Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 4


Logan asked almost in a whisper, “Is it true? Are you pregnant?”

“Yes, Logan, I’m pregnant. I just peed on the damn stick so don’t ask me why I didn’t tell you since I didn’t know. Hazel just picked it up for me because she had a feeling. And for the record I didn’t know I could get pregnant still because I had my tubes tied after I had Rory.”

Logan just stared at me for what seemed like hours. Finally, he jumped up almost taking the table with him and coincidentally knocking over Jojo who was leaning on the rail of the back patio when he flung his arms. Luckily, Jojo moves like lightening and did a back flip in the air and landed on his feet on the ground with his beer still in hand. Katie wasn’t so lucky. She was flat on her back in the bushes with her feet straight in the air. Logan didn’t notice as he was pushing past everyone running at me. It took everything in me not to lay him on his back for running at me like I was used to but I withstood the urge. He grabbed me and hugged me talking so fast about how happy he was and how much our family is growing. He couldn’t wait because our kids were going to have another brother or sister and it hit me then; Logan doesn’t think of Jesse and Rory as my kids. They’re our kids. To him they already are his kids and the adoption is just to make it legal. I was over thinking for nothing again.

Unbeknownst to me, Logan had called in another favor and had the court date for the adoption moved up to the day after tomorrow. All we had to do is go in front of the judge and sign the papers and it’ll be official. Because of the adoption and now the pregnancy we decided to have a celebratory party this weekend. I went inside to call my obstetrician before her office closed since I would be on base next week; I thought it would be a good idea to find out how far along I am. I got an appointment for tomorrow morning since there was a last minute cancellation. When I told Logan he was ecstatic and said he was coming with me. I wasn’t too thrilled honestly, but I kept that to myself. I hate the first ultrasounds since they’re the internal ones.

The next morning I wore a skirt so it would be easier to get in and out of at the doctors but it wasn’t necessary as it turns out. I was farther along than either of us guessed. When I told Dr. Holbrook how quickly the test turned positive she decided to try the abdominal ultrasound first in case I was far enough that it could be seen without the internal one since she knew how much I hated those the first two pregnancies. She also told me my tubes had come untied, most likely when I was shot and the surgery was done to fix my wounds. Something must have gotten hit or twisted untying them.

Neither Logan nor I could hide our shock when she did the ultrasound though. I was pregnant; with twins. 20 weeks to be exact. I’ve always been very small when I was pregnant. I carried Jesse a month past my due date and barely looked like I was two months along, and Rory was the same size when I had her two days before my due date. I was in a bikini yesterday and still have a flat stomach where my abs can be seen so it shouldn’t be a surprise I’m already five months along but it sure shocked the hell out of Logan. My next appointment we get to find out what I’m having. That really got Logan excited. Well, that and all the pictures. I wouldn’t let him tell anyone at work yet, though, which put a kink in his happy mood, but I didn’t want the word spreading to the wrong people just in case. That part he did understand.

Finally, something clicked with him. “Wait a minute here. Rain, that means that I got you pregnant before you got shot. Why didn’t they notice it then? Oh my God. What would have happened if you would have gotten shot in the stomach where the babies were or you didn’t come out of the coma? Rain, you’re still enlisted and in dangerous fields. What happens if the next time you’re not so lucky? How do I take care of four kids by myself? Does this mean you’ll cut back some on work? I mean, you are working three full-time jobs and taking care of the kids and spending time with me.”

I felt like my head was going to explode with all of the questions. He was talking so fast. I had to stop him. “Wow. Logan, you need to breathe because you’re firing these questions too quickly. You need to stop and think for a few seconds. I’m still the same person I was yesterday before we found out I was pregnant. I worked when I was pregnant with both of my other kids and I’ll work with these two. I may work a lot but I love my jobs and though I may cut back on them some, I have no intention of quitting. If I get overwhelmed I have Madison and everyone else to help me out and believe me when I say, I’ll take a break if I need to.

