Playing With Fire (OC 2)

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Orphan Alexander Ford has had a rough past. His mother and father gunned down in front of him by goons and being stuck in an orphanage for 5 years he thought that his luck has run out. Just when Alexander has given up hope, Samuel Ford adopts him and his life becomes magical.

Action / Fantasy
Hero Productions
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Chapter 1

"I'm just so tired, Troy. I see kids get adopted all the time nobody wants to adopt me. I've been stuck in here for 5 years!" My voice was dry and cracking. Troy looked at me pityingly with his 4 eyes. Yes, I was complaining, but one thing I hated more than not being adopted was being pitied. "Don't look at me like that, Troy, not you."
Troy chuckled, "I'm sorry man I can't help but pity you. Nobody wants to adopt you because of your ugly mug."
I couldn't help but laugh, "Shut up four eyes." Troy was the only person who I could talk to or really stand. He didn't pity me, he was funny, and he just knew me. "Hey man, I gotta show you something cool." Troy grabbed my shoulders and started into my eyes.
"Don't be a werido man." I slapped his right hand off my shoulder.

"No, Alex look at my glasses." He placed his right hand on my shoulder again and I saw his glasses. "Woah." It was like his glasses had these cool interfaces it was like they were analyzing my face. Behind the rectangular frames was Troy's brown eyes and oval face. He was browned skin and goofy with a mini afro. He was trying to grow his hair out but, his family said he looked crazy and he did, a little. "Did you do that yourself? It's so cool!" Troy laughed "I wish but nah. I went to his old man who lives up the mountain. He modified them for me, not only did it he make them do this but they also adjust the prescription! He's basically a genius."
"You get his name?" I was dying to know.
"Nah. He runs a business and goes by Ford Industries." I nodded, I was a total geek for technology and so was Troy even though he acted like he wasn't. "That's not the only cool thing I have to show you though." Troy and I sat up on the dumpster in the back of the orphanage, it was the only place we could get some privacy. "Cmon follow me." Troy jumped off of the dumpster and I did the same. We walked up to the parking lot of the orphanage. It was a beast of a parking lot. One day I was so bored I counted the spaces and there ended up being 40 spaces. Currently, 2 of them are being occupied. One of them had a gray honda van with tacky stickers on the back. For example, 'Peace machine' 'Honk If You're Happy' and my personal favorite 'No Hate Zone'. This van belonged to Ms. Whittleworth the orphanage director. The orphanage was fairly small and there were only 12 of us, the young kids always came and went so fast. Troy was strolling to the vehicle that I never saw here.

"So um, is that yours?"

Troy grinned like he was waiting for me to say something, "Yes, brand new, thank you." It was an interesting car, a 4 seater car with a red paint job in the front was a tacky orange paint making it look like the car was on fire. I circled the car in shock and then I saw the licence plate. "HotStuf. Really?"
"Shut up and get in." Troy opened his door and started up his car. I rolled my eyes and got in the door next to him. He pressed a button on the wheel and the top opened up revealing the hot summer sky. "Drop Top!" Troy whooped, backed up the car and floored it. "Whew!" He was always a risk taker and sometimes it freaked me out. He flew down the road whooping and going 70 miles per hour. "Isn't the speed limit 65?" I yelled. "Yeah it is but I'm only going 5 over the limit, anyway." Huh, I made a mental note of that.

"Where did you get your licence, anyway?"
Troy laughed, "What license?"

I almost felt my soul leave my body. "You're driving without a license?"

"Yeah, I'm going to get it in a week." He sounded completely calm, maybe he was really crazy. After I got over my shock, I looked around. We were in a remote area, lots of trees.

We were in the forest. “Hey, Troy where did you say we were going again?”

“Calm down cowboy. We are almost there.” Troy pulled into a dirt path full of curves and turns.
“Hold on, man!” He swerved through the path not slowing down and we had several near misses. “You gotta clam down today man.” Troy slowed down the car, and it was a medium-sized dirt circle. “So uh, is this what you wanted to show me?”
“Do you really think I'd drive just to show you something this lame?” Troy got out of the car and opened the trunk. I opened my door and walked toward him. Troy pulled out a sniper rifle from the back of his trunk and pointed it at me. A swirl of emotions entered my stomach, I almost felt like I was going to throw up. “I've actually brought you out here to kill you!” Troy's finger slowly rose to the trigger as I felt my life flash before my eyes. “I’m just messing with you, man! Hahaha! You should've seen the look on your face!” My face felt hot with rage embarrassment and relief. “Don’t joke like that man!” Troy wiped a tear from his eye with his finger as he held his chest and sniper in the other hand. Once he was done he grabbed something else from his trunk, a pack of bud light and tossed it to me. "Catch." I grasped it with both hands. "Alight now throw 3 up in the air as fast as you can." I followed Troys instructions and as soon as the 3rd can was in the air I heard three thunderous sounds seconds apart from each other. I looked up and liquid was falling my way as the bud light cans flew with an identical circular hole in them. I dodged the liquid, the last thing I needed was beer in my 4C hair. "Damn, bro!"
"Its cool isn't it. Troy brandished his sniper allowing me to admire all the details.,"Can you guess what model it is?"
"Oh, this is tough. Bolt action, lightweight metal alloy? Oh, no you didn't. Is this a Barrett 82A1? Yep, the old man made me a custom sight too. He used a S&B II LP and gave it thermal!" I couldn't help but admire the craftmanship and hard work put into this!"
We spent hours going back and forth about guns, life and craftmanship. Troy was my favorite person in the world right now. It got pretty dark out and Troy drove me back to the orphanage said bye flying off in his car. Back to this place, if it was possible to groan in my head I would've done it but I had to settle for out loud. "Ugh." I shuffled my feet to my room. Ms. Whittleworth used to be a pastor, and she owned a church. She ended spending a lot of money to add things to it. "What's up Alex!"
It was Jamie, my little bro. "Come here Jamie!" He ran toward me moving his little legs swiftly. I got on one knee and he collided with my chest in a big hug. We both laughed, "What are you doing up this hour Jamie?" His face drooped down, there was visible sadness all over his face. He wasn't my brother by blood and we looked nothing alike. He had elf like ears pointing up at the side of his face and short black curly hair. "Well, Ms. Whittleworth said somebody is coming to see you tomorrow and you might get adopted. He came to look for you today but you weren't here, so he's coming back first thing in the morning." I started at little Jamie in disbelief, the look on my face right now must be priceless.
"Me?" I poked my chest and asked Jamie.
"Yup," Jamie still looked like a sad puppy.
"If I get adopted I promise I'll come visit you all the time." I put my hand on soft full hair. "I promise." His face brightened up, and I smiled. We walked to our room together talking idly about hot wheels and who would win in a fight. Bigfoot or a Transformer; I went with the Transformer. I lay in my tiny twin sized bed and said goodnight to Jamie who slept with a nightlight on and drifted into dreams.
End Of Chapter 1
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