Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 9


I went home and got my bike while my team sat on theirs waiting for me. When I got there I gave them a quick rundown of what transpired with Brian and Melina, then told them what we were going to do. I told David I wanted him to stay there and help look after the kids and Logan in case Melina or anyone else got some hair brained idea to come to my house so they weren’t completely unprotected to our people. David didn’t exactly like being left behind but he didn’t want to leave the kids without someone who could take on Melina. Justin, Ben and Andrew have been getting trained by my people to get them to a better state physically but they still weren’t to the point where they could hold their own with her one on one or even three on one. Plus, I didn’t want to completely break David’s cover in case something went south tonight.

As we headed to the less tourist friendly part of town we decided to wait out the extra time for Melina to leave at a rest area six blocks from where she was currently. Madison, Berdina and I went in to go to the restroom; though once we got in there we changed our minds. I don’t know what it is about rest areas but apparently people think they can be disgusting and they don’t need to be cleaned. When we got back out to the bikes there was about twenty men standing out by the bikes surrounding Christiaan and Jojo holding guns and knives talking about how they needed to get off the bikes and give them their money and their keys but as soon as they saw the three of us walking out and over to the guys they all started grinning thinking they were going to get further than they were ten seconds prior to us coming out.

When we got about ten feet from the bikes we stopped walking and Madison ad Berdina flanked me with about five feet between us. The men took this as a sign we were scared so they started laughing and all but four of them came and surrounded us making cat calls and putting their weapons toward us. I leaned towards where Jojo and Christiaan were and asked if they were okay. Again, the guys laughed.

One finally looked towards Christiaan and said, “What? You’re not going to help your bitches here?”

Christiaan was laughing almost hysterically at that point and said, “Hell no, you idiots got yourself into this mess and now you’re going to have to deal with it yourself. You bit off your own trouble this time.”

The guy, presumed to be the leader, looked down right pissed at Christiaan’s audacity for saying they were in over their head. When he turned and pointed his gun at Christiaan the fight ensued and I dropped him on his knees. His buddies didn’t like that so they all turned and started coming at Madison, Berdina and I at the same time. After about two minutes all the men were laying on their backs and groaning about how it wasn’t right that a few women just busted their ass. I leaned down to the one guy and told him that just because they think they’re thugs or bad asses doesn’t mean they actually are and they shouldn’t be so eager to take people on when they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into. He glared at me and when I started walking away he decided he wanted another shot to try to beat us so he threw a knife at Berdina. I noticed he was moving and reaching for something, as did the others, but we pretended not to as we kept walking. When he threw the knife Berdina ducked and I caught it and threw it back at him faster than he saw coming. When it lodged into his leg the sound was unmistakable. It cut his artery and blood was starting to spurt.

All of the other guys looked from him to me, Madison, Berdina, Jojo and Christiaan and back again before they looked at each other and they all dropped their weapons and backed away from us apologizing. I had to smirk at the drastic change in their attitudes. Madison called the local LEOs and told them what happened and told them to send the M.E.

About an hour later while the cops and the Medical Examiner were cleaning up, Melina finally started moving so we waited until she was out about thirty minutes, then we headed towards where she was at while we were waiting.

When we pulled up things were a little too quiet for my taste. We knew that Melina had the six people from our unit on guard duty but we weren’t sure how many others she had there waiting. Our concern wasn’t for fear of self but more for fear of what would happen to the hostages if she had any booby-traps that were motion activated, which was likely with her.

I motioned for Christiaan to go left and Jojo to sweep right checking for anything that could blow up in our faces, literally, while Madison went up the ladder to check the roof and Berdina went through a window to the basement of the structure. I just stood there listening to my surroundings talk to me. My team always said it creeped them out that I could do that with such accuracy, almost as if I were psychic, but I think they also liked having the extra advantage. No matter how much I tried teaching them that skill none seemed to pick up on it, however. Madison joked it was the Indian in me since my siblings and children could do that as well.

