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A young man dies by getting pushed in front of the train by a strange shadow. He awakens in the Nothingness where a God named Shura awaits him. Basically our MC will be traveling from Era to Era beginning with the Three Kingdoms before being sent to another one. He will be living under the Vikings, participate in the 100-year-old war between France and England and many more. I published this story on another page before just want to see how it impacts here. Also it is a prequel to my Fanfiction Universe.

Action / Fantasy
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Germany, Frankfurt am Main. It was a nice day when a young man was hanging out with his friends.

He was walking up and down the Zeil as they drank some beer together while looking at the people. The young man had dark blonde hair and green eyes. He looked like a normal person as he was running his fingers through a deck of cards.

"Really you are playing with the cards again?" asks his friend as the man smiles.

"Murat, I have to make a living after all," says the young man as Murat then disappears and returns with a melon.

"You think, you can cut into this melon?" asks Murat as the young man smile.

"It should be possible," says the young man as he inspected the melon before putting it down.

"Alright, if you say so Arthur," says Murat as he beings to gather people around by saying, "We have here our real card slinger Arthur. He can cut into anything with his cards. See and be stunned."

Arthur was making some card tricks waiting for the audience to see what he was about to do. They see the melon while Arthur was flicking the cards up and down but they always returned In his hands.

Arthur sees that people were gathering and begins as he flicks a card towards the melon making the card disappear into it. He flicks more until the whole deck was inside when suddenly the melon splits in two.

"Wow!" shout the people as they begin to clap seeing that the cards were separating both halves perfectly.

They begin to throw money into Murat's hat when suddenly the man that leads the fake homeless people sees them and runs towards them.

"Arthur, we need to run," says Murat as he puts the money away before running with Arthur away. They reach the tram station and jump into the first tram.

The door closes before the man could get them as they looked up and see that they were lucky.

"Lucky, we got the right tram towards the Central Station," says Murat as Arthur smile.

"You know that I am luck itself," says Arthur making Murat laugh out loud.

Once on the Central Station, they deboard the tram and walk toward it when Murat hands over half of the money to Arthur.

"Here is your money," says Murat as Arthur takes it and counts it.

"Well enough to get back home," says Arthur as he pockets it away.

"See you tomorrow then," says Murat as he waves while Arthur walks away while waving as well.

He enters the Central Station to take the train home. He reaches the platform where he needed to take the train when he sees a suspicious man. He had red hair and eyes that were quite uncommon for people in Germany.

He was standing behind the safety line while waiting for the train to arrive. Then the announcement was heard and he could see the train arrive he walked over the line as he walked a bit further forward when suddenly a black shadow pushed him.

Arthur was hearing some words in his head saying, 'Remember. You must remember who you are.'

Suddenly he saw a shadow. He then returned to reality and suddenly sees the train coming for him as he was run over by it.

Everything turned black as he hears now two voices talking to each other.

"I still don't know how it happened," says one voice.

"The report stated that you were the only Immortal there when it happened. If you say that a shadow appeared out of nowhere and pushed him into the rail no one is going to believe that. You know very well that no one is stronger than you," says the second voice.

Arthur then opens his eyes as he finds himself in some kind of dark throne room. He looked around and found two people. One he recognizes from the Central Station with the red hair and eyes while the other was a blond-haired man.

"Where am I?" asks Arthur as both turned towards him.

"You are in my throne room," says the redhaired man as he turned back to the blond man and asks, "What should I do with him?"

"Since he is here why not just send him on a quest or something else. He can't leave this place anyway," says the blond man as the redhead suddenly hits his fist into his palm.

"I have an idea," says the redhead when he walked towards Arthur and says, "Let me present myself. I'm King Shura better known as the Death Shura Seeker or just Deathseeker. I'm the God of War and Justice and King of the Realm of Warriors. And this over here is my butler, Alfred. He is the most loyal man I have."

"That still doesn't tell me where I am," says Arthur as Shura smiles.

"You are in my throne room in the Nothingness. You died quite a tragic death, I must say. But since you reached me and I know someone has pushed you into the rail. That's why I will give you a chance to live a new life," says Shura as Arthur looked at him suspiciously.

"It wasn't me. I will later ask my wife on who it was and punish him but before that happen you will have to entertain me. I will send you from era to era. You will fight in wars for me," says Shura as Arthur looked at him confused.

"And why should I do that?" asks Arthur as Shura smiles.

"Because the other option would be to enter the Warriors Realm," says Shura as Arthur just thinking about what would await him there made him pale.

"Alright, war it is then," says Arthur as Shura claps his hand together.

"Good but I won't send you there without being prepared. So let me make some changes on you," says Shura as he made Arthur taller reaching now 2,1m and making him weight 125kg as he was quite fat now.

"You will need it, trust me," says Shura as he snaps and all three appear in a palace.

They walk a bit as Shura says, "You will be training here for some years before you will be sent to the first era. But first, let us get you some armor."

They walked into the armory and Arthur stopped at a Black Armor that had a golden dragon on the chest. Two golden dragon heads on the shoulders. The arm gauntlets had golden dragons engraved on them as well as the boots.

"The Black Dragon armor. A good choice for you if I have to say. It was made for big guys like you. I made it myself using a star and eight souls from Dragon Kings. It isn't a real masterpiece since it is still sleeping," says Shura as he took it from the stand and it appears on Arthur.

Arthur couldn't even move because he was adapting to his new body when he asks, "What era are you sending me first?"

"The Three Kingdom. I heard that many strong people lived in that era," says Shura as he smiled and walks away while saying, "That's why you will train here."

"And here is?" asks Arthur as Shura now laughs.

"The prison of every person that broke the rules. The Realm of Warriors," says Shura as he continued walking.

"You will be trained by the best of the best in their field. I can't have you being split apart by Lu Bu when you just arrive," says Shura as he then turns towards Arthur and puts his hand on Arthur's shoulder.

Suddenly Arthur felt warm inside him when he asks, "What is that?"

"Just a retainer system. It allows you to take three people from every era as your retainer. They will follow you even in death but they must be loyal to you or it won't work. Your wives are an exception you can have one wife from every era so chose wisely which one you take with you," says Shura as Arthur was thinking about it.

"A question," says Arthur as Shura and Alfred looked at him.

"Shoot," says Shura as Arthur was quite nervous to ask.

"Do gods count too?" asks Arthur as Shura suddenly smiled but the smile wasn't warm but filled with excitement.

"They count too," says Shura as he couldn't hide his excitement behind his face showing it publicly.

"Alright," says Arthur as Shura was still smiling.

"Alfred can you show Arthur to his room. Come to my office after doing so," says Shura as Alfred nods and guides Arthur to his room.

"Anything I have to know?" asks Arthur as Alfred gives him a warm smile.

"Here is the meal plan. We always eat on time so be their earlier. Also, you will need to learn how to put the armor on. Try from today on to get it off and on when you wake up or go to sleep. I will help you for a week," says Alfred as Arthur nods.

They arrived at the room and Alfred says, "You should try it today alone. I have many things to do. Its been long since we had a guest in the palace."

Alfred then retreats to find Shura who was in his office writing a list with teachers for Arthur when he hands it over to Alfred and says, "Gather them all."

"Really that many teachers?" asks Alfred as Shura nods.

"Yes, this mortal is quite interesting. I want to see how far he goes and if he can reach the last stage," says Shura excited as he looked at Alfred who hasn't seen his master this excited since the Great War between the Realms ended.

Alfred then leaves the room as Shura was alone in the room and says to himself, "To meet someone that lived three lives. This will be so exciting to see him evolve and his question.*laughs*."
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