Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 18


We got back to the house about midnight and we just stayed in the SUV for a few minutes soaking in the fact that we had finally accomplished the first step to the goal we had been trying to attain for years. For some of us it had been close to a decade. Now, we just have to finish what we started by taking out every other corrupt person that Tressler had every worked with erasing all traces of him from history.

After a few more seconds I looked over at Madison and then in my rearview mirror to the guys in the back. We all nodded at each other and got out to go inside. Once in, everyone was waiting in there for us to find out what happened. They all looked up at us expectantly but I don’t think they needed an answer when they noticed that we all seemed a little lighter than when we left.

The kids were still up as well saying they needed to be up to see me when I got home. Logan didn’t argue with the kids as he says he figures they have the same intuition that I have. I went into the living room and sat down on the couch beside Logan and all four kids came crawling up onto the couch around and on top of us. They laid like that for a good thirty minutes not saying anything before they finally drifted off to sleep. Eliana and Angelo murmured in their sleep some, talking to their mom about how I got the bad man and he could never hurt them again.

It made me a little teary eyed to think these babies had already experienced and knew what it meant to have “bad men” after you and hurting you and your family. I couldn’t just sit there like that and I didn’t want to talk about what had happened at the safe house while the kids were down stairs on us, even if they were sleeping, so I started to gather up one of the kids when all the guys jumped up and each one started grabbing a kid to take them up and tuck them in bed while we all got a snack and went into the dining room so we could start filling everyone in on what happened, and what was going to be happening over the next couple of months so they knew the danger we would be in as we started cleansing the government and the major companies of the corrupt people that Tressler was working with.

Everyone nodded along but now we were to the part that was going to cause a bit of a ruckus I was sure. “We’re going to get moved to the new house before we start anything because it will be harder to find us there. No one knows it’s our house because it’s not registered to us and nothing leads back to us. But, here’s the thing; we won’t be sending the kids to school anymore as we are going to start homeschooling them, and we will already have everything stocked so we won’t need to go to the store and no one can be followed back. But you all have loved ones outside of here even though you live with us so there’s always the possibility that someone you love can get snatched and used against you so you can be used against us. So if there’s someone you want to bring here to stay with us, then you need to tell us now, and you need to give us time to get them here We have to prepare for that before we start because once we start we won’t have the chance to get them here afterward. They could be compromised by then. Do any of you want anyone brought here?”

Justin made a face but I knew what he was going to say.

“Justin we already filed an injunction with the court giving you temporary custody of your kids so they could be here with you and your fiancée that works at my building and is in the military, and we should be hearing something from the attorney in the morning. We weren’t going to let your ex keep your kids away from you and endanger them, especially not in a time like this. One of the extra houses behind the main house is set up for you, Berdina and the kids. Gary your house is with Becky’s. Hazel you have your own with two extra rooms just like the others so if you want family to visit you don’t feel like you have to ask for permission or like you don’t have your own place for them. Katie there’s one for you and Christiaan as well. I know that all of you will eventually get different places and these are just temporary for now but they are there for you guys to use for as long as you want and can be permanent as they are part of your employment benefits.”

Everyone sat there for a moment before Justin looked at me and Logan and shook his head smiling with thanks. I don’t think he would have been able to say how grateful he was if he wanted to seeing as how he had been trying to get his kids since he got out of the military. Now he was going to have them. The thing about it was we had the best attorney in the country so if our attorney couldn’t get Justin his kids then no one could.

Hazel sat there looking at me and said that she was hoping we could see if her daughter and grandkids would come stay with us while everything was going on as she was the last kid that she had alive and she wasn’t wanting anything to happen to her. I asked her where she was and she told me she was in California so she should most likely still be up. I told Hazel to give her a call. Hazel walked out of the room and we could hear her talking to her daughter about coming to stay with her for a while so she could spend some time with her and her grandkids. Apparently, her daughter burst into tears saying something about how she wished she was able to come visit her mom because she needed to get away and to get back on her feet but she wasn’t able to pay for the tickets to get them all here. Hazel came into the room looking stark white with her lip quivering and her mouth on the receiver telling me what her daughter said so I asked her for the phone.”

“Angel, hi, I’m your mother’s boss. Your mom said you needed a way here. We have a jet in Los Angeles that will be leaving in three hours to fly back here. We can have a car pick you and the kids up if you can be ready in two and you can catch a ride on that jet and be here before morning. Is that something I should arrange with the pilot and driver?”

“Oh my God! You have no idea what this means to us. Who are you people? Most people don’t do these kinds of things for the people that work for them. You guys are angels. Please send them for us. My mother will give you our address and I will repay you for everything as soon as I’m able to, I swear it.”

“Honey, I’m not concerned about that because all we’re doing is doubling up on what our jet is doing. We’ll have the car there in an hour. You take your time and come down when you’re all ready. Then, we’ll see you when you get here. Okay, I’ll see you when you get here.”

“Thank you, Rain. I know you don’t have a jet there that’s coming here so it’s something you’re chartering just for her. I really appreciate what you’re doing for my family. She sounds so desperate to get home and get help. I know this isn’t why this was supposed to be happening but I’m still glad that it is none-the-less as it means she doesn’t have to try to do things alone. I don’t think she would have called and asked me for help if I wouldn’t have called her. After all, none of my kids really wanted much of anything to do with me because of what they went through after their father died, and now she sounds like she’s in almost as bad a situation as what I was in. At least she’s willing to come home and let me help her get back on her feet.”

About an hour later I got a call from the driver I hired calling to tell me that he dropped the lady and her kids off at the jet. He also told me that he fed them and told them that he was told to feed them before putting them on the jet because it was going to be a long flight. When I asked him what it was that made him call to tell me this and hesitated for a second before telling me.

