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Chapter 2


"Boss?" Rei came walking into my dads office, he looked worried.

"Ah, Rei, you're back. How is she doing?" My dad turned around from looking outside the window, and walked towards Rei.

I looked back over to Rei, he had guilt and pain in his eyes and he slowly put his head down. He took a deep breathe before speaking again.

"Boss, she looks exhausted. They treat her like shit still. It kills me going in there and seeing her like that. I wish I could just take her." He spoke with his head down, his voice cracked towards the end, fighting back tears.

"Dad why can't we just rush into that place, kill everyone and take her back! They stole my sister from me!" I yelled at my father, it kills me knowing that my sister has been gone all this time. My dad has sent Rei in playing the uncle role to keep updates on her. He's the only cousin they don't know is related to us and he doesn't look anything like us, so they won't get suspicious. I will never understand why my own blood had to kidnap my sister from me, I was there when it happened and I've beaten myself up everyday knowing I saw them take her but I didn't do anything about it. She was 2 and I was 7 at the time. My parents constantly tell me it's not my fault, but part of me feels like it is, I feel like I could've done something to save her.

"Son, you are 19 now, you can't just barge in on a situation like that. You are to be the next heir of this business within the next 2 years. You need to learn to control your anger more." He paused for a moment before speaking again. "She's my daughter, she's a knight, she's strong. She will get through this and she will be back with us eventually. Plus you already know we can't just barge in there, they'll know we're coming. They'd kill her the moment they knew. It's best to wait it out, she's smart, she'll plan something." I dropped my head knowing my dad is right, I know she's strong, but I'm her older brother. It's my responsibility to be able to protect her.

"Rei, it's time you stop seeing her. I'll talk with James to see if he can get an officer to follow through with the plan. I'm sure they won't fight though." My eyes shot up, glaring at my dad. How dare he just stop getting updates on her.

"Uh sir?"


"Listen, both of you. The longer Rei goes to see her, the longer she'll stay there. Once she knows something has 'happened' to him, she will find a plan to get out of that place without getting caught. Both of you trust me on this, it'll work." I understand my dads point, but it'll kill me not getting frequent updates on her. If she's out of there we can just swoop in and bring her back here.

"But, here's the issue, we can't just go in and get her though. She'll have to live her life. When it's time for her to come back to us, she will. It maybe another 10 years, but she'll come back." I looked over at Rei who was just nodding his head in agreement. I sighed and just walked out of the office.

"Alessandro!" I heard my dad shout before I shut the door. I just ignored him.

I headed to the private weight room and got on the treadmill. These past several years I've really worked my way to building my body up and becoming skilled with using a gun. In this lifestyle you'll need it. I know when Roxy comes back it'll be my responsibility to teach her everything she needs to know.

My thoughts were interrupted when the door opened. Tyler came walking in.

"Running the anger out of your system again Al?" Tyler stood right next to the treadmill while I was running. I ended up shutting it down to a walk to cool off. All the guys my dad work with have sons, and I've become best friends with all of them.

"Just a stressful meeting with Rei and dad." I told Tyler while grabbing a towel and wiping my face of sweat. Tyler leaned against the treadmill.

"What happened?.....About Roxy again?" He asked hesitatingly, he knows the subject is sensitive to me.

"Basically dad wants Rei to stop keeping updates on Roxy, he feels she will finally get out of there if she finds out something has happened to him. Your dad is suppose to help them with it." Tyler was quiet for a moment before speaking again.

"I'm sure your dad has good intentions, and with my dad getting involved, everything will go as planned. If Roxy is anything like the rest of the knights, she'll survive, but come on your mom said dinner is done, might as well go eat." I stopped the treadmill and hoped off of it. Tyler patted me on the back as we walked out of the gym.

I headed to my room to get a shower before dinner. The hot water beating against my sore body helped relax me. Tyler has a point, everything should be fine. He always knows when something's wrong, I'm glad I've got a great friend like him.

After being in there for over 30 minutes thinking, I jumped out of the shower and got dressed.

When I got to the dining hall everyone was already sitting around eating. I grabbed a plate and sat down with everyone else.

After dinner I washed my plate instead of allowing the maids to do it, I need a distraction. My dad came up to me.

"Son I need you to come to my office once you are done. I have something to talk to you about." Oh boy, what is it that I did now? I just nodded my head and finished washing my dishes.

I walked to the office and my dad was standing there with 3 guys. When I shut the door they all looked at me.

"Son i'd like you to meet the parkers. This here is Mr. Johnathan Parker, and his sons Draven and Eric. His sons will be working for us, they're trained assassins." I looked over at the three guys. Johnathan was a little bit taller than all of us, and that's a lot to say for a guy that's 6'2. He looks about 50 something. The guy next to him, Draven I think, is about 6'4, not much shorter than his dad. He seems a bit younger than the other one, but he's a splitting image of his dad, all the way to the dark brown hair. The guy next to him seems to be Eric. His hair is medium brown color and pulled back in to a man bun. He seems about my age and just barely shorter than me.

"Nice to meet you all." I walked up to them and shook their hands. They seem loyal, but why does my dad need trained assassins? I looked over at him with a confused looked. He must've known what I was questioning.

"With you taking over in the next couple of years I want you to have the best of the best when you run the mafia. The two trained assassins I have didn't have any kids. Mr.parker here has been very loyal to us since we've started, I knew his sons were being trained to be skilled assassins so I hired them for you." I looked back at the two sons, hopefully they remain loyal.

I looked back over to my dad and nodded my head in approval. My dad nodded back and we continued talking about when my time is to be heir.

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