Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 20


Promptly at 4:15 p.m. we showed up at the White House again and this time they let us in without a fight. The guard just handed us our badges as we were walking up to the guard shack, which made me smile a little. He must have been reamed out a little, or a lot, after we went in or left the last time. We were standing in the great hall when everyone started filing in after the President, First Lady, their son, and their personal assistants. As soon as the Secret Service agents noticed my team and myself, they instantly knew something was wrong. This time it was not just me and the top four others after me. This time, it was the top nine and myself as well as Justin standing there blocking all the exits, including one person on each side of the double doors they were coming in.

After everyone came in, we closed the doors and asked everyone to stand in military lines so we could start walking through them. They did as we asked but there were some that looked excessively nervous with everything that was going on; with us being there and the speech the President gave about what was going to be happening. When he was finished, we told everyone to take their phones and weapons out as well as anything else out and set them on the floor at their feet before we got started. When they were done completing that my people that were not guarding the doors went through and started bagging everyone’s things with their names on it and putting it in bins before walking away.

That caused a bit of an uproar among them all as they did not like having their weapons, IDs, access badges, wallets, and phones taken. It took about seven hours for us to get through all of the secret service agents, weed out which were good, and which were not. Once we knew for sure, what ones were clean we gave them back their belongings. The President immediately gave them a raise for their loyalty. Again, I was immediately feeling overwhelmed from the bombardment of information and the fact that it was now midnight, but I did not want to let that get to me as I still had more people to go through.

After finishing loading up the corrupt Secret Service agents, which were about one third, into the cattle truck that was waiting we had them taken back to the holding facilities and we went back to get some rest. The next day we returned and we had the rest of the agents bring in the others we needed. The cooks, butlers, assistants, maids, housekeepers, Press Coordinators, Chief of Staff, IT Technicians, Tour Guides, Advisors, Administrators, Host/Hostesses, Wardrobe Managers, Elevator Operators, Gardeners, Guards and every other person working in or on the grounds of the White House.

That took another six hours after repeating the same process as we did with the Secret Service Agents. The President gave the same speech in the same hall after we had them empty everything on the floor in front of them. As it turns out however, there were only three people in this group that were corrupted by Tressler, which was a giant relief. To us and to the President.

When all was said and done, we were getting ready to leave when the First Lady asked me to go through her and her son’s head so that way I did not have any doubts as to who their loyalties were to. Again, I did not particularly care to but when someone asks me to I try to make sure that I cooperate because I know they do not ask unless there is a reason why. So I took a deep breath and grabbed the First Lady’s hand, then whoosh.

I was bombarded with every detail of her life from the time she was a baby until now. To my surprise, she was straightforward and hardworking as well. She was also very talented in martial arts or combat, however you wanted to look at it, even though no one knew about that. She played the dainty little female well and played her part as First Lady well as well as taking care of any responsibilities that came with that position. I also noticed that whether anyone knew it or not, the President came to her frequently with matters that he had to deal with for her advice.

I gave her a nod when I was finished with her and she told me to do it to her son next. He walked up and gave me his hands. I took a deep breath and grabbed his hands before I was besieged by everything that was coming from his head. He has a huge thing for my little sister. Oh my God. That is freaking ridiculous. When I was finished with him I told my sister to come over to me, she held her hand up to me, and I went through the things in her head. She has a thing for the President’s son as well, but she has not acted on anything yet nor would she unless I gave her the go ahead that she is allowed to make that move. The problem is, Nora is 22 and Cain is 19, and I do not think the President would much care for that, not that age is the problem, but that his son has not really lived yet. Then again, he seemed to like my sister and brothers so maybe he would not mind.

I tried not to look at Nora or at the President’s son as I gave the President and First lady a small smile and nod telling them there was nothing in his past that showed that he had done anything wrong.

The President asked me, “You didn’t see anything in his memories that shouldn’t have been there?”


“Are you sure?” He asked me.


“So you didn’t see where my son has a massive crush on your sister?”

Oh shit! Now what do I say to that? “It’s easy to see he has a crush on her but I wouldn’t say he has a massive thing for her. He is barely nineteen years old. He does not know what it means to have a massive thing for someone.”

