Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 21


We were in the hospital for another two days before being released and again the doctor did not want to release me so soon but she knew how quickly I healed so she did not argue with me and signed the release papers. He had also set up interviews with new bodyguards and nannies for me to talk to the next day. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like that but I knew it had to be done. When we got home Hazel had a big meal waiting for us and of course all of us dug in pretty well eating everything she made.

After lunch we all sat in the living room while the guys went in to get the boxes of things I had bought for all the girls. They all started opening them as the guys were holding the babies and when they all got them opened and noticed they had the same things and what they were they were surprised. Madison commented that she had heard about them and that they were great and wanted to try them and Becky said that this was probably the reason why Angel wouldn’t let them order strollers, playpens, bouncers, swings or tubs for the babies when they wanted to. I just nodded and the guys handed us back the babies and we all started positioning them on the pillows with blankets over us to feed them while the guys started putting everything together. I made them keep the boxes though; just in case we needed them for later.

About twenty minutes later, they had the MamaRoos™ together and we were all putting the babies in there while they were putting the rest of the things together. The women were busy connecting the devices to our phones and IPads so we could control them without moving around. We all agreed those and the bassinet strollers would be the most useful things. The strollers were solar powered as well as plug in. An hour later the guys were completely finished putting everything together and putting the boxes in the garage.

Everyone was completely happy with the things Logan and I got them for their baby(ies) and Logan and I loved the things we got for our babies as well. That night most of the babies didn’t sleep very well. Except Ryan and Taylor. Then again, my babies have always slept well through the night right from the start. Becky and Katie looked exhausted when I went into the living room. They immediately apologized for waking me, they thought, but the guys hadn’t carried the swings into their houses yet and they thought it would help the babies sleep. I told them they didn’t wake me and took Emma for Katie first while she sat back on the couch and almost instantly fell asleep. I had Emma asleep not two minutes later. I took Lola from Becky next and had her asleep just as quickly while Becky sat back on the couch watching me. By the time I had Lola in her swing and looked back at Becky she was sleeping on the couch as well.

Not a minute later Christiaan and Gary came trotting in the back door looking for the girls; all four of them. When they saw me walking away from the babies and the girls they walked over to the couches and covered them up before starting to carry the things they put together earlier to their houses. When they were finished, they came back in, sat back down beside their woman, and watched their babies sleeping. Before long though, they were sleeping as well. I couldn’t sleep. I could never sleep much the first couple of years my kids were born. About half of what I normally slept which already wasn’t much. The most I ever slept on a good night was six hours tops so once I had my kids it was only three hours max.

By six a.m. all the babies were starting to wake and I had just finished feeding Ryan and Taylor and put them in their swings when Lola and Emma started waking, so I woke up Katie and Becky so they could feed the babies while I got them some coffee. They were very appreciative of the sleep and asked me how I was able to get the babies to sleep through the past five hours. Logan was coming out when he heard what was asked and answered himself.

“Haven’t you figured it out yet? She just has the magic touch when it comes to anything she does.”

“Not anything, Logan. I have plenty of flaws. You just choose not to see them.”

Madison and Berdina were walking in with the guys behind them and David behind them with a baby in each arm. He said the babies didn’t sleep much so Autumn tried staying up with them and fell asleep late and he didn’t want to wake her. I smiled taking Brian from him. An hour later everyone had breakfast and coffee and Brian and Justice were getting pretty crabby because they were hungry but David was insistent that Autumn didn’t get much sleep and didn’t want to wake her up so Madison and I each took a baby to feed. We figured since they were related to both of us that it shouldn’t be an issue and it took a few minutes for them to take it but they finally did and fed. They seemed much happier once they were fed and went right to sleep after they were changed and once they were asleep all the babies were in the living room sleeping in their swings together.

I told Logan we needed to order more of those so that way everyone would have one at their house and one here so they wouldn’t have to carry it back and forth. Especially since they were here so often. He said it was a good idea and I got online to get them ordered and have them shipped by FedEx here overnight. I also let everyone know. They all seemed extra grateful, and exhausted, which made me laugh. Everyone that is, except my team, who is used to not getting much sleep at all. We trained ourselves to be able to stay up for almost five days straight. Madison, Christiaan and Jojo were around with me when Jesse and Rory were babies as well to help out so they knew how much my kids slept and apparently their babies slept just like mine do almost.

