Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 17


I sat behind the wheel with my eyes closed until my mother showed me that it was time to go and what was going to happen in the next few minutes. I opened my eyes and told everyone it was time to go. We all started filing out and grabbing our bags from the back as well as making sure we have our holsters full of clips and guns and those of us that throw knives having arms and legs full of knives while the others just have the main one they carry. Once all was done we stood there for another five minutes before we jumped on top of the SUV then to the top of the house we were parked beside. We got a running start and jumped from roof top to roof top until we were on the roof top of the house beside the safe house holding Mr. Tressler. One of the good things about being in the city is that all the houses are close together and pretty identical making the jumps easy.

We were pretty soundless as we always are; even Gary was as soundless as the rest of us which wasn’t as surprising as I thought it might be. Everyone stood there waiting for me to tell them when just the right moment to jump would be and as I squatted on the roof with my eyes closed I was shown exactly what would happen over the next ten minutes, better than any psychic vision and better than my vision of being able to read a situation, then, when it was time I looked to my right and jumped down landing as silent as I always have. Within milliseconds after me each team member of mine dropped one by one as silent as I did. Mr. Tressler had men patrolling the perimeter of the yard but they wouldn’t have been expecting us to find them, wouldn’t have and didn’t hear us drop, and we were in the side door before they ever knew we were there.

We stood there listening to Josh Tressler, talking to his men and Phoenix for a couple minutes about what their next plan of attack is for hitting us harder and how they can make an even bigger impact on us to deepen the wounds before finally killing us off the next time. A moment after Josh finished his sentence I was about to step out of the doorway but my vision went dark again as my mother stopped me just in time since his phone rang. It must not have been something that was planned or my mother would have shown me sooner. I stood there listening to his conversation and it must’ve been with some politician because he kept talking about some law that they needed to work on getting passed. Then my mother showed me what I needed to do again, but this time it only lasted about 30 seconds. As soon as my vision returned I was at the door opening it silently, then taking the stunned man down that was standing in front of me with his mouth open staring at me trying to figure out how I knew where they were, how I got in and how I knew when he was coming in to be able to get out and silence him before he came in and made a commotion.

I suppose I shouldn’t but I really do love the stunned looks on people’s face when something happens that they don’t expect. I drug this man’s dead lifeless body in the door and laid him by the wall closing the door behind me. Everyone just looked at me blasé as if I hadn’t done anything more than order dinner, but to them this was nothing out of the norm. Once I walked back to where I was standing to begin with, we waited until the time was right and then walked out of the room we were standing in surprising the ten men standing in the room with Mr. Tressler. The looks on everyone’s face was priceless. It seemed like a lifetime before anyone reached for their weapon but in reality it was only maybe two to three seconds, but as soon as they did we dropped them all as quickly as we normally do before Mr. Tressler and Phoenix even had a chance to finish turning around. Everyone except Tressler and Phoenix. We made sure to disarm them before they had a chance to draw on us but they knew it was coming. They stood there gaping at us. Well Tressler was glaring at me angrily while Phoenix was looking at Gary as if he wasn’t sure whether he should be confused, scared or angry. Either way, it was a moment I relished.

Both Phoenix and Tressler blurted out, “How did you find us?”

“I was told where you were.” I said.

“By who?” Tressler asked me. “No one knew where this safe house was until we got here tonight. Phoenix and I were the only ones who knew where this was and I know he wouldn’t have told you.”

“I never said I was told by any one of your men. Or anyone living for that matter.”

“And just what the hell does that mean?”

“That means that my mother was the one that showed me where to find you, just like she showed me where to find all of the devices you hid in my office.”

“Your mother is dead!” Phoenix practically screamed at me.

“What’s your point?”

“My point is that she’s dead and she couldn’t have told you anything.”

“Really? Then how did she show me where you were at? Or exactly what was going to happen tonight? Or exactly all of the people that you’re working with Tressler? Not to mention the truth about what really happened with Allison, Phoenix.”

