of you. I want this to be a permanent thing if you decide it’s what you want to. I’m definitely not trying to rush you and if you don’t want to do this tonight I definitely understand. I want you to let me know when you’re ready. Just know that no matter what, nothing’s going to chase me away from you.”

His look was so sincere; I couldn’t help but believe him. Besides even with the other two guys I never felt what I’m feeling now. I stepped off the ottoman and onto the floor and slipped the silk dress off of my shoulders and to the floor then slipped out of my bra and thong.

Finally, I slipped the gun holster from my thigh. Once they were on the floor I walked over to the bed and lay down. Logan’s breath seemed to catch in his throat when he was trying to undo his shirt, but kept missing and unable to unbutton it. He was to me by that point and leaning with one knee on the bed, still trying to undo his shirt and still fumbling. I sat up and ripped his shirt open to send buttons flying everywhere. He gave me a devilish smile, and then took off his pants, and finally his boxers.

His erection sprang out of his pants and this time it was my turn to have my breath catch in my throat. He was huge. At least eleven inches long and four inches around. The only time I’ve ever seen a man so big was in the weird ass porn Robert used to watch. He saw what caught my attention, but didn’t make me feel bad about being as inexperienced as I was.

“Umm…Logan, this isn’t going to work, I mean you’re, and I’ve never been with someone that’s that... What I’m trying to say is…ummm. I don’t know. I know there’s no way in hell that I can take that though.”

Logan just smiled and told me to lay back and let him do all the work. Well, this is a change. My first encounter was just a whole three minute episode that did nothing for me, and with Robert, generally it was over before I could get into it, unless he had me be on top and then it was pretty well the same case.

I lay there as Logan made his way to the bottom of the bed. He started by kissing each of my toes on my right foot and all the way up my leg to my hip bone. Then he went back down and repeated this with my left leg. Once he got to my left hip bone I was already going mad. I was scratching and clawing at him trying to get him to do something, although, I didn’t know what. No man has ever had me to this point.

Hell, I’ve never felt what I was feeling right then, which I wasn’t sure what. Logan kept going upward slowly. He kissed my stomach which made that pull in my lower belly start blazing. He got to my breasts and with one hand cupped he pinched my nipple while rolling it around in his hands and doing the same with the other nipple with his mouth. I arched my back and pulled his mouth onto me harder. I couldn’t believe the things this man was making me feel. With his free hand, he was slowly tracing my side down to my hip. Once he got to my thigh he slowly picked up my leg and bent it to sit it back on the bed. Then, he moved that hand in between my thighs. He already had me on the brink but as soon as his finger touched my clitoris I started convulsing almost, in my first orgasm. He sat back and let me come down from my high, before he continued.

This time, when he continued he made his way down my stomach with his mouth and got to my pelvis. I sat straight up, almost horrified, “Logan, I’ve never”.

“I figured as much, just lay back and trust me.”

I did as he said, and then I figured out what all the fuss was about. Logan slowly moved his mouth down to my clitoris, where he licked ever so lightly. This made me arch again with wanting. Then he went in a little more aggressively and sucked on my clitoris. I couldn’t help the moans that escaped from me. I’ve never had someone put this much attention into giving me pleasure. He moved further south and stuck his tongue inside me. I let out a loud squeal then, which he seemed to like, so he began to quicken his pace. All the while those fireworks in my stomach were building again and I was about to explode for a second time.

I don’t know how much more of this I can stand. Then he moved back up to my clitoris and began the torture there as well, while he was also fingering me. I was feeling the build from both assaults, and then, within less than a minute, I exploded again. While I was still coming down from this high, Logan slowly moved up to where he could position himself between my thighs. He eased himself into me slowly, which caused me to orgasm again from the expansion and mere insertion of his erection. He began at a slow pace moving in and out letting me come back to reality, but once I was back to reality, that was it. I grabbed a hold of his ass and pulled him into me as hard as possible. This man has done something that no other man has ever been able to do. He made me feel like a real woman when I didn’t even know I could feel that. He didn’t run when the danger started, and he’s just trying to be here for me. All I want right now is to give this man as much pleasure as he’s given me.

I flipped him over quickly, which surprised him, and began grinding my hips on him. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but judging by the look on his face, it couldn’t have been as bad as Robert used to tell me I was. Logan seemed to be enjoying it. I’d let him get close to the edge, then I’d stop. This confused him and he just looked at me. I’d lean down and kiss him to keep him occupied. Once he started calming some, I’d start again. After about the fourth or fifth time of me doing this, he shouted he couldn’t take it anymore and flipped me back to my back and started such a quick rhythm that got me built up too. Within a few minutes we were both so close to the edge that all it took was me exploding and squeezing him with my thighs that he finally came too. He yelled my name when he came, which threw me off a little.

I was always told I was bad at sex, yet this man seemed like he could go for days with me. Maybe it’s just my imagination though.

We lay there for a few minutes and then we went into his bathroom to shower. I noticed he was looking at me in an odd way through the mirror so I turned to ask why.

He says, “I never knew you had tattoos, and that many. I’m just wondering what they all mean.”

I smiled, okay, that wasn’t as bad as I thought. I told him I’d tell him about them all one day, but right now we needed to shower and I needed to get home because I have a lot of preparing to do.

After the shower when we were getting dressed, I felt awkward because I’ve never asked a man this before, but I told Logan I’d like him to stay at my place tonight so I can fill him in on what’s going to be happening from here on out until I finish what’s going on, and what I’ll need from him. He instantly obliged, almost happily, and got a bag with clothes around and yelled for Dante to do the same.

Twenty minutes later we were pulling into my driveway and I instantly felt better once I was inside and seen the kids. I had all the guards doing random sweeps of the house and grounds as well as bringing in twelve extra guards to keep an eye on the house and grounds that way Ben and Andrew, as well as Justin and Gary now can put their full attention to protecting the kids.

The twelve new guards were there within the hour and reported to Gary for their assignments.

Once I knew all was going well, I laid down to try to get a little sleep before tomorrow, seeing as how I was going to need all the rest I could get. I have to admit, falling asleep in Logan’s arms was a lot easier than I would have thought.

That night I had another dream, flash back, whatever it’s called.

We were in Russia and our mission was to eliminate the warlord that was on the throne at the time. He was a large man but the kill was quick and efficient. I threw one knife while he had his back turned and it went through the back of his neck severing the spinal cord and his jugular. He went down quietly and we thought all was well, but as I went to retrieve my knife, leaving no evidence, another man walked in. Younger, but looking very similar to the man I just killed. The look he gave me was almost unnerving. He did nothing but look at me, almost like he was committing my face to memory.

I sat straight up. I know I‘ve seen that man recently. Who was that? I’m going to have to find out because I’m betting he’s the key to this. Somehow, he has something to do with what’s going on now. I don’t know how, but those big chocolate eyes that are almost black have something in them. The icy look he gave me. There was something in that look. I’m not sure whether it was relief or hatred.

I wonder what’s bringing this up now. Why am I remembering these things now? Maybe it’s the fact that Cera and the Russian threatened the kids. Maybe it’s because now I have to get back into my position if I want any kind of security for my children, as well as take out their own father for causing these problems. Tomorrow and the following days are going to be very long and hard.

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