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Chapter 20


I got up the next morning and got showered. Isaac is coming over tonight to hang out to "get to know me." It was literally the only way I could get him to shut up last night. Maybe it won't be too bad.

I hopped out of the shower and put my hair up in the towel. I put on a nude color tank top with a pair of one of the only decent pair of jeans I have. I let my hair out of the towel and brushed it out. I decided to just let it air dry. I'm just going shopping for jeans, not like I have anyone to impress.

I walked out of the bathroom and put on my white sneakers and grabbed Josh's jacket. It's the only form of comfort I have right now being in a new place. I walked out the door and headed to the store.


I got back to my apartment and put the new jeans up. I went into the kitchen and made some toast.

Isaac is going to be up here soon, so I decided to go on ahead and put on a pair of shorts. I also put my hair up in a messy bun just to get it up.

There was a knock on the door and when I opened there stood Isaac with his dorky smile. He had glasses on this time. Cute.

"What are you my therapist?" I asked him as I turned around so he can come in. He closed the door behind him. He just laughed.

"I mean if that's what you want me to be." I turned around to see him wink at me. "So you want to order pizza? I'll pay for it." He offered.

"Yea but don't worry about it, I've got it." When I went to walk to my room to grab some money he grabbed my arm and turned me around.

"Don't think about paying for it, I've got it. You just order it. It's the least I can do since you kinda saved me yesterday and for putting up with me today." He let out a small chuckle. Is he... nervous all of a sudden? I look down and notice how close we are and slowly back away.

"I.. don't have a phone. Can I borrow yours?" I hate asking for things from other people, but I had no reason to have a phone while at the underground because my friend group lived with me. He gave me a questioning look before handing me his phone.

"Why don't you have a phone?" Shit, I can't tell him I didn't need one at the underground. He can't know that I did any of that. No one can, it's illegal. They'll get shut down and I could go to jail myself for getting myself involved. Think Avery, think.

"Umm, mine broke. I haven't had time to get a new one." I quickly found the number for the pizza place and called it. Isaac sat quietly on the couch as I finished the call.

"I can always get you a new one." My eyes snapped to him. He doesn't need to do that, I won't let him. I'll get one myself eventually. I handed him back his phone.

"That won't be necessary. Thanks for the offer though." Ugh, why has it all of a sudden become so hard to be a decent person. That probably came across really rude.


The pizza finally showed up and we ate in silence watching some T.V. Once we finished I grabbed our plates and the empty pizza box and threw it away. I came back into the living room and sat on the couch next to Isaac, but making sure there's some room between us.

"So, where do you work?" He asked me. How would he know I work? Wait a minute, Avery you're so stupid, of course he would know you work if you live on your own. I mentally face palmed myself over the question.

"The little cafe up the street, well, I start Friday."

"Really? I love that place. I usually go there when I've had a bad day after school, but I might start going more often since you work there." He looked at me and winked.

Don't get attached Avery, you need to stop hurting people. Just see him as someone you talk to sometimes, he's just really annoying.

"Well, what school do you go to? I don't think I've ever seen you at mine." Shit, I dropped out of school my freshman year after I ran away. Well I guess you can call it dropping out. Should I tell him? I mean it's not like I can get in trouble for not going to school now since I'm 18.

"I... um... I don't go to school." He gave me a questioning look.

"Oh, have you already graduated?" I hesitated.

"No, I dropped out my freshman year." I put my head down hoping he can't see the hurt little girl the still lies within me.

"Wait you can do that?"

"Not necessarily, some shit happened so I just dropped out. It's not big deal though. I'm 18 now so they can't force me to go back." I finally look back up at him and he's looking at me with questioning eyes, but he looks hesitant to ask.

"What... what about your parents? Where are they?" Did he just stutter?

"They're dead, no one in my family wanted me either, so I ran away. I guess." I lied, I know they're not dead, but he doesn't need to know that I ran away because they abused me. It would just cause a bigger problem along the way.

I was caught by surprise when he wrapped me in his arms for a hug. Damn how much I've been craving a hug, they remind me of Liams. I rolled my eyes at the thought of Liam. I will admit though, I hate him for cheating on me, but I do miss him. He wasn't just my boyfriend he was also my bestfriend. The thought of everyone back at the underground caused tears to stream down my face. Once Isaac pulled back I immediately tried wiping them away.

"Hey, look at me." Isaac took his finger and placed it under my chin to make me look at him. He gave me a faint smile.

"It's okay, you can cry around me, I'm not going to judge. Plus I know your life must've not been easy. I just want you to know I'm here when you need someone. Literally, I'm right below you." He laughed, yet sound so genuine. Can i really trust him, I'll have to keep the ordeal with the underground a secret. But I'll keep his offer in mind.

"Thank you" I sniffled, still wiping tears sways. "Same for you." We just exchanged smiles.

"Well I guess I'll let you be. It was really nice getting to know you Avery, especially since you're the only one around my age that lives at this place. Everyone is old." We laughed at his comment.

"You're welcome here anytime Isaac." I told him as we headed to the door.

"Aww am I already growing on you? Are we going to be besties and have sleep overs?" He said in a girly tone. I just rolled my eyes and laugh.

"Oh please, don't be so full of yourself." He laughed.

"Well, I had fun. Goodnight Avery."

"Me too, goodnight Isaac." He smiled and turned around and left. I closed the door and headed straight for bed.
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