“All I’m saying is you don’t have to feel the need to try to hide that to protect anyone because we already know about that. We’ve known since the day you brought them to us that our son has had a crush on your sister and that she has had a crush on him, even though she has tried fighting it. We have nothing against her, and we would have no issues whatsoever with those two being together, just for the record.”

Nora and Cain just looked at me wide eyed waiting for me to give them my blessing. The trouble was, even though I wanted to, I could not do that now as we had too much to do. So instead, I just told them that it was something we would have to talk about when we were finished with everything else because we did not have time to think about that now.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

That night we set our plans in motion for what was going to happen after we finished interrogating the Secret Service agents we had locked in the holding cells, and we were starting with Fort Meyer Army Base in Arlington Virginia so we could weed out the shitty people and use the ones that haven’t been tainted yet to help us with securing the rest of the places we have to around here. Hell, for that matter, I may even continue to use some of the men and women from that post as I continue on to every post around the world, on top of every other stop I have to make.

It had only taken us six hours to get through all the people we were holding from start to finish the next day so we went straight from there to Fort Meyer. When I pulled up to the gate the look on the MP’s face seeing a General pulling up when he was not expecting it was so amusing, but it was easy to see he wasn’t sure if my ID was real or fake until he scanned it. Then I got saluted and a ‘yes man’ and ‘what can I do for you man’ and ‘how many cars did you say were with you man’ and ‘no worries mam, you can follow me to where you need to go’ and ‘I’ll lead you there myself.’. The MP went inside the guard shack to tell his superior why he was leaving and that was even more amusing watching the look on her face seeing a General coming through there unexpectedly. Especially one with a convoy.

When I got to the main hall, I parked and stepped out and everyone walking around the vehicles instantly stopped and gaped at myself and my team getting out around me. We are all officers; you have to be to be a part of my unit, even if I have to give a special waiver in their file, so everyone was saluting us all, but when the Colonels had to salute me the gleam in their eyes was one of pure disdain. The base Commander came out to meet us after hearing from the MP station we were on our way there and when he met me halfway to the door he laughed a little asking if he was being punked because there was no way I could be a General when I wasn’t even thirty yet by the looks of me. When I did not even twitch my face he instantaneously straightened up apologizing. He finally saluted me and asked what he could do for me in which I told him we should speak in private.

I got a slight grimace, an okay, and a follow me. Once we got to the Commander’s office he started to speak when I stopped him nodding to Christiaan who walked through with his scanner finding a bug in the office. The Commander looked mortified but I think that was more for my benefit as opposed to his own actual surprise. That just made me glare at him a little. Christiaan looked at me a little and I nodded for him to wait in the hall.

The base commander started the conversation, “General, What can I do for you?”

“Well, for starters, Commander, you can drop the act. I know you were working with Tressler. I know you’re corrupt. And I know there are others on this post that are just as corrupt as you are and I will find out who they are. Consider this your official notice of being relieved of duty and that I will be taking over this post until I find a suitable replacement for it.”

He just stood there looking at me for a good five minutes before finally bursting into a hysterical fit of laughter. “Do you really think you could kill Tressler? Or that you could take me out of the position I worked so hard to get into and that he worked so hard to get me into?”

“First of all, Tressler is dead! I killed him a while ago. Second of all, yes I know I can and will take you out of this position in exactly three minutes and fifty two seconds and there won’t be a damn thing you can do to stop it.”

The Commander sat there chewing on the information I just gave him for about another twenty seconds or so before he finally started screaming and half leaped over his desk at me. I side stepped him letting him run face first into the wall. Christiaan and the others stood there laughing hysterically as they watched the Commander basically sit there beating the shit out of himself as I would side step him or make him hit himself. Everyone else in the offices around his however didn’t seem to think his screaming and running into things was as funny as they started coming out of their offices to see what was going on and not being allowed to come within a certain distance of his office as I had 51 people with me that were filling up the hallways.

After he finished beating the hell out of himself and realized that there was no way he could beat me and he was defeated he finally surrendered himself to Christiaan who in turn gave him to Nick to take him to the cattle truck to wait for the rest of the people.

I called a meeting for everyone in the building immediately, which they did not like since they were all in the middle of things and I made them bring whoever was in the building with them for appointments as well. I told them all what was going on and I could see which ones were getting nervous and started looking for the exits that my team had already blocked. I instantly motioned for my brothers and sister to gather up the ones that were trying to escape when they found out why we were there. There was only ten actually counting the Commander so we were pleasantly surprised by the lack of people that were corrupted by Tressler.

