Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 22


I sat in the car riding in silence as we went home thinking about everything I had just learned. David told the man not to tell Lion that we were there or that we knew anything about what was done because we would find him and that I would get his daughter back. The man seemed all too eager and agreed but I was still worried that he may slip up which meant that we needed to move fast and get this done quickly.

When we pulled up to the house there was a car I didn’t recognize which worried me but I got a settling feeling which told me it was something I didn’t need to worry about. There weren’t many people that knew where we lived aside from my team and I knew most of their cars which meant this was either Dina or Brian. I was betting on Brian since I noticed car seats in the back seat.

I knew Brian wouldn’t be here, and he damn sure wouldn’t bring Rebekah and the kids here, unless there was something seriously wrong, so I ended up in almost a dead sprint for the door after David and I looked at each other. He was hot on my heels. When we got inside I saw Brian and went running straight into his arms while Rebekah went and gave David a hug, then we switched.

I said, “What’s going on, Bri? Why are you here? What happened?”

He answered me and it pissed me off. “This morning someone blew up our house. Rebekah and the kids were supposed to be there, and would have if she wouldn’t have gotten a flat. There was a message on my voicemail telling me to tell you he was coming for you. It was J. I don’t trust my family anywhere else, Rain. You have to keep them safe. What the hell is going on? Why is J trying to kill you? Why is he trying to kill my family?”

Logan blurted out, “Who the hell is J?”

I bit my tongue before turning to Logan. I didn’t notice I was scrunching my eyes and face a little. When I answered Logan was beyond angry and flew off the hinges worse than I had ever seen him. “J is Jason. My ex.”

“What the fuck are you saying? We helped that little prick and he turned around and is now trying to kill us. Why?”

“Because Tressler took him under his wing as soon as he enlisted and pretty well brainwashed him. He’s not the same J he was when I was with him. He’s angry that I killed Tressler and he’s trying to get his revenge. I took someone from him so he’s trying to take someone from me to hurt me. When his attack on you failed he went after Brian’s family because he knew that hurting Brian would crush me.”

Right then, the doorbell sounded and though Gary looked oddly suspicious. He held his berretta against the door and swung it open. We were all stunned to see Dina coming in looking beat up and bloody as well as having some scorch marks on her. She practically collapsed into David’s arms.

“Oh my God, Dina. What the hell happened to you?”

“Rain, some men grabbed me when I was at the airport after leaving here the last time, after the twins birthday party. They tortured me for months trying to get me to give up the location to this house; but I wouldn’t, and they were going to kill me but I played dead when the guard came in. When he went to shoot me I was able to surprise him and get the gun away. I’ve been on the run for almost a week going in every direction, stealing cars and dumping them elsewhere to cover my tracks, just so they couldn’t follow me or track me. I practically bathed in ammonia to try to throw off any dogs they might use. I hiked here for a while, then doubled back by hitching for a while and finally stealing a car from your building there in town which I was assuming was one of yours that couldn’t be tracked. It’s the black Audi out there.” Dina said.

“Oh my God, Dina. I’m so sorry. You and Brian both. This is all my fault. I don’t know why I didn’t see any of this coming. When was the last time you guys ate anything? Hazel will get you something. Come on, Dina, I’ll help you shower and get you in some clean clothes before you eat. David, as soon as they’re done eating you get them down below and don’t let them up until I say. I’ll be down when I get done. We’ll find a way to make this right. I promise you guys that. And get rid of that damn rental car and wipe the GPS.”

Brian said, “I disabled it before we left the lot. Not just the GPS but the satellite uplink as well. It can’t be tracked. I’m not an idiot. You taught me a few things.”

I smiled at him but I still didn’t want that car anywhere near here and David understood.

He started taking them to the kitchen where Hazel was already cooking something and I helped Dina to my bathroom. We started getting her into the tub when she looked at me and started saying something.

“Rain, I didn’t want to say anything out there in front of everyone. They poisoned me. Mercury poisoning. I’m dying. They were just going to speed up the process since they couldn’t get what they wanted from me. They beat me, they raped me, they cut me, and stabbed me. There wasn’t much they didn’t do to me. Use your imagination. I wanted you to know so you know how much I love you guys and how willing I am to protect you guys and all of my babies. They’re all my babies. You didn’t have to let me be a part of Eliana and Angelo’s life but you did; not just that, you let me be a part of all of the kid’s lives and I would never do anything to put them in harm’s way. But you should know. That man isn’t working alone. He’s putting together a team to come for you. So unless you want to go through everything you just did over the past couple years you need to kill him quickly.”