At that Gary turned to me looking for answers but I didn’t turn to him to give him any. Instead I just shook my head slightly telling him it wasn’t my place to tell him and that he needed to ask Phoenix what really happened with his daughter.

My team started fanning out and surrounding Phoenix and Tressler before taking seats around them. Gary just stood there clenching and unclenching his fists beside me almost behind his back to where they couldn’t be seen by Phoenix so he couldn’t see how agitated Gary really was by everything going on.

I said, “Tressler, why don’t you take a seat over by Madison and wait your turn while Gary has a little chat with Phoenix.”

Tressler laughed a little as did Phoenix. Phoenix said, “Am I supposed to be afraid? Gary’s a good dog. He obeys his master well. He won’t do anything to hurt me. It’s not in his nature. Not after we were friends for so long. No matter what I did to Allison.”

At that Gary gave me a sideways glance and a nodded towards Phoenix in which Gary shot in the knee before he even had a chance to blink. Phoenix’s screams were blood curdling and Jojo grabbed him covering his mouth quickly to make sure that no one heard him and called the police as we didn’t need them showing up before they were supposed to. It took Phoenix a good five minutes before he finally quit screaming but when he did he seemed a little more complacent sitting in the chair looking at Gary like he was told to and holding his knee grimacing. Jojo sat back down smirking. I sat there smiling at Tressler in an intimidating way as a way of letting him know what was coming. He seemed to get the message loud and clear and it was very obvious he was becoming more frightened by the second.

Gary started his questioning of Phoenix. “Tell me the truth about what happened with Allison.”

Phoenix started giving him some bullshit story so I threw a knife at him nailing him in the shoulder pinning him to the wall behind him. That made him scream again. I told him not to try feeding us any bullshit because I already knew the truth and Gary deserved to hear the truth from his mouth. He glared at me with an almost snarl on his face before he started again.

“I followed Allison for over three months and watched her habits with her boyfriend. I knew what route she took and noticed she never deviated from the route or the times she went to see him. I began noticing the same trucker ran the same route as well on the same schedule without fail weekly. I knew she would be going to see her boyfriend for his graduation party that day and I knew that her path would intersect with that truckers at that exact moment as he always stopped at the same truck stop to inject his insulin and get a cup of coffee. It wasn’t hard to replace his needle of insulin with one with alcohol. All I had to do was bump into him knocking it out of his hands then pick it up for him and hand him the wrong one back. I had chatted him up on more than one occasion noticing the color of his insulin, how much was in the syringe, the type of syringe he used, etc.. So Tressler and I tested the theory on one of our guys to see how long it would take for the alcohol to make them so drunk they crashed. Then we timed it so Allison would be in his path at that exact moment. I knew you would have a hard time coming back from that. Honestly I didn’t think you would be able to come back from that. Guess I was wrong. Doesn’t matter now. Now that you got that bitch. But I wonder what Allison would think about you replacing her. Did you know she was pregnant? When I was following her I watched her pick up a home pregnancy test and she and her boyfriend came out of the OB about three weeks later. I guess she was too scared to tell Daddy about that.”

“No, Phoenix, that’s where you’re wrong. I knew she was pregnant. She told me as soon as she thought she was. She experimented with her boyfriend and the condom broke. She thought I was going to be mad but I wasn’t. It’s funny. She already had it planned that if she had a boy she was going to name it after you. And you were the one that killed her. And her baby. You want to know why her death didn’t break me? It was because she came to me after she died and I was doing bad and she told me to keep going because one day I would find peace and at the time I didn’t know what she meant but I trusted my daughter. I know now.”

With that, he shot Phoenix fourteen more times in the chest and head. Afterward, I watched him take a deep breath and it looked like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders, almost as if it was the first breath he had taken in many years, and maybe it was. When he turned to me he had tears in his eyes and nodded a little as if to say thanks and walked towards the back of the room and leaned against the wall while I sat there starring at Tressler. He still looked terrified because he knew there was no way for him to get out of death this time and no one to be able to help him.

I looked over at my guys and told them, “get them.”