By nine I was getting around so that I could go into the office to start interviewing for a second nanny and two more bodyguards when Berdina and Madison showed up beside me asking if they could go along. They wanted to sit through the interviews as well for the same reasons. Not a moment later, David came running out right behind us with the same thing in mind and Gary right on his heels. I chuckled a little, yet had no quarrels with anything because I had a feeling this was the way it would go. So did Logan, which was why he scheduled so many people to be interviewed. We were all in the car waiting when everyone asked why we weren’t going yet when I started counting down. “Three, two, one.” Right on time Christiaan and Jojo were opening the doors to get into the SUV as well. It was completely full. As much as we all hated leaving the babies we couldn’t stand taking them out where they could be seen without the proper protection until we finished everything we were doing.

In total, Logan had arranged for over eighty-five interviews with various bodyguard candidates and forty more nanny/teacher prospects. It took almost all day and the women had to pump more than three times. Me especially with the twins feedings. By five we were all antsy and scrambling to get home and it looked like it was none too soon because everyone there, almost, looked frazzled. We were all laughing at them as we walked in and were grabbing for the babies. Jesse, Rory, Eliana and Angelo were all four standing around Ryan and Taylor cooing to them and waving toys at them telling them what they were and Eliana and Angelo were trying to teach them their twin talk I think. It was cute to watch.

After dinner and feeding the babies again, we bathed them and sat down to compare notes on the people interviewed today. By nine we had gotten down to our top twenty guard possibilities and it seemed we all had the same things to say about them, which was a good thing. But the problem was trying to figure out what person would be the best fit for the people we were looking to have guards for. Gary needed someone for Becky and Lola. Christiaan needed someone for Katie and Emma. David needed someone for Autumn, Brian and Justice. Berdina needed someone for Iliana, Ashley and Colton. We needed to find ones for Hazel, Angel, Allison and little Gary. We also had to find guards for Ryan and Taylor. Jojo needed to find guards for Kristi and Caleb and Madison had to find someone for Asher. Plus we were going to put a guard on whoever we hired as a secondary nanny.

That made twenty guards needed. Then, add to that, everyone else hiring a nanny if they decide to and that’ll be even more but I think once Becky is back on her feet and we hire another person they won’t need anyone else, seeing the fact that we had it narrowed to only three candidates that we liked for nanny positions, notwithstanding. What made it worse was only two of those three had the secondary qualification that we were looking for of also having some teaching experience. The other did not have teaching experience but she was a licensed psychologist, which I think may be useful. We are going to have Becky come with us tomorrow and meet the top three we have picked and get her opinion.

. . . . . . . . . . . . It had been more than three weeks since we had hired the nanny/psychologist that Becky liked as well as the other twenty bodyguards. We also had them building another twenty more three-bedroom houses like the others on the property. They were all spaced out the same as the others but since we already had the underground house built, we could not add on more tunnels to that part of the house. Instead, we made all the tunnels connect to Gary and Becky’s house since he is the head of security and when it is time for them to know, they would go to him and he would let them know. All they know now is that in the event of an emergency they use the tunnel and come to his house so he can show them what to do.

None of them were married so we didn’t have to worry about them having their families in danger, not that that mattered because two of the new guards took to Jamie and Jenni straight away while two of the women took to Nick and Kellan right away. Rita, the new nanny/psychologist, was smitten with Andrew and he had actually taken my advice and came to me a few times to talk to me. He finally asked her out a couple nights ago and they started getting close. It was nice to see Andrew finally start opening himself up to someone again. The others didn’t take long to start finding people they liked either because as soon as people in my team started coming around they started pairing up like crazy. Angel even found someone which made me feel so much better because she looked lonely. She actually got with her own bodyguard which worked well for them since they didn’t seem like they ever wanted to be out of the room from each other.

Once we had everyone hired and moved into their new homes we finally went back and started back on what wasn’t finished with the interrogations yet, and let’s face it. When there’s just David going through everyone’s head then that tends to take a while; Especially when he still has to get home to see his new babies and soon to be wife. Before we had left, everyone had our lawyer draw up legal paperwork naming godparents for the children and what to do in case of emergency etc..

. . . . . . . . . . . . It had been three weeks since the birth of the babies for all of us and we were all starting to get a little itchy, though none of us wanted to leave the babies behind, we knew there was still work that had to be done and we weren’t going to allow our children to grow up in this kind of a place when we could do something about it.

We pulled into Benning an hour later and got right to work. David, it seemed, wasn’t wasting any time with the interrogations. He had been bringing them out going through their heads without question and snapping their necks as soon as he finished. He had already had a notebook about half full of names of Ambassadors that were corrupt or people that we missed that were civilians connected to the bases. That sucked because we did not want to have to do this all again. Luckily, for us, the number of people missed was not many compared to the others.