“Mam, they all look pretty pitiful. They’re pretty scrawny and don’t have much to their name. All three of their stomachs were growling and the kids were saying they were hungry. Their mom told them to hang on for a few more hours and when they got to their grandma she would make sure they ate and that they never went another day without eating again. I couldn’t take it. I pulled into a McDonald’s, which isn’t much I know, but I ordered something for all of them and when the lady was a little reluctant I told her that it was what you had directed me to do before putting them on the jet which seemed to relax her. I just wanted you to know in case she mentioned it.”

“Thank you, Jameson. We’ll make sure to give you a bonus in your next check.”

“That isn’t necessary mam. I just wanted you to know so she didn’t feel bad.”

When I hung up the phone I went and told Hazel about the phone call I just got. She cried. I sat there with her for another hour as she sat there crying saying she didn’t know things had gotten that bad with her daughter. Both of her other kids were killed in a car crash a couple years back so her daughter was all she had left and since she wasn’t talking to her mother, Hazel didn’t know she was doing so bad off. She knew she had gotten divorced a few years ago, or that was what she had heard, but didn’t know why and didn’t even know how many grandkids she had to be honest. She had never met them. I finally convinced her to pretend not to know about what was said and done before she was put on the jet so it didn’t make things any worse for her than what it was already going to be. Since they hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in years it was going to be a hard enough transition for Angel, but adding shame and humiliation to things would only intensify the hard feelings.

“How do you do it, Rain? How do you turn off the feelings when you don’t want to feel something because you know it will only complicate things or make them worse?” Hazel asked me.

“Honestly, Hazel, it isn’t something you want to know how to do. It gets harder and harder to turn your feelings back on every time you turn them off, and it starts out that way from the very first time you do it.”

It was almost 3 a.m. by this time which meant that it was almost 10 a.m. in Russia so I figured Jill’s godmother would be up and around by that time and I wouldn’t be waking her up. I figured now was as good a time as any to give her a call.

“Дина , это дождь . Я звонил , чтобы вы знали , что Джилл были близнецы несколько лет назад, что мы держали в секрете, даже от своих родителей за их безопасность. Они живут со мной сейчас . Я обещал ей, что если что-то случилось с ней , я бы вам знать , чтобы вы могли бытьчастью их жизни, как она хотела. Да. Сегодня будет хорошо. Увидимся через пятнадцать часов. До Свидания.”

Logan walked into the room while I was on the phone and when I hung up he said, “Translation.”

When I finished laughing I answered him. “I said, ‘Dina, this is Rain. I was calling to let you know that Jill had twins three years ago that we kept secret, even from her parents, for their safety. They’re living with me now. I promised her that if anything happened to her I would let you know so you could be a part of their life like she wanted. Yes. Today will be good. I’ll see you in fifteen hours. Goodbye.’”

“So we have another guest coming then?”

“Yes. Jill’s godmother is coming to spend some time with the kids. She’ll be here later. Man, there’s so much I need to get done before everyone gets here and we get everything packed so it can be moved. Plus, we still have to get the movers here tomorrow, though I’m starting to think of getting my team here to do the moving for us instead of hiring movers so it keeps things off the books. I need to get on things. There’s still too many things to do and not enough time to do it.”

“Honey, right now all you need to do is come to bed. Even if that’s just for a couple hours.” When he noticed I started to protest he added, “Think of the baby. He needs some sleep too and needs you to be at your best.”

“Babies. Two.”

He sat there looking at me with an open mouth and smiled saying that was even better.

Telling me to sleep for the babies was just hitting below the belt. “Fine. But just for a few hours. Angel’s flight gets in in three hours and we’ll need to be up and ready for her when she gets her so we can support Hazel because this is going to be hard on her. I explained what happened in L.A. with Angel and the kids and how the driver had to feed them because they had been going days without food and Logan looked like he felt as sick as it made me feel.

We went to bed knowing we were going to be getting back up in two and a half hours but I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep but I also knew that if I didn’t lay down then Logan wasn’t going to let up on me, so I went and took a quick shower and got ready for bed. When I laid down I lay there for what seemed like hours, but it couldn’t have been long because Logan had just came out of the shower and noticed I wasn’t sleeping yet. He walked over and told me to roll over which made me a little nervous. He laughed at me sensing what I was thinking and told me to just do it, so I did. He climbed up and sat on my butt and started massaging my back putting me to sleep fairly quickly. I, honestly, didn’t think it was possible for that happen but Logan proved me wrong with yet another thing. I didn’t sleep long, however. I woke up about an hour later and Logan must have just fallen asleep not long before because he looked like he was still in the early stages of sleep. I lay still until he was in a deep sleep and snoring lightly before I got up and got around.

I went into the kitchen and sat there drinking coffee and waiting for Hazel knowing she was going to be coming in soon. I doubt she slept much, if at all. When I knew she was on her way in I made her tea and sat it on the counter for her as I did every morning. I also made Gary and Becky’s coffee and sat it down when I knew they would be coming out within the next couple minutes. Once I knew everyone else was up I started getting everyone’s coffee and tea ready as everyone started coming in the kitchen. Everyone except Logan who was still sleeping. Everybody looked at their mug in its normal spot on the counter knowing which cup was theirs right away and going straight to it. It took Gary, Becky, Hazel and Katie a while to get used to me doing that but they eventually did and stopped complaining.

I had just started getting things together to make the kids some french toast when Hazel walked over and smiled at me taking the bowl from me so she could make breakfast. I knew she was going to so I don’t know why I bothered. That woman loves cooking and she’s good at it. The kids came down stairs dragging their bodyguards sleepy body behind them by their finger one stair at a time before they had them sit at the table and climbed on their laps to eat breakfast while I gave the bodyguards their coffee as they all gave me the look of ‘you are my hero now.’

