Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 19


By three a.m. the last of the team knocked on my door checking in to let me know they were there. By five-thirty everyone was in the cafeteria of the hotel and had eaten waiting for me to brief them. We had to pay the hotel to open the cafeteria early for us, then pay them to leave once we were all in there so we could lock ourselves in, disable the cameras and sweep for bugs before starting the briefings. It wasn’t an overly large cafeteria so it only took ten minutes to get everything done. Some of the guys weren’t very happy about being debriefed with an outsider there but they didn’t say anything since they knew who it was and what he was to me.

It took us about forty minutes to fill everyone in on what the plan was and how we were going to progress throughout the day. After we were finished telling them of what needed to be done and the conversation somehow transitioned into the fact that Madison, Berdina and I were pregnant. Everyone was ecstatic for us but we could tell that everyone was already starting to become more protective than normal. None of us cared for that particularly, but we understood why they were doing it. Especially since they all seen how well I took what happened the last time I lost a baby. It seems everyone was going to make sure that never happened again and for that I was appreciative, but it was something I wasn’t, and didn’t know how to get used to. After finding out I was pregnant they understood why Justin was so insistent on coming along with me to be there for protection or to at least take a bullet for me if needed.

I started to say something else when we heard someone talking outside the doors. A couple of my guys got up quickly. Then a second later we heard knocking and the guys started to go to the door to tell them to go away but I told them no because we would be heading out in a few minutes as it was almost 7 and the traffic here sucks. So instead they hurriedly hooked the cameras back up and unlocked the doors. The cooks came back in to restock the breakfast bar while a bunch of suits stood there looking at all of us leaving as if we were aliens. I think some of them recognized us but weren’t able to place where. That was a good thing since we knew exactly who they were. Politicians. Dirty politicians. Some of the people we were looking for. But it was better they wait to find out why they were going to die as opposed to killing them now when people didn’t know why they were dying.

By seven forty-five we were pulling up to the back of the Capitol Building and unloading the seven SUVs. When we found the room the President was in we went in and closed off the room repeating the same procedure as before with sweeping the room and disabling the cameras. We made sure to keep my siblings in the room with us, as well as the first lady and their son, but we made the Secret Service agents wait outside and they weren’t happy about that, although they didn’t argue with me this time. Instead they just stood there looking as confused as they should be since they had no idea what was going on. All they knew was to keep their mouths shut about who was there and why and not to let anyone be alone. No one was allowed to make any calls or texts or even use their radios either. Although they were puzzled, they must have learned to trust me when they were going through their training because they did as they were told.

By eight the Federal Democrats started filing into the room that was set for them. By eight-thirty the Republicans were filing into the room that was ready for them. By nine the Independent parties were in their room. By nine-thirty all of the state politicians, Democratic Republican and Independent, were filed into their room and not happy about being put together. And by ten all of the assistants and secretaries to everyone that had already shown were put into their room. Soon after, I had all of the bodyguards of every one of the politicians that were with their person escorted to another room.

No one liked being separated and everyone knew then that something was going on by then, so when my team came out and started blocking all of the doors it just made them that much more aware that there was something going on.

We started with the Democratic room. First, the President filled everyone in on what was going on and there was a bit of an uproar. It was easy to see there was more than a few corrupt officials in here which we already knew. There were more corrupt officials in this party than any other one. That we knew of, anyway. When the President was finished we started walking the aisles just pacing at first letting what was about to happen sink in. When someone stood up and started cussing about how that was bullshit and we couldn’t touch them was when Jojo grabbed him dragging him by the arm into the aisle telling him we knew for a fact that he was one of the men working with Tressler causing him to go stark white.

Our deal with the President included that we didn’t kill them in the building; that we take them elsewhere to dispose of them when we have them. We had one of my guys out back waiting for the first group with a semi-trailer, a cattle trailer technically, to cart them all away in when we finished sorting through them. It took about an hour to get through all the corrupt legislators that we knew about and another two for David and myself to go through people one by one sorting through their memories while other members of my team were emptying out the pockets of the corrupted men and women that we found and taking them to the cattle truck, while others were going through the phone labeled Democrats that we got from Tressler. As soon as someone’s phone would ring they would turn pale and get scooped up to have their pockets emptied and taken away. The more people that we found the sicker the President looked.

I can’t say that I blamed him considering that more than half of just this party alone was sent to the cattle truck. Finally, three and a half hours after starting we finished with the Democrats and I needed a break. I was overwhelmed with all the people’s thoughts and emotions from their life. I had to take fifteen and drink some coffee. After my fifteen minutes I went back in and we started the process all over again with the Independents since they were a smaller party than the Republicans. This time it only took us an hour and a half to get through all of them. Again, the President looked sick with the fact that just over half of them were corrupt.

After another ten minute break we started again on the Republicans and it took another three and a half hours. Again, more than half the people were gone. By that time the President stopped looking so sick. I think he was getting used to the idea that more than two-thirds of his government had been corrupted by an outsider. It looked like he was starting to become more angry than sick.

