Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 3


Promptly at 9 A.M. the limousine pulled up in front of the house and was immediately let in the gate. The driver was an old battle buddie of Gary’s so we trusted him. Within minutes everyone was rushing about and grabbing everything that had to be loaded up and taken to the church. Katie, Hazel, Madison, Rory, Berdina and I piled into the car along with our dresses shoes and bags to get things started. We had already eaten breakfast and were on our way to the hair salon. Ugh, I think I’ve gained ten pounds, all in my ass, from Hazel’s amazing cooking. I’ve been eating a lot. I’ll never get too much of southern cooking.

For everyone there it took a while, but two hours later we were leaving the hair salon to go to the nail salon. Everyone’s hair looked amazing and I was so impressed at how great they did on everyone, especially Rory, that I was starting to look forward to the rest of the day. At the nail salon everyone got manicures, pedicures and our nails tipped. Even Rory got hers done which she absolutely loved.

Finally, we stopped at a spa that did make-up and we all got ours done by someone that used to and occasionally still does make-up for celebrities.

We all looked amazing, so much so that I couldn’t believe how great everything was turning out. So far, there haven’t been any problems. It was now 2 P.M. and we were all pouring ourselves into our dresses to meet the men at the church for the wedding in an hour. The photographer had some shots he wanted to do with us all while we were getting ready so that should give him the extra time. I bet he thought it was funny that the women got ready quicker than the men even though he never commented on it.

At about five minutes ’til the nerves finally hit me and everyone could tell. I started shaking a little and wasn’t sure if I could go through with this even though I loved Logan immensely. Madison took me aside and calmed me down reminding me that I love this man and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and the wedding was just an obstacle I had to jump over to get there. It wasn’t the usual pep talk but it was what someone like me needed to hear. She was right. I wasn’t scared about marrying Logan but I think about being the center of attention. I’m better at being invisible.

At that, the song came on for the bridesmaids and flower girl to walk to: You Won’t Ever Be Lonely by Andy Griggs. It was a nice song. It fit us because we know that we’ll have our good times and bad times but we won’t have to go through them alone because we’ll always have each other. Then came the Brides processional and I quickly went over my checklist in my head. Something old: my mother’s necklace. Something new: my wedding dress. Something borrowed: Madison’s earrings. Something blue: my garter. Okay, I’m good, time to start walking. Gary was walking me down the aisle so I didn’t have to walk by myself. I was grateful for that. When the beat hit we started walking to our song: Never Gonna Be Alone, by Nickelback.

The wedding actually went pretty quick and was over within 15 minutes and we were headed back down the church aisle with bulbs flashing in our eyes non-stop and lots of cheers and applause. About 30 minutes later we were able to escape to go get pictures done while everyone else headed toward the reception.

After an hour of baking in the sun getting pictures we were all done and back in the car and went straight to the liquor while we had cream sodas set aside for Rory and Jesse. We drove around celebrating for about another hour while the kids were sticking their head out of the sun roof. We then went to the reception.

I have to admit, the reception was my favorite part of the whole day. Madison, Berdina, Katie and I did an amazing job on it, if I do say so myself. Everything was beautiful! There was a separate kiddie area with paid baby sitters, T.V.’s and games so the kids can have fun and the adults can relax as well. There was an open bar and a buffet. A big dance floor and stage took up most of the area that wasn’t occupied by the tables. It was awesome. And because Logan and I are who we are, our wedding colors were red, white, and blue which most people thought was because of how close to the fourth it was and didn’t make any connections to our backgrounds which worked out perfectly.

By 1 A.M. the kids and wedding party were exhausted so we all went back to the hotel to get ready to leave for our honeymoon tomorrow. The kids didn’t know where we were going yet, just that they were going with us. It was Logan’s idea honestly and it just made me love him that much more. We chose to take a Disney cruise to the Bahamas with the kids. I had never been on a cruise and always wanted to and I didn’t want to leave the kids for very long so Logan found the perfect compromise. Geeze, I love that man.

While docked we went ashore and went shopping. We were able to see so many things and do so many different things; I was so shocked and we all had so much fun. The kids and I got to swim with a dolphin, which was something I had wanted to do for years. I was ecstatic and thought my night couldn’t get any better, but I was wrong. We then went to the zoo. The kids, again, had a blast but it was me that had another dream come true. I wasn’t sure how many strings Logan had to pull to get me permission to do this, but I was so beyond grateful I couldn’t even put it into words. Logan had set up a time for me to go in and play with a panda for a while. Pandas are my favorite animals in the world so my biggest dreams had come true in a matter of days. I wasn’t sure what could make things better in my life anymore.