I laughed at them because I never was one that had any issues getting up when my kids were ready to, no matter how early it was or how late I had went to bed. Then again, I was good running on no sleep for days on end too so this wasn’t anything new. With every passing minute I could tell that Hazel was becoming more and more nervous.

Finally, it was seven o’clock and the car was pulling in the driveway with Angel and her kids in it. I said, “Hazel, they’re here.”

She looked at me teary eyed, then blinked it away and started walking towards the front door. I noticed she was shaking on her feet though so I walked over and grabbed her hand and walked beside her. She smiled at me and when we got to the front door I opened it and Gary headed out to go get the bags while Hazel and I stepped out onto the front step.

Hazel stayed there and squeezed my hand as her two grandchildren got out of the car looking tired before her daughter, looking pale white and stick thin with ribs showing, got out wobbly on her feet. She stood there looking at her mother holding my hand and chewing on her lip teary eyed herself. It was easy to see she needed her mother more than she would ever have admitted. I gave Hazel’s hand a squeeze and when he looked over at me I nodded my head in her daughter’s direction and she let go of my hand before hugging me and then she took off walking towards her daughter. Angel only missed a beat, but as soon as she seen her mother coming towards her she took off running for her mom and ran into Hazel’s waiting arms. They both stood there crying and hugging for a few minutes before the kids finally inched closer, I think out of curiosity, and Hazel noticed them again. She leaned down and hugged them, too, and they stood there looking like they weren’t sure what to do, but that made Angel cry more seeing her children with the grandmother finally.

After a few seconds I could see Hazel looking like she was struggling with what to say to get them in the house and fed so I walked up and introduced myself. Angel hugged me right away thanking me for getting them here to her mom when I didn’t have to and when I didn’t have a plane coming this way. She said the pilot apologized for being late but was late getting in since it was a last minute flight. I didn’t know how to answer that myself other than to say that Hazel wanted her here with her so if they were willing to come then we were going to make sure that we got them here as soon as possible. I then told them that the kids were inside eating breakfast and asked her if she and the kids were hungry and if she wanted some coffee. The kids looked up so eagerly that my stomach hit the floor. I hate seeing someone hungry.

“Yes, mam, I think we are a little hungry and I could definitely use some coffee if you don’t mind.” Angel said.

“Angel, hun, you’re going to have to call me Rain, and the only thing I’ll mind is if you don’t eat. Around here we’re just one big family. When you’re hungry, eat; as much as you want. When you want to sleep, then sleep. When you guys need something, then you have to let us know so we can get it because we take care of our own and we can’t do that if we don’t know what you need when you need it. And please don’t think you’re being a bother; that you need to pay us back, that you don’t “need” something or that we won’t understand something like a girl day. Which by the way, we do often and you’ll have to join us for our next one. Those are the only things that will bug us, bug me, here.”

She looked at her mom but her mom just shook her head yes that what I said was how things ran around here and she just cried a little more. “Okay then, let’s get these kiddos in there so we can get you guys fed and you can get caught up with your mom.”

About an hour, and four plates later, the kids were finally stuffed and looked like they were falling asleep right as Logan was coming out of the room so I told Christiaan and Jojo to put them in on my bed. They took the kids in there and laid them down while their mom got them out of their shoes and into t-shirts so they would sleep a little more comfortably. At least for a few hours. We figured we would get them up about lunch time so they could eat again and play some before bath and bed time.

When Angel came back out Hazel was just hugging me and telling me thank you which she noticed and came over to say the same.

“Angel, there is another reason why we wanted you here so quickly since you wanted to come. Can you sit because I want to tell you exactly what’s going on so you know the truth?”

When she sat at the table I nodded for the guards to take the kids out of the room which they took them to Becky so she could start their lesson for the day. Then, I told her the truth about everything that happened from the start of everything when we first started trying to find Mr. Tressler to last night. She surprisingly didn’t seem as frightened as what I thought she might which put up a red flag for me and I think Hazel noticed because she started looking a little nervous herself. My entire team looked a little more nervous than I thought they would.

“Please, Rain, don’t look like you’re going to have to kill me. I’m not one of them if that’s what you’re thinking. My ex-husband is. That’s why I left him and spent the better part of the past three years running all over the country and hiding from him. He’s a sadistic, crazed, asshole and as soon as I found out what he was I took the kids and disappeared into the night. He had been looking for me ever since but I knew how he operated by then and knew how to stay off the radar though I wasn’t sure how much longer I was going to be able to do that as my children were starving. I had already started stripping to make a living but he found me and started looking for me in those kinds of places. I was about to start hooking if I had to. The phone I had was one I was sent by my mother when she tried getting in touch with me years ago. I never had the nerve to get rid of it and he never knew I had it. You know him. You set us free, Rain. Their father, and my ex-husband, was Phoenix.”

I stood up abruptly and started swearing in Cherokee while pacing back and forth while everyone kept glancing back and forth between me and Angel trying to figure out who they should be looking at and if they believed her. If they need to be worried about my temper flare there and Gary just stood there staring at her with eyes narrowed like he didn’t believe her.

Gary said, “Do you have any photos of the two of you together that I can see, Angel?”

She shook her head yes and grabbed her wallet, then slid it across the table to Gary who took it and opened it to see she had three dollars to her name and tons of photos of her and Phoenix from as far back as fifteen years ago. Gary looked at me and shook his head yes before showing me the picture of their wedding, followed by the picture of them having their first baby and then their second. He, then, handed Angel her wallet back while I continued pacing and talking to myself, cussing to myself really, in Cherokee so they couldn’t understand me.

