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Growing up with a different name, breaking through tough obstacles and facing death a time or two. Roxy has had a very rough but action filled life. Will she finally uncover the truth buried beneath the lies? Follow Roxy through her life story of figuring out who she really is. This story started off on Wattpad and is now available for purchase in paperback and kindle ebook on Amazon :)

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Chapter 1


It was Saturday morning when I woke up. The sun was shining bright through my window, I groaned while rolling over, my back now turned towards the window. I looked over at my clock on the little table by the bed and it read 8:35 a.m. Geez why so early? I took the thin and torn up quilt and pulled over my head to try and go back to sleep. My eyes opened again when I heard laughing and talking coming from downstairs.

I slowly got up out of bed and walked out to the staircase and peaked my head around the corner. My parents and siblings were all the the dining table eating a big breakfast and laughing. I wouldn't exactly say I'm surprised, I've lived this all my life. I'm the outcast of the family.

Everyone in my family has either dark brown or black hair and I have blonde. My mom drops me off to the salon every 6 week to get my hair "trimmed" when I've learned by now it's to get my hair bleached, but then I'm forced to walk 30 minutes back to my house.

The big rule in this house is, "Avery isn't aloud to eat unless everyone else is out of the kitchen." It sucks really, a lot of the time there's really no food in the kitchen, so I'm stuck stealing from the local gas station.

If I get yelled at I'm not aloud to respond or else I get punished. It's not a perfect life, but it's what I've got. At least I've got a roof over my head, and clothes on my back, although some of the things I own are not in the best of shape.

I was brought out of my day dreaming when the door bell rang. I ran downstairs and opened it, there was Uncle Rei looking down at me with a big welcoming smile.

"There's my favorite little lady bug." He said while walking in to hug me. I returned the hug and hoped the feeling could last forever. Uncle Rei is the only one who seems to care about me, so when he's around I soak up the feeling of happiness as much as possible.

Uncle Rei pulled from the hug and looked at me. "Now last I recall a special someone's birthday is coming up." I giggled and nodded my head. In a few weeks I'm turning 15, Uncle Rei has always talked about telling me what he's getting me for my 16th birthday when it gets close to my 15th birthday so I have something to look forward to. I know he knows things aren't the best around here.

I have a small amount of hatred towards him though, if he knows I'm living through this, why doesn't he just go to the police or try to adopt me?

I'm sure he has good intentions as to why he can't adopt me. That's why I've never bought it up to him, I don't want to make him feel guilty.

"Lady bug?" He brought me out of my thoughts once again. I was startled by his voice.

"Huh, sorry I zoned out Uncle Rei, I just woke up not long ago." I rubbed my eyes still trying to wake up.

"Well I think it's about time I tell you what you'll be getting for your 16th birthday."

"Oooo tell me uncle Rei please, please, please." I pleaded while bouncing on the balls of my feet. Uncle Rei chuckled at my excitement.

"Well lady bug, you know what you turn 16 you can start driving. My special gift to you is going to be a one of a kind Mustang. I know you've always liked my cars that I drive in, so I figured I'd get you your own."

I was in awe, I just stared at Uncle Rei forever. Did he actually say he was getting me one of a kind car? I smile started creeping up on my face and I jumped to hug Uncle Rei again. He laughed and hugged me back.

When I pulled back once again, I was startled by my dads voice. "Avery back to your room, I don't want to see you out here. Rei, good to see you." I looked up at Uncle Rei hoping he'd stand up for me, he's done it a few times before.

He didn't though, he just looked down at me, I saw part a little bit of fear in his eyes and he just patted my shoulder lightly. I knew he wouldn't stand up for me, he's scared of my dad most of the time.

I just put my head down and began walking up to my room and closed my door to just lay in my bed. I barely heard voices downstairs so I wasn't really able to hear anything being said. I hate not being able to join in on family conversations, but nothing is going to change.

I wonder how long Uncle Rei is going to be staying, I love his presence, he's the only one that actually talks to me. He doesn't treat me like burden or a nobody, he treats me like I'm somebody and not some house maid that can't even interact with the people of the house.

I ended up drifting off to sleep from just laying there in my bed.

When I woke up I noticed my blanket over me, either I did it or Uncle Rei came up here. It was dark outside, I knew everyone was probably asleep. I got up out of bed and headed to the kitchen to find something to eat beings I haven't eaten anything yet.

Uncle Rei was sitting there in the kitchen eating some toast, with his coke on the counter while on his laptop.

I'm not exactly sure what he does for a living, but I know he makes good money. If it wasn't for him it wouldn't have the few decent clothes that I have. All the others are just hand-me-downs from my siblings. Several with stains and holes in them but I can't really complain. at least I have clothes.

"You hungry lady bug? I can fix you up and sandwich if you'd like." I looked up and Uncle Rei and smiled. I nodded my head and walked over to him to help him get the stuff out.

He handed me the sandwich and patted my shoulder before walking back over to his computer to continue working. "Thank you Uncle Rei." He looked up at me a smiled.

"Anything for my lady bug." I returned the smile and went back to eating.

When I finished eating my sandwich I went around and cleaned up a little bit. Uncle Rei helped with the dishes to try and help be quiet, it was also because I can't reach the top shelf. Being only 5'5 doesn't help when getting to tall places. The last time Uncle Rei took me to the doctor they said I was done growing.

When I finished my chores I went and took a quick shower and went and laid in my bed. I stared at the ceiling like I do every night and just dreamed about things if they could be better. After some time I finally drifted off to sleep.
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