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Chapter 18


I walked for a few hours, daylight will be showing up soon. I made it to a bus stop. I waited there for a bus. I have enough money to last me awhile, but I'll need to find a job to keep some money rolling in.

About an hour later a bus showed up. I got on and sat down, there wasn't many people on, mainly people going into work or heading home from the their work shifts. I sat by the window and just stared out until I fell asleep.


I decided I need to at least go an apologize to Avery for shouting at her, maybe we can at least be friends. I can't sleep anyways.

I got out of my bed and put on a shirt. I walked down the hall to her room and knocked, there wasn't an answer. Obviously she's not going to answer, she's mad at you asshole.

I slowly opened the door and looked in.


"Avery?" I questioned. No answer.

I turned on the light. She's not here. The bathroom door is closed, maybe she's in there.

I walked over to the bathroom door and knocked. "Avery?" No response. Worry started building up. Where the hell is she?

"Avery!" I started to shout. My breathing started to pick up. When I turned around from the bathroom I saw a note on her bed. I picked it up, it read:

Dear family,

I love you all dearly, but I'm sorry I can't stay there. I feel like a burden and I just don't want to stay on freewill. I'm glad I made friends like you all, even though we've had our falling outs. I forgive you for everything that's happened. Please don't blame yourselves for me leaving, because it's my choice. You all will be fine without me. Please take care, and don't try to look for me. I'll be fine myself.

Avery Knightly.

NO! She... she can't leave!?

Damnit this is all my fault. My breathing is heavier and tears are streaming down my face. I'm mad, but at myself. I'm upset, but only because I can't change anything. I'm not mad at her and I never will be. She left because of me. I couldn't protect her at that fight, so she got hurt. Now she's gone and I'm not sure I'll ever see her again.

"Liam?" I looked up and saw Josh standing at the door. I just looked at him.

"You're awake." He sounded surprised. What's he hiding?

"Yea, I couldn't sleep. I came in here to apologize to Avery, but clearly she's gone." Angers taking over now, I get up off the bed and walk towards Josh. "What do you know?" He took a deep breath.

"She's been gone for about 2 hours now. I was there when she left, she only asked me to go with her." I'm mad, but at myself. I can't be mad at Josh because he just wanted to be there for Avery, I know he likes her more than a friend, but he never pushed his boundaries when I was with her.

I also can't be mad at Avery, I lied straight to her face the night before. She hates me, I'd be the last person she'd want to see. I guess I got what I wanted.

"You're not going to try and find her are you?" Damn I'm sure this kid can read my mind.

"Yea, I need to apologize." I tried walking past him but he stopped in front of me.

"I don't think that's the best idea Liam, you broke up with her. You hurt her. I was there to comfort her when you broke her heart. You're the LAST person she wants to see, if ever at all again. Her only request was that no one try to find her. Please, I know it's hard, but just leave her alone." I took a good look at Josh, he'd been crying. He sighed after speaking like he's just too exhausted to fight.

I relaxed myself and sighed.

"I guess you're right. She hates me anyways. Thank you for being there for her Josh. Also for putting your feelings aside for me to be able to date her." He looked up at me with a bit of hatred in his eyes. I know he's mad at me for that, I promised I'd take care of her, but I didn't. Josh would've treated her much better than I did.

"Mmhm." Was the only response I got out of Josh before we walked to his room. This is really going to kill everyone when they find out she'd gone. We'll be okay though. We lived here before her, we will survive with out her. It's what she'd want anyways.

I went back to my room and got in my drawer and pulled out the only picture of me and Avery. I laid back in my bed and just stared at it.

I'm sorry I hurt you Ave, I hope you'll do okay out there on your own. Find a guy that'll actually protect you no matter what.

What i'd do to see that beautiful smile of yours again though. Hopefully someone can make you smile like that or even more.

Tears started streaming down my face again thinking of all the good memories together. From our first date at the cafe and kissing under the rain. To when she was my biggest supporter at my first fight. Then me being the supportive boyfriend to her first fight. Damn I really fucked up. I really hope Ian won't be mad at me over this.

This what I wanted after all though. There's no changing it now.
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