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Chapter 11


Morning rolled around and my alarm clock went off. I had fun with spending time with the girls this weekend, no boys, and no Liam. I'm not mad at him or anything, but I'll admit with the girls, the attraction is there. I won't tell them that though. They'll be try playing around to get us to start dating, more Chloe than Rubin.

I got up and changed. A sports bra and a pair of running shorts, my body is really getting toned up so I'm more confident with it. I place my hair up in a high pony tail and walked downstairs. I grabbed an orange from the bowl on the counter and ate it.

"Well if it isn't my favorite little cinnamon bun." I heard Josh's voice as he came walking up next to where I was sitting. I heard a slapping noise and looked to his right and saw Liam glaring at Josh for his comment. Josh rubbed his shoulder as if Liam's slap really hurt. I laughed and began pulling apart the orange slices and eating them. I stood up and starting walking to the gym area.

"Guess who you'll be fighting today?" Josh said practically skipping up next to me as I continued walking. I stopped and gave him a questioning and yet judgmental look. He laughed.

"It's me princess." He said with so much confidence, I saw Liam staring daggers at him. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Awe how sweet, a chance to finally beat your ass." I said with confidence. Josh's eyes widened with surprise. Then smirked.

"Wow, someone's feisty today, ya know, you should be like that more often. It's kinda hot." I rolled my eyes at his comment. Liams glare got more deadly looking.

"In your wildest dreams loverboy." I flipped my ponytail in Josh's face and turned towards Liam and smiled at him. I caught him laughing at my comment.

"Awww, how cute. Romeo and Juliet up early this morning to get sometime together. Oh and the other one." Rubin said while coming downstairs with Chloe and Eli following along.

"Ouch Ruby, you hurt my feelings." Josh grabbed his chest dramatically. We all rolled our eyes at him.

"It's Rubin dumbass." Rubin snapped at Josh and he just laughed. It's obvious we've all become really close to one another.

We heard a door close and we all looked to where the sound came from. Ian was walking out of his office and over to us.

"Come on get your lazy asses training. Liam, Josh, and Avery, the boxing ring." We all nodded and headed over to the ring. Liam took my hands and wrapped them.

"Okay Avery, you'll be fighting Josh today." Ian looked up at Josh who was already standing in the ring wrapping his hands. "Josh, be nice, or I'll let Liam take care of you. She's just starting off." Josh nodded at Liam but looked at me and smirked. Weirdo.

"Avery, were going to take it slow, it's only your first week actually fighting. I'm going to teach you more moves next week, just this week I want you to focus on what you already know. Try to get Josh to the ground and hold him down for at least 5 seconds." I nodded, the proceeded to hop in the ring with Josh.

Me and Josh got into our stances and waiting for Ian to blow the whistle. We anticipated in the ring by walking around in a circle almost like tango dancers. I would occasionally see Josh smirk at me.

*whistle blows*

"Avery, go after the jaw." I heard Ian's command and went straight for Josh's jaw. He dodged it, he followed the same move but I ducked under his arm, an advantage to being short. We anticipated again, waiting for the next whistle blow. This isn't how things are going to go in the ring but we're just testing what I know to see what I need to work on today, later in the week Ian is going to let me do freewill.

*whistle blows*

"Avery upper cut in the chest area, If he's weak, knee his head or gut." I quickly uppercut punched him in the stomach chest area and he groaned bending over. I then quickly took his head and slammed it into my knee. He fell back to the ground holding his face rolling.


Ian and Liam counted while hitting the ring floor. Once they hit five Josh removed his hand from his face and there was blood coming from his nose and lip.

"Josh!!" I quickly ran over to him. "I'm so sorry, Liam hand me the towel please." Liam quickly handed me the towel and I placed it on Josh's nose making sure he doesn't lean his head backwards. With the end of the towel I try cleaning his lip.

I finally help him up and I remove the towel, the once white towel now has blood patches on it. There was blood sitting above his mouth so I take a clean side of the towel and clean it up, his nose had stopped bleeding. I looked up and made eye contact with him. He smiled.