With that they stood up and walked to Tressler standing him up and raiding his pockets pulling everything out. They pulled twelve cell phones out of his cargo pockets all labeled on the front with different names as well as a small notebook and calendar.

When his pockets were empty and they finished putting everything into the Ziploc baggie they brought with them they sat him back down in the chair in front of me and he sat there looking like he was going to cry.

I looked over at Jojo and Christiaan and said to them, “back door and side door in ten seconds.”

They were gone like lightening. Ten seconds later both doors opened and just as quickly there was a thud and the doors closed with the guys returning. Tressler looked hopeful like he was wishing it was his guys that got the drop on mine until he noticed that didn’t happen and his face fell.

I sat there looking at Tressler for another thirty seconds before my eyes started turning black as I started getting angrier remembering everything he had done and all the pain he caused. I remembered all the innocents he had murdered and the funerals we had to go to in two days for the dead guards he had Phoenix kill just to try to break me. I remembered how Jill worked on trying to find out who he was up until she died and even after including her children’s father and aunt dying by this man’s hand because he got too close to finding out who he was leaving those children orphans. I remembered watching my husband’s face as he was stabbed in the stomach and dropped to the ground refusing to cry out in the pain he was in because he didn’t want me to worry any more than he knew I already was. In that moment I knew that it didn’t matter what I did to this man he was never going to tell me what I wanted to know and he surely wasn’t going to tell me anything I didn’t already know or couldn’t find out on my own so I made the choice to speed things up a bit. I pulled the knives from my back and stuck them in his legs.

Madison knew what was coming by the look that was growing in my eyes so she had already come up behind him and gagged him so he couldn’t scream as loudly. That didn’t stop him from trying. When he finished screaming I took out my buck knife from my thigh and started skinning his hands which made him scream worse than before. My team and Gary laughed at him. I think it was what they needed to see happen after what happened to the night guards at our building because of him. They all kept walking up and making sneering comments in his ear every time he would scream or whine or beg. To be honest, it wasn’t like them. None of us ever took that kind of pleasure in torturing people but in this case, after this many years and this many casualties at his hands including one of our own, we made the exception. Even I enjoyed it more than I should have.

I separated his tendons from his bones and took apart his body bone from bone until he was nothing but a torso and head making sure to clamp off arteries as they were getting cut so he didn’t bleed out. When he was near death from blood loss and pain I finally put him out of his misery. Mainly because I was tired of hearing his screaming. It was giving me a migraine. Horrible I know but he was a horrible person that deserved a horrible fate, which he got, finally.

Once we were finished with everything we searched the house for anything else that may be useful while we waited for the cleaners that were on their way but we didn’t find anything else. Apparently the cleaners didn’t have as strong a stomach as we did because the one ran outside and threw up when he saw what I did to Tressler. One passed out on the spot and the other was so dizzy he had to be carried out. Wimps. They ended up having to call another crew to come clean up and that crew had much stronger stomachs. They still seemed a little shaken by what they seen in the house but since they were my teams normal cleanup crew they weren’t as squeamish as the other crew.

Before we left to go back to the car, once outside I stopped looking up and spoke. “Jill, I know it doesn’t count for much now, but I hope you can rest a little easier knowing we finally got the fucker that you spent so much time trying to get. The one that killed Gabriel and Shayla. The kids are safe. They always will be. We’re going to finish this. And I will let your god mother know about the kids. She deserves to know about them. I’ll keep my end of the bargain. You just rest now. It’s on me now.”

With that we headed back to the SUV and headed home. Everyone seemed much better on the ride back. Like a weight had been lifted from all of our shoulders even though we still had a long road ahead of us. Even with that road being long, it was going to be finished within the next few months because I am NOT going to lose another baby because of people trying to kill me because of getting too close to them when they don’t want to be caught because of all the bad shit they’re doing. And with the fact that the government is the next place where we have to go through and start cleaning house to get rid of all the corrupt pieces of shit, we’re bound to have more than a few sending people after us to shut us up.


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