Risen From Ashes

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Chapter Fifteen

April 17, 2028

Blackbird’s Diary

For two days, we have been planning the final assault.. We are still grieving over Matthew’s death but we will make him proud by ending this war.

After some convincing, Ira has finally agreed to let me go with them. He was very reluctant and when I asked him why, he simply stated that he “had his reasons.”

However, I personally want to kill my cousin.

It feels as if this is my final stage with Ira and his team.

I hope that when I die, I will take Kai with me.

What disturbed me most is that, he always knew what I was thinking. Of course, when he spent the summers with us on the farm, I taught him mind tricks. I let him develop his strengths by reading my mind. And now, he is using that power against me.

I can’t help but continuously think about when we left Reims. The look he gave me, it was as if he knew what we were going to do.

I know now why he let us go; Ira told me. The conspirator, Wilson, had told Ira that their unit was going home.

Wilson would have destroyed the aircraft as soon as they took off. That would have left me defenseless and alone, which is what Kai wanted.

I do not know what he is after anymore. He let us live because I was with my guards, my friends.

He is planning something. I am not sure what but I cannot fathom what it has to do with the presidents, other than to execute them.

Oh, God in heaven – if you are there – why has he done this?


No, if it were revenge he would have kept the family alive and weak, as he kept me. Hatred is a possibility. His allegiances should lie with America and Russia, but he denies both. Yes, he was loathed, but the family still took care of him, even if he didn’t see it that way.

I have to say, with this mission ahead, I have more than a suspicion of how this must end.

I am ready for it; I am ready to die. This is the last page left in my journal.

Ironic that this is the end for both the book and me, I guess that’s a good thing.

Ira, if you ever read this, please know that I love you, I always have and I always will. Do not mourn my death; mourn the living for the suffering and horror they have had to endure.



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