Pack Of Lies

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8-A Cell in Hell

We got to the holding facility about 20 minutes after leaving Logan, which was right after the General got there. They had already moved Cera and her enforcer into separate interrogation rooms for us. My team started to go in but I stopped them. I waited a few seconds to watch them and take in the scene a little more before going in. After making them wait about five minutes I sent Ghost and Striker into Cera’s interrogation room and watched as they questioned her. Every question they asked her she would reply in Russian not knowing they could speak it.

After a few minutes, I walked into the room and sent Ghost and Striker out, and back into the viewing room. I turned off the cameras and un-cuffed Cera. She looked a little surprised when all I did was sit down across from her. I sat there looking at her leaning forward with my elbows on my knees, not saying anything. She waited a while but eventually asked what I was waiting for.

I asked sweetly, “What do you mean, Cera?”

“You turned off the cameras and un-cuffed me. So, what is it you want? You want me to hurt you? Is that why you un-cuffed me. Did you not want to be seen beating on someone that was tied up? That’s the only way you could ever beat me.” She spat her words out with such hatred and conviction, yet she still had the Russian accent.

I just smiled at her. “No, Cera. If I wanted to beat on you while you were tied up I wouldn’t have had a problem doing that. You see, I may not be Russian, but I don’t have much of a conscience either. I want to know why you were so gung hoe on trying to shoot me from inside a closet last night when ‘I can never beat you’. I want to know why I interest you so much, considering you watched me awfully closely these past two weeks. What is it? Do you like me or something?”

Her smile faded and she leaned forward to mimic my pose before answering me.

“You have a conscience, you just think you don’t. I was in the closet to keep Logan from finding out who it was that shot you so I could still gain access to your brats, and as far as watching you so closely, well, I was just trying to figure out what Hammer saw in you. No matter, soon, he and I will be together and you will be buried like a dog, after being beaten and killed like one.” With that she sat back.

I didn’t move my face much but stood up and walked over to the wall and put my back against it. I put my foot on the wall and looked at her for a few seconds before asking her if she was sure about what she just said.

She looked a little confused but said yes, this is when I burst into laughter. She seemed shocked and got up off her chair and stepped around it until she was only about five feet in front of me.

“What’s so funny dog?” She spat at me.

“What’s so funny is the fact that you think you’re going to ride off into the sunset with a man that cares about himself only. You want to know what he saw in me. Power! That was something I have and had then, something that you’ll never have.” It was at this point I pulled out the knife I put into Robert’s heart from my belt and held it up.

She immediately recognized it and gasped, stepping back. “You see, Cera, You won’t be riding off into the sunset with Hammer as I killed him. About twenty minutes ago to be exact, with this very knife, in fact. Sorry to spoil your plans.”

Cera hesitated for about ten seconds before letting out a scream like a Banshee, and running straight for me. I side stepped her and she ran right into the knife, with it hitting her in almost exactly the same spot as I hit Robert with it. I was almost amused at the irony. He used her in the same way he used me, only his using her killed her. I guess I am a lot stronger than I originally thought I was. She gave me the look like she was stunned at what just happened.

She looked at the knife in her chest and I said, “You see, Cera, I’ve always been better than you. I knew you weren’t worth my effort and now YOU’RE the one dying alone, in a cell, while both of you die by my hand. You both thought you were going to kill me and look at you now.”

I shoved the knife in a little harder and twisted some. She gasped because I knew then I hit her aorta. “I’ll see you in hell, Cera.” With that, she died.

I stood over her dead body and felt the disgust for her rise in my stomach. How can someone be so stupid? It should be illegal. I wiped the knife on her shirt and walked out and back into the viewing room. My team looked at me for directions of what I wanted done for her enforcer. I turned and looked into the other interrogation room across from the one I was previously in, and looked at the big man in there.