After I got her in the tub I went down below and got Becky and brought her upstairs and into my bathroom while I was filling her in on what was going on. Dina had just finished washing her hair and looked absolutely exhausted when we walked in.

Becky took one look at her and said, “She’s going to need polythiol and neostigmine, and a lot of it as soon as possible, and even then it’ll be a stretch. Let me call a friend of mine and see what I can do.”

Becky left and Kristi had been coming up to tell me something and overheard the comments Becky made and told her to stop and that she could get those things from the hospital. I walked in my room so the three of us could talk.

“Kristi, how are you going to get it from the hospital when you’re on leave. Don’t you think they’ll notice you there and taking things?”

“Rain, you have no faith in me. Jojo and I will go and we’ll take Caleb, and the bodyguards of course, and we’ll say that we’re there to show everyone how big Caleb’s getting and for me to see my friends. Christiaan and Becky will go with us and while we’re distracting everyone Christiaan can disable the cameras and alarms that go to the med room and Becky will be there to tell him what they need to take, whatever we’re going to need here. Everything we’ll need here, so we don’t have to go through this again. Then, when they’re out of camera range Christiaan can turn everything back on and they can come up behind us like they’ve been there the entire time. They just have to make sure they don’t get the bottles that have the sensors that will set off the alarms at the doors, but I can tell them what to look for with those.”

It was a risky plan but when I looked through the door and into the bathroom at Dina and seen what condition she was in and what she went through to keep us safe I knew that it was something that had to be done. She damn near died trying to keep us safe so it was only right that we do everything we can to save her life.

Dina was done and trying to get out of the tub but her arms were shaking too badly so I told her to wait a second and I would help her, and that I was getting her some clothes. When I finished digging out some sweat pants and a tee shirt that looked like it would fit her I grabbed some socks and went to get her out of the tub. The problem was, even though she was tiny I couldn’t get her out of the deep tub we had by myself. It was embarrassing for her but I had to get help. I asked her if there was any of the guys in particular that would make her less uncomfortable and she said she was okay with Logan or Christiaan or Jojo or David but that she didn’t really know the others.

David had already left taking Kellan and Nick with him, and Christiaan and Jojo were getting ready to go as well. So I called Logan in. He reached down and put one arm under her knees and the other behind her back lifting her out of the tub as easily as he lifted me up. He made sure to keep his head turned to give her some semblance of privacy. He sat her down on the chair to the make-up table and walked out of the bathroom so I could get her dressed. I dried her off after wrapping a towel around her hair and started getting her dressed. When I was finished getting her dressed I dried her hair and brushed it before braiding it to keep it out of her way and then Logan came back in to carry her out to get some food.

When Dina was finished eating, what little she was able to get down, Logan carried her below, which really surprised the hell out of her, and he put her in one of the extra rooms. When the kids saw Dina they got so excited until they saw Logan carrying her and they immediately noticed there was something wrong with her. It was Jesse that horded them all back so Logan could get through and lay her down. As soon as he had her down she was joined by a bunch of the kids crawling on the bed with her. They all got close to her but none crawled on her as they knew she was sick.

It was cute seeing how much they loved her but it infuriated me thinking about how someone was going to hurt these babies by taking someone else they loved from them. Hell NO! That medicine better work on her. When I got a hold of Jason I was going to tear him limb from limb just like I did Tressler. Suddenly, I couldn’t breathe. I took off in a dead sprint through the tunnel and up the stairs and I could tell that Logan was following me but I didn’t care at this point. I burst through the door into the main house and went running through the house almost knocking into Hazel who was about to go downstairs, but I kept going. I had tears flowing down my cheeks this time. I kept running. I ran out the back door and started sprinting for the forest behind the house. I ran past all the other houses on the property and heard two sets of footprints chasing me but I still didn’t care; I kept going. When I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore I finally fell to my hands and knees and started screaming as loudly as I could.

