Deceit Among The Pack

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Chapter 5


I was walking through the house catching glimpses of everyone watching TV and it really made me realize how little shows I watch and why. Ben and Madison were watching The Vampire Diaries. Yea, the guys are yummy but the show, really? Come on.

Katie and Christiaan were watching True Blood, which isn’t bad honestly, but it’s just an adult version of The Vampire Diaries. Again, yummy men but what’s the point. I don’t understand the point of shows, multiples of them, that have all these men that are all willing to die for one woman that is as plain as my sofa. What’s the point of a woman that can’t take care of herself and her own responsibilities?

Gary and Becky were watching Criminal Minds; One of my favorites so no complaints there.

Justin and Berdina were watching Dexter which is one of my all-time favorite shows, so again no complaints.

The kids were in bed but even they have good taste in television shows.

Finally, I sat down to watch the most bad ass television show on FX: Sons of Anarchy. Logan, Jojo, and Andrew sat down to join me. We all know this show kicks ass. Someone made a comment half way through the show about Charlie Hunnam and without thinking I blurted out that if I were single and had the chance I would jump his ass, repetitively.

Logan just looked at me and all I could say was, “What? It’s true. That’s one sexy man. So are Shemar Moore and John Cena.”

Everyone looked at me and rolled their eyes. Logan looked at me and asked me what my all-time favorite movie was then. My answer surprised them all. I said, “Beauty and the Beast. It has been since I was a little girl.”

Everyone stared at me as if I were an alien but decided to let that one go since they didn’t know how to respond to it without making a scene.

Since Logan and I had been together, and since I was a child, I hadn’t missed an episode of WWE, unless I was deployed, and he kept telling me he had plans for Monday night and we would have to miss it. No way in hell! DVR would have to record it for me. I wasn’t thrilled about that, but did as I was asked. An hour later we were pulling up in front of an arena. Logan ushered me inside and low and behold I was backstage in the WWE arena and I was meeting all the people I had watched for so many years including my favorites: John Cena, Undertaker, Kane, Bobby Lashley and so many more. I was ecstatic and on cloud nine. I got to spend time with them backstage while they were getting ready and after their match. I got so many pictures and autographs I thought I was going to swoon, but the highlight of my night was Cena giving me his cell number telling me to give him a call or text anytime I wanted to hang out. I gave him my number and told him the same and we parted ways. My husband couldn’t have given me a better birthday gift. I was in Heaven.

Saturday night Becky and Gary decided they were going to have a movie night with the kids in her room and give the adults time to have some fun and relax.

We decided on a game of 40 questions. Basically, you get to ask anyone in the group anything you want and they have to answer you honestly.

Logan started, “Okay then. Rain, what do your tattoos mean?”

I smiled before answering because I knew this was going to be his first question. “Well, the footprints and names on my feet came from the kids birth certificates. The one on my wrist, “Daddy’s girl”, well I always wanted to be and it was just another way to try to get approval from him. The other wrist, “Mom’s baby”, I was my mom’s last baby so it made sense. The penguin on my forearm is because penguins pick their mate for life so I loved that idea and the eternity symbol in the middle was added on our wedding day to symbolize our love for eternity. The three headed dragon in the circle in the middle of my back is for me and two of my sisters that I’m actually close to. The tribal one on my lower back is because I’m half Cherokee and it’s an Indian symbol. The vine and four stars up my rib cage is for my soon to be four children. Your name is under my left breast and the bunny on the top of my left breast is going to be covered. I’m going to be getting wings soon for my great grandmother and skull with the cross pistols in the middle of my back/neck that says “Mess with the Best, Die like the Rest” is the Military Police symbol. The bunny on my chest is either going to be covered by a humming bird or a panda.”

Madison piped up next. “Why do you wear an angel wing necklace and a bullet necklace?”

She already knew my answer though, so I think it was more for everyone else’s sake. “The angel wing necklace was my mother’s. She was wearing it when she died giving birth to me and the bullet necklace is because I believe one shot, one kill.”

“Wait a second here; you have one more tattoo on your inner thigh. Tell them all what it is.” Madison said.

I glared at her before answering. “Technically, I have one on the inner part of both thighs. One is in the shape of a rifle that says ‘Born to fight, Trained to kill, Willing to die, But never will’. The other is a Medal of Honor that around it says “I got a medal of Honor for killing a man, but an Honorable discharge for loving one’.”