It still took another month of driving back and forth every day for me and David to finish the interrogations and by the end of the first week I was at the same point he was at with not even bothering to ask questions. I just got what I was after and killed them when I was done. David and I didn’t bother with anything else anymore. There were too many of them and not enough time. Not to mention, the fact that we were all just ready to have this done and over with.

It took another two weeks for David and I to go through the remaining dirty military men and women and they all knew what was coming. Each handed us unsealed envelopes to their loved ones before they were sat down so we could do what needed to be done. At the end of the day, we would scan the letters and send them out. So far there had only been one man that tried slipping a message through in his letter but we caught it when we were going through his head and I asked him if he wanted to rewrite it before I killed him. He just glared at me scribbled that he was sorry and loved his wife and I snapped his neck.

. . . . . . . . . . . . It was time to brief the President after the military interrogations so once again we set up a time to meet at Camp David with him and his family, as well as my siblings so they knew what was going on. We were originally going to pull them out when we started this cleansing but decided against it when we realized the number of dirty people that we needed to filter. We were all sitting in the gym when they arrived, boxing it out exercising since we hadn’t done much since the babies were born. The President made a smirking face when the Secret Service Agents started asking how we got in. He shook his head saying they would never learn.

I told the agents to go away, and when they finally disappeared out the door I started briefing the President and my siblings on what had happened over the past almost nine months. Then, I showed my siblings pictures of their nephews. I also told the President of the new group of people that we were going to have to filter through and how we needed to get through them before we did the civilians, but that we were going to have to go back through and get the civilians connected to the military bases simultaneously. They were both just as important and equally dangerous. He agreed. As he was thanking me and the team for our “hard work” he said that he wished there was more that he could do to help.

I said, “Pericles said ‘Those who are politically apathetic can only survive if they are supported by people who are capable of taking action.’ You’re not apathetic. You care. But you also have us to take action so it keeps your hands clean. We’ll make sure to make the Ambassador assassinations look like they were exactly that: Assassinations. Or, that they were done by their own people so it doesn’t blow back on the U.S.. You just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Just keep staying strong and this will be over soon. We won’t let this country be a corrupt piece of shit like people want it to be.”

With that, we left and hiked back to the car so we could drive home and be there before the kids woke up. We got there just in time to get some coffee and breakfast before the kids all started waking up. We looked like a bunch of kids ourselves over playing with the babies. We fed them, changed them, and started rolling on the floor playing with them. There were baby and kid things all over the house. Most people wouldn’t have so many kids things all over the house but this was their home.

Later that day we started going through the list of people that we were going to have to go through that were Ambassadors as well as the civilians that worked on the military bases. When we had them separated and had all the duplicates deleted we realized there weren’t as many as we originally thought, though there were still more than we would have liked since there weren’t many duplicates as Madison had been going through deleting the duplicates as David and I was going through the interrogations listing people off.

I sent Jenni, Kellan, Jamie, Nick and Danny off to go from post to post collecting the civilians that were working on the military bases that were a party of the screwed up scheme that Tressler set in motion years ago. The rest of us were going to start tailing the Ambassadors to find when the right time to snatch them would be, and if we couldn’t snatch them then we were going to just snipe them off.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Three weeks later the others returned with the prisoners they had gathered and they put them in the holding cells in Benning. They got back to my house just as I was getting ready to start assigning everyone their targets and giving out the information we had gathered on each person, so their timing was perfect as we could use the extra bodies. There were twelve of us total and there were 54 Ambassadors that needed to be put down with another 67 aids. 121 people for twelve. It was going to take a while and as much as I trusted the people that I had on my team now, I wasn’t going to involve all of them. Let’s face facts here; if we were to get caught then we would be pursued and I wasn’t going to let my entire team go down for something that had to be done. Especially since the entire world, or half of it at least, would be looking for us and we would have to disappear. We already had money, belongings, and passports on standby for all of us, and our families, but now we just had to make sure we got through this without getting caught.

For the most part we opted for distance choosing to snipe as many people off as possible. We also chose to hit as many targets as we could simultaneously. Logan and the guys refused to stay behind so Logan, Gary, Eddie and Ben also helped putting us up to sixteen at a time. Andrew was going to watch Jesse and Rory which made me a little nervous since his attention would be split but I knew if anyone could do it, it would be him.