I had the best husband, the best kids, and the best friends/team anyone could ever dream of.

When the honeymoon ended and we were docked in Florida again to head back home, I was so happy I didn’t think I would ever get this face splitting grin off my face. I think up until this point I had been merely surviving my life day to day, and now I’ve begun living it. After everything that had been so bad in my life it was nice to have something go right.

The next day we had a bar-b-que at our house to welcome back my team and all the family and friends and to fill them in since we’ve been gone. Everyone was laughing and having an amazing time when all of a sudden I got a big whiff of the steaks cooking and it made me violently sick. I yelled for Logan to throw those out immediately in case they were spiked with something, which he did with a confused look on his face.

I had never felt that before but whatever that feeling was it almost made me double over and throw up and I didn’t want to feel it again. Everyone looked at me questioningly but Hazel and Gary quickly went to the store to get some more steaks while Madison and I went inside for me to try to cool off and calm down to figure out what that feeling was.

I went straight to the restroom and threw up the coffee I had in my stomach. Madison stood right there rubbing my neck with a cool wash cloth and after a few seconds I sat down looking at her confused.

She smiled at me before speaking. “Mark Twain once said, ’Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.’ Rain, honey, you’re pregnant.”

I almost fell off the toilet when she said that. I couldn’t be. We’ve been careful, I think, and I had been keeping track of my periods. I ran for my calendar and flipped through it and sure enough these past sixteen weeks I’d been so stressed out and not paying attention that I never noticed my time came and passed. Logan and I haven’t been religious with the condoms because I had my tubes tied after Rory. Uh oh. How do I tell him this? I just looked up at Madison and she smirked at me.

“I’m not going to tell him or anyone else anything, Rain, it’s not my business to tell. Just be careful. You’re working three full time jobs while being a wife and mommy. Don’t overload yourself ok. I’m here if you need me for anything. I’m fine with the added responsibility if it’ll help you out because I’m hoping you will be able to return the favor for me soon.” At that she smiled.

She was referring to her and Ben. That really got me ecstatic. After a couple minutes of us gossiping like teenagers we agreed to keep each other’s secrets and went back to the bar-b-que like nothing had happened. It was nice knowing I wasn’t the only one with a secret now, but I wasn’t sure when I should tell Logan about the baby. He and I hadn’t really discussed having any kids of our own. He just wanted to adopt Jesse and Rory and they looked forward to that. What if having his own changed his mind about that and he no longer wanted to adopt them? Okay, I can’t afford to think like that. This is supposed to be a happy time. Soon, all the trouble of everything else is going to catch up with us and we can worry about all of that then. For now, let’s all be happy.

About 30 minutes later Gary and Hazel returned and Hazel took me aside. Once we got inside Madison followed slowly knowing what was going on and smirking as Hazel handed me a home pregnancy test. She looked apologetically but told me it was intuition. Madison and I smiled at each other, giggled like school girls, and then took off running to my bathroom. Hazel smiled at us and went back to preparing the rest of the food as Gary took the steaks to throw them on the grill.

When we got to the bathroom I peed on the E.P.T. stick and we didn’t even have to wait the three minutes because it turned positive almost instantly. Madison squealed in delight and I just sat there smiling. Oh boy. This is going to lead to an awkward conversation.

I hid the pregnancy test in a drawer and we went back outside to sit and talk to everyone. My secret didn’t stay a secret long though, because about five minutes after we got out there Christiaan asked me if I wanted a drink. I shook my head no not wanting to really say anything so I didn’t make a scene but Jesse had just crawled up on my lap about 10 seconds prior to him asking and he had his hand on my stomach the entire time. When I didn’t say anything to Christiaan Jesse looked up at him and blurts out, “My mommy can’t drink. She has a baby in her tummy.”

At that he got down and went back to playing like it was nothing leaving me, Madison and Hazel staring at him wondering how the hell he knew and everyone else staring at me questioningly. Damn, I hate when Jesse does that. He knew with Rory too, before I told him or anyone else.


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