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Chapter 14


Averys been out of surgery for a few hours now and she has yet to wake up. The others went home besides me and Liam. He's been by her side besides when she went back for surgery, but even then he tried going back there with her.

After hearing the snapping sound of Avery's leg at the match and her screams I immediately ran up to her along side Liam. I've never been more scared in my life. I knew she would be fine but the way she screamed could send chills throughout your whole body.

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard movement. Liam was getting up to go out the door. He seemed, mad?

"Hey kid, where are you going?" He stopped at the door before turning around.

"I thought you were asleep." I raised a brow at him.

"What's going on kid? I figured you'd want to stay here with your girlfriend, and don't try to change the subject." I spoke sternly to him, I know he'll have no choice to respond now. I noticed he took a deep breath and put his head down.

"I'm just going to go back and check on the others, call me if she wakes up." I could tell he was lying, but I didn't push anything. I didn't want to cause a scene here at the hospital. Speaking of bringing Avery to the hospital, we came up the excuse that she got hurt at the at home gym. I had to sign the paper work under my name. The poor girls ACL is torn, she won't be able to fight for us anymore. She will be more than welcome to stay with us as long as she wants though.

Typically I wouldn't allow that, but I've practically raised her the past 3 years and I can pretty much say I consider her a daughter.

After the long day we've had I decided to lay my head back in the chair and sleep.


I lied to Ian, and I'm sure he could tell. He didn't push it though.

If I'm going to be honest, I only left out of there because I was mad at myself.

I wasn't there to protect, or comfort her when she needed me the most. She was in pain and I couldn't do anything about it. Seeing her in the hospital bed unconscious, killed me. I couldn't do anything for her. She was laying in that hospital bed because I couldn't protect her like I promised.

Yea I could've hollered to let her know his next move, but I didn't. I hate myself for it too. She could've probably dodged Sword's move and we wouldn't be here right now.

When I got back to the underground I dropped my bag off on the floor. I walked over to the punching bag and started hitting it. I kept hitting it until my knuckles started to bleed. I had built anger I needed to release.

I finally fell to the ground from exhaustion, tears streaming down my face. Everything hurts, my hands, my body, my head, my heart. Damnit!! Why couldn't I do anything?

After sitting in that spot for about 20 minutes I finally got up, grabbed my bag and went back to my room.

I went into the bathroom and hopped in the shower, I let the water burn my wounds. I just let it be like a punishment for not being able to help her. I can't feel the exact pain she went through, but seeing her and pain and the pain I feel now, is probably close to it.

I stayed in the shower until it turned ice cold, even then I stayed in for about another 15 minutes.

I finally got myself out of the shower and dried off. I wrapped the towel around my waist and grabbed my tooth brush to start brushing my teeth.

I rinsed and dried off my face. I went under the sink and grabbed a first aid kit and wrapped the wounds on my hands.

I went back to my bed room and grabbed a pair of boxers and a t-shirt and put them on. I crawled into bed and just laid there for awhile. I thought about the things I could've done and what I really need to do.

Of all my ideas it's going to involve hurting Avery, and I hate that more than anything. I don't deserve her though. I'll have to make her hate me in order for her to stay away.

I can just pack my stuff up tonight and leave first thing in the morning, before everyone wakes up. I'm not sure she will be coming back tomorrow morning. I can't really do this though, I've made a deal with Ian. For me to live here although I'm not a full time fighter, I have to work with Ian until this place gets shut down.

I could also just ignore and avoid her, which is really going to be hard. I don't think I could ever just ignore that girl. I'll decide on something in the morning.

All I know, is I have to do something to save her. My dad was killed and I couldn't do anything to save him, I couldn't even protect Avery at a stupid fight. I've even almost gotten myself killed a few times getting involved with the wrong people before Ian picked me up in an abandoned ally way beaten up. Wherever I am, trouble follows. I don't want to put Avery through it anymore.

It's been an exhausting day, and my minds not shutting up.

I'm constantly tossing in turning in bed until I feel somewhat comfortable.

My body finally gave up and I drifted off to sleep.
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