"What?" I raised a brow at him while asking.

"Nothing, but at least I now know you care about me, my favorite little cinnamon bun." He joked. I rolled my eyes in annoyance to his joke and let him fall back down on the ground. How can he joke around when I almost broke his nose, I'm surprised he doesn't hate me for it.

"Hey Avery, look at me." He lowered his voice and sounded serious, I looked down at him making eye contact with him again. "I'm not mad, these things are expected, but you really caught me off guard. I didn't think someone as tiny as you could be so powerful." And he's back, I laughed, relieved he wasn't mad at me.

"Awe, see there's special little laugh of yours I love." I rolled my eyes.

"Okay that's enough. Josh go get cleaned up. Avery lets at least go run on the treadmill to work on your stamina." Liam spoke up. I got out of the boxing ring and handed the bloody towel to Josh just in case his nose decided to bleed again. Ian patted my back as I walked over to the treadmills with Liam. If I'm being honest, I think he got a little jealous back there, or maybe I'm just overthinking things.

After about a good 25 minute run, we got off the treadmills and went to the cafeteria to go on ahead and eat dinner. Liam was kinda quiet as he sat across from me as I ate the spaghetti.

"You've been really quiet Liam. Is everything okay?" I questioned him. He looked up at me and took a big breath.

"Can I ask you something? And promise not to get mad?" I raised a brow at his question. I hate when people ask that stupid question.

"Liam you can ask me anything." He took another breath.

"Do... do you... have feelings for Josh?" He put his head down after asking me that question. Aww he was shy to ask me, that's so adorable.

"No, I don't have feelings for him. He's an idiot, but I definitely see him more as a brother." I responded to his question and he looked back up at me with a little spark in his eyes.

"What about me? Do you have feelings for me?" His question caught me off guard.

"I-." He cut me off by placing a finger a finger over my mouth.

"Hear me out first." He hesitated once again. "If I'm going to be honest, I've liked you since I first saw you, the night you came here. I was back in the storage room when I heard Ian talking to you so I peaked out and saw you. Then you bumped into me right after your first day of training and I don't know, call it corny but I felt something click between us. Then hearing Josh calling you cute nicknames and hearing you laugh at him and not me, makes my blood boil. I should be the one making you laugh, to hear that beautiful laugh of yours and see that beautiful smile. I overheard a conversation with Chloe and Rubin talking about how you don't really date, you're scared you're going to hurt me, or you don't want to be hurt yourself. Avery, will you please give me a chance? To take you on cute romantic dates? To be able to call you mine? To treat you right? To be the reason for your happiness?" He stopped and placed his hands on top of mine on the table. I held my breath and felt little butterflies in my stomach with his touch. I stare at our hands touching.

"Tell me avery, do you feel the same way I do when you look into my eyes or feel my touch? The little butterflies that fly around in your stomach and the electricity that runs through your blood?" He moved his gaze to find mine. I looked up at him and hesitated.

"I-... I do feel the same." I stare into his eyes and see a spark, but the spark immediately fades when he's noticed I'm hesitating, it turns into worry.

"I'll give you.. I mean us, a chance." I looked down while I spoke, but immediately looked up and met Liams eyes. They sparkled and showed what looked like, love? Happiness? I'm not sure but it looks good on him.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. He began to stroke his thump on the top of my hand he recently placed into his.

"Friday night, After training, I'm taking you out on a date." I smiled and nodded my head. He returned the smiled and we both decided to get up and headed to our rooms. We stopped in front of mine.

"Goodnight Avery." He said with a smiled, damn his smile is so cute and contagious. His perfectly straight and white teeth, and his dimples, are the cutest thing ever. I find myself smiling back at him.

"Goodnight Liam." I walked into my room and got ready for bed.

I laid in my bed after my shower and thought about what happened. Damn, I really have my first boyfriend, and my first date this Friday. The idea gave me butterflies in my stomach, but I like the feeling. It's.. happy.
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