Deceit Among The Pack

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Madison and Ben got married shortly after my grandmother left that week.

Jojo and Kristi followed behind them the week after Grandmother’s funeral.

Gary and Becky got married a couple days later.

Jenni and Charlie got married a few weeks later followed by Jamie and Jessup the same day.

Christiaan and Katie had a little bigger wedding just because of how young Katie was Christiaan wanted her to have the wedding she wanted, especially since she still had a little family left.

David and Autumn got married here at the house by a friend of ours.

Angel and Cooper got married at the courthouse as well a couple weeks after David and Autumn got married.

Dani and Major were married the same day at the court house right after Angel and Cooper’s ceremony ended.

Andrew and Rita opted for the courthouse as well but a week later.

Berdina and Justin were the last to get married as they made it a little bigger and in a church for all the kids, mainly the older two.

To celebrate the weddings and to take a break from everything we all decided to take a few nights off and we went to see Gabriel Iglesias in Washington D.C. and took the kids to visit all the monuments. We all had a blast.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

It had been six years since my grandmother had told me of what was coming. She died two weeks after blessing the new babies and the reservation asked me to be the new medicine woman as my grandmother said. I agreed on the terms that I don’t live on the reservation since I was doing the thing my grandmother had told me to do before she died. They understood and agreed to that, so now I only go when they need me. Also, like my grandmother said it would happen, I started hearing things from my ancestors more frequently until I stopped hearing them unless it was something they thought I needed to know.

As it turns out, all six of my biological children as well as David’s three all had the same gift. I was right about how perceptive they were in the hospital. That perception and intensity grew faster than any of us expected. Pretty much everyone in my team got fixed after finding out what was coming. We didn’t want any more children to be born to the possibility of losing a parent, or both parents, early on. We also had all the legal stuff taken care of right away. My unit hasn’t had to go on many deployments since having the last of the babies. Only three and those were to get soldiers back from behind enemy lines undetected.

No one said so but it was easy to see that the tension was much higher than it was before everyone had found out everything six years ago, and with every mission the tension gets thicker and thicker. Everyone trains harder every day. We push ourselves farther than we ever have. That makes the things we’re able to teach the kids that much more in depth. That means they’ll be that much better.

Jesse is 13 now and bigger than me already, though he has been since he was eight, and he just finished high school and started college. He’s getting huge and filling out more every day. David and the guys have him lifting two to three times a day on top of his training. They have him in the ring daily. He’s already holding his own with David which is impressive. He’s also just as deadly with a knife; well, throwing them at least. We’re still working on his tactics with a knife in close quarters combat.

Rory is as tiny as I am but she’s also holding her own. She isn’t much farther behind than Jesse and pretty close to holding her own with Berdina. She’s also much better with a knife than Jesse is though, like her momma, and great at close quarters combat, so much so that she has to train with Christiaan with that, but she isn’t quite as good as Jesse with her marksmanship yet. And they’re about equal on the bow. As far as outdoor survival skills and the Cherokee language go, they’re both excelling at those to the point where they don’t need much help with those things anymore. She is getting ready to graduate school as well.

Eliana and Angelo are staying about even with their training. They’re pretty good with a gun, but not a bow and not a knife. They excel in close quarters combat and their intuition is great. They’re about at the level training with Kellan and Jamie at the moment. David and the guys also have Angelo lifting on the same schedule as Jesse and he’s turning into a little beast himself as well, being that he is only two years younger than Jesse. Eliana is just as tiny as Jill was and the spitting image of her. It just amazes me how much she looks like her mother. Her hair even lightened up to where it’s the same color blonde as Jill’s was. They’re both having a harder time with the Cherokee language than the others though, possibly because their native tongue is Italian or possibly because they didn’t speak it from birth, who knows, but they are progressing slowly. Eliana doesn’t like the outdoor survival training but she doesn’t complain about it. Angelo can’t seem to get enough, though. They are also getting ready to graduate with Rory.

All the eight year olds are pretty well progressing at the same rate and love when they get taught something new which makes it easy. They really love all the combat things they get taught and the outdoors things. I had never seen children get so excited as when Ryan and Taylor bagged their first deer and gutted it or when Emma started a fire on her own with sticks. They don’t seem to have any issues with the language either but I think that was because I had been speaking it to them all since birth. All the kids love the bow and most of them are great at throwing knives with surprising accuracy for a bunch of eight year olds. They’re getting ready to start high school curriculum soon.

The six year olds are hot on their heels with everything if not keeping up with them in most things. We hadn’t done a whole lot with most of the smaller kids as far as combat training goes but we’ve started it recently and it’s easy to see that they’ve been paying close attention to us and their older siblings and mimicking what they see because it was obvious they knew something; that they weren’t just beginners. Obviously, they needed to be taught form and technique, but they weren’t like most people that were just starting out and didn’t know anything. They caught on quick and processed much faster than most people did. They were all getting ready to start a junior high curriculum as well. They’re all so smart and moving so fast like grandmother said they would.