I should have known one of the people following me would be Brian as he is the only person to ever see me like this and knew what I looked like when it was coming. He stopped Logan from getting too close and just let me scream until I couldn’t scream anymore. I was hoarse finally and sobbing hysterically before finally collapsing on the ground. I could hear Brian whispering something to Logan but I didn’t care to try to listen to what he was saying.

Logan came over to me and picked me up sitting me on his lap as he sat down where I had been laying. He just sat there holding me for a while letting me cry while Brian leaned against a tree.

Finally, Logan tipped my head back and said to me, “You are the strongest person I know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be weak sometimes. That’s what I’m here for. Be weak with me. I’m here to be the one you come to when you need to be weak. When you need to be weak, I’ll be strong. When you need to cry, I’ll be your shoulder. And if you make a mistake occasionally like the rest of us, then you get up and dust yourself off before you reload your clip and knives and go kill the asshole that did this to you, to us, to our family. Stanley Baldwin said, ‘I would rather trust a woman’s instinct, than a man’s reason.’ Rain, I would trust your instinct any day of the week. You made one mistake by trusting that creep. You didn’t know he was dirty. You don’t like snooping around in people’s heads. That’s commendable, not something for you to beat yourself up over. And no worries, the kids aren’t going to lose another person they love. Dina will get the meds starting tonight and she will be okay. And if the guys can’t get them from the hospital I’ll buy them from someone; legally or illegally. Stop beating yourself up. No one will hurt our family. Now, what are you going to do about Jason?”

Brian must have told him what to say to bring me through this panic attack I was having. I don’t have them very often, but when I do they’re bad. I stood up and straightened up as tall as I could.

“I’m going to kill him!”

“That’s my girl.”

He got up and we started walking towards the house. About fifteen minutes later we were walking in the back door. Hazel, apparently, never went downstairs after I almost ran her over. I apologized to her but she just shook her head and hugged me asking me if I was ok. All I could do was shake my head yes. I went into the bathroom to wash my face off and change my clothes but after a few moments just opted for showering quickly.

I felt much better when I came out and my head was much clearer than when I went in. I sat there sipping coffee and eating some cherry pie that Hazel made me when Kristi and the others returned. She and Becky took off straight below to start treating Dina. The guys came in to tell me that everything went according to plan and that they didn’t get caught with anything. About an hour later David, Nick and Kellan came in and told me they had gotten rid of the car and hiked back over the past two hours, which meant they pretty well ran back the entire way. They were also carrying some stuff that was left in the car that Brian missed when they were scrambling to get everything out before David took off with the car.

We were in the underground house that night when we got everyone taken care of and got the kids fed, bathed, and in bed before we went back upstairs. Not all the new people knew about the underground part of the house and we wanted to keep it that way for a while longer, until the rest of this was finished at the very least. We were going to show them soon but now with more things to take care of, we have to finish that first.

That night we sat down to figure out what we had to do to find Jason and where he could be hiding since we knew he wouldn’t be at his home. I wasn’t sure what I should do or even if there was a way I could get my mom to show me something when I wanted her to but I figured I would ask.

I got up and started walking towards my library. When I got there I started pacing. “Mom, I don’t know if you can show me something when I ask or if you just show me the things you think I need to see but if you can show me something that I ask to see then please show me where I can find Jason and who all is working with him so we can end this quickly before anyone else gets hurt.”

With that I got hit with a vision so quickly that it threw me across the room almost. I flew and hit the desk slamming into it with force, but that I didn’t feel, yet. Instead, I felt the surge of heat through my body as I got slammed with an onset of animosity and violence that Jason was feeling for me. I didn’t get it. I couldn’t understand how someone could do such a drastic 180 when they supposedly loved someone so much and wanted to be with them and regretted not being able to spend their life with them. Now, all of a sudden he’s trying to kill me because I killed a man that was no better than a baby killer.

Then, my mother showed me what I wanted to know. She showed me where to find Jason. He wasn’t hiding. He wasn’t rigging any bombs anywhere in his home. He didn’t have anyone waiting trying to snipe us off. He was just sitting in his chair, drinking and waiting for me to come to him. He must have sensed that I was there subconsciously somehow because he spoke to me.

“I have no surprises waiting for you, Rain. Come get me if you want me that bad. You know where I am and how this is going to go down. I assume mommy is projecting you here because I can sense you here with me the way I always could when we were together. That hasn’t changed, even now. Follow me.”