That night I called the President on the secure line we had set up for us to be able to communicate with, which was basically me calling Nora’s secure line, without us having to meet at Camp David every time. We let him know that we would be using his appearance tomorrow to make it look like someone was trying to assassinate Him but missed and hit the targets we had picked out. He said ok and that he would get a speech together for when it happens of apologies etc., but that it would have to look somewhat close.

The next day we were set up and ready to go in the positions we had already let the Secret Service know we would be in so they could walk past us knowing we were there and claiming we were their snipers so no one suspected us or questioned us.

When it was almost time and our watches dinged we turned on the second secure headsets that we had for our team. We knew what person we had and what order we had to shoot. We also knew how long we had to wait between one person’s shot to the next person’s shot. I gave everyone their instructions. As long as everyone followed them to the letter then we wouldn’t get caught and would live to fight another day.

I started counting down in my radio as the President walked on stage: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one: Bang! Three, two, one: Bang! Two, One: Bam! Four, three, two, one: Bang! One: Bang! One: Bang! One: Bang! Two, one: Bang! Three, two, one: Bam! Three, two, one: Bam! Two, one: Bang! Two, one: Bang! Four, three, two, one: Bam! Five, four, three, two, one: Bang! Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one: Bam! One: Bam! The last shot exploded.

When the last shot rang out I felt bad for the way everyone was running around terrified and all the families that were standing there screaming at the death of a loved one but it was something that had to be done. As soon as we finished we turned off the second set of radios and turned up the first again and started the chatter talking about how we saw someone in this clothing or that clothing matching this description or that description. We had kept about twenty of the prisoners from the bases that were corrupt and had the necessary sniping skills once we found out about the Ambassadors so we could use them as scape goats if we didn’t get caught before then. We made sure the ones we kept didn’t have families for this to blow back on either so no innocents were caught in the crosshairs.

For today everything went according to plan and it looked like an attempted assassination on the President that missed and happened to get the Ambassador’s that were running back and forth, ducking and running, jumping and screaming as they were trying to get away. The next day my team and I went to get another tattoo. We went to the same shop that we normally went to when we were in Benning or Atlanta. I got a memorial for my babies I lost and the six I had now, while the others got something for their baby(ies). Most of us had quite a few tattoos so the trick was figuring out where to put them at and how big to make them because we knew we were always going to get more.

Plus, I had to have another twenty-nine teardrops added to my crown of thorns that was bleeding tear drops. I had one bloody tear drop for every fifty people I’ve killed as a reminder of the lives I’ve cut short, whether necessary or unnecessary. I hadn’t had the teardrops added in a while. I already had one hundred and sixty teardrops on my arm, small ones that wrap all the way around my arm, and I’m running out of room. I may have to put the same tattoo on the other arm and do the same thing. Logan keeps asking me what this tattoo means but I wouldn’t even tell him when we were playing our twenty questions game before. Madison knew not to bring that one up as well. They all did. We all had that tattoo. Just like we all had the unit insignia tattooed on our ribs that we didn’t talk about.

That night when I got home Logan looked at my chest and my arm and seen my tattoos and smiled a little. He has never complained about my tattoos. Though I think I spoke too soon because as soon as I thought that and walked into the room Logan followed me in and asked me what they meant.

“Rain, I know you don’t want to tell me what the one you guys have on your arm means but I want to know. I won’t judge you. Plus, I want to know what the new one you got means. Please.”

I sighed. “Fine. The one on my chest is for the babies we lost, as a memorial to them. Crows are said to be the birds that carry the spirit of the dead to the afterlife. The hummingbirds that were added were for Eliana, Angelo, Ryan and Taylor as they are small, fast and full of life. The bloody teardrops coming off the crown of thorns are for…there’s one teardrop for every fifty people I’ve killed. There’s one hundred and eighty-nine on there now and soon I can add another one. 9491 people. That’s how many people I’ve killed in my life. Is that what you wanted to know? How much of a monster I am? That’s what all of our tattoos of the thorns mean. When I got mine it started spreading and now it’s a unit thing. That’s the other tattoo you don’t know what it is. It’s my unit insignia.”

Logan didn’t look disgusted or repulsed like I thought he would. Instead he rolled up his pant leg and showed me the tattoo on his leg which was nothing but a bunch of Xs. When I just looked at him he told me what they meant. “See theses Xs. They’re for every ten people I’ve killed. So obviously not as many people as you have, but still the same concept.”

