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Chapter 10


6 Months Later...

6 months... it's been 6 months since I've last heard anything on Roxy. The last bit of information I got was when dad told me that a guy who runs an underground fighting center called saying he has her. It's driving me completely insane not knowing If she's okay or not. I will admit though, at least I know she will be building up strength with that Ian guy. Dad said he's trustworthy. I just hope she doesn't get hurt.

Working up to be the next heir has been exhausting, but I think it's mainly over me stressing about Roxy. I've been working with the guys to get use to idea of running the company. I'm constantly leaving the house early in the day and going to the main building we own. We own a series of hotels and casinos, as well as a few bars and clubs locally around Los Angeles but dad is taking it kinda slow right now and letting me get use to the main building.

It's a lot of work that's for sure. Keep up with the stock of the bars and clubs, to people checking in at the hotels and running the casinos. The main building is a hotel and casino all in one. Late nights working in the office with my dad, we usually crash in the penthouse.

I have to be the best, my dad has worked hard to get where he's at in this dark world, he's feared but well respected and I plan on being the same way.


Training at the underground has been a lot of work. I do feel myself becoming stronger though. These 6 months I've made amazing friends with everyone here, I'm still able to live somewhat like a teenager while working. Ian lets us go out and do stuff like normal people would. Shopping, seeing movies, laser tag, paintball, going to the zoo. We just have a curfew and we can't cause any trouble.

I've gotten really close to Liam, I can tell he likes me. Well he's told me before, I just don't think I can let myself date anyone. I'm too scared to get that attached to someone. I just open up enough to get the comfort of being welcomed by others.

Within the next 6 months or so I'll be fighting, as well as learning to fight. I'll be working with both Ian and Liam on that. I saw Liam in his first fight and he did well. I just hope I'll be capable holding my ground. Everyone looked like they were out to kill in the ring.

There was a knock at the door, bringing me out of my thoughts.

"Come in." The door opened and Chloe and Rubin were there. I smiled and they walked in. I've become really close with the two girls. Chloe and Eli started dating so usually when we're together, just us girls, we tease her about it. He treats her well and that's all that matters. They usually bring up me and Liam but I change the subject most of the time. I don't want to think of anything more than friends with him, sure I like him, but I don't want to end up hurting him.

"Girls night in Avery's room tonight." Chloe squealed while plopping on my bed next to me. We all just laughed.

"Well what do we have planned then?" Me and Rubin looked at Chloe, she's the only one who gets excited about these things, of course all love hanging out with each other, but Chloe always has things planned for us to do.

"Well I thought we could talk about what the hell is going on with you and Liam, I mean seriously you can feel the attraction between you two a mile away." I rolled my eyes at Chloe's comment.

"She's got a point Ave, he treats you like a princess, and he's always there to protect you if something happens during training. He couldn't hurt a hair on your body while teaching you to fight." Rubin was cut off by Chloe.

"Ooooo he protect." Rubin glared at Chloe for cutting her off and I laugh. She finally turns her attention back to me.

"Plus if Josh or Eli mention you and he doesn't like what they say, even if it's a joke he's ready to murder them." Chloe jumps in once again

"But most importantly, he attack." Me and Rubin both look at Chloe raising a brow, giving her a judgmental look. Before too long we all broke into laughter. Goodness this girl is something.

"Why don't we talk about you and Eli? Since you all are an actual couple." I suggested, but I get a judgmental look back from Chloe.

"Okay but you and Liam are much more exciting. Like Romeo and Juliet, but it's also like a mystery. Are they going to get together? Are they not?" I just looked at Chloe and rolled my eyes.

"Come on Ave, you can't say you haven't thought about kissing him." Both Rubin and Chloe were giving me a questioning look, expecting an immediate answer. I see they're growing impatient.

"That doesn't matter, let's jus-." I was cut off by Rubin before I got the chance the change the subject,

"Uh-uh, nope, not changing the subject sugar bear. Have you ever thought about kissing Liam?" I hesitated, then groaned.

"Fine if I answer the question will you all leave me alone about it?" I asked sternly, I'm not trying to be mean but it does get kind of annoying.

"Yes" Rubin stated

"Maybe?" Chloe said questioningly, I raised my brow at her challengingly.

She sighed. "Fine, I promise." Then rolled her eyes.

I took a deep breathe and honestly thought about it. "Yea, I have thought about kissing him, but it's not going to happen. Now can we please just leave this alone? Find something else to talk about." The girls got excited, I even heard Rubin squeal a little, and that's not like Rubin. But they finally calmed down.

We talked for the rest of the night, just about typical girl stuff and a little bit about our past. I still didn't talk much about mine, but I think they understand. It's good to finally have people to talk to.

Eventually Rubin popped in a movie and we fell asleep not even half way through.
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