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Fire and Deception

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Jasper is a villain who creates havoc around his city. He likes to play with his villain friends and destiry everything in his touch. Valery is an ordinary girl who fangirls over Blaze, the villain. As the villains are destroying everything and the heroes trying to stop them, a new, mysterious super human enters the picture. No one knows what his motives are or why he came to Crimmore, Alshein. They quickly find out that he's not on any side but has his own reasons to be going against everyone. Disclaimer: Any person or place mentioned in this story is a coincidence as this is a fictional world.

Action / Romance
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Part 1: Chapter 1- Jasper

When someone says “super heroes,” they are typically in comic books always saving the day and defeating the bad villains. Everyone cheers in joy that their city is safe once again. Heroes are extremely popular, especially to children who are learning and adapting to the real world. Everyone praises heroes and they even have a special holiday called Hero Appreciation Day. Very original.

When someone says “super villains,” everyone tense and the mood changes.

No one likes villains, especially ones who destroy and kill people. They scream for their lives as they have their fun. If someone is crazy enough to like us then everyone shuns them thinking they’re insane and most likely one of us when they’re not. They want to be part of the show, want people to love them for who they are . . . but that’s not the case. The reason villains exist is because no one cares for them, they expect them to be someone they’re not. When villains walk around the streets, everyone runs and hides, even if they don’t want to destroy anything. Parents tell their kids that if they don’t behave, villains will get them. Or they tell them if they ever see one wandering the streets to run the other way and call for help.

Villains hide our powers when showing their identity to the world. People don’t pay attention to them because they don’t know who they are. However, as soon as our mask is on, they’re completely different people. They shun them from society and that’s how villains become villains, because they’re different. Well what about heroes? They have powers but aren’t shunned from society. It’s because villains destroy. People make them. It’s funny when they show their true self, no one knows who they are. They’re normal people living normal lives. As soon as the mask goes on, everyone knows.

When someone yells, “Villains are here! Everybody run!” They scatter like mice. My favorite part is playing hide and seek. While I destroy buildings and what not, I end up finding hiders. The look on their faces when I yell “gatcha” and they scream begging me to not hurt them.

I won’t since I don’t need heroes and cops up my ass but it’s always fun playing with them. Until they show up.

It’s the same routine over and over again. Villains destroy, heroes fight them and heroes win. Back to square one, in our hideout planning our next attack while everyone praises the heroes as if they’re saints. Truth is they’re not.

Once out of costume, they’re normal people living their normal lives, going to school, or working.

Everyday, I look at people wondering if they’re my enemy or just normal people who are fearing for their lives, wishing villains like me to disappear. It doesn’t hurt me that people think we shouldn’t exist since I really don’t care.

People already hate us as it is. I don’t care if they want us off the earth. They all can go to hell. I know I am.

I bolt across my lawn hoping no one sees me. I knock the screen off and pull my window open. I slither in through my window as fast as possible but my boot got caught on the window. I tugged on my leg and was shot back, thumping on the ground. I mutter curses as I rip off my deep ocean blue hoodie, dark blue pants and my black winter face mask.

I scurry to get my sweatpants on as I kick my clothing underneath my bed. Time is ticking when I have family in the house and I’m supposed to be doing homework. Luckily, I have my homework laid out ready.

Just as I sit in my chair with pencil in hand, someone knocks on my door and opens it, knowing it’s my mother.

“Where is your shirt?” she asks.

Fuck. “It’s . . . stuffy in here,” I lied. I doubt it is but I can never tell. I could be in a freezing place and a slight chill would course through me. My body’s constantly burning with flames. In this city, there are a handful of people with powers such as telepathy, invisibility, teleportation, flying, strength and so on. Of course I get stuck with a dangerous element, fire.

Since the day my parents found out I was born with pyrokinesis, they have been worried I would be uncontrollable. They banned me from ever using my powers as I grew up. It’s safer that way.

My power isn’t the only thing that has affected me but also my family. To help me contain my powers and not feeling left out, they stopped using their powers as well. It made me a little better knowing I’m not the only one forbidden to use my gift. Although it does upset me they got rid of their gifts because of me. I told them it’s no big deal and they can use their powers but Mom insisted they keep them hidden.

I know better than to use the fire in public . . . when I’m not in costume of course. I still love my parents but I need to let my powers free. And what better use for them than destroying half the city? I’d say they’re partly the reason why I became a villain, which they are oblivious about, surprisingly. But there is one other reason why I chose the path I did.

I hate locking my powers in a cage and burying them deep within me. It’s not who I am. Eventually I snapped and started to sneak out at night to experiment with the flames. That wasn’t enough so I created a disguise- the same one I’m wearing now- and fought. I quite enjoy it actually, creating havoc across the city.

“Whatcha working on?”

“Studying for the test tomorrow.”

“Good, you need to pick up the grades if you want to graduate.”

I may not be the best student in school but at least I’m trying, right? Of course not. I could give two shits about school. After I’m completely high school, I’m moving away where no one can find me and I’ll be doing as I please, with no one ordering me what to do.