After getting the shitty people out of the room and into the truck that was being watched by Nick and Jamie I sent Berdina through the crowd as I was asking who did what job.

“Who here is an IT tech? Who is Airborne or Air Assault? Who here is completely committed to what they signed up for with the military and not just here for the pay check and insurance?”

When I went through it was easy to see which ones were bullshitting us with the last question about being completely committed to what they signed up for. Therefore, I separated the group. I split them into two rooms. The first one I went into was the one that I did not trust and when I went into the room that was exactly what I told them. They did not like that. I also quarantined them. I had Jojo and Christiaan take their phones and anything else that was electronic from them so they could not communicate with anyone on the outside to warn them. That caused a bit of an uproar and one of the bigger guys thought he was going to make a statement with Jojo and tried hitting him. Jojo blocked the hit and instantly punched him in the stomach so hard I thought I heard a rib break. The man sat down quickly and was gasping trying to catch his breath. After that no one dared to make a move on any of us after seeing how fast Jojo was and how hard he hit. They obeyed all commands quickly and without questions. When I saw everything was going the way it was supposed to be I went to the other room. The one that had the people in it that I was going to try recruiting for this mission.

When I walked into the room that was holding the men and women that I was going to debrief and try to recruit they all stood as soon as I walked in, which I was used to, but the look on their faces was something I wasn’t used too. It was almost as if they knew why I was there. Hell, maybe they did, or maybe they were just waiting for someone to come and weed out the people that were not soldier material.

“Sit down, please. Here’s the deal. There was a man that had corrupted many people in many different positions in the Military, the FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, Politicians, every government agency there is. Therefore, we have to go through every one of the agencies and weed out the corrupt from the clean. We have already gone through the Politicians, their bodyguards, their assistants and secretaries and the Secret Service. We are starting with this base and going through it so we can find out which ones are clean, which are dirty, and which can be useful to us because we will need the manpower to finish what we need to do with everything else. When I say the Military, I mean we will have to visit every single post in the world and go through them one by one. I will be collecting people in each place for help but I am starting here as I said. So, who’s up for a dangerous and time consuming mission?”

As soon as I finished what I was saying every person in the room stood up and said that if we could use them they would be willing to come along and do whatever they were told. We started taking names and Madison pulled their file up on the tablet she was holding showing me what they capable of, what they were trained in, and where they would be useful to us. Jojo was writing down their names, rank and where we would be using them. When we got to the last man, the man was looking at me in a funny way so I asked him what was wrong; and he said he was surprised we could bypass the security system they used to be able to get everyone’s personnel file. When I told him I was the one that wrote the program, he looked stunned, as did the others.

David sifted through everyone’s memories as they went down the line making sure they were not hiding anything that we needed to know about and so far everyone was clean. To be honest we had some useful people in this group, which was nice. Now we just had to go through the rest of the base. The now Commander called his Lieutenant Colonel and told him to call every Command Sargent Major to do a recall of their units and have them meet at the times I had given him. To say they were a little irritated at not knowing why they were doing a recall was the understatement of the day. The base commander also called in every other officer on the post as well.

By the end of the day we had gone through seventeen companies and found another seventy-two people that were tainted by Tressler’s strange form of mind control. The sad thing was they were not high-ranking people. With these ones, he was smart and played it as I would have. He picked the super soldiers that were just beginning but moving through the ranks quickly because of their skills. They all started as private fuzzies and were already into the Sergeant rankings as E-5s, E-6s and even E-7s. That disgusted me. I don’t know if it was because it was something I would have done or because these people were so stupid as to betray the very thing they swore to uphold and protect.

When we were finished I had my people stand at the gates and brought the MPs in so I could go through them as well. It made me feel good that none of them was dirty but all of them seemed surprised at the information I gave them about what was going on. It was after midnight when we finished with that post, I had over two hundred men and women that were ready to help me in whatever ways I needed, and all of them had some kind of skill that would be useful for me. I promoted where needed and when I was not able to promote somewhere I put someone in charge until I was able to transfer someone there. No one was happy about what was happening there. Especially the cattle truck full of people that were about to go to holding cells to be interrogated and then executed. The deal I made with the President was as long as the spouse was unaware of what the soldier, being a traitor, was doing then they would still receive full death benefits. If they knew and/or were a part of it themselves, however, they would not receive anything and would be taken into custody as well.