I figured it would be easier to answer questions that were going to be asked anyway so I started going through the list of ones that were simple to eliminate them. “You already know my birthday; I love sapphires and not diamonds. There’s only one diamond I like which is a tear drop shaped diamond. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. My favorite colors are black, blue and red. I want a wrinkle puppy, Sharpe, I don’t like indoor cats. I have an eclectic taste in music and movies and I love writing. To blow off steam I go out and shoot either the guns, bow, or throw my knives or throwing stars. I didn’t have friends in school and finished college too quickly, well depending on how you look at that. I love to drink and fight but right now I want a subway sandwich.”

It took a few seconds for Logan to catch on but he got a list and headed to the store. On the way there I texted him three different times to add to his list of things to get. It’s a good thing he took Eddie, his new bodyguard, with him to help him carry everything. I never had cravings before with my other two pregnancies so I wasn’t expecting this.

Once they returned and I was stuffing my face we finished giving everyone the run down. Madison was from Bartow, Florida. A small place most people have never heard of. Jojo was from Liberty Center, Ohio; a small town outside of Napoleon that only the cows know about according to him. Christiaan was from Anchorage, Alaska which everyone knows.

The interrogations, so to speak, went on for about another two hours and we learned a lot about the people were working with every day.

The next day was August 4th, my 27th birthday and everyone threw me a surprise party. As painstaking as it is for me to admit it, this was my first birthday party so I was overjoyed to say the least in one way and not wanting to be there in another way.

Logan bought me a new Yukon XL Denali with the captain’s chairs in the middle; black on black with the seat covers on it already. I was happy but it’s more of a family vehicle. I wanted something fast. Madison brought out a 2006 Dodge Tomahawk. It was black with an MP insignia painted on it.

Madison said, “It goes about 420 mph without NOS and is the world’s fastest bike in production. Or was I should say. They only made nine. I know it’s ugly but it’s fast as shit and I thought you’d want that more than looks.” She even had the leather and helmet ready for me. I was ecstatic about that part.

Logan murmured something like ‘great now I have to worry about her wrecking a bike and killing herself’. Everyone laughed because little did Logan know; I grew up on a bike. Then he stopped. “Wait a second. If there were only nine made and is the fastest bike ever made how much did that thing cost you?”

Madison looked at him and rolled her eyes. “Sheesh nosey. It cost me about $800,000.00 from the guy that had it.”

Logan’s mouth dropped open in shock while we all stared at him and waited to laugh. He finally regained a little composure, well enough to close him mouth, before bursting out, “How in the hell did you afford that on a government salary?”

That was what we all were waiting for. We all burst out into fits of hysterical laughter. I finally calmed enough to answer him. “Madison, Christiaan, and Jojo are all trust fund babies. They seldom touch it opting to live off their salaries like normal people but they occasionally dip into it. Madison and I had a bad obsession with purses and shoes.”

Logan says quickly, “So you do have a girlie habit. Wait, if you were addicted to purses and shoes where are they because you didn’t have much at all before you started working for me.”

My answer surprised him, though I’m still not sure why. “Logan, I had a lot of name brand purses and shoes. When I had the kids I wasn’t making much and needed money, and I wasn’t going to take handouts, so I sold almost all of them. It paid almost all of my bills for a few years including what I needed for the kids. I told you, I will do anything to support my children.

Christiaan pipes up then, “She refused to let us help no matter how hard we tried. The most we ever got away with was the baby showers.”

Jesse must have started getting impatient because he asked if he was allowed to give me his gift now. At that we started moving on with the procession.

Jesse brought me a leather bound book that looked very expensive. He said “Daddy helped me pay for it but I picked it out. You always say you want to write a book, so now you can.”

I love my little man. He’s such a sweetie. Rory was next. She came to me and handed me a box. When I opened it, it was a sapphire eternity bracelet and earrings. My almost three year old was so adorable and going to make an amazing big sister. I loved it and knew Logan had to have pulled this one out of his butt because we just talked about it last night.

Everyone else gave me their gifts and I can honestly say, this was the best birthday I had ever had. When we thought everything was quieting down for the evening I heard the doorbell and quieted to listen while the others talked. At first I didn’t hear anything but after a couple minutes I heard someone scream “Sissy” very loudly and knew right then who it was. Everyone quieted to see what was going on so I got up and started walking to do the door to let Gary know it was my sister. I heard Logan ask who it was and Madison explained that it was my younger sister. He looked confused so she explained that she technically wasn’t my sister, she’s actually my half-sister’s half-sister that I grew up with and he slowly started putting the pieces together.