“I know, Mom. I promise I won’t fail you.” Like I haven’t done that for the past four years.

“I know you won’t. I just want you to get a good job to survive on your own.”

If only she knew.

“Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes.”


She leaves, closing the door behind her. I sigh with relief. I almost got caught again. I hate lying to her but ever since I became a member of the villain group, lying became second nature. I just hope she’ll understand my choices when the time comes of discovering that I’m a villain, and this is the life that I chose.

If anything, she probably wants me to be a hero instead. Sometimes I wish that but I prefer being the bad guy. No one has expectations for the bad guys. While heroes are expected to save the day or else they would be a let down.

I set my pencil down gazing towards the window where I came from. At least having my window open is normal. Mom never questions anymore since I always have it open. I mean it does feel nice when a breeze enters, defeating the stuffiness.

I get up and head to the dining room where I smell Mom’s famous chicken casserole. I inhale the delicious scent when my stomach growls. I sit in my usual spot next to Tyler on my left and Mom on my right, who takes the end seat of the table. Mom places the food in the center of the table and Yolanda, my younger sister, starts digging in.

“I never knew we lived with an animal,” I joke. She glares at me, flipping me off. Mom smacks her head and Dad scolds her.

“Language,” he warns.

“Sorry,” she mutters, not really meaning it.

You will pay for that, she says in my mind. I smirk knowing she won’t. The rest of us dig in our dinner with the tv playing in the background.

“The villains are becoming more dangerous,” Dad states, taking a fork full of casserole.

“I know, it’s very scary,” Mom comments.

“When you two go out,” Dad says, pointing to Yolanda and I, “Stay with someone and do not wander off. When you’re caught up in an attack, find a hiding spot immediately.”

“Yes, Dad,” Yolanda says.

“I know,” I state.

There was an attack, done by me and my gang, at the West Tron Movie Theater. The building got destroyed when my friends started trashing the place and breaking the walls, a few people were injured by Invisly, my invisible friend. She’s done damage by punching and scratching them. She even pushed someone down the stairs before chaos had erupted.

I made sure everyone was out before I set the fire. What I mean by that is throwing fireballs at them in a hurry. I never want to kill anyone. Even though I’m a villain, I have my limits. I could care less if the others killed someone but not me. I couldn’t live with myself if I killed people for fun.

I glance at the TV to the theater in flames and everyone rushing out. In the top corner of the screen, I see my best friend transporting us to another place. It’s not noticeable, thank goodness. I’m surprised my parents haven’t caught on, unless they have and aren’t saying anything . . . but I doubt it.

“It’s a shame. The theater was really good, too.”

I stifle a grin. I averted my eyes to my food.

“I remember that was our first date,” Mom said.

“I remember all right.” Yolanda and I cringe at their personal life.

“No one needs to know,” Yolanda jumps in.

“Tess, don’t play with your food,” Mom orders. Tess is the baby of the family. She’s six years old and can be very moody at times.

“Make me!” she states.

I stifle a chuckle, Yolanda looks away smiling, and Tyler . . . I don’t know about him. He’s probably dreaming whatever nine year old boys dream about. While my parents are dealing with her I focus on anything else. I don’t want to be ap-

“Jasper, deal with her,” Mom ordered.

“Tess, you need to eat,” I say, gently.


“Why not?”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You need to eat.”

“But I’m not hungry.” I take a bite of my food while smiling.

“If you eat your food, I’ll take you somewhere of your choosing.”

I sense my parents scolding me by my choice but if it’s going to get her to eat, it’ll have to do. “What about your studying?” Mom asks, eyeing me.

“I’ll do that afterwards. But you need to eat everything or else,” I direct my attention to Tess. She sticks her tongue out but proceeds to eat. “You’re welcome,” I said directly to my parents.

“You need to make time for studying.”

“I will, Mom, don’t worry.”

“You better.”

When we finished, I helped clean up the dinner table. Yolanda and Mom did the dishes while Tess and I got ready to leave.

“Don’t be too late,” Dad calls as we leave out the door.

“We won’t.”

“And be careful!” Mom yells as we close the door.

“Alrighty, Tess, where are you thinking of going?”

“Superion Park!” she jumps in the air. Of course. The government of Crimmore declared a playground to represent the heroes of the city. Of course, naming it would be difficult to represent all heroes, right? Wrong. They named it after the one and only, Superion. He’s our biggest rival. Everybody praises him, even more than the rest of the gang.

But, to keep her happy, I drove her to the park even if I despise it.

I gave her my phone to put on music for the ride. “Raging in Darkness” by Clarine fills the car.

“Good choice.”

We sing along to the lyrics as we pass town. I know the lyrics off by heart but Tess knows a bit of the chorus, which is fine. She doesn’t know what the lyrics mean but as long as she enjoys it. We jam with the music blaring.

I pull into the parking lot seeing kids run everywhere. I shut the car off, turning to Tess beaming in her seat. “Ready to go?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course I am!”