Exactly eight minutes later the four of them were circling back to me and nodding that they had by-passed the traps and explosives that had been set. Madison signaled there were eight people inside, two of which were hostages and Berdina nodded in agreement. We started to head in when I felt something off, almost like the day Melina blew up my SUV, stopping me dead in my tracks. This, in turn, stopped my team making them have a very worried look on their face. After almost a minute Madison gave me a questioning look while they were all scanning in every direction trying to figure out what stopped me in the first place.

It was a feeling I wasn’t used to so I wasn’t able to describe it in any other way than telling my team they knew we were there. They all gave me a very surprised look before nodding and holstering their weapons. I signaled for Madison and Jojo to go high, and Christiaan and Berdina to go low while I walked in the front door. They again shook their head in acknowledgement and were gone in a flash to get to their positions before I got all the way in the building to where the others were.

After about forty-five seconds I walked into the main room of the warehouse to see Jacob sitting tied to a pole and Jonathan I presumed beside him tied to another pole. Around them stood four of the six members of my unit signaling for me to be quiet so the other two didn’t hear me coming in yet.

Seeing as how this peeked my curiosity I reached down and clicked my radio three times. Right them Christiaan and Berdina rounded a corner from the basement silently and Madison and Jojo dropped from the skylight above barely making a sound causing the four others to almost pale as if they were unaware at how stealthy we were. It should come as no surprise since this was one of the top requirements for my unit, but then again, sometimes looking at my people from an outside perspective it even amazed me that people were capable of being ghosts in plain sight.

I gave Madison and Christiaan a glance towards where I could hear the remaining two members of my unit in another room and they disappeared instantly returning a half a minute later with the two in tow cussing and pale at the intrusion of uninvited guests that could take them out quicker than they could think about it.

Once Cobra and Ghost had the two in front of me and Striker and Widow Maker were behind the other four off to the side keeping them in a certain area they all looked to me for directions.

I stood there staring the six down for a few minutes watching them squirm with fear as I was deciding what to do with them when Jenni finally spoke up. “Rain, can we please explain before you take us out?”

I was even more annoyed than I should’ve been by that comment and it was obvious when I answered her. “Explain what? How you betrayed your team and your friends? Or how you went against your oath to be better than the rest and never have your skills be used in the hands of someone intending depravity and treachery?”

I could tell that there was something I was missing by the way that the four looked like whipped dogs, though at this point, I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t just because they had gotten caught. Jamie was the one to speak up next.

She said, “Rain, please, just listen to this. I’m going to reach into my pocket for my phone. Then, you can decide if this is what you think.”

I nodded to her but she could tell that the others were getting edgy so she moved slowly. A few seconds later she pulled out her IPhone and skipped to a file named When It’s Done and tossed me the phone. I turned on the speaker and pushed play, though I wasn’t ready for what I heard.

The recording started and Jill’s voice came on, “Rain, if you’re hearing this then it means that I didn’t make it through my mission, so I sent this to Jamie and Jenni just in case. First, know that whatever happened, you were always a sister to me and I’ve spent years trying to fix what I got myself into with causing problems in the first place. That’s what this is. About five and a half years ago when that bomb went off where you were supposed to be I knew something was off, but wasn’t sure what it was. I knew my father wasn’t smart enough to accomplish that kind of an assassination attempt and I didn’t do it, nor did Robert so I started looking into it. Then, I noticed Melina started having a strikingly similar signature with her bombs after that so I started keeping tabs on her. She seemed to be pacified that you were out and she was exceling slightly, though she didn’t know you were still running the unit. When she found that out she started putting something together; so I talked to a few people and put them into place to be used as targets or allies, however you want to look at it. Jenni, Jamie, Nick and Kellan were those people.