He got up and walked to his kitchen where there were a bunch of bodies with bullets in their heads and all stacked up on top of each other.

“I think I’ve made your job pretty easy. All you have to do is kill me now. Do you think you can kill me, though. You never could hurt me. Has that changed. I don’t think it has, but we’ll see. Come alone. We’ll find out. I sent my son to his grandparents and have it set up that if anything happens to him he’ll stay with them. I’ll give you an hour before I start rigging the house and I’ll send this little message to your brother. I know he won’t be able to stay away. I’ll see you soon.”

With that my vision returned and I was a crumpled heap on the floor and my hip was killing me as well as my knee. I must have really slammed into the desk hard. That’s never happened before. I didn’t know why that happened either or how to explain it; but I had locked the door to the library and could hear Logan and the others banging on the door to get in but all I could do was gimp over to the door and unlock it while Madison was almost finished picking the lock. When they saw me limping they looked at me horrified. They’d never seen me hurt like that before and didn’t know what caused it.

David wouldn’t look at me and I wasn’t quite sure why, but I didn’t have time to ask him. I went straight for the bedroom to get changed as fast as I could, which wasn’t that fast. I asked Becky for some pain meds, which I never did and she knew it, but she gave me some Percocet anyway and I took them as I was getting dressed and started putting on my weapons when Logan couldn’t take my lack of answers anymore and grabbed my shoulders jerking me around to face him.

“Damn it, woman, tell me what the hell happened in there and where exactly you think you’re going.”

“Logan, first of all, don’t grab me like that please. Second of all, I don’t ‘think’ I’m going anywhere; I know I am. Third, I’ll give you the answers you’re looking for when I return and lastly you don’t need to know what happened in there when what happens between my mother and I is something that is between she and I. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but that’s just the way it has to be. You’re going to have to understand that.”

“I can understand the thing about you and your mother, and the thing about not grabbing you; I’m sorry about that part, but you’re scaring me. But the rest of it, I can’t get past that. Why don’t you trust me?”

“Logan, it’s not about trust. It’s about safety right now. I said I’d tell you when I returned now please give me a few minutes to finish getting ready.”

He left without another word. I knew that if I went out through the front my team would insist on going, so I did the only thing I could do. I went out the window. I hated sneaking out but he was insistent that I come alone and if that’s the only way to protect my brother and the rest of my team then that’s what I’ll do.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Thirty minutes later I was pulling up down the street from Jason’s house. I looked around to make sure that there wasn’t any traps set like he said there wasn’t. I went from roof top to roof top just like I did before making sure I was silent so I didn’t alert anyone to my presence. When I thought it was safe to go I jumped down from the rooftop and slipped through one of the open windows and stood in the shadows for a while watching Jason sitting in his chair sipping his whiskey and watching the front door until he felt me there.

“Hello, Rain. How long have you been standing there watching me?”

As I walked out of the shadows and around to face him I answered looking through the house through my peripherals. I also had pretty good night vision so the dark wasn’t an issue. Another reason I got my nickname. “Does it matter?”

“No. I guess not.”

“What do you want, J? Why do this? How can you say that you loved me so much and then try to kill me and those I love just to hurt me?”

He laughed hard. “If I wanted you or that asshole you’re with dead I could have picked a better sniper than some dick he was friends with that I knew would miss. I just needed to draw you out. Don’t worry I returned his daughter. She’s not laying in the pile of bodies over there.”

“Why did you need to draw me out?”

“Oh, you mean mommy didn’t show you that? I miss you, Rain. But that isn’t as important as the fact that you killed my father. That’s what pisses me off.”

“You don’t even know who your father is. And as far as missing me goes, you have a funny way of showing it.”

Right then I felt David and Logan come in the same way I did, just as silently as I did, but Jason never sensed them there. They stayed in the shadows. When Jason looked down at his glass and leaned forward to refill it I looked to the shadows and widened my eyes as if saying “what the hell are you doing here,” and I looked back at J just in time for him not to notice that I looked away from him.

“No, Rain. I’ve known who my father was since I was twelve years old. I got back in touch with him when I was a teenager. We were close. He was the one who introduced me to Tressler. Tressler took me under his wing and showed me the ropes of everything. He even taught me everything I know about fighting. So much so that I could beat you.”