“What language is she speaking, mom?” Angel whispered.

“She’s Cherokee honey so that’s the language she’s speaking. Well, to be honest, you generally never know what language she’s going to be speaking as she knows like twenty different languages.”

“No way! No one knows that many languages! What all does she speak?”

Hazel looked over to Madison and my guys for clarification. Madison said, “Cherokee, English, Russian, sign, Arabic, Mandarin, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese. Oh, she can read lips as well.”

Angel sat there looking at me for further clarification but all I could do was pace and talk to myself, which wasn’t a good thing as Jesse was walking into the kitchen to get something to drink when he heard me and started talking to me. Everyone turned to see him speaking the same language as me, literally. I had to reassure him that nothing was wrong and that I was just surprised by something I had just found out and asked him not to say anything to anybody.

After another two or three minutes I sat down and looked at Hazel who looked at me pleadingly. She had just got her daughter back and didn’t want to lose her again. I didn’t want to be that person to take her daughter from her either. So I decided on doing something I said I would never do again. I would invade someone’s privacy.

“Angel, my mother was the tribe’s medicine woman, as was her mother and her father before her. One of the gifts we possess by being the medicine man/woman is the power to see into someone’s mind to see what is…troubling them, or if they aren’t being honest about how something happened so we know what to advise on how to protect the tribe. I swore I would never do that to someone again as I don’t like invading someone’s privacy since I don’t get to pick and choose what I want to see, it’s all or nothing, but in this case I don’t want to take you away from your mother or her away from you, but I also can’t let you be here unless I know with complete certainty that there’s no chance that you’re lying to me. Now, I won’t do this without your consent so you don’t have to have that worried look on your face, but those are the best conditions I can give you.”

She mouthed the question asking me that if she agrees and I see the things she would never want her mother to know if I would keep those things to myself and I shook my head yes, so she agreed.

Madison moved and I sat where she was sitting and got situated while I heard Logan whispering to the guys asking them if they knew I could do that. They all shook their head yes. Logan seemed a little amazed which made me feel bad because there was still so much about myself that I hadn’t told him. I think it took me longer to prepare myself to be bombarded with her memories than it did for her to prepare to have someone else invading her most personal of spaces. When I was finally ready I told her to hold her hands palms up and don’t move. When she was still I placed my hands over hers and then let myself open the door from my head to hers.

Everything came whooshing in from her entire life. It took about ten minutes for everything to ‘transmit’ from her to me and I could tell she was having a hard time feeling everything again, and especially in such fast motion like I told her she would, but there wasn’t anything I could do for her now. Now, all I could do was sift through the debris that was left from her life crashing into my head. It took another hour of me sitting there unmoving to sort through everything and find the information I needed. I also found the information she didn’t want her mother to know. She hadn’t thought about hooking to feed her kids. She had done it. To me that just made her that much of a better mother in my book. When I was finished going through everything I opened my eyes and noticed I had been crying. I wiped my eyes and told everyone she was telling the truth; that she wasn’t working with Phoenix and there was no reason not to trust her or for her to stay here. Everyone seemed to relax immediately as soon as the words were out of my mouth like they were all hoping that was what I would say. I think it was because they were. None of us wanted to be here if I had to tell Angel she couldn’t stay, especially with the situation she was in and after giving her such hope. I’m glad things worked out this way.

I got up and walked over to get more coffee when Angel walked over to me. “You’re not going to tell my mother what you saw me doing are you?”

“No, honey, I’m not. But you have nothing to be ashamed of. That just makes you a better mother in my opinion. I wouldn’t have done anything different if I were in your shoes.”

She smiled weakly and said, “Yea. Gary and Allison are definitely worth it.”

That was all it took for the entire room to fall silent again. “That’s your kids’ names?”

“Yes. Why?”

Gary was the one that answered this time. He couldn’t blink back the tears no matter how hard he tried either. “My name is Gary. I was Phoenix’s best friend. We were SF together until something happened and we thought he was killed in action. And Allison was my daughter’s name. Phoenix’s goddaughter. The goddaughter he killed a decade ago to break me.”

“Fuck! I’ve heard that story before but he said you were the one that was killed in action and Allison was his daughter that was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver on her way to her boyfriend’s graduation party. His daughter from his first marriage. She was your daughter. When was she killed?”

“May 25th 2004.”

“That was two days before my Allison was born. He had just come back from some ‘business trip’ he said and was totally wrecked about it telling me he had just found out about his daughter. That was how we picked the name. Oh my God. I’m going to be sick.”

I said, “Don’t be. People pick names of people that were important to them. Yes, he was a shitty person and we all know that. All you can do now is accept it and keep up whatever pretenses you have with your kids about their father until they’re old enough to understand the truth. Gary and Allison were important to Phoenix. Both of them. Otherwise your kids wouldn’t be named after them. Even with all the bad shit he did to hurt them it’s just the way that he was after he got hurt. There was no changing that. Gary, now you know where you ranked with him, even after he felt like you betrayed him and left him for dead. He knows the truth and that wasn’t what really happened but for years that’s what he thought and you were still important enough for him to want to keep you guys close by naming his children after you. You lost your Allison but in a way he’s giving you another back. I think he knew they would eventually find their way here. Don’t let the sins of the father dictate how you look at the children. Treat them like you would if Phoenix was still your best friend.”

Everyone looked to me like I was older than I was, but Gary just shook his head yes at me telling me he understood. Angel, on the other hand, still looked nauseous from the intake of all the information. Before she had a chance to speak though I told Justin to answer his phone in thirty seconds because he was about to get cussed out. Exactly thirty seconds later his phone rang and as soon as he said hello he was being screamed out so loudly that we could all hear exactly what she was saying even when we were across the room. We heard her scream that he can pick up his kids after school and then there was nothing.