I don’t think I ever realized how alike we really were until that moment. It was then that Logan showed me another tattoo that he must have gotten while I was gone. It looked pretty close to the one I had just gotten on my chest with some minor variations. I smiled at him and crossed the room to kiss him. I loved this man more than I could ever convey to him in any words.

Two days later the President was supposed to be having another public appearance to finish what was interrupted the last time. This time everyone had five targets each with a list of five more contingencies in case they were able to get in any more shots. Today we weren’t waiting for specific timing and we weren’t pretending to be Secret Service. We were set a good two miles out in various places around the city preparing for what was about to go down.

When the speech was about halfway over I took a deep breath and took my first shot. As soon as my first shot rang out the others started shooting. We all shot in quick succession. Within six minutes the fifteen of us had dropped about ninety-seven of them before anyone started really getting away.

Finally, people were really scrambling and most of my team couldn’t get in clean shots without hitting innocents so Madison and I took the final nine shots. We got all nine in before we had to scramble. But, we cut it really tight with staging the scene. We had just got the scape goats in the positions behind the scopes and pulled the triggers executing them before the cops came bursting in screaming for us to get down.

All fifteen of us let them take us into custody and we were taken to FBI Headquarters to be questioned. When I looked over, I watched someone about thirty feet in front of me hit Logan in the knee with his baton. Logan dropped and that pissed me off. I instantly flipped away from the two agents holding onto me and went running up to the two men hitting Logan and jumped on one of the men’s shoulders flipping backwards landing on his chest and swinging around to do a roundhouse kick to the other’s face knocking him out. It stopped the two that were holding me in their tracks as they were running to catch me. The others that were holding the rest of my team, however, took off trying to sprint for me until my team laid them out. They crowded around me, while I crouched around Logan kneeling on the ground. I think they broke his knee. The one agent that I flipped backwards pulled out his gun and pointed it at me when David stepped in front of me half snarling at him. The man pointed at David’s head and I could tell David was about to strike when I touched his arm telling him to stop so he moved.

“What’s wrong, Agent. You scared of a woman? Or maybe you just like beating the shit out of handcuffed people. You want to try that shit on me? One on one. You can even keep me cuffed and keep your beloved baton.”

The man smiled at me and started taking off his jacket while David, Christiaan and Jojo helped Logan to his feet and hoarded him over to the wall while the other agents stood close to my team, but not too close.

Logan blurted out, “I hope you have good health insurance because you’re going to need it when she gets through with you. Especially now that you pissed her off.”

That man was too smug talking about how he wasn’t concerned about pissing off someone as tiny as me. Every one of my team laughed at him making comments about how that worked out for him the first time around. When he asked them if they wanted him to break their knees too they told him good luck. I yawned, loudly, to get his attention. He came towards me and swung the baton at me and as soon as he did I ducked and kicked him in the knee breaking it quickly dropping him as soon as he tried hitting me. Three more of the guys came towards me but they didn’t get very far because as soon as they got close the President walked in and yelled for them to get the hell away from me.

They stopped mid swing looking back to see who yelled at them and when they noticed who it was they paled straight away. Everyone backed off.

“Do you know who they are? She will chop you into pieces; cuffed or un-cuffed; one on one, or outnumbered. So will the rest of her team. They were working for me. They are the best in the world and train MY Secret Service for me. After the first attempt on my life I had them start snooping around quietly looking for the snipers, and obviously they found them. They deserve your gratitude and respect, not your wanna-be abuse. Now, un-cuff them, and let them go. Forget you ever found them because this was strictly off the record as they don’t officially exist. Understand?”

When the agents were un-cuffing us the man that almost broke Logan’s knee was the one that came to cut me loose and as soon as he touched me I got a flood of images from him. The reason he was attacking Logan was because he knew who we were. He was Tressler’s cousin and contact in the FBI. He knew Logan had something to do with, or knew who had something to do with, Tressler’s murder.

As soon as he had me loose I snapped his neck. Everyone looked at me, including the President. All I could say was that he was HIS cousin. My team and the President understood straight away while everyone else looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently, I was going to have to go through the FBI sooner than expected.

I walked over to the President whispering in his ear about how we needed to start going through the FBI, DEA, DOJ, NSA, ATF, US Attorneys and CIA. He shook his head and said the same thing applied about not killing anymore of them in the building, so I said ok and the agents were told to finish giving us back our things. When I had my stuff I took out my phone and called in Kellan to bring the rest of the team and cattle trucks. I said it low enough that it wasn’t overheard by anyone but the President and my team but the agents knew something was going on. The President had me call in the military to lock down the building and we went to talk to the director of the FBI who seemed stunned that the President was in the building when he wasn’t supposed to be there.