. . . . . . . . . . . . The next day, which basically meant a few hours after getting everyone into their holding cells and eating before we laid down for a couple hours before getting up to do the interrogations, we loaded up on coffee, or rather Madison, Berdina and I did as well as scarfing down a few bagels, we finally went in and started dragging out the first guy to interrogate. Apparently he managed to get a piece of the bed off and was using it as a shank; jabbing at me and trying hard to at least cut me and he came close, though I was just toying with him, David didn’t seem to like it much so of course he got in the way, cutting David’s arm and laughing hysterically until I grabbed his arm and twisted it so hard I snapped his elbow. Then, he was just screaming in pain. David just looked at me before talking to me.

“Stop toying with them sis, he came way to close and you know you don’t need that right now. You have to remember you can’t do that at the moment.”

I felt horrible, of course. I didn’t think of it like that. I wasn’t thinking of the fact that I was acting like I did when I wasn’t pregnant and after what happened before I can’t afford to do that anymore. I have to make sure I don’t toy with them and just put them down quickly so it does not endanger my babies. Christiaan took the man and carted him over to the interrogation room. I asked David about his arm and he held it up for me to see. His arm was covered in blood. The cut was deep. He told me to go get my med kit so I could sew him up before we start the interrogations. I could not explain how horrible I felt at that exact moment. That cut was meant for me and he took it as he always does if he’s close enough. I was shaking my head all the way to the kitchen where the bag was sitting and had David rinse his arm off so I could start sewing him up like I always did. Ten minutes later, his arm was sewn up and bandaged and we went into the room to interrogate the very aggressive soldier.

As soon as we walked into the room the man cried out, “You bitch, you broke my elbow! I ought…”

That was all he got out before David had him by the throat and was practically snarling in his ear. “That Bitch you’re referring to is my little sister, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit here and listen to your screaming at her and calling her names you pansy ass little bitch. You’re the one that was trying to stab a pregnant woman and you’re the one that was being toyed with and were too stupid to notice. That’s why your elbow is broken. We aren’t even going to waste our time with you.”

At that David grabbed the man’s head and started going through his thoughts and about five minutes later when he was done he reached around and snapped his neck.

“Feel better?” I asked David. “You know there’s nothing he could have called me that I haven’t been called before. That didn’t offend me.”

“Maybe not, but it offended me. I don’t like people calling you names, and especially not ones that aren’t true.”

We went back to the cell to get the next person and they must have all been talking about how fast I was when I snapped the guy’s arm and how easily David brushed off the knife wound to his arm that he got because no one did absolutely anything to provoke either of us after that. The interrogations went quickly after that. Well, sort of. As much as I hated having to kill other soldiers, I hated dirty soldiers even more. That gave us all a bad rap.

Madison and the others kept inching closer and closer to me as the day wore on and I wasn’t sure why, but I soon figured it out. Apparently, I was looking pale. It was not because of the pregnancy, however. It was the stress of what I was standing in. I could never understand how anyone could be so easily corrupted.

. . . . . . . . . . . . It took us the next six months to go through the other 767 military bases in the world, picking up people here and there at each base and having the prisoners all transported back to Benning so we could get through all the bases first. That tended to make things a little more time consuming as if someone new was found out during interrogations then we would just send someone back for them. We wanted to hurry and get through all the bases before it was time for the babies though as we were all nearing the end of our pregnancies. Moreover, I had not seen my kids in months and that was killing me. I could not wait to have some time off.

Every base we went to overseas had less and less people that were corrupt, which made me happy, but we did find out we had another group to go through; Ambassadors. Total we had just over 6000 prisoners to interrogate. That is a large number I know, but considering how many bases we had just went through that wasn’t too many.

. . . . . . . . . . . . We got home at seven thirty at night when everyone was at dinner and we didn’t tell them we were coming home. When we walked in, the look on everyone’s faces was priceless and the kids took off screaming and running for me faster than the guys could catch them or notice what was going in. Katie and Becky came waddling out to see what was going on as well and Logan finally registered why the kids were screaming. When he did, he came running too. As did Ben when he saw Madison. It was funny seeing how small Madison, Berdina and I were compared to Becky and Katie, then again, we didn’t have Hazel’s good cooking to eat this whole time so I think we drew the short straws in this case.

