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At one point Brandon was labeled the world's best boxer after knocking out opponent after opponent and won the title undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. After his 3rd year defending his title, he lost the motivation to box. But, when his mother gets a fatal illness that can only be cured with expensive new cutting-edge technology, Brandon must get back in the ring and claim the heavyweight champion of the world title once more.

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Chapter 1

“If you would’ve asked me where I would’ve been doing after I retired three years ago, I promise I wouldn’t have told you flipping burgers at Meat King.” I groaned. “7.25 dollars an hour just isn’t worth it.”

“Don’t sweat it B-Dog, at least we are stuck at a dead-end job together.” It was my best friend, Julian. Julian was a shorter man with struggle waves and a cross that he never left the house without. He recently shaved his facial hair, and he looked like an unfamiliar man. Ding! It was the sound of the fries being finished, a sound that reminded me of my time in the ring… “Brandon vs King! Who will come on top in this neck to neck bout?!" King was more fat with power than muscular. He stunk of dog with body hair all over him. A long, brown beard and long disheveled brown hair to match. Will it be king , the rising undefeated tyrant coming in with fifteen wins and zero loses! Standing at 6’5 and weighing a mean 410 pounds? Or will it be the 2 time undisputed undefeated heavyweight champion of the world defending his title once more?! With a twenty win zero loss record the SuperBoxer! The SuperBoxer is at a huge disadvantage with weight and height. I mean 230 pounds compared to 410? 6 feet to 6,5, I wonder how that will affect the match… “Aye Brandon hand me some fries will ya? Earth to Brandon!” I blinked absently, I must have zoned out again. I nodded, “Uh, yeah sure, sure.” I handed Julian the fresh fries and he carefully placed them in a bag. “One more favor please, can you take my cashier position, nature’s calling!” Julian did a little “I have to use the restroom dance” to emphasize that he had been waiting. “Make it quick bro!” Julian waddled to the restroom and slammed the door behind him. He was always light-hearted and carefree, most times I could only shake his head to his antics. “Welcome to Meat King ma’am may I take your order?” I looked blankly at the clock on the wall across from the cash register only 12? That means I have 2 more hours in this dump. “Sir I would like to order a Meat King Supreme with-” All of a sudden an armed man with a ski mask burst through the door of Meat King. He fired gunshots into the unfortunate ceiling and cried” This is a robbery! I want to see them hands up!” Panicked cries filled the fast food joint as the loud criminal ran up to me and yelled “Fill this sack up or I will bust a cap in your head ,fool!” Why did I help out Julian? I slowly opened the cash register as the man’s blood shot eyes bore into me watching my every move. The criminal was shorter than me, I can take him. Adrenaline rushed through my veins, this was it life or death. My personality just wouldn’t allow me to give up without a fight. I finished filling up the potato sack with cash and it weighed at least 20 pounds. I put it on the counter top slowly and the criminal told me to back up. This is where I would make my stand. Faster than the brute could say “Are you stupid” I grabbed grabbed the criminals wrist and pointed it up making his gun useless. Then threw a jab and connected square with the brute’s face causing him to stumble back and lose grip of his pistol. I kicked it to the side and cracked his knuckles. The customers realized that the thug was in trouble and started cheering for me, cheers that reminded me of the excited fans in the stadium… “There it is! Brandon’s infamous combo! The Champion Buster!” The spectators roared with excitement, cheers filling the stadium like music to my ears. “Brandon! Brandon! Brandon!” King fell down with a loud thud and the referee began the count… Brandon closed in on the criminal in his boxing position, left foot forward and left hand next to my cheek and my right foot farther back along with my right hand to my cheek, Orthodox. Once I was ready, I brought the pain. Left right, left right. He hit him with his killer hook and the brute laid on the floor, defeated. I emptied the money out of the potato sack and placed it on the brute’s head and called 911… ”10! Brandon has done it yet again! 3 times and a row, the heavyweight champion of the world!” The police came and took the screaming, cursing man away and Brandon requested the rest of the day off. What a day.


Good old Houston Texas. After a long day of work I’m ready to do a whole bunch of nothing. I walked to my home, a two story house for what it was worth. Everything was small, just good enough for the two of us. The mansion I bought got repossessed by the bank. It upset my dad more than anyone. I unlocked the door and called to greet mom,“Hey mom! I’m home!” I heard a faint sound of the TV playing upstairs.”She must not be able to hear me, I’ll surprise her!” I creeped up the stairs and opened the door to my mother’s room “Supris-” I stopped, everything stopped.All I could do was stare. There I stood and there was my mother collapsed on her bedroom floor. Not breathing and completely unresponsive.

End Of Chapter 1

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