The Dead Daughter

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A group of friends go to the woods to camp/explore until they stumbled upon a body then weird things started to happen

Action / Horror
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Chapter 2

“Is that a dead body?” Sophia asked “yep” we ran out “what’s in there?” Mateo asked “a dead body” we both said “OH MY GOD we have to call the police” Hannah said “no” Liam stated “why?” “well because we have to find out who this body is” “true true” mason said “anyone have my backpack” “I have it” I said. He pulled out a magnifying glass (he’s an investigator). “This body is a women and by the looks of it she was in her mid 30s” “wow you could tell that just by looking at her” Hannah said surprised “yes” Liam said back. “It’s starting to get dark we should get some shelter we don’t know what could happen” Sophia said “I got tents in my backpack” “why would you- just take them out” “ok geez” Hannah took them out surprisingly she had everything a person could need to survive.“dang what else you got in there” mason said “I have almost everything a human could need to live” “we should put the tents somewhere else because I’m not about to sleep with this smell” I said “your right Selena” Liam said so the guys went to put the tents up and me and the girls started to make a fire for food and warmth.
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