“Yes, I got pregnant before I got shot but I would’ve been too early in the pregnancy for it to affect it if I had been shot where the babies were is my guess. Secondly, if I wouldn’t have woken up the doctors could have maintained the pregnancy and you would have more help than you know what to do with where the kids are concerned. The doctors may not have noticed the pregnancy because I was too early into it, as I said; you knew who I was and what kind of work I did before you married me. That won’t change just because I’m carrying your children. I’m sorry, but I am who I am. And for the record, I’m not that easy to kill. My team say us Indians are like cockroaches; we can’t be killed.” I smiled at him trying to lighten the mood but he didn’t seem very light at the moment.

He finally caved and said, “I know and I don’t want to change who you are. I’m just scared I’ll lose you and won’t know what to do. You’re the only family I have.”

He looked so sincere, but I had to remind him, “Logan, I’m not your only family. We have a new, bigger family. If something happened to me, you wouldn’t be able to get rid of them. They’d never go away so you’d never be on your own.”

He finally lightened up thinking about it so he softened up and we grabbed an early lunch then headed to the office.

Once there, we both seemed to actually get a lot of work done, and throughout the day I also consulted on twelve cases for Homeland Security and the FBI with open cases that needed profiled. All in all, I felt very productive with myself, though the morning sickness was getting worse. I barely had any with Jesse and Rory but the twins were playing ‘guess if it’ll stay down’. I’ve always had a heightened sense of smell and taste which I took as an added asset, but at the moment, it was a bigger pain in the ass than it was helping.

If this kept up I wasn’t going to be able to hide that I was pregnant, and Berdina, though she knew since she was at the house when Jesse blurted it out, was saying that some employees were already talking about rumors they’d heard that I was though we weren’t sure where those rumors were originating from.

Friday was here and we had to be in court for the adoption. The judge was an elderly man that looked to be very stern and judgmental that Logan called in a few favors to get the court date sooner than originally scheduled. Because there had to be witnesses for the adoption everyone in my team and our newly extended family was in the court room as well as the kids. The judge took turns asking them all what they thought of this “rushed” adoption and how Logan and I are with each other and the children, what we did for a living, what they did for a living, etc..

Finally, he got to the kids asking them if they were happy and what they thought of everything. He quickly learned that my kids were very intelligent for their ages and understood what was going on with far more understanding than most children much older than them.

Afterward, he sat there deliberating for a few moments before looking directly at me and speaking. “Mrs. Winter, oh excuse me, Ms. Harvey, I see here you kept your name because of your military career. I see you are a very hard working young woman. You’ve taken care of your children without any help up until a couple weeks ago when you got married. You never got child support from their father who is only recently deceased and was never in the picture. You work three jobs and are pregnant again if rumors are true. Mr. Winters, you have a thriving company and have been very successful and are about to have your first child of your own, so why do you want to adopt someone else’s children?”

I thought Logan was going to bust a vein. I had never seen him like that or heard him the way he sounded when he spoke. “I am not about to have my first child. I already have two children. Their names are Rory Immookalee and Jesse Waya. I may not be their biological father, but they are MY children. I would do anything for them, except sit here and listen to someone say that they’re not mine. Yes, my wife and I are about to have twins but that doesn’t mean that I’m not already a father. Now, if you don’t have a good reason not to grant this adoption, then, please do so, but don’t sit up there and say those kids aren’t mine when they’re sitting right here and can hear you. I AM THEIR DAD! And there’s nothing anyone can do or say to make me think otherwise. This is just a formality. A piece of paper that has to be filed, but it means nothing to me.”

I was so happy and proud of Logan, but at the same time, I wanted to kick him and say ‘way to go stupid now you pissed him off’. There was a stare down for about a minute between Logan and the Judge but the Judge finally cracked and smiled at him. He said, “You know young man, normally, I would be angry at someone disrespecting me like that, but in this case, it was exactly what I wanted to hear. I needed to know that you weren’t going to be like every other Joe shmoe out there that only want to adopt their spouse’s children for the tax returns or to impress them. Being a parent means more than that and I think you have that. That’s why I’m granting this adoption. Just sign on the dotted line there and we will get your new birth certificates and change of name forms sent out.”

