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Chapter 21


The past three weeks working at the cafe haven't been terrible. The only bad things about it, is constantly talking to people and dealing with the rude ass customers. I mean seriously it's not my fault they put a piece of cheese on your burger when you asked for it. No I can't give you a refund on the food you already ate. Ugh, People are a trip.

My first day was probably the worst. I had an old lady yell at me for not filling her cup completely up to the rim of her cup. Then I had to run out a couple eating each other's faces in the back booth.

Isaac has came in a few times to eat lunch with me, he's not as bad nor as annoying as I thought he was. I'm still careful to not get extremely close, who knows if I have to run off again. Other than all the bad things everything has been pretty great.

I'm sitting at work right now waiting to go on my lunch break when I see Isaac walk in. Oh great, this boy is going to cause a scene like he has the past few times in here.

"Yo Avery, you ready to eat lunch with your favorite person ever!" Isaac shouted as he walked into the cafe, everyone stared at him then at me. Okay, he still has his annoying moments, but they're much more tolerable than expected.

I rolled my eyes while taking my apron off. Then I walked around the counter towards him.

"You want your usual Isaac?" Shelby asked, walking out from the kitchen. We both looked at her while I waited for Isaac to respond. When he didn't I looked up at him. He smirked. Oh boy, what does this crazy kid have in mind?

"Actually, we won't be eating here today. Come on Avery." He said while he grabbed my arm and started walking out the cafe.

"Umm, where are we going?"

"I figured we try something different for lunch today, there's a really good pizza place up the street." I groaned and continued to let him drag me along.


We reached the pizza place and ordered our food. I got a simple sausage pizza and Isaac got the meat lovers special.

The food came out and we began eating, Isaac has been more quiet than usual. Should I ask? No, I shouldn't bug him. He's probably just eating his pizza.

"Can I ask you something?" I froze while trying to take a bite of my pizza. Damn that question has always scared me. I finished taking a bite and nodded my head. Isaac hesitated, taking a deep breath before asking me. He seems nervous, oh no, don't tell me he's going to..

"Do you know if Shelby is single?" I about choked on my drink at his question. He likes Shelby? Never saw that coming.

"I'm not sure, she doesn't talk about anyone. So I guess she's-,"

"Can you please find out for me. I don't want to ask her out and look like an idiot that's a guys-," he spoke fast but his words was wondering where it didn't need to go, so I cut him off.

"Isaac, do you want to find out if she's single so you can ask her out?" He nodded to my question. "Then you talk to her yourself. A girl likes a guy who's straightforward, the worse that can happen is she has a boyfriend or she just doesn't like you. I'd say she does though, she's always shy around you. Now when we finish eating and get back to the cafe you're going to ask her, I'm not doing the dirty work for you." He put his head down but he started laughing not long after.

"What?" I questioned raising a brow at him. He continued to laugh.

"Nothing, just, I've never had a friend, especially a girl, be able to put me in my place like that. I like it, thank you Avery, it means a lot. You know what? I will ask her when we get back to the cafe." He smiled and I smiled back.

"Good, because if you didn't do it, you were going to be shit out of luck." He laughed again.

We finished our pizzas, we talked some, but mainly focused on eating. He paid the bill per usual, he never lets me pay. We walked out of the pizza place, Isaac stops me.

"Wasn't that black car at the cafe earlier?" I looked to where he was talking about and I noticed the black car. Honestly I've seen that car a lot here lately, is it following me?

"Avery?" Isaac snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Yea, it might be one of our customers at the cafe. I wouldn't think too much on it." Isaac continued to look at me with worry in his eyes. He finally started walking keeping me right next to him, I guess to be safe. I'm actually quite nervous about that car, I feel like it's been following me for the past week. I shouldn't think too much on it though.

We got back to the cafe, Isaac still not leaving my side for a moment. I think he's debating on talking to Shelby, I hope he does. I know she likes him, but I'm not going to tell him that, it's his responsibility to figure it out himself.

He didn't talk to her though, he went straight out the door. I turned to walk to the break room to put my apron on again when I heard the cafe door open again, it was Isaac.

"I'm picking you up at the end of your shift, I'm also staying with you tonight." I raised a brow at him, he must've knew what I was about to question because he continued.

"The car is sitting right outside the cafe. Text me when your ready to leave, and don't walk out of the cafe until I'm here." He spoke with a stern and demanding voice, something I'm not use to from Isaac. I'm closing tonight so Rachel and Shelby will be leaving earlier than me. I nodded to Isaac and he left.


My shift was over and I'm cleaning up the last few tables before Isaac shows up, the car finally left earlier, but I won't go against Isaacs word.

Once