As soon as she said that though we all made the same face knowing she was planning something. Our phone rang a couple seconds later, this time it was our attorney, letting us know the good news. When Justin and Logan were on the phone with him I started searching through things that she said as best as I could to try to catch something that slipped by. I finally caught a glimpse of her getting on a flight to France followed by her driving to Andorra La Vella, Andorra.

“Justin, is your ex French or Andorran?”

“Yea, how did you…? Nevermind. I’ve learned not to even bother asking anymore. She’s going to run isn’t she? When is she going? I have to go get my kids now.”

“No. Wait, there’s a way we can do this where we can get your kids, make her think she’s getting away with things until the last minute, and then catch her and take her into custody for trying to kidnap your kids against the court’s ruling. That way no matter what happens she can never get them back from you again.”

“Ok, how do we do that, Rain?”

“We’re leaving for the airport. Now. Logan, get the lawyer to meet us at the airport with a copy of the custody orders. Tell him to meet us in the security checkpoint. Madison, boys, Berdina, let’s go.”

We made it to the airport in plenty of time to get in there and let security know what was going to happen before getting situated inside the breezeway of the terminal. I sat Madison and Berdina outside to let us know when they were on their way inside, then to box them in. I would have thought that being, not only in public, but in front of her kids that she would have shown a little self-restraint, but I was wrong because as soon as she noticed Justin she started screaming at the top of her lungs and flailing her arms around trying to hit him. I motioned for Madison to take the kids out of the walkway and sit them down; as soon as they were away from our site Berdina walked up and punched Kayla in the mouth.

Kayla looked up at her and started speaking French thinking she couldn’t understand her saying she must be Justin’s new whore. When Berdina never missed a beat responding in French telling her she wasn’t a whore and that she was with Justin, Kayla seemed surprised. She also told Kayla that if she ever tried to hurt Justin again she would beat her within an inch of her life. I don’t know what it is about me that tells everyone I’m the boss but Kayla looked at me to see if I was going to say anything to help her. When I didn’t she just looked down and spit the blood from her mouth onto the carpet in front of Justin’s boot. We gave her a handkerchief to wipe her mouth off and then started towards security to get everything started. An hour and a half later Kayla was being carted off to jail until she goes in front of the judge for attempted kidnapping, fleeing the country, failing to obey a court order and attacking a government official. It’s some pretty hefty charges and she knew it because when she was being carted away she started looking at Justin pleadingly trying to get him to give in to her like he always used to, but this time he stood up taller and didn’t bend. When she realized it she deflated and hung her head.

I don’t think I had ever seen Justin stand up so tall in the time I knew him. Even when he spoke about being in the military. He was finally able to put his foot down and take back his life, and his kids, from his ex and he knew it. I watched as his kids clung to him with such ferocity that it made it easy to see that their mother was the one keeping them from their father and they weren’t staying away of their own will.

We all climbed inside the two waiting SUV’s and went back to the house. Man the house was getting packed. We really needed to finish getting the things we needed so we could get the new house ready and get moved in. We were running out of room here. There was no ifs ands or buts about it, we had to get everything done today.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After we had gotten home I had Hazel make up a shopping list while Logan had eight semis rented for the guys to take to Sam’s Club so they can start filling them up. I also got a list of what sizes Justin’s kids were in so we could get them clothes along with finding out what kinds of things they liked. Then, I did the same thing for Angel’s kids. I got Angel’s sizes and called Kristi to have her take a leave of absence from work so she could be at the house with everyone when everything started happening. I made sure to get her sizes as well as I knew she was growing out of the clothes she was in and there was no need for her to go shopping for things when that was exactly what we were doing then. I made sure I had a list of everyone’s sizes so we could get something for everyone. Then, Madison, Berdina, Katie and I left to go shopping. Gary followed behind us in the other SUV so we had more room for the bags if needed. We would need it. He knew us all too well. Plus, we needed to get some other things for around the house but that I wasn’t worried about doing until tomorrow. Today was all about clothes, shoes, and personal care stuff and school supplies.

Twelve hours later we were finishing up at the last store and had both SUV’s completely packed full and Gary had already made one trip home to unload his car while we were in the store getting more stuff. We were all exhausted when we got home.

As we were going through sorting everything into piles everyone started coming into the living room and seeing the mountains. They stood there with mouths open and their backs against the walls until we finished sorting through everything. Finally, we started handing out pile after pile of clothes and shoes. Pretty much everyone had a very large stack of things to go through and start taking tags off of. All total I had spent just over one hundred and ninety thousand dollars on everything. Angel looked stunned. Angel and her kids had the biggest piles of stuff as they didn’t have much of anything when they came. Followed by Justin’s kids, Ashley and Colton, since their mom gave away everything except what was in their suitcases since she had no plans of coming back.

Eliana and Angelo had the next largest amount as I was still getting everything for them and they were growing out of everything so quickly. Jesse and Rory had been growing out of everything as well so I had been having to get them things to grow into.

There wasn’t much for me, Madison, Berdina, and Katie other than the same thing as what we got for my sister. Maternity clothes. Well, I didn’t really get maternity clothes, I bought sweats as that’s as close to maternity clothes as I come. I did buy some more purses and shoes though. Ha. Logan looked a little amused by the more purses and shoes. My stack of those have been slowly growing over the past six months. It seems Madison and I are at it again and I didn’t realize it.