We stopped for a fifteen minute lunch before starting again with the secretaries and assistants. On the plus side there weren’t a whole lot of those that needed weeding out. There were only about a quarter of them that needed to go. Once we got to the state legislators though that was worse than before. Almost all of them were dirty. Apparently, Tressler was dirtying up as many of them as he could before they got to the federal level. Smart on his part but not on theirs.

That made me sick knowing that there were so many people in the government that were loyal to one shitty man instead of something bigger than men. The country, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. I’ll never understand people’s mixed priorities. By six o’clock we were going through the bodyguards which took another three hours almost. We finished by nine and I was so overwhelmed by everything coming from every one that I couldn’t do anything else for the day. We debriefed the President on what was happening and what was going to happen over the next couple of weeks, but also that we were going to need to repeat this whole process with the Secret Service guys and our military men and women on every base, in every country.

All he could say was that he couldn’t even imagine how many people we were going to lose with the military and he was terrified to find out how many people that were on the wrong side but working in the Secret Service and supposed to protect Him.

I had the forty of the guys that weren’t with the main two teams take the trailers full of people back to the holding cells we had waiting, but we didn’t have enough cells prepared for them so we had to double up and triple up on some of them. Everyone knew what they were doing there and they didn’t like it as soon as they started seeing who was coming into the cells with each other.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

We knew that it was going to be long and hard interviewing these crooked men and women but none of us were prepared for how angry and spiteful they were at us and at being caught.

Hell maybe they were angry at finding out how many of them were actually working with Tressler and how many minions he really had to do his bidding, especially considering some of them seemed angrier at each other than at us. The truth was, we were not sure what they were pissed about, just that they were. Not that it matters. We had been fielding phone calls for the past sixteen hours from family members of the people that we had locked up asking what was going on and when they didn’t get the answers they wanted most of them threatened to go to the news channels with the story unless we released their spouse. When we informed them that if they did that we had the legal right to remove any children from the home, and then put them in a federal penitentiary for interfering with a federal investigation. They stopped bitching very quickly. The problem was one of them did not stop, even after hearing that. That threw up a red flag for me so as soon as I got off the phone I went and dragged the woman’s husband out of his holding cell and into the interrogation room where I didn’t even bother asking him anything. Instead, I just laid my hands on his head and opened his mind to see everything from the first time he met his wife and the first time he met Tressler on.

He was in no way prepared for what I was doing to him because when it was over he fell off the chair and looked like he was having a seizure almost, but it was just him shaking uncontrollably while crying. When I found what I was looking for I started to walk out of the room while the others just stood there looking at me since they had never seen me invade someone’s privacy like that without telling them what was coming or asking permission first, unless it came on its own and I couldn’t control it.

Before I got out the door, though, the man started speaking in a shaky voice. “What the hell did you just do to me? Why did I have all those memories come rushing back? There was even shit that I did not remember. Did you see all of that?”

“Yes, I did that and yes, I seen it. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to have someone go pick up your wife.”

“No! You can’t! If you do that then our kids will be put in the system.”

“Well, then I guess you better have a good guardian in place for them.”

“No, please! Do what you want to me, but leave her out of this. She was only doing what I told her to do. Nothing more and nothing less.”

“You do realize that I could see inside your mind. Every memory, everything that happened, and everything you thought. And I know that is not true.”

“Please; I’ll give you the names of all the people that I know were working with Tressler if you just leave her out of this. The kids need at least one of their parents.” The deflated man said.

I didn’t give him a yes or no as to whether or not I would still pick up his wife after he told me what I wanted to know, so I just stood there looking at him for a second before holding my hand behind me for a pad and pen. When Madison handed it to me I tossed it to the man without words and he took it as a sign that I agreed to his terms and started writing down every name he could think of. Some were in the Secret Service and some were in major companies as plants, which was information we needed to know because we could not go through every company searching everyone. He ended up giving us five sheets, front and back, plus another half sheet. I took the note pad from him, said thanks, and started taking him back to his cell when he asked me if that meant I was going to leave his wife out of things. I told him no and that I never said that I would not go after his wife if he gave me what I wanted to hear. He was instantly enraged but it didn’t last long because as soon as I threw him in the cell I made sure to pass along the fact that he snitched on who some more people were that worked with Tressler. That made him start freaking out claiming I just killed him right then and as soon as I closed the gate the other two people in the cell jumped him and started beating him. They beat him to death saving me one less person to dispose of. What I did not know was that it was going to become a habit.

Over the next ten hours the process repeated over and over again in the same fashion with the only variations being that some of their wives not knowing what they were doing or who they were affiliated with. For the most part, we got the same names as the first time with a few different ones here and there so it was easy to compile a list taking out the duplicates, which was what Berdina was doing so Justin would relax a little. We even had Justin in there reading off the names to her so he could be useful and they could be together so he would not be stressing over what she was doing. Each time we took them back to their cells we made sure to tell the people in the cells with them that they snitched and every time they were beaten to death by the people in the cells with them. The trouble was, we had something over all of their heads so eventually they would all cooperate with us leaving very few for us to have to dispose of ourselves.