“I knew they would be ones she would like since they all had something to lose and they were all ranked below her, which is why I told you that you shouldn’t reevaluate the ranks just yet. Melina is working with someone higher up in the government but I don’t know who yet. I’m also guessing that if you’re hearing this now then things happened a little faster than they were supposed to so we weren’t able to find that out just yet. Though, after all this is said and done I’m betting you will have some ideas as to who it is. I figured Melina would also try to pull in some extra help as well so I made sure to have my four get close to others that worked for you and start giving off subtle clues as to who they were or that they knew you so the others could pick up on it and forewarn you so you didn’t kill them before you got an explanation.

“I knew Melina would try to take someone to hold against you so I made sure to have Jamie mention Jacob knowing he was the one that you would rather have there in that situation than anyone else. I am more sorry than you know for everything I’ve done to make sure that I’m not there with you to help you solve these problems but I can rest easier knowing I’ve done everything I possibly could to help you find out everything you need to know to solve this. You have the best team in the world there with you right now and they’ll be more than helpful with this. I’m sorry, sister, and though I have no reason to ask, there will be something coming to you on our favorite day this year that I know you’ll take care of it with everything you have. You know what’s coming. I wish we could’ve had a chance to celebrate our thirtieth birthday together like we always planned but I know I’ll celebrate with you from here. Tell my God-children how much their aunt Jill loves them. I love you too, sis. Good-bye.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

I wasn’t sure what to say and do after that. I just stood there staring at the phone for what seemed like hours but I knew that time seemed to go faster for me than others and I could tell when I looked up that I wasn’t standing there speechless for as long as I had thought, though the others seemed just as surprised as I felt. I quickly forwarded the message to my personal phone, then completely wiped the number from existence from her phone and tossed it back to Jamie. Again, I stood there thinking about what to do when Kellan spoke up.

Kellan said, “Rain, we may be a lot of things, but stupid or traitors are not among those things. We know better and wouldn’t do that after everything you have done for us. You gave us a chance to be something more than we ever thought, when everyone else wrote us off as trouble makers or losers. That’s not something we could just forget or throw away. We owe you for getting us off those streets and to where we are today. You told us once that you were watching a movie that had a quote in it that you found completely fitting for our unit and were surprised to find it in a movie. You said ‘either fight for something, or die for nothing’. We still believe that.”

Words couldn’t describe the pride I felt in not only my unit, but Jill for going above and beyond in their attempt to do everything they had been selected for a long time ago. Albeit, I was glad that my original judgment of these members wasn’t incorrect, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Melina would be back. I actually gave it less than two minutes before she would be coming back in the door with David or someone else in tow so I figured I better get to getting the rest of the story and delegating what should be done.

Finally, I looked towards where Madison and Christiaan were holding Karen and James and asked Jenni if these two were part of Melina’s plan from the beginning or when they were brought in. She noticed I was going through things quickly now and told me they had been in on things long before she got brought in and she was the first of the four there that Jill had put into place. This was more of what I had expected when I came here tonight instead of Jill speaking or helping beyond the grave.

I looked towards Nick and asked if Jill had been working with them since she had them put into place for this and he shook his head while smiling. I was thinking when I felt a shift in the air from below me and motioned for them all to be alert as Melina was downstairs now. They all nodded but Karen and James started to resist when they realized what I was signaling for. Madison and Christiaan put an abrupt end to their struggles, however, when I scowled at Karen and James.

They moved over to Jenni and Nick as Berdina and Jojo moved over to stand behind Jamie and Kellan making it look as though they were still on her side and being held hostage by us as they waited judgment for their deception.

Right then, Melina walked in with Brian in front of her with his hands in the air. She sneered at me when she saw me standing there as nonchalant as ever.

Melina spit through her teeth, “Well, Rain, it seems like you’ve made one grave mistake thinking I wouldn’t notice you set me up with Brian here and injecting a tracking device into my leg. What do you have to say for your perfect little self now?”