“Wow! First off, I didn’t kill Phoenix, jackass. You got your information wrong. Secondly, Tressler couldn’t even beat me so it doesn’t matter that he taught you everything he knew because if he couldn’t beat me then you can’t, and especially not in your drunken state.”

“If you didn’t kill my father then who did?”

That told me what I wanted to know. Phoenix was Jason’s father. “Gary killed him because he killed Allison, Gary’s daughter.”

With that he got up and started stumbling towards me. I took out my Beretta and held it at my side. He smiled at me. “You won’t shoot me, Rain, so why even pull that thing out. If you didn’t kill my father then I have no need to kill you or anyone else you love; other than Gary.”

Jason was only a couple inches in front of me now and breathing hard. I knew what he was going to do. This was the way he acted before he kissed me every time. He leaned down and when his lips were almost on mine I kneed him in the groin as hard as I could making him drop quicker than I had ever seen a man drop before. He screamed out in pain cussing me out and rolling from side to side.

About ten minutes later he started crawling over to his chair and pulled his gun out from under the cushion and stood up pointing it at me. I never flinched or moved to point mine at him which made him suspicious. He narrowed his eyes glaring at me.

“What? Why aren’t you drawing on me, Rain? I knew you couldn’t shoot me. You’re even more worthless than I thought. Pathetic! I can’t believe I ever loved you!”

“I don’t have to shoot you, J. He will.”

Jason’s eyes widened and he started looking around for someone not sure where to look. He kept searching but wasn’t able to find anyone. He tried turning on the lights but David had cut the power to the house from the outside already making sure that he couldn’t. Jason started shooting randomly into the dark in the direction that I came from but David already had them down and hidden behind something so they wouldn’t be seen or hit. When Jason stopped shooting they came out of the shadows and Jason got pissed.

“Rain, I told you to come alone.”

This time it was David that spoke. “She did come alone. You see, our mother showed me the same thing that she showed Rain, at the same time, with the exception of what Rain was going to do and what was going to happen here once she got here. We followed later and didn’t get here until after you and she started talking.”

“So tell me, Rain, which ‘he’ were you talking about would shoot me?”

“That would be my husband.”

With that Jason pointed his gun at Logan and pulled the trigger but all he got was a clicking sound.

Logan said, “You really need to learn to count your shots stupid. If you ever come near my wife again I’ll…you know what, never mind. Just fucking die!”

And Logan shot him in the head. Quick and clean. One shot, one kill, and it was over. Or so I thought. My mother showed me that there was a recorder under the cushion as well as in the jar on the counter taping the entire conversation. She also showed me that we needed to torch this place now and make it look like an accident.


“I got it. I’ll start on the electrical in the other rooms. You start in here. Tell Logan where the recorders are. Have him wipe down the gun and stage the scene while we’re working.”

I told Logan what to do and he got started right away, as did David and I. Twenty minutes later we were jumping onto Jason’s SUV, then onto the roof beside it making our way back down to our vehicles. Once there we jumped in and left in a hurry.

Logan jumped in with me and I knew this was going to be an awkward conversation back. “Do you have any idea how terrified I was when I realized what you did? Everyone was going out of their minds. You have no idea what it took for David to convince them to let us go alone. Why did you take off by yourself?”

“Because he told me to.”

“What do you mean he told you to?”

“You know how when my mother shows me something she projects me there in a way?” He shook his head yes. “Well, Jason had always been able to sense when I was near, the same way that you do, just more intensely. He felt me there and started talking to me. He gave me directions on what to do. If I would have brought anyone with me he would have set charges and blown them when they got in there. He wanted to talk to me alone, probably to set me up with the recordings. My mother didn’t show me those which meant he planted them after she projected me there, most likely when he knew I was close. That was most likely why my mother showed me we needed to set fire to the house and make it go up quickly, which was why we set every outlet to go up, pretty much at the same time.”

“How’d you learn how to do that?”


“Where’d he learn how to do that?”

“I never asked.”

“Rain, please, don’t ever do that to me again. Think of our babies. All of them. You have too much to lose. You have a great team. Trust them and use them. Use me if you need to. You see that I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. By the way, did you let him kiss you?”

“EWW! Hell no. I let him get close so he thought he was going to get to but I wouldn’t do that to you. I had no interest in him, whether he was dirty or not. You’re the only man I want, Logan. You should know that.”