All the kids did. It was easy to see what Grandmother was talking about. It was easy to see that they all processed faster than most people did, even at their age. Possibly even faster than I did at that age which means that they’ll be faster than me by the time they hit 18 years old I was betting. They were all getting bigger, stronger and sharper every day making them deadlier than anyone else their age and most adults. The boys were all bulking up nicely and it was easy to see they were all bound to be as huge as their fathers were, while all the girls were just as tiny as their mothers and just as deadly, well getting there. Most of the kids looked older than they were, yet not too old. Close to a late teenager for the older ones and an early teenager for the younger ones; while most of us still looked like we were in our late twenties.

Shortly after the youngest of the kids turned six Brian got hurt when he was in the military when a bomb rolled over his knee crushing it. After that he got med boarded and decided they needed a change, so he moved to Atlanta with Rebekah and the kids. We built them a house on our property almost immediately after knowing they were coming. About six months after they moved there Brian was back on his feet. He held a few different degrees that would be useful in the company, one of which being that he was a computer genius. Rebekah also held a degree in Business administration and Marketing making her great for the company as well. We hired them almost immediately and they were put into high positions while Brian had full access to all the companies. I didn’t think it was possible but with the marketing Rebekah was doing the companies started thriving even more than they were previously making it easier for us to open more of them around the world. Once they got settled completely Brian and Rebekah decided they wanted Dylan and Chloe to be trained the same way as my kids so we got started with them as soon as they got there. They were nine and eleven when they started their training so they were about even with Gary, Allison, Ashley and Colton when they started their training. They progressed quickly as well.

Logan had already started teaching the kids about business, our businesses in particular, while Becky and Kristi had started teaching them all they knew about teaching and medicine and Rita taught them what she knew about Psychology. The kids were going to be very well rounded when finished. As soon as they mastered Cherokee I had already planned to start teaching them the other languages I knew. It was my hopes to teach them every language I knew by the time they were 18, if not sooner. I was also in the process of teaching myself more languages so I could teach the kids those as well. I wanted them to know as much as possible.

I had also begun teaching the kids the Cherokee meditation ways of communicating with their ancestors. Jesse and Rory had already seen their grandmother a couple times as well as their great-grandmother a few times. Eliana and Angelo got to see their mother, father and aunt Shayla again a couple times, which scared the hell out of them the first time as they didn’t remember much about their parents at all, other than what we told them, so seeing them wasn’t something they expected to happen.

Ryan and Taylor are so bull headed that they have trouble sitting quietly because they want to be going, going, going all the time and can’t stop long enough to listen to the ancestors trying to communicate with them. They have no trouble listening to their surroundings. They can put their hands on a wall and know where people are in a room almost as well as I can, but not with sitting still. Logan says they get that from me and everyone else agrees but I’ve always had patience. David says I didn’t learn to have patience until I was older. I think he’s right about that.

I’ve definitely learned to have more patience since becoming a mother. Nothing is more important to me than my babies. Any of them. I have my eight, plus the 23 god children I have. If anything happens to me and Logan our kids will go to David and Autumn, and if not them, then to Madison and Ben, if not them, then Katie and Christiaan, and if not them, then Kristi and Jojo, and if they’re gone, then Justin and Berdina. If they’re not around they’ll go to Gary and Becky. If by some miracle something happens to all of us and at least Jesse is over 18 then he’ll get custody of his siblings, and the others, as well as everything going into his name until each child reaches 18 themselves. While Jesse is in charge of all the kids, the staff will stay on under his charge as well as the businesses, houses, cars, money and everything else going in his name. Everything will be divided as the kids reach adulthood. Logan and I know how we’re raising these kids so we have no doubts that the kids, as well as the staff, will do things exactly as we have ordered.

Now, it’s just a race against time to try to complete their training before the clock starts running out on those of us that aren’t meant to be around to see our kid’s futures. The questions that has been lingering in the back of all of our minds has been “who’s time is going to be up and how long do we all have with the people that mean the most to us before we go?” The people in our lives and around us have become closer family to us than any family we have that is related by blood aside from our spouses and kids. We get up each and every day knowing someone in our family can be taken from us at any moment and it just makes our time together that much sweeter.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Years are going by faster and faster and each day that passes without the threat we know is coming makes us all that much more aware. We know better than to doubt what grandmother told us so we stay on high alert at all times, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take the time to appreciate the good things that happen in our life as well. Watching the kids graduate high school early makes us all so proud, and going off to college makes us all the more proud. While each goes through college or after military training they all seem to start meeting people which means I know that weddings will be coming sooner as opposed to later, even if they don’t admit it yet; to me or themselves. We all know it’s coming. We hope we get to see the happy occasions before we start getting taken out. The largest problem we all have with what we know is coming is knowing that we can’t intervene in the incidents. How can we let our loved ones die when we know it’s coming and not do everything we can to save them? Could you?


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