I shook his hand going through his head to make sure that he wasn’t one of the bad ones. Then, when I shook my head yes to the President he started filling him in on what was going on. The director hated corrupt people as much as I did and practically snarled at what we were telling him. He told us not to worry because he would take care of it. That was when the President left and the director of the FBI started calling people in two by two starting with the highest ranking and going down from there. Surprisingly, there weren’t many that were dirty. Only thirty throughout the entire building. I think the director looked even more pissed about the dirty agents than we did. Before we left that day he asked me what I did when I shook his hand to make everything in his life go rushing through his head so quickly, so I told him. He seemed impressed and told me, told all of us, that if we ever decided to retire from the military and wanted a job with the government we could have a job with the FBI at any posting we wanted, anywhere in the world, whenever we chose to. We thanked him and said we’d keep that in mind, but in all honesty, I don’t think any of us would change positions.

We went home for the night and the next morning went to interrogate the thirty prisoners. They didn’t give us much. Over the next two months we went from one branch of the FBI to the next with the director gathering up all the corrupt agents which only tallied just over two hundred throughout all the offices in the world.

Next, we moved on to the CIA. We followed the same protocol and it took about the same amount of time with about the same number of dirty people.

We then made our way to ATF and again had the same number of people with the same amount of time.

Then, on to the DEA. Those didn’t have many corrupt agents at all and it only took us about a month.

From there we moved on to the DOJ taking about a week less than the DEA and about half the people.

The NSA only had a few people that were corrupt so that didn’t take much time at all.

Finally, we went through the U.S. Attorneys and it only took us two weeks to get through all of them with only fifteen corrupt attorneys.

When we were finished going through them all we headed home for a much needed night of rest and a few more days of no work before we started more interrogations.

. . . . . . . . . . . . A week had passed before I started the interrogations with David right beside me doing his own. We got lucky that time and there were no people missed other than the civilians that we hadn’t gotten to yet so we got some more names of civilians that we were going to have to deal with.

It took us a month to get through all the interrogations but we were finally done with everyone aside from the civilians and they should be the easiest of all of the other groups we had gone through so far.

The babies were all almost a year old now. They were almost forty-nine weeks. I couldn’t believe how much time had passed. They were growing up so fast. It was easy to see that Rory picked the names for a reason. She even had nicknames picked out. One morning I walked in the living room as she was talking to them while they were sitting on their little rocking horse. She called Ryan “Opie” and Taylor “Bam-Bam”. I asked her why she calls them that and she told me.

Rory said, “On that show you like watching, the guy that looks like uncle Davey that dies and makes you cry, you said his name is Ryan but they called him Opie and he died protecting his brother like uncle Davey does you. Taylor sounds like Tyler to me like baby brother’s name was and I call him Bam-Bam because when he kicks he acts like Bam-Bam from Flintstones. He’s strong, like Opie and Jesse and Daddy.”

All I could do was smile at her. That was too cute.

“So what do you call the other babies then?”

Rory said, “The only other one I have a name for is Emma. I call her Pebbles since I think Taylor likes her. They always play together, and on the Flintstones Bam-Bam liked Pebbles.”

Christiaan and Katie burst into fits of laughter as did Logan and the rest of us. I thought it was hilarious. You can’t argue with a child’s reason. Later that day we all sat down to start planning the babies first birthday party. That night after making plans for the kid’s birthday party we ate dinner, bathed the kids and put them to bed before sitting down to make plans on who was getting what civilians and how they were going to be taken out. We didn’t want too many of them to be taken out the same ways within certain distances of each other so no cases were connected too easily.

. . . . . . . . . . . . A month later, after celebrating the kids first birthday, we all had our targets and we split into groups to start filtering through the last group of people that had to be dealt with. Basically, the people we were after were mainly up and down the east and west coast and all over the south part of the country with a few random people thrown in elsewhere in key positions. I split everyone in teams of ten and sent them to their starting destinations, with their folders of targets, with their directions, and where our rendezvous points were, as well as our check in times.

My team started in Maine and worked our way down while one team started in Washington, another started in Texas, one started in Florida, one started in Alaska before moving on to Hawaii while also moving from place to place throughout the center of the states. California, Hawaii, New York, D.C., Florida, and Texas were going to take the longest so my team will be getting New York and D.C., while my second top ten squad will get Cali and Hawaii, and my third top will be getting Florida and Texas.

