Risen From Ashes

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Chapter Eight

April 9, 2028

Blackbird’s Diary

I have been rescued, and it feels… not strange, but not what I was expecting.

In all honesty, I’m surprised we made it out of Vallø Castle in one piece. Well, disregarding the hole in my arm.

Nevertheless, my rescuer, or lack thereof, turns out to be my childhood neighbor, best friend, and confidante – all in one.

Moreover, after six years of no contact, and me practically dead, his first mistake is getting me shot! On my dominant limb as well, which stings like hell by the way, so I’m sorry if my writing is illegible at times.

Anyway, his second mistake is taking me to the less than slightly refurbished Les Crayères and into an interrogation room. I have been walking, sitting, and writing for seven hours and I still have not had an apple or any food for that matter – my stomach hurts.

One of my “rescuers” I think his name is Charlie or Cyan, was able to clean the bullet injury and sew the entrance and exit wounds. He also gave me morphine. It feels nice not to feel anything at all, but it also makes me drowsy.

I think he gave me too much… Oh well.

Of all the people to rescue me, it had to be Ira… The look of shock and fury towards me is almost laughable.

For all intents, I was dead. I heard my family calling out to me, but I also heard Ira’s voice.

I don’t know… During that time, I was stuck in limbo, between two worlds and different minds.

I did not want to move on, but I did not want to go back.

However, that choice was made against my will. I wish Ira would understand that I never stopped thinking of him, in the Grey World and this one.

He is not the cowardly friend I grew up with. Besides his current revulsion or benevolence towards me, he has truly changed, a lot. He has also become more handsome, but we’ll save that for later!

On another note, of all the code names for me, they come up with ‘Aether’?

Why not Dante? Or the Reviver? After all, I have tasted the lick of the flames, the heat of the embers, and the smoke of the ashes.

I have been through hell and yet they gave me the name of a Greek deity who represents light?

I probably represent anything but light. I can’t even find a situation where I would have been good.

At this moment, I am stuck in a metaphoric Hell. I’ve been stabbed, shot at, a building fell on top of me, and I cannot even figure out where my path is taking me.

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