He smiled at me and told me he loved me. When we pulled into the garage I got out and was limping more than when I left, most likely from the jumping from rooftop to rooftop and off it. When Logan noticed that he walked over and picked me up and carried me in. He took me straight to the bedroom and started taking my boots off and helped me get changed back into my sweats. Then, he carried me back out to the couch.

I started watching the rest of Sons Of Anarchy: The Final Season. I was almost at the end and wanted to finish it. Every one of my team came in and Logan went down to get everyone and bring them up from the underground house telling them it was safe to come up because it was finally over. I could tell my team was upset with me for what I did but they didn’t say so. Instead we watched the final few episodes in silence. When I got to the last episode I was not prepared for what happened to Jax and started balling. All the women did. We loved Jax. And the song made everything more intense. The guys looked at us like we were nuts but they never said anything. I couldn’t believe it.

I felt Rory behind me so I turned to see her. “Mommy, he looks like Justin but with more hair on his face and longer hair. Is that why you’re crying?”

I hadn’t thought about that. I looked over at Justin; well, we all did. We looked back at the screen after I rewound the DVR some, then at Justin, then at the TV, then back at Justin. Holy shit. She was right. That just made us cry harder. Logan walked over and asked her what she wanted and she told him she was thirsty so he got her a drink. Afterward, she came back in and laid on the couch on my lap and started to go to sleep when she sat straight up.

“Mommy, you got another baby in your tummy.”

I sat upright quickly. “Oh, shit!”

The babies were just over a year old now so that would mean they’d be about two when the new baby would be born. Rory walked over and put her head against Madison’s stomach.

Madison looked dumbfounded when Rory told her she did too. Rory went to Katie next and again said she did too. Then on to Becky and said the same thing. She repeated that process with Berdina, who again was positive, followed by Jenni, Jamie, Kristi, Angel, Dani, Autumn and finally Rita. Everyone looked at me dumbfounded. We all knew we were going to have to make appointments tomorrow for pregnancy tests but before then we sent the guys out for home pregnancy tests. I told them to get 33 so everyone had three just in case. One for now and one for the morning as well as one for the following morning since the morning is the strongest.

An hour later when they returned they got swarmed and got the bags snatched, looking like they were going to be assaulted, while we all started grabbing a test and running in different directions for the bathrooms. Some of us doubling up on bathrooms since no one wanted to go to the other houses and we didn’t have twelve bathrooms in the house. There was only nine which meant a couple of us had to double up. Becky and Rita ran for the same bathroom and Madison came running with me for mine. Jenni and Jamie ran in the same bathroom together. We pretty much all came out about the same time carrying the pregnancy tests with us.

All of the guys were standing in the living rooms awaiting the results.

“Positive.” I said.

“Positive.” Madison said.

“Positive.” Rita said.

“Positive.” Becky said.

“Positive.” Berdina said.

“Positive.” Katie said.

“Positive.” Jenni said.

“Positive.” Jamie said.

“Positive.” Kristi said.

“Positive.” Angel said.

“Positive.” Dani said.

“Positive.” Autumn said.

The guys just stood there looking at us in silence. Logan finally blurted out, “What is it with women and running on the same cycles?”

That made us all laugh. I told him, “Don’t get too excited just yet, Logan. We all have to get things double checked by the doctors to be sure.”

“Why? Our kids are never wrong about that.”

“Logan, this will make our seventh child. Maybe it’s time for you to get fixed.”

“You say what?”

“You heard me.”

“Why me? It’s less painful for you.”

When all I did was look at him he said, “Okay, okay. I’ll make an appointment with the urologist, but only after the doctor confirms the pregnancy.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . We were all able to get an appointment with Dr. Holbrook for a week after getting the positive home pregnancy test and sure enough, Rory was right. We were all pregnant, and all about two months along. That means we would be having the babies pretty close to the kids second birthday.

Logan kept his word and made an appointment with the urologist and three months later he had a vasectomy. He wasn’t happy. Well, to be honest, he was pretty miserable for the next week.

Dina also recovered. It took her months but she finally got better. We were all happy about that and this time she stayed with us. We decided to have her move in with us permanently as she was family and that way she could be around the kids all the time. She was thrilled with the idea and never hesitated, though she was overwhelmed with gratitude that we were so willing to let her be a part of all of our lives permanently.


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