I sent in Cobra and Shadow to interrogate him. He only spoke Russian so there were no false pretenses there. The girls went in speaking Russian when they questioned him. He seemed overly relaxed when he saw two petite women enter the interrogation room. He talked to them because he didn’t see them as a threat. This big man answered their questions as to why he was there. He said he came with his sister to help her kill the dog that was preventing Hammer from being with her. He also said that the woman that she came to kill was the woman the killed their uncle many years ago, according to their cousin.

Damn! That’s when it hit me. Cera’s eyes reminded me of the eyes of the young man I saw the day I killed the Russian warlord. He was his son. No child should see their father die, but then again he did look relieved.

Shadow asked what their cousin, the new Russian boss, thought of them coming here to kill that woman and her children. He said they were ordered to leave that woman alone, and not to come here. He said he would not be responsible for taking the mother of two children.

This threw me too. How did he know I had two kids? I had to have seen this man recently. I can’t for the life of me remember where I’ve seen him. I turned my attention back to the interrogation.

“If you were ordered not to come here, and to leave this woman alone, then who is ordering the hit to start with your top ten units tomorrow?” Cobra asked this.

“My father.” He spoke that in perfect English then. I knocked on the window once telling them to let him know that Cera was dead.

Shadow started, “You said the woman you came here with is your sister correct?” He shook his head yes.

“Well, my apologies for your loss then, because she died right before this interrogation started. The woman you came to kill put your sister down like an animal.” At that Cobra set back and waited for his reaction.

He started growing very red and fighting against the shackles that held him. Ghost and Striker entered the room soon after. They stood against the wall quietly. This made the man laugh. “You have to have men come in to protect you?” he asked in Russian.

Shadow leaned into the man close and whispered to him that they were here for his protection and not theirs. He quieted for about a millisecond and then he started yelling “Wolf” as loudly as he could.

Jill and Madison walked over and stood against the wall where Christiaan and Jojo were already standing. It looked funny seeing them together. Two huge bulking men that looked like they could tear down a brick house with their bare hands, and two tiny women who looked like they were models, but when it came down to it, the women were more deadly than the men.

I walked in the door and immediately the man in shackles glared at me. “You killed my uncle and my sister?” He asked in his broken English.

I said, “That’s right. What the hell do you think you can do about it?”

He jerked one hand forward snapping the shackle and repeated the process with his other hand. All the while, the four others stayed put against the wall as if nothing happened. I smirked and walked a little closer to him.

He looked down at me and again in his broken English said, “Hammer will kill you now, for sure.”

This was where I laughed. “I guess we forgot to fill you in. I already killed him, almost an hour ago actually. I used the same knife on your sister, and killed her in the same way as I killed Hammer.”

He again began glowing red and started swinging at me, but before he could get in his third swing I was already behind him and up on his back with my hands circling his neck. I had his Adams apple in hand, but this time, he didn’t seem to fear death. I brought my legs up and put them around his shoulders then flipped backwards throwing him onto his stomach. I flipped him over and put the same knife to his throat.

“Your conscience will prevent you from killing an unarmed man,” he says.

I smiled up at him and told him I didn’t have a conscience when it came to animals.”

At that, I slit his throat slowly, to make sure he felt every ounce of the pain. The shock on his face almost made me feel sorry for him, almost.

All the while, Jill and Madison were over talking about what clothes they were going to pack for Russia since it was going to be cold and we were going to have to blend in. Christiaan and Jojo were talking about how we were going to travel without drawing attention to ourselves and what weapons we’d take.

“I already have transportation taken care of, Ghost.” It was Shadow.

“No offense, Jill but the last time you took care of transportation we went swimming unwillingly,” Jojo exclaimed.

Jill started screeching, “Oh my God! Will you just let that go? That was almost seven years ago.”

It really felt like I had never left. This was home to me. This was what I did, who I was. I was a killer with no conscience. But I am also a mother. How could I be both? How did my world balance out so I could be both? I think this is something I would never understand.

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