We haven’t had the chance to have more than one ultrasound, which was just the heartbeat, to make sure the babies were ok. That was when we were seven months pregnant and finally showing to others making the doctors convince us to take the five extra minutes to be checked. Neither of us knows what we’re having. David stood there looking at Autumn smiling at her and her seven month baby belly as she was sitting on the dining room chair trying to stand up. I motioned for David to go over to her and he chuckled a little before finally walking over to her to stand her up and kiss her. It was sweet watching her and him together.

I was standing there hugging my babies and talking to them when all of a sudden I noticed a change in something. “Madison, Berdina, we have got to go to the hospital now!”

Berdina was the first to say something. “What? Are you in labor?”

“No, honey. You two are.”

I spoke too soon, because I no more said that and my water broke. Damn! I hated that part. It was disgusting. They laughed at me since I just said I wasn’t going into labor and then my water broke. Katie and Becky started laughing too and as soon as they did their water broke as well. So now, we had five women in labor.

Justin, Logan, Ben, Gary and Christiaan were scrambling madly to get the bags we had together and ready long before we ever left to go clear the bases, and that Katie and Becky had put together a couple weeks prior. My sister, Kristi, had just came in the door with Caleb, my new baby nephew that was born four months prior when Jojo flew home so he could be with her for the birth and first week, when she noticed the guys scrambling to get our stuff around and to get the kids together. She knew right away what was happening and said she could either keep the kids at the house with her or she could go to the hospital to help us through things. Since there were so many of us in labor we chose to have her go with us as we thought the guys may want a reprieve. Hazel and Angel came along to help as well.

. . . . . . . . . . . . An hour later, we were at Emory University Hospital checking in and they were less than thrilled with our lack of records. For me, they knew they were going to have to rush me up for a C-section right away which had Logan scared but I knew everything would turn out okay and told him so. His reply was something like yeah that wasn’t going to keep him from worrying. They had him in scrubs as they were giving me the spinal tap: that barely worked, not that I said so.

About ten minutes later Logan walked in on me screaming at the nurses telling them they were not going to be giving me a damn catheter. They finally yielded saying I would be begging for one soon. Logan muttered, “Good luck with that. She’ll never beg for anything, and you’ll never get your way.”

About another two minutes later, they were cutting into me and I was grimacing, but never made a sound. Logan whispered in my ear asking me if the spinal tap wasn’t working. I shook my head no. He started to say something but I stopped him. I didn’t want him to say anything because I didn’t want the babies born drugged up, even a little, so I endured the pain of being cut open. It wasn’t as bad though, as I was able to put myself out of body for most of it. Until I heard the baby crying that was. Then, I came back to reality. I started crying. The babies that I lost scared me so badly thinking that it was going to happen again, but this time I carried to term and my baby was born. But it wasn’t over. Because as soon as I thought that the doctor yelled, “Here comes the other one.”

Twins. Again. Two boys this time. Rory had picked the names apparently. She told me on the phone. She liked Ryan and Taylor for boys and Justice and Mercy for girls. So Ryan and Taylor it was. I never asked her why she liked those names so I’d have to do that when I got back to the room but those were the names we gave them. Baby A, the big one, was Ryan Dominic Winters and Taylor Jaxson Winters for Baby B, the smaller of the two. Jesse picked the middle names. I’d have to ask him why he picked those two as well.

Madison and Berdina both had easy births having their babies at the same time I was getting back to my room with my two. They were stunned to see me wheeled in with twins. It was cute. The three of us were all sharing the largest suite they had with Katie and Becky in the next room and it was easy to tell they weren’t having as easy a time as Madison and Berdina had. Logan was standing there so proudly holding his babies.

However, it wasn’t until a couple hours later that I saw my brother. Almost three hours later he came waltzing in with our grandmother behind him and Autumn waddling beside him. I was stunned to see my grandmother but I was so happy to see her that I started crying instantly. When we started speaking, it was clear that no one understood us but David, who stood there smiling. My brother stood there smiling at me before walking over and taking one of his nephews, Ryan first, from Logan to hold and finally giving him to our grandmother. Then he took Taylor. When my grandmother finished performing the Cherokee blessing over Ryan she handed him back to Logan who took him smiling and said thank you. He kissed Ryan and handed him to me to feed. As soon as my grandmother finished her process on Taylor they repeated the process.