I laughed at her then, “Melina, do you really think I thought you wouldn’t know what the hell happened? If you really think that then you’re even more delusional than I originally thought. I put Brian into place because I knew you were a pathetic thirty-five year old woman who is desperately seeking the approval and want of a man like some high school girl, and I knew you would let yourself be temporarily distracted by that so I could track where you were keeping Jonathan and Jacob.”

I couldn’t tell if Melina believed me or was trying to contain her rage for what I said about her. Either way she looked from me, to my team, to Brian, then Jacob and Jonathan and back at me.

Melina finally started smiling vindictively. “Well, let’s see if the know-it-all shrew knows who I have held hostage by my partner.”

That was when she pulled a remote from her pocket and pushed a button turning on the television hanging down above Jake and Jon. There stood Agent Todd Johnson with who he and Melina assumed to be Rebekah, Brian’s wife. Brian quickly glanced to me and I barely squinted at him and he started throwing a fit pretending to be scared and upset about someone having his wife. Just then, Melina laughed and Agent Johnson punched the woman in the face sending Brian into another rage, though, unbeknownst to Melina and Agent Johnson, his rage wasn’t because Brian feared for his wife, but because he was angry about the young woman he had watched grow up being struck and her not hitting back because she was playing a helpless victim.

I shook my head telling Brian to let it go because it would be over soon since I didn’t like watching my sister being smacked around. However little sense it made since I trained her and knew she could take care of herself and take the hits, it still angered me to watch. When I was shaking my head to Brian Melina finally noticed his looking to me and my gestures so she momentarily froze.

Finally she exploded, “What is it that I’m missing? Why is Brian here looking to you when his wife is being beat on? And why are you telling him not to react to it just yet? You know what, I don’t even care. It’s time for you to feel some of the pain you caused me. Brian if you don’t beat Jacob there then I’ll have Agent Johnson beat your wife to death.”

I looked To Brian and shook my head yes so he untied Jacob while I addressed Melina. “What’s wrong Melina? Are you that much of a petty bitch that you have to pick on innocent people just because someone didn’t pick you? I mean come on, look at yourself and what you’re doing here. You kidnapped an innocent child and killed his mother just to try to get his father when Jason never cared about you or even knew you existed in the first place. Then to try to get revenge for your recompensed misfortunes you kidnap another innocent young man and have someone else beat him to death because you’re angry at his sister because the man you’re obsessed with loved that sister instead of you. Well, welcome to life. You don’t always get what you want. And tell me, what did you hold over these guys heads to get them to fall in line with you?”

Melina seemed to become even more enraged by those comments like I expected she would and she started losing her temper and spilling everything. “Well, I guess we can’t all get what we want all the time like you, can we, Rain? Jason would’ve noticed me if you wouldn’t have gotten in the way. I was perfect for him. As far as Brian’s wife, your brother and these idiots, they’re far from innocent. They may have not done anything themselves but they inherited the sins of their loved ones.”

With that I laughed hysterically. “Melina, do you know why I’m the best and you never could have been or would have been? It’s because one way or another I’m always three steps ahead of you. I inspire people to be better than they are or were, and better than they could have been on their own. I also expect the unexpected, especially with people like you. You were never ranked as high as you are. I placed you there because I knew something wasn’t right with you.”

Melina started looking even angrier than before, if that was possible. That was when I nodded to my team and they let go of the four members of our unit that Melina had been using. When the four turned to her Melina started looking shocked. I turned to the T.V. monitor and looked at the woman there with Agent Johnson before turning back to Melina.

I held my hand towards the screen and said, “Melina, I don’t believe you’ve met my younger sister, Nora.”

Melina snapped her head towards the screen just in time to see Nora pull her hands out from behind her back and throw Agent Johnson over her shoulder while she bent to untie her feet. Before Johnson was up and back to where Nora was she was standing over top of him and punching him while saying something about how he liked hitting women. Finally, Nora reached down while looking at the computer screen, almost like she was staring straight at Melina, and ripped out Agent Johnson’s throat before standing up and walking to the computer and said she’d see me soon.

