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miss spy & her spy| book 1

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Hey, I'm Mila Scott. And I'm a 17-year-old spy. *** Great. We have Daphne Rivera- the "doctor." Aiden (Steezy) Bales- the stoner. Triston Turner- the slacker. Anika Patel- the badass who can shoot a gun. Liberty Morrison- the hacker. Cory Edwards- the leader- even though we all know I'll steal that job. Moses Romero- the raging teenage hormonal teenager. And me- the only one who's capable of doing this mission. [book 1] [mature language] [mature scenes] [completed] 🖤🧁🧸

Action / Humor
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Hey loves! Thanks for reading this book- you won’t regret it!

This is not fanfic- all the characters are mine so please ask for permission if you choose to do something with this book.

This is my Wattpad (I have more of my works there plus you can see character aesthetics + much more!)


Thank u!

I love u & be safe!

*(I’ll also be posting the date for the days I update so don’t get confused by them lmfao)

Started: 12/3/2020

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