Then, surprising everyone, grandmother walked over and looked at Madison and Ben asking permission to do the same on their little Boy, Asher James. Madison and Ben said they’d be honored and handed him over right away. Grandmother performed her ritual and when she was finished she went to Berdina and Justin. She, again, did her ritual on the baby, Iliana Angelica, but she didn’t stop there. She also did the ritual on Justin’s other two children that were standing there looking at their new sister. I was impressed as this was something that was usually only done on the Cherokee people, but Grandmother must have sensed that this was something that needed to be done on everyone. She had done this ritual on Rory and Jesse when they were born as well, just like Eliana and Angelo when I had snuck them to the reservation as they were now my responsibility and now a part of my family.

Suddenly, Grandmother, David and I all looked over at Autumn and all screamed for the nurse to bring a bed and the doctor. She no more got in the room when Autumn’s water broke and she looked at us with such curiosity but she never questioned it. She was a little too stunned to be honest. Grandmother stayed there until David’s twins were born and she performed the protection ritual on his twins, the girl, Justice Caileah, and the boy, Brian Noah, as well as Gary and Becky’s baby girl, Lola Tatum, who looked on with amazement but never argued, as well as Christiaan and Katie’s baby, Emma Christine. No one questioned grandmother and everyone was grateful. When she was done Andrew took her back to the reservation while Rory stayed with us. He got back just as the sun was rising.

The kids and everyone else were exhausted so I sent them home but our bodyguards refused to leave us, as did Logan and Eddie since Justin was with Berdina. I finally convinced Logan to go home with the kids but he refused to let Eddie leave my side. He said he’d be back in a few hours. I was thinking it looked like we came back just in time. I was also thinking that I had not bought any baby things yet so we would not have anything for them yet and would have to get everything before they came home. That was a long list to make. I needed my IPad. I had to tell Logan to bring it for me when he came back so I texted him while he was on his way home. He said okay but as I should have known, he did not stay gone for long. He was only gone for less than three hours before he showed back up with my IPad and questions as to why I needed it other than to read when the babies were sleeping.

When Logan walked in carrying some food and my IPad as well as a few other things, he asked why I needed my IPad so urgently as he was digging the food out that Hazel had made for me. I was so hungry and of course, as soon as Berdina and Madison smelled food they perked right up asking where theirs was. Right on cue, the guys walked in carrying their bag of food and IPad as well as a few other things for them as well. We were all standing there looking at the guys with knowing gazes since we all knew something was going on. We were all starving though, so we started eating as we were looking at the guys waiting for explanations. When we were finished, we still all sat on the beds holding the babies before handing them over to the guys and reaching for our IPads as we had already been talking about what we wanted to get for the babies.

When we started talking about what we wanted to get and what sites we wanted to look at the men were looking at us with even stranger smiles on their faces. I finally snapped at them asking what they were smiling about.

Logan pulled out his phone and sent me an email that he had already had prepared as well as sending Madison and Berdina an email too. We looked at him curiously as he put his phone away but we each opened the email and the attachments to them and they were pictures of nursery’s that Hazel, Angel, Autumn and Becky had already designed and had Gary, Logan and the guys put together for us. We were stunned. There were a few boxes that were wrapped and sitting in the corners of each room, which I knew what they were but the others didn’t. They asked but all Logan could say was that he did not know. Only Angel and I did, since I ordered them and Angel wrapped them. They even bought clothes and diapers, but since no one knew what me, Berdina and Madison were having it was all gender neutral clothes and designs.

Some days I loved that man more than others. There were some minor things I would have done differently, but nothing to complain about. Especially since, I was not expecting to have a nursery done and definitely not have the babies so soon. No one was really expecting to have the babies so soon or have the nurseries done. Hell, if I’m being honest, none of us were expecting to go into labor on the same day either.

So it looks like David, Christiaan, Jojo, Jenni, Kellan, Jamie and Nick would have to proceed with the interrogations without us over the next week at least until we’re feeling better and back on our feet. Possibly even longer. I guess we’ll see how things go from here.


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