Melina, noticing her plan was falling apart, started panicking. She decided she didn’t want Brian to try to beat on Jake since she figured he’d be just as well trained as Nora so she went for Brian. When Madison started to lurch forward I held my hand up to stop her, and she looked at me questioningly and scared, but I just nodded forward to where Brian and Melina were standing and facing each other.

Melina taking this as a sign I didn’t think I could get to Brian before she could kill him started smiling saying it was about time I realized there was some things I couldn’t prevent. Right then, she pulled a gun towards Jonathan. I don’t think she could have expected what came next, however, because the shock on her face spoke volumes.

As quickly as she had pulled the gun was as quickly as Brian crossed the last ten feet and took it from her. It was at that point where I wasn’t sure who was more surprised, Melina, or the rest of my team. The only person they’d ever seen move that quickly was me.

Melina stood there looking at Brian for a few seconds before sneering at him and attacking. For the next few minutes we all stood there and watched Brian block one attack after another from Melina. Madison commented about how she couldn’t believe she was worried for Brian or that I never told her that he was almost as good as I was. I smirked at her knowing she was a little jealous because she always had a thing for Brian and thought she knew everything about him.

After another two minutes Melina stopped looking at Bri and said, “You played me! All this time you were better than all of us except Rain and you only pretended to need me.”

It was almost a whine. Brian told her, “It wasn’t hard to play you when you were so desperate for attention. No man wants something that’s easy.”

That last comment seemed to push Melina over the edge and she attacked one more time. Brian spun her around and dropped her on her ass as he simultaneously put her into a headlock intending to put her to sleep so I can take her back to our holding facility to interrogate her further on who else she was working with. Surprising us all, however, that wasn’t what happened. Jonathan had been slowly inching closer to Brian and Melina, we thought to watch her be beaten but that wasn’t what he planned because as soon as Brian looked to me for instructions Jonathan lurched.

I screamed no jolting forward trying to stop him as I saw the knife in his hand but I was too far away to stop him. Jonathan stabbed Melina in the sternum yelling that it was for his mother. Everyone there was shocked by what we had just witnessed and Jonathan dropped to the ground. I sat there holding him as he cried trying to comfort him but knew that there was nothing I could say that could ease his pain at the moment.

After about thirty minutes Jonathan looked up and asked me why I didn’t want him to kill her since he heard Melina talking about how she killed my babies. Everyone stopped from what they were doing with the cleanup and getting things ready for the sweeper team to come in and finish up to listen to what we were talking about. I had to admit that was something that gave me a lump in my throat and it took me a second to calm myself before I could answer him.

When I finally answered Jonathan I wasn’t sure if he understood or not, but either way, he seemed to stop and think about it.

I told him, “Jon, I didn’t want you to not kill Melina because I wanted her to stay alive, I would have killed her when I had gotten more information out of her. I just didn’t want you to kill her. I know how much you hate her at the moment and wanted her dead after what she did to Melissa, but later you will understand the full weight of taking someone’s life. That isn’t something you should have to deal with, and especially not this young. You may feel better now, but there will come a day that it will start to bother you.”

After a moment he put his head back on my shoulder and started crying again softly and saying he wanted his mom and wanted to go home. I had Madison call Jason twenty minutes prior and he was running in the building right about then. Jason came running over to where Jonathan and I were and he stopped short when he saw Jon with his head on my shoulder crying and blood on his hand. I whispered up to him that he was okay and that it wasn’t his blood.

Jason quickly fell to his knees and touched Jon’s shoulder making him jump. When Jon noticed through his tears that it was his father he practically jumped on Jason letting go of his tears and crying about what had happened to his mother. Apparently, Agent Johnson had no problem with beating Melissa to death in front of Jon before she was put into her SUV and put into place to have it explode incinerating all evidence of the beating.


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