I made the arrangements for everyone else in my team to come over first thing in the morning to start helping us get packed from this house and our old one and get everything moved and unpacked at the new one. Everyone was supposed to show up at eight a.m.. It was already eight o’clock and I was completely exhausted so when I smelled Hazel’s fried chicken, corn bread and fried taters being sat out I think I raced everyone to the kitchen which made them all laugh hysterically. Don’t ever come between a southern woman and her fried taters. And when you add pregnant to that combination that just makes it even worse. Jojo said something about my chunky butt racing everyone to the kitchen for the fried taters so I tripped him on the way in. He was already trying to stop me from getting to the kitchen first. It’s not like I would have ate before everyone else because that’s not the kind of person I am, but I wanted to grab one to eat on while I was making the kids plates. Everyone seemed amused by the halftime show on the way to the kitchen. Ha, ha, freaking ha.

An hour later we were finished eating and I had just finished bathing all four kids as Logan was tucking them in the bed. It didn’t take any of the eight kids long to fall asleep. Another hour after that all the adults were jumping through their showers as fast as possible to get everyone through before we ran out of hot water. We didn’t make it all the way through, but the ones that didn’t make it to the showers yet just waited another hour for the water to warm back up. Everyone was starting to pile in the bed or on the floors to get some rest while Logan got caught up on some business we had been lagging on and I searched the internet coming across the site 4moms™ with an awesome stroller, car seat, playpen, tub, and mamaroo™ and rockaroo pods™ which were awesome. I couldn’t wait to get those and start using them so I bought one of each product for myself, well two for me, Madison, Berdina, Katie, and Kristi. Six of everything with all of the extras that come with them. They seem pretty nice, to where I can’t wait to see them. I bet they would’ve come in handy when Jesse and Rory were babies. I paid to have them shipped three business days so they should get here when we’re still moving everything and we won’t have to have them shipped to the new house.

That reminds me we need to get a p.o. box to have things shipped to when we order stuff online. Just in case.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The next morning everyone showed up right on time, not that I expected them not to, and by right on time I mean fifteen minutes early because in the Army, well military really, if you’re not fifteen minutes early then you’re late, but that wasn’t the exciting part of the day. Madison’s sister called to ask her where she was because she needed to talk to her, so Madison gave her the address. We didn’t tell anyone she was coming; let’s face facts here, when she and David are within a fifteen mile radius of each other, things are always entertaining. A half an hour later she showed up. David was in the semi-trailer putting a box in when Autumn arrived so they didn’t see each other at first. Madison and I stood there smirking while Autumn was talking and waiting for what we knew was coming since we were standing right in the walk way and David would have to walk right past us to get to the house to get another box.

Right on cue, David walked out of the trailer looking over talking to Christiaan and Jojo who stopped when they saw Autumn and started smiling. David looked over to see what they were smiling about and Autumn turned to see what Madison and I were looking and smiling at. As soon as their eyes locked they started going towards each other and screaming like a couple idiots about shit that we have no idea what they were even talking about. They were fighting like an old married couple. It was hilarious. Christiaan and Jojo came over and were standing by us while Berdina came walking out with a bag of potato chips and stood between me and Madison to share with us and watch the show. There wasn’t much the girls could do anyway besides pack the boxes since the guys wouldn’t let us.

We stood there eating the chips while I leaned over and told Madison, “You know my brother likes your sister right?”

She said, “You know my sister likes your brother right?”

We stood there chuckling as they kept arguing and Logan came out to ask what the hell all the arguing was about. When Jesse walked out he stood there for a second before asking me, “Mom, why doesn’t uncle Davey just ask her to go on a date instead of acting like he doesn’t like her? And why doesn’t she just tell him she likes him instead of pretending like she doesn’t? They’re adults so why do they act like that?”

That stopped both David and Autumn dead in their tracks and both of them turned beat red. Finally, David looked at her and asked her if she wanted to go to dinner with him later, well stuttered it was more like it. She said yes, of course, and after another few seconds of staring at each other they turned in opposite directions and stalked away from each other. David back in the house to get more things and Autumn to her car to leave. She didn’t even finish talking to Madison about whatever the hell it was she came to talk to her about. We all laughed hysterically about it and walked inside to continue packing.

About ten o’clock Madison, Berdina, Angel, Becky, Hazel, Katie and I left to go shopping for more of the things we were going to need in the house as well as what was needed for the kids school stuff since we didn’t get those things yesterday. We were going to need to fill everything for the main house, Gary and Becky’s house, Hazel & Angel’s house, Berdina & Justin’s place, Katie & Christiaan’s place, David’s place, Andrew’s place, Madison & Ben’s place, and the one extra home that was built for guests. Man, I didn’t realize that we had eight extra houses built onto the property not counting the pool house, and shed. I think it’s definitely a good thing that we have such a large property, 2009 acres, otherwise the property would look completely crowded since all the houses are three bedroom homes. Every one of the houses all have a secret doorway leading to a tunnel which leads to the underground part of the house. All of which is basically one big house underground where no one can find it and since the house is sitting by a lake, and connected to the wind turbines and solar panels, we are completely self-sustaining down there which means we could stay down there for years without being found. There’s even a part of the house underground that stores seedlings and has the LED grow lights so we can grow them and not have to go top side for food.

We also had to get all the supplies for the underground part of the house. So basically we have to buy enough things for ten houses. Especially since the underground house is big enough to house everyone from all the houses above ground. That’s more than seventy bedrooms, offices, living rooms, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, pantry, library, play rooms and home theaters.

By seven that night we stopped by the new place to unload the three SUV’s of the towels, rags, dishes, pots & pans, silverware, sheets & blankets, cleaners, etc.. Here again, I spent another almost two hundred thousand dollars but got enough things to fill all the houses. I also had a bunch of different furniture being delivered tomorrow which would be loaded directly into the semi-trailers.