I chuckle getting out of the vehicle. She rushes out the vehicle running towards the park where hundreds of other children are playing. I follow her to the swings. “Jazzy, push me.”

“What do you say?”


I chuckle at her cuteness. “Yes I can.” I grip the sides of the plastic swing and let go. I push her as she’s laughing.

“I’m flying!”

“Yes you are!”

I watch as her hair flies forward and back and her legs are pumping. I stop pushing her moving to the side so I won’t get hit.

She starts to slow down, dragging her feet on the wood chips. She grabs onto my hand and drags me towards the tire swing. I help her on it and I sit across from her, holding onto her for safety. We rock back and forth listening to her stories about school.

“There’s this one kid who keeps bothering me.”

“Oh, who is this kid?”

“His name is Bryan.”

“What’s this Bryan doing that’s irritating you?”

“He keeps stealing my stuff, calling me names, and always chases me,” she complains.

“Oh? Well, have you told the teacher?”

She nods her head. “I told her but all she does is talk to him but nothing else. He’s still bothering me.”

“I’ll tell you something. Just ignore him. If he’s still bothering you, tell him that your big strong brother will come talk to him. How’s that?”

“Yeah. I like that.”

“Good.” I poke her in the side. “No one messes with my little sister.” She giggles.

“Look, over there!” some kid yells.

“They’re here!” another one yells.

Soon enough every kid is running towards something. Tess and I look in the direction where every kid and their parents are running in the field towards . . . Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Superion, Trenton, and Drone waving to the kids.

“Fuck,” I mutter. The tire swing jiggles. Looking back Tess is climbing off then walks towards them. I quickly get out taking a tumble before getting up and following Tess.


She looks back. “What are you doing?”

“Going to see what’s going on.” She proceeds to walk towards the crowd. I follow her staying close so I wouldn’t lose her. As we draw closer I hear the familiar voice of Superion. I internally glare in their direction.

“Jazzy, I can’t see.”

“Get on my back.” I crouch to her level. Once she’s on I stand. “Better?”


One kid asked a question but I couldn’t hear from the back. “Well, I swooped in to save a poor woman who was face to face with Merlain,” Drone started.

“Who’s Merlain again?” Tess whispers in my ear. I shrug my shoulders pretending to not know.

“Isn’t Merlain the guy who has fire powers?” one kid asks. I snickered. Tess smacks me and scolds me.

“No, that’s Blaze. Merlain is the one who teleports through portals,” Trenton briefly explains. The kids are fascinated by their stories. I don’t blame them, though. They’re too young to understand the real reason. I don’t know the real reason myself. I just fight and live my life.

I zoned out until Tess hit my head.


“They’re signing their names.”

Great. Of course they’d be signing autographs. “Would you like one?”

“Yes.” I set her down. “Stay right here, do not go anywhere.”

“Where are you going?”

“To get a piece of paper.” I ran back to my car. I hate leaving my six year old sister in the park alone with strangers. I scurry through my compartment beside the driver and passenger seat. Finding a pad. I rip off a piece of paper and pen and run back, locking the door behind me. I sprint back to my sister near the back of the line that was formed while I was gone.

I hand her the paper and she squeals in excitement. My phone buzzes in my pocket. Mom wanted to know when we’ll return. I reply that we’re in line for an autograph signing with the heroes.

She thought it was great for us but I explained it was for Tess. Still she thought it was sweet. Tess pulls on my shirt when we’re next in line. The three of them are in deep conversation with the two kids while signing. The kids waved goodbye and I nudged Tess to them. She walks up to them as they kneel down to her height.

“Hello, what is your name?” Superion asks.


“What a cute name,” Trenton replies. Tess hands Superion the pen and paper. Superion handed the pen and paper to Trenton, who handed it to Drone after signing it. I stood off to the side.

It’s painfully hard to be so close to my enemy and unable to rip them to shreds. I cross my arms over my chest and grips my shirt hard as I feel fire brimming the surface of my hand but I stay in control. I can’t lash out now.

I tap my fingers on my side.

The three of them chatted like they’re close friends. I wasn’t paying too much attention until Tess called my name. I snapped out of it. “Let’s see.” I crouch down and she shows me the autograph. Superion’s handwriting looks vaguely familiar, like I’ve seen it somewhere. I shrug it off. It’s not that important anyways.

“Wow, are you going to show mom and dad?”


“Well, let’s go show them.”

We walked back to the car. We drove in silence since she couldn’t stop gazing at the paper. “I’m going to frame it and hang it up in my room.”


“Hmm.” I look in the mirror to her nodding her head.

I pull in the driveway. Tess bursts out of the car before I had time to kill the engine. When I entered, mom and dad were looking at her autographs.

“Wow, that’s awesome!” mom exclaims. “Let’s hang it up, shall we?”

“You are one lucky girl,” dad says.

“Hey, I’m going to study,” I called back.

“Okay, honey,” mom called.

I close the door and lock it. I sit down at my desk and study for the test tomorrow.

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