As Kristi and I were walking through the house back to the back porch where I was she said, “I need your help.” Then she stopped when she saw Jojo. Kristi is a lot like my sister and I and loves guys with tattoos and muscles, so when she seen Jojo had both arms sleeved, a back piece, and some on both calves she stopped short and just stared like an awe struck school girl. I guess she still was. She had just finished up her residency as a cardiologist.

It took me a few minutes to get her to snap out of it and I noticed Jojo was staring just as much and they were both smiling like idiots. Well I guess I won’t have to worry about him anymore.

Finally, she turned to me and was gushing her story. “Rain, I don’t know what to do. Some CIA guy is stalking me and I don’t know why. I tried getting a protection order against him but the cops said they weren’t going to tarnish the reputation of one of their own because of a made up story. He keeps leaving prepaid phones in my mail box then calling me. He showed up at my job, my house and my school. He’s told me that not giving him what he wants can get me hurt and asked me if I knew what a bomb looked like, then walked away. I’m scared to get in my car or to go to my house. I don’t know what to do. Oh, hi Logan, where’s my babies? Come to Aunt Kristi.”

I was a little confused. “What does he want from you Kristi?”

Now she looked as confused as me. “I don’t know, Rain, honestly. He never said, he just showed up one day and that’s when everything started.”

I was pissed and I could see the look in my team’s faces too. With us, we’re all family so if you mess with one of us you mess with all of us. Plus, I think Jojo just developed a crush on my little sister.

I asked her, “Kristi, what’s his name?”

She seemed to relax almost immediately. Some things never change. I spent my life beating on people to protect her, adulthood won’t change that. “His name is Todd Johnson.”

Logan just spit his beer all over. “What the hell? I know him. We went to school together.”

And just like that Kristi tensed back up and her jaw fell open. Logan looked at me and everyone else before answering. “What? He’s a douche bag! He would develop these relationships in his mind with girls and then when things were ‘serious’ between them he’d approach them and would get mad when he was rejected ‘for no reason’. He actually had quite a few P.O.’s on him and even an assault after he beat a girl after she rejected him. How the hell did he make the CIA?”

I said, “I don’t know but let’s go find out. You two stay with Daddy, okay Jesse?” He said yes and climbed on Logan.

Logan yelled out as we were leaving. “Make sure he can’t have kids for me.”

Thirty minutes later we were pulling into the hospital parking garage and seen the man leaning against the car. He looked exactly like Kristi said he would. I stopped in front of him while my team parked across from him. When I took off my helmet he relaxed and looked at me with that satisfied fat cat grin that most men get when they see a woman as their opponent.

I asked him, “Are you Agent Johnson?”

He looked at me a little confused before answering. He said, “Yes. Who are you?”

I smiled at him and though he was smiling back he quickly lost that grim. “I’m Kristi Campbell’s sister. And since you work in the government, supposedly, I’m sure you’ve heard of me. I’m Rain Harvey.”

His jaw fell. At this point I was lying across my bike with my head on the handle bars. Within a few seconds he was reaching for his gun after he registered the fact that he was about to get hurt. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings and didn’t see Christiaan and Jojo coming up on both sides of him, so by the time he had his hand on his gun he didn’t have time to draw it. I stayed laying there. My boys already had him on his knees waiting for orders. It was at that point I knew Jojo had a crush because he didn’t wait anymore. He started beating the shit out of Agent Johnson and Christiaan walked over to me and Madison while we were talking about needing to go shopping soon.

After a few minutes I stopped Jojo and walked over to Agent Johnson. He was lying on the ground in a bloody heap when I asked him what he wanted with my sister. He said they were engaged and Jojo kicked him in the mouth again.

I said, “From this moment on, you go back to Langley and see if you still have a job. You leave my sister alone. Forget she ever existed, otherwise I won’t stop Striker here from killing you. Understood?”

He hesitated until Jojo busted him in the nuts. After a few seconds he shook his head yes. We looked down and saw he was bleeding from his genitals. At that, Jojo leaned down and said, “You may want to get that looked at brother. Your balls are bleeding. Kristi’s mine. If I ever find out you even thought about her, I will find you. And seeing as how I’m a much better tracker and killer, I think you’re at a disadvantage. Here, have a tissue to clean yourself up.”

We got back on our bikes and left. Once back at the house Kristi asked what happened. I said, “Well, Jojo beat him almost to death, told him if he so much as thought of you again he’d find him and kill him, and then made his balls bleed.”

