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Chapter 15


When I woke up and tried to move I had shooting pains down my right leg. I groaned in pain, I heard a voice.

"Avery, you're awake." I barely looked up, my vision blurry and I sorta make out who I think is Ian sitting in the chair next to the bed.

"What kind of medicine did they give you to make you sleep the entire time?" There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Ian responded, my vision cleared up a little more and I was able to see the doctor who just walked in.

"Ah, avery, you're awake." I gently nodded at the doctor.

"What did you all put her on, she's been out since surgery?" Ian decided to ask the doctor this time, which is good because I can't seem to actually get myself to open my mouth.

"We put her in a medically induced coma for about 24 hours, it seems it worn off some time before then. Did the nurse not tell you?" The doctor questioned Ian. I looked over at Ian and I see him thinking.

"Oh yea, that's right. She did, I'm sorry doctor. It was a rough night." Ian ribbed his head.

"No worries, I understand. Well Avery here seems like she can go back home. I'll send in the nurse to check her vital signs one more time and give her, her last dosage of pain medicine, i'll send in a prescription for some painkillers. She's going to need them." I barely heard the doctors orders but I saw Ian nod his head then turn to look at me and smile.

A few minutes later a nurse came in and took my blood pressure and stuff. Then she gave me my medicine. Before too long I will be heading back to the underground.


After another hour or so, and some paper work I was finally heading back to the under ground with Ian. A taxi pulled up and Ian helped me get in while holding my crutches. Ian had the taxi driver stop at the hotel a little bit away from the bar. I guess to not make it suspicious.

Ian patiently walked next to me as I hobbled along the side walk with my crutches. When we got into the bar we stopped at the stairs, I'm not quite sure how I'm going to get down the steep stairs with crutches.

Ian must've had the same idea because the next thing I know, he's picking me up bridal style while caring my crutches down the stairs. He made sure to be careful not to hurt my knee.

Once he got to the last stair he gently placed me on my one foot. Holding on to me so I don't fall over while gently placing the crutches under my arms. I hobbled through the gym area, with Ian next to me.

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I looked up and see Chloe. She sees me.

"Avery! You're back!" She shouted, she finished running down the stairs and over to me. She stopped before reaching me and gently hugged me. I gave her a faint laugh. Once she pulled away I heard other footsteps. I looked up and saw the others running towards me. They all quickly came up to me and gently hugged me.

"My little cinnamon bun is okay!" I hear Josh shout out as he squeezed past everyone, he looked at me and smiled. I gave him a faint smile and his smile vanished almost immediately.

"Where's my little spitfire at?" He questioned me. I took a deep breath.

"Tired, I'm tired. I just want to sleep honestly. My knee hurts." My voice sounded hoarse. There was worry in Josh's eyes.

"Why don't you eat something first Avery, then I'm sure one of them can help you up to your room." Ian suggested. I nodded. Josh and Eli quickly came to my sides and walked slowly next to me as I hobbled to the kitchen.

The boys helped me get seated. Josh sitting in a chair close to me so I can prop my legs on up his lap.

Chloe and Rubin came back with me some water, and some chicken tenders. I slowly ate the food, I didn't have much energy because of how tired I was. I wasn't really hungry either, but I ate to make the others feel better.

Once I was done eating the girls grabbed my trash and threw it away. I didn't have the energy to really talk to them so I just smiled at them.

Instead of Eli and Josh helping me up on my feet, Josh quickly picked me up bridal style and carried me to my room. Eli came in right behind him carrying my crutches. Chloe and Rubin following behind.

"Should one of us stay with you honey?" Rubin asked as Josh gently laid me in the bed and helped me get my shoe off and covered me up with my blanket. I shook my head at Rubin.

"Ave, Are you sure? I think someone should stay with you just in case. At least for the first day back here." Chloe sounded worried. I took a deep breath, my eyes were feeling heavy and I was fighting to stay awake. I finally found enough energy to answer Chloe with my eyes shut.

"I'll be fine, I promise." I said basically mumbling, my voice sounding worse than it did earlier. I guess they heard me because I started hearing footsteps leave out the door. I felt a hand placed gently on my shoulder and they began stroking their thumb against my skin. I didn't have the energy to react or open my eyes so I just let it happen.

"Rest up Avery, It's only my first time seeing you like this and I don't like it, I want my little spitfire again." I barely made out what Josh said. If I had the energy I would've laughed at his words. I felt a bit of cool air touch my shoulder when he removed his hand. I then felt the blanket covering over it.

Once I heard the door shut I fell into a deep sleep.
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