When we left I was so happy and the kids were climbing all over Logan screaming “Daddy”. I keep thinking I couldn’t get any happier but Logan keeps proving me wrong.

Sometimes I wonder how my life could be so crappy in the beginning, yet turn out to be so great now. This is definitely the rainbow after the rain.

That night we had a party celebrating the new babies and the finalized adoption. My family is now whole and my children have a father that won’t bail on them, ever. It sounds bad if you think of the reason for the party but I invited John so he could spend some time with the kids where I knew they would be well protected. John was very surprised by my invitation but accepted it quickly and showed up right on time talking about how grateful he was to me for not shutting him out of their life when I had every reason not to trust him.

About an hour after the party started I went in to use the restroom and as I was coming out Madison stopped me. She said, “I really don’t know why you invited them, Rain, but you’re not going to like what you see when you go out. I sure as hell don’t and I’m about to kill the bitch.”

I knew right away who she was talking about. Madison never hid her feelings of number 6, but the fact was, we were one short on our team since Jill died and I couldn’t keep things that way forever. When I walked out Melina had Ben and Logan almost cornered practically throwing herself at them while they kept telling her they were taken and trying to get away from her. When Madison noticed Ben there she started stalking towards them, but I didn’t want a bunch of things destroyed while she and Melina beat the shit out of each other like always, or I should say while Madison beat the shit out of Melina and Melina tries desperately to beat Madison, so I stopped her and marched over to Melina myself. Once there, I grabbed her hand turning it behind her back and dropping her to her knees.

She glared up and started bitching until she noticed it was me. Everyone quieted down very quickly to watch the show. I stared at her for a second relishing in the fact that she knew she couldn’t get away before I told her, “That would be Logan, my husband. And that is Ben, Jesse’s bodyguard and Madison’s boyfriend. You’ll do well to learn to leave taken men alone. If not, it may be a virtue I have to beat into you Melina, or I could just let Madison do it herself since she enjoys beating the hell out of you so much.”

I let her up. She looked very pissed when she looked at Madison who strutted past her and straight into Ben’s arms while I leaned against Logan. She finally shook her head yes with a nasty smirk and stepped back. Once she did I introduced her to everyone.

“For all of you that don’t know yet, this is Melina Burns, AKA C-4. The guy beside her lurking about is David Carroll, AKA Roach. They’re my numbers 6 and 7. They’re here for me to start evaluating to see if one of them fit well enough with us to be moved to number 5 and join our team.”

Logan was the one that asked the obvious questions. “Why C-4 and Roach?”

Jesse piped up, “I bet she likes to blow things up.”

Everyone burst into laughter. He was right though. That was how she got her name. Melina was keen on C-4 as a source of blowing things up.

Logan smiled at Jesse. “Okay, so my kid is smarter than me at stating the obvious. But how did Roach get his name?”

Madison was the one to answer this time. “We call him Roach because you can’t kill the Bastard. He’s been shot, stabbed, blown up, crushed, burnt and a few other things, and no matter what, he doesn’t die. I swear sometimes I wonder if the son of a bitch is a vampire or something.”

We all laughed because we knew Madison was starting to get a little tipsy, though we knew that was where she would stop like the rest of us since we never do anything that will compromise our abilities, but she was definitely stating the obvious. Although, I should have told my team, I wasn’t one hundred percent sure yet, but I had ulterior motives to evaluating C-4. I knew she was dirty, I just didn’t want to say until I was 100 percent sure as to how dirty. What better way of finding out without looking obvious than the possibility of a promotion? I knew David inside and out, as unbeknownst to even my team, he is my older brother, and I knew he would be the one moving into the number five slot with the rest of us.

The week on base went quick without incident and I knew it was just the beginning to getting close to C-4 to get the information I wanted, so I wasn’t as worried about not getting the information now.


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