Car crash, drive by, poisoning, accidental drowning, car bombing, house fire, mugging, smothered, allergic reactions, a fall, mercury poisoning, trampled in a stampede, broken rib puncturing the heart, scorpion sting, spider bite, snake bite, electrocuted, hit and run, coyotes, fireworks discharge, bee sting, plane crash, bicycle accident, smoke inhalation, falling down stairs, overdoses, strokes and heart attacks. I had many different things set up for the different people we had to deal with, and those were just a few. Out of the 397 people we had left on this list we wouldn’t be duplicating these many times.

. . . . . . . . . . . . It took us two months to get through everything and everyone, but we finally finished and were heading home. None of us could wait. Everything went according to plan, yet, even with that, something still felt…off, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I wasn’t completely sure what it was but I had this overwhelming feeling that I just needed to get home. When I told everyone that at the rendezvous point in Louisiana everyone looked at me and started scrambling for the cars. They knew that my feelings were never wrong.

Jojo drove because something told me I didn’t need to be behind the wheel, not to mention my road rage gets that much worse when I know something is off. We were about an hour from home when my mother showed me what was about to happen. I opened up the notebook on my lap and started writing.

At 7:52 p.m. get in the beamer beside you. The keys are in the center. Take your vest off and keep it on your lap. Drive straight at 65 mph for 6 blocks then speed up to 72 mph. Skid left without stopping. Speed up to 70 mph for two blocks, then slow down to 41 mph. Turn left again. Speed up to 91 mph for 7 blocks then slow down to 12 mph and unlock the doors. When I say ‘now’ you’re going to slam on the brakes. As soon as Logan jumps in the backseat you’re going to punch the gas, hard and fast. As soon as you get up to 67 mph you’re going to turn on the cruise control and throw your vest up in front of your left shoulder. The bullet will go through, but it won’t go through your shoulder completely. Make sure your center is up before Logan jumps in and as soon as you get hit roll to the passenger seat so Logan can get in the driver seat.

I tore out the paper and gave it to Madison and told her to call Eddie and tell him she was going to start giving him directions when I gave her the mark for each thing, which was when I held my hand up. She put her ear piece in and got ready. I called Logan after getting my ear piece in and was still out of focus as I watched everything unfolding as if I was right there with him watching it and could see what was going to happen seconds before it did.

“Logan, where the hell are you at?”

“Rain, what’s wrong? A friend of mine called and said he needed to talk to me. Why? I’m in trouble aren’t I? What should I do?”

“Wait for my mark. Eddie is about to take off to do what I’m having Madison tell him to do. Don’t panic and keep walking down the road like nothing’s wrong. Put your ear piece in now. You will need it! Put your phone in your pocket. Duck now! Roll left! Jump! Wait, you’re going to run to the building on your left as soon as I say, as fast as you can. Wait, wait, now! Run, Logan, run, damn it! Faster! Head down! Stop! Duck! Run! Slide! Run! Jump over those garbage cans! Keep running! Keep your head down when you run through that alley! Slide past that opening! Get in the driver’s side of the back seat of the back seat of the black beamer coming up behind you, that’s Eddie. When he gets up to speed he’ll set the cruise control, throw his vest up, get shot in the shoulder, roll to the passenger side and you have to jump in the driver’s seat and speed up to 84 mph and don’t stop for anything until you get to where I say. The only reason he drew you out is because he doesn’t know where we live. I’ll be there in less than an hour. He won’t be able to follow you. Ditch the car in four blocks and pick up my Bentley from the company lot. It can’t be found. The lo-jack is disabled for anyone other than my team. I’ll see you soon. Do NOT leave the house until I get there.”

With the end of the conversation my vision returned and everyone was looking at me questioningly. I told them what happened and they looked horrified. I told them not to worry because everyone else was still at home and Logan was going to make sure they stayed there until we got there to make sure they stayed safe.

Jojo sped up so we could all get home to our families as quickly as possible. I called Nora to brief her and the President on what happened with the civilians as well as what just happened so they knew what was going on and I got even more disturbing news. Apparently, the President had gotten a very violent threat as well. Well, technically, my brother Teddy did since they thought he was the President’s nephew. That worried me because I didn’t want my brother harmed but it made me confident in knowing that my sibling’s covers were intact.

We needed to find out who this person, or people, are and quickly so they could be stopped. So apparently, our work wasn’t finished just yet. We had to get home and get the families underground as fast as possible.