We pulled one person from each cell down the line until we had gone through all of them. Then, we started over from the beginning again. Once there were only one or two people in each cell we started condensing them into the remaining cells. That way there were more people in each cell.

After ten hours, I gave up, though, and we went home for the night so I could get some sleep and let my mind rest from all the intake of everyone’s memories that has bombarded me over the past day. I knew that we were going to have to do this thing all over again tomorrow, and most likely the next two days after that to be able to get through everyone we had. Then, once we got through all of those people we had to start on the Secret Service members, then Homeland Security, followed by FBI, then DOJ, ATF after them, the CIA next, the Attorney General and the U.S. District Attorneys, and when all of them are finished then the Military before moving on to the civilian companies. When I figured that it would take us the next five months to get through every one, I think I was right, but then again, it may take longer than the next five months if there are the large number of people that are corrupt as what was in politics.

. . . . . . . . . . . . It took exactly three more days for us to finish going through the remainder of the people we had left in the holding cells. David would alternate days with me on when we would be the one to delve into people’s mind to see what we needed to see so I was not getting so overwhelmed every night. That took a little more time considering he did not sort through things as quickly as what I did but, nonetheless, it still got the job done. After the first man that gave us the list there was not a whole lot of names that we got that we did not already have: Only about another page and a half. I know that seems like a ton of names but when compared to how many people we were holding that wasn’t many at all. The hardest part was figuring out what group they went in: military, federal government or civilian employees. We had to do searches to find their names and what job they had.

By the time we were finished with them all we only had ten people to dispose of that the others hadn’t already taken care of themselves. That part went quickly as it was nothing more than lining them up against the wall with the video cameras pointed at them and us and squeezed the trigger with the ten of us dropping the ten of them neatly. One bullet to the back of the spine so it severed their spinal column to kill them; but so they could still have an open casket if their families wanted it, not that they deserved it after being in league with that monster.

The thing was, I did not think many of the people would want the open casket once they found out why their spouse/loved one was killed, unless they had kids that is, or they were in on the scheme themselves.

When the next morning started, we began our day by going straight to the White House to debrief the President about what had happened over the past four days so he was kept in the loop. Security was pissed that my top eighO, plus Justin, and myself, were at the back gate where employees came in, without having an appointment or a security badge. When I insisted he telephone the President’s Chief of Staff to find out why we were there and if we were allowed in we could hear the shouts and I vaguely remember hearing something like, “Whenever Mrs. Winters shows up here, appointment or not, you let her and whomever she’s with in the building, no matter the time. That’s the President’s direct order.” I smiled at this man’s face knowing he was standing there wondering who the hell I was and why I was getting so much cooperation but all he did was hang up the phone, jot down the notes in the computer of what he was told and gave us all our all access badge.

When we finally got into the White House, we were taken into the Oval Office to have a sit down with the President but as soon as he started to speak, I held up my hand motioning for him to wait. I looked over at Christiaan and he took a device out of the bag handing it to Jojo who started sweeping the room for bugs and sure enough, he found six. That made the President go stark white. Christiaan held up another device pointing it at the camera on the ceiling knocking out the camera feed to this room. It had only taken about ten seconds before someone was knocking on the door saying they lost the feed. The President told them not to worry and to go get the First Lady, their son, and both of their personal assistants as his was already in the room with us. They hated having to do that since they could not see what was going on in the room, or even hear it for that matter. And with me being there it made things even scarier for them knowing how easily I could dispatch of Him if I had wanted to.

Once the First Lady and her son were in the room with the President and us we began our briefing, first by me saying hello to my siblings, then, by telling the President what exactly happened over the past four days and what we had learned. I told him we would need a letter from him saying we had his full authority to go in clean house in all the Federal facilities and Military Installations around the world so that way we could continue on this cleansing that we started. There was no hesitation, he agreed immediately.

When he asked me how I knew who was corrupt and who was not after the names on the phones I told him what David and I could do. He held his hands out to me telling me to do that to him so I did not have any doubts about him now, or in the future, whatsoever. At first, I was a little apprehensive, but since he asked me to do that, I did as he asked. It took about fifteen minutes and this time I could not stop everything from coming so I got his whole life. There was nothing whatsoever that showed me he was anything but sincere in the things he had told me. I was very impressed, as he had never lied to me, but that he had never lied to his wife either.

Once he had finished typing up and printing out all of the papers we would need, after I logged onto his computer remotely so that way his could not be hacked or people couldn’t see what he was doing, Christiaan let go of the camera jammer letting the cameras turn back on. The plan was for the President to call an impromptu meeting with every Secret Service agent they had for five p.m. tonight. Therefore, that became the next step. Go back to the hotel and start planning things on where we would start next before four when we would go back to the White House for the start of the Secret Service cleansing.


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