She just smiled at Jojo so I introduced them and asked Kristi to stay for the night to help celebrate my birthday which everyone knew meant to spend time with Jojo. She pops out, “Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I got you this.”

She handed me a voucher for a 500$ tattoo. Awesome but it would have to wait another four months which is close to the expiration date. She seen my hesitation and asked what was wrong because she knew I was addicted to ink.

I told her, “I’m almost six months pregnant with twins, sis.”

She stood there for a sec then started jumping up and down screaming while trying to hug me. Then, she ran to Logan and hugged him while still screeching. When she finally stopped she pouted, “I’m tired of waiting. I want a baby now too.”

That was all it took because Jojo walked up to her and asked her for a date. I think the thought that he was going to be a father then losing that really did a number on him and he was ready now. Kristi just smiled at me so broadly before saying yes. They left. I knew they’d be back later, though, so I could badger her for details.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

The days and weeks seemed to go slow from there and my pregnancy seemed to progress normally, though I was still not getting any bigger which worried the doctor. She threatened to put me on bed rest and that wasn’t going to happen. However, we did get to find out the sex of the babies. Logan was more than ecstatic practically jumping on everyone that he came close to. We found out we’re having a boy and a girl and they’re identical. Twins run in my family so I wasn’t that surprised but Logan acted like someone was about to drop a carton of eggs or something. It made me laugh at his enthusiasm.

Almost all first time parents are overjoyed and somewhat clumsy, especially when their child gets hurt running them to the ER for every little thing. I was never like that. I always waited and gave my kids time to settle to see if they were still crying after the time that they should already have calmed down. I also wouldn’t take them for getting cut and bleeding; I would stop the bleeding and make sure the cut wasn’t too big. I think the kids’ asthma, which they grew out of, was the main thing that worried me and made me take them to the hospital. I never knew how to handle that since I didn’t have that problem and with them being so young when they got it I didn’t want to take the chance I would screw something up with them.

Logan is being overly protective of me thinking he’s protecting the babies too. We finally picked names for the babies as well. Logan wanted Kayden for a first name and I wanted Tyler for a middle name after Logan. For the girl Logan picked Eisyse (eye-sis) Rae. We wanted another vowel since Rory’s name was technically Aurora. Oh well, she’ll either love it or hate it. That’s the way it goes. Besides she was named after her aunt Kristi as well.

This week is my week on base and since I set things up to go Friday to Friday tomorrow is my last day here before I go so I need to start getting my things together. This will only be the second week that Melina and David will have worked on base with us because they don’t hang around the house all the time like the others when we aren’t working. I haven’t promoted yet so neither want to get close to us if they won’t be sticking around. At least that was the story David and I were telling.

The night before I was to work on base Kristi looked at me as she was getting all her birthday gifts and I shook my head yes. She looked at Jojo and said, “I know we’ve only been together just over a month so I hope you don’t get upset but here.”

He looked confused but said, “It’s your birthday, why are you giving me something before I give you yours?”

He opened the envelope hesitantly and pulled out sonogram pictures. He immediately registered what was going on and started jumping up grabbing her saying how happy he was but still looked at me and again I shook my head yes. I think he was asking if it was real. Though he had gotten over what Jill had done to him, I think he’ll remain a little skeptical. With that he put Kristi down and gave her her gift which was a box. I already knew what it was because he asked for my permission. I told him he was already family so a piece of paper doesn’t make a difference to me. Kristi looked at it saying something about a necklace though we all knew she was secretly hoping for a ring. When she opened the box and saw the ring I thought she was going to pass out but before she could answer I stopped her scaring them both.

I said, “Kristi, wait, before you answer think about this first. In our line of work we have secrets that we can’t ever tell our spouses and have to leave at the drop of a hat. We have to be gone for different amounts of time and live our lives in constant danger. If you can’t live with that then you need to tell Jojo now, because he’s just as much family to me as you are and I don’t want to see him get hurt because you couldn’t deal with the lifestyle we have.”

She looked a little shocked but recovered quickly. “I don’t expect things to be perfect or even easy all the time, especially with how quick this is happening, but as long as you know I’m in this to the end and if we fight we don’t leave then I can handle whatever comes our way. We stay and fix it because I want my first marriage to be my only marriage. If you can agree to that and are okay with the fact that sometimes you may end up sleeping on the couch when we fight, then I can handle the rest.”

Jojo looked up and smiled as big as he could and said that her answer sounded like a yes to him and he put the ring on her finger before picking her up and swinging her around.

I was ecstatic for my sister and new brother.


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