Thirty minutes later, we pulled into the garage and when we got in the house Becky had just finished patching Eddie’s arm. I ran to Logan kissing him and checking him over for injuries, then went looking for my babies. The bodyguards already had them below ground which made me appreciative. All the families were already below.

I went down below to see the kids and the rest of the family as did the others and we stayed there for the night. When everyone was sleeping we talked to Logan to find out who this man was that asked him to meet him so he could try to kill him in an attempt to draw us out, or just to hurt me. He told me everything he knew about the man, which he had been friends with for over ten years, which meant that he had either been in hiding for that long, waiting for the right time to strike if necessary, or he was blackmailed into doing that by someone else.

I had to find out the truth. I had to go through Logan’s thoughts so I could get all the information I could about this man. I hated that fact. I told Logan that and he never flinched. He just held out his hands for me waiting. I looked over at David. He shook his head. Logan shook his head no as well. I couldn’t go through my husband’s head. There was just some things you couldn’t do when you were married and invading their privacy was one of them. Therefore, I told him so. He sighed and put his hands out for David who took them attentively. With David he could sift through the memories and categorize the things I needed to see and show me just those things as I could with him. That was what I wanted now.

David took his hands and started going through everything in Logan’s head. It took him about thirty minutes and by the end of everything David’s legs were shaking and he was crying. I was stunned because I had never seen my brother like that in my life. Ever. It took him a while to recover and categorize everything before he could show me what I needed to know, but after a couple of hours he was able to share what I needed to see.

The problem was, he showed me more than just what I wanted to know. He also showed me Logan’s love for me and his trust and dedication in me. I didn’t want to know all of that because I knew what I knew and what my mother showed me and that was all I needed to know. The rest I took on faith. It made me cry too because Logan trusted me with every fiber of his being. I had never known anyone like that. He loved me more than his own life and was willing to do anything to make sure I survived, even if that meant dying trying to protect me. I had never known that kind of love. Logan was so dedicated to me that he’s had so many women throw themselves at him when I wasn’t around and he refused to touch them telling them all he had already found his perfect woman and wouldn’t do anything to screw that up and they needed to go away because they meant nothing to him; and the thing was, he meant every word. I didn’t even know how to process that. I hated my brother for showing me that but I knew why he did and I knew why he was crying now. He knew I had never known those things from a man or never knew someone could love like that and I was already loved that way long before I had ever met Logan. I also loved my brother for knowing I needed to know that kind of love whether I wanted to or not.

On to the man, my gut is telling me that he is being blackmailed and missed those shots purposefully when he could have easily made them, which tells me that he doesn’t actually want to harm Logan but make it look like he does so he can get something out of it. I need to find out what it is that someone has over him and get it, or stop it, so this can end. Suddenly, I watched my brother go into his trance mode when my mother shows him something, as I do when she shows me something.

Then, David looked at me and told me it was time for us to go. Everyone started moving but David said no, that this time it was just he and I that needed to go. Everyone looked to me and I shook my head yes and David and I set off for somewhere I wasn’t sure where we were going. We ended up in some ghetto looking division of Atlanta, almost like where I used to live before I got with Logan, and we got out and went into some house and stood in the shadows of the dark and waited. We didn’t have to wait long because about five minutes later the man walked in on the phone. He never turned on the light, he was just pleading with someone.

He said, “Please. I shot at him. I don’t know how he was able to know where I was shooting, and when, so he could dodge the bullets. That isn’t my problem. You told me to shoot at him so that way you can draw Rain out. I fulfilled my part, now give me back my daughter. Please!”

There was silence, and then I heard the phone hang up. The man started to weep until he felt us there. He blurted out, “Whoever you are, you may as well come out and kill me like you’re here to do. Go ahead and put me out of my misery. You’ll be doing me a favor.”

When David and I stepped out of the shadows he paled quickly. He wasn’t expecting us. I told him to hold still and I grabbed his head to go through his memories but I wasn’t ready for what I got. There were such strong violent memories. His daughter was kidnapped and he was being blackmailed into trying to kill Logan to draw me out, yet here I am. When I was finished I stumbled back a little and David caught me looking concerned but I straightened up right away.

“Who has your daughter, Mr. Engle?”

“All I know is his nickname. It’s Lion.”

Suddenly everything came whooshing back full circle. Lion. That’s Jason. I helped him get his son back and he’s the one trying to draw me out so he can kill me. I don’t understand why. I needed to finish this but can I kill Jason? Oh my God. This is ridiculous. We needed to get out of there. I needed to plan and strategize.


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