The guys were there so they could unload everything and truck it where it needed to go. They were also in the process of unloading the first load from the truck. Mainly the books from the library. They weren’t happy about carrying all of those boxes. Actually that was the only thing they complained about, that I had too many books. I don’t think there’s such a thing as too many books. I had always had a ton of books having them stacked against the walls and in closets, on tables. Since being with Logan it’s only been worse, and to make matters worse, now I have a damn IPad full of books as well. I already had a Kindle full of them but now I have the IPad too. Those tend to go everywhere with me, though, so I always have tons of books to read. I save the physical books for home. I like having the physical books in hand to read. Plus, I think it’s better for the kids to have a physical books in front of them to learn with and read.

Tomorrow we were supposed to be moving the furniture. Well, they were, while the women stood around looking like useless assholes. Sometimes being pregnant was a pain in the ass though I wasn’t going to complain this time. I was going to do whatever was necessary to make it through this pregnancy. I wasn’t going to lose any more babies and I wasn’t going to let any of my girls go through the pain I felt when I lost my kids. So, we would just stand around uselessly looking awkward. Actually we wouldn’t stand around at all. Instead we started getting down to the nitty gritty details of what we would need to do to get the political cleansing done. Once we had everything finished we would fill everyone in.

For now though we were waiting for David to get back so we could find out how his date went. Only he dint come home after his date; instead he came sneaking in around five a.m. We were all just getting up and around so we all caught him sneaking in and we all gave him hell for it. He actually had Autumn in tow, I was assuming to keep her there with us before all this shit got started, so when we were already up and giving him hell for it they both turned red. I don’t think Autumn was expecting us to be up, though I’m not sure why David didn’t tell her that we would be since he knew we were.

“Ugh, she…well…we…ummm…we were going to…do you mind if she stays here with me?” David stammered.

We all stood there looking serious for as long as possible before we all finally cracked up.

“David you know I don’t care if you have Madison’s sister staying here with you. I’ve always liked Autumn. And I’m not concerned about her compromising our safety. Just try not to have your little screaming matches.”

Madison cracked up blurting out, “Took you long enough you little slut.”

That just made us laugh harder. It’s funny the way that sisters lovingly joke with each other. I’m the same way with my sister, even though I’ve never really been able to give her shit about who she’s been with. Jojo has always been a great guy and he’s the first serious relationship she’s had since she was a teenager.

Autumn walked up and hugged me. It was then that, even though I wasn’t trying, I got bombarded with a bunch of things from Autumn’s life. Over the past three months she had been followed, stalked is more like it, which was what she was there to talk to Madison about yesterday. She was terrified. Now that she was with David she wasn’t as scared anymore because David made her feel safe. Right then, my mother showed me that last night David got her pregnant as well. She also showed me that it didn’t matter because Autumn was who he was meant to be with and they were going to be together for a long time.

I smiled at her and David and he smiled back at me knowing exactly what I saw. Mom must have shown him too. He nodded slightly telling me she did. It was about that time when Hazel came in to start getting breakfast ready for me and the team before we started getting a move on the day and before the kids got up. She looked up at Autumn and I told her that she was Madison’s sister and David’s girlfriend and she was going to be staying with us, with David, from now on. Hazel nodded and introduced herself before starting breakfast. I got up and made David and Autumn a cup of coffee while Hazel started bacon and scrambled eggs. I was starving and couldn’t wait.

The kids must have smelled the food because they were downstairs an hour later right as we were putting their plates on the table dragging the bodyguards behind them. I sat the kids milk down before getting everyone else’s coffee and breakfast down on the table. Myself and Hazel anyway.

Becky came out a couple minutes later looking stark white and asked me if she could talk to me and Gary stood up looking like he was scared. I think because of how pale Becky looked. I knew something wasn’t normal so I sat my coffee down and went into her room.

“Becky, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong. I’m…pregnant. I’m forty and pregnant. I was told I couldn’t have kids because of how many miscarriages I had in the past and now I’m pregnant. What do I tell Gary? And you pay me to be the kids’ nanny and nurse and teacher so how am I supposed to do that when I’m going to have a baby myself?”

“Becky, you’re pregnant. That’s a good thing. You’ve always wanted a baby. And your age doesn’t matter. Gary is going to be ecstatic. As far as us paying you to do a job and you having a baby yourself, well, as long as you still want your job then it’s yours. We can get you some help and you can be the supervisor if you want but you won’t get fired just because you’re having a baby. Tell Gary. See how happy he is.”

“Thank you, Rain. I’m glad you understand. And I do want to keep my job. If anything changes in the future then I’ll let you know but for now I don’t want anything to change.”

“I’ll send Gary in.”

When I walked back out I told Gary that Becky needed to talk to him and he looked so worried but went in quickly. About a minute later we heard him screaming happily. Something like, “Are you serious? Oh my God, that’s so great. I love you.”

Everyone was looking at me for an explanation but I just nodded in the direction of their room where they came walking out. The entire room was staring in Gary and Becky’s direction and as soon as they got out to the dining room Gary burst out, “She’s pregnant!”

Absolutely everyone was so excited and happy for them both that they all got up and started hugging them both while the guys were shaking Gary’s hand.

By eight everyone in the house had eaten and those that hadn’t showered last night, mainly the kids, were bathed, while the guys started loading the furniture in the truck to get it moved. The women stood around the table making the plans for what we were going to start doing in exactly one week.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

By nightfall we had everything from the house loaded and moved over to the new house and unloaded there. Everyone was completely exhausted. We showered and headed to bed, everyone in their own house for the first night in a while, because tomorrow we were going to start getting the stuff from my old house. We had originally decided on giving Kristi and Jojo my old house and Madison and Ben Logan’s old house but after everything happened we decided against it and that it would be best to sell them and have one built for them somewhere else under their aliases so they can’t be found. It looks like we’re going to be building one for Justin and Berdina, and David and Autumn.

The next morning everyone seemed much more relaxed than normal, maybe because they had their privacy back and everyone wasn’t pretty much living on top of each other.

The next day we had everything moved from my old house and again we were exhausted by the end of the day. It took us another three days to get everything unpacked in all of the houses, and then another two to get everything situated in the underground house. Everyone pitched in so it was really nice.

When I came back up from the underground house I was stunned. Logan had went and bought tons of flowers. Pallets full of them. There were Roses, Orchids and Lilies all over the place. And from what I found out it wasn’t just Logan. It was all the guys that pitched in and bought the women their favorite flowers. I guess having a bunch of pregnant hormonal women in the same vicinity of each other was something that made them think they needed to keep us happy. Plus, they’ve always been sweethearts and doing random things like that for us. This was adorable and we all seemed a little dumbfounded. When they pulled out the chocolate, however, we all seemed to turn into a bunch of kids and started bounding around for the candy. I’m not normally such a candy fiend but with these babies I seem to want candy all the time which is completely unlike me. The men honestly looked scared having us all run at them like we were going to beat them.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . Over the next couple days my team and I went over things to finalize the preparations for the political cleansing, as we called it. I called the president to let him know to hold a private conference with every political party, political secretary & assistant as well as all state official as well for the day after tomorrow telling them nothing more than something very important has come up and he has to talk to them, though he wasn’t going to tell them that he was planning for everyone to be there since he was planning on them all to show up at different times.

I called my sister and brothers letting them know what was going on so they could be there as well knowing they were going to have to work, not undercover assuming everything went right, but undercover assuming things didn’t go as planned or if everyone didn’t show as planned.

The next day we headed to D.C. to get ready for everything that was coming and I have to say that for some reason saying goodbye this time, even though it wasn’t going to be for long, was harder than normal, for not just me but every one of us. Justin was coming with us, as my bodyguard even though I’m able to protect myself, he insisted, especially now that I’m pregnant and I think so he could be there for Berdina as well, so they didn’t have to say goodbye for the time being, but it was hard watching him say goodbye to his kids for the time. We made sure to sign papers giving temporary guardianship of the kids to Logan in case anything happened and permanent custody to Berdina in the event that anything happened to him with the clause that custody go to me and Logan if anything happen to him and Berdina. That’s two more god children we have now. Madison and Ben’s children is also going to be our godchild, as well as Berdina and Justin’s new baby, Kristi and Jojo’s baby, Gary and Becky’s baby, and once Autumn finds out she’s pregnant then hers and David’s baby will also become our godsons. We will be responsible for another nine kids on top of the four we already have and the two I’m pregnant with. Madison and Autumn are both pregnant with twins and don’t know it yet so as soon as they find out they’re going to be surprised. Heck, I didn’t even know Madison was pregnant with twins until last night when my mother showed me a vision of all of the kids playing together and two of them were Madison’s babies.

What is it that when one person gets pregnant everyone seems to get pregnant all at the same time. It’s like baby fever. I find it funny because I never understood that until recently. Before I left I remembered that the things I ordered from the baby site should have been delivered to the house days ago so I asked Gary how good he was at wrapping presents and the look on his face was goofy. Angel told me she was good at it so Gary said he could take her to the store to pick up a bunch of wrapping paper and by the old house to get the things on the back porch to wrap them and bring them back to put in the garage until I got back. I made of list of what was supposed to be there and what went to who and thanked them. Angel looked like she was a little uncomfortable and when I asked why she said she didn’t have any money to be able to get the wrapping paper. I giggled a little.

Gary told her he had a work credit card to be able to get whatever we sent him for and she seemed to relax a little but she seemed very embarrassed. I tried to reassure her that it wasn’t a big deal. I also told Gary that there would be more there in a few days and gave Angel another list but I made sure to hide the names on there so Gary wouldn’t see them and she immediately understood why I was doing that.

After I gave the kids a hug and kiss, and Logan too, I climbed in the SUV and waited while everyone else did the same. Justin climbed into the driver’s seat while everyone else said goodbye to their loved ones and climbed into my SUV and the SUV behind us. When we took off I pulled out my IPad and went on the same 4Moms™ website that I went on to order the other day and ordered another 4 of everything on the website for Ben and Madison’s second baby, Autumn and David’s twins, and Gary and Becky’s baby.

I ordered them and had them shipped out for next day so that they would be there by Tuesday and Angel would be able to wrap everything. I couldn’t wait until I got back and we did the baby showers so that I could give everyone the things that Logan and I bought them. Everyone would be happy. They were great things and they would be really useful.

By seven that night we made it to D.C. and were in our hotel rooms going over the final preparations for the next day. There was myself, Madison, Berdina, David, Christiaan, Jojo, Justin, Jenni, Kellan, Jamie and Nick. Out of all the females Jenni and Jamie were the only two that weren’t pregnant. We also had numbers eleven through forty eight coming at all times throughout the night so that way we had the entire team here. We were going to need everyone as long as this went well. We didn’t have the last two slots filled but as long as things went well then my brothers and sister would be taking the places of the three open slots.

We were going to be going over the plan with everyone at six a.m. and then we were going to be at the Capitol Building by eight. It was going to be a long day tomorrow and we were going to be very busy. I was going be bombarded by a lot of different people’s life and pasts. For the most part I knew which ones were good and which were corrupt, but there were some that I wasn’t going to know for sure until I sifted through their minds. I didn’t like having to do that. On the plus side, I had my brother to help with it. He was able to do the same thing as me so he was going to be going through people’s minds as well. At least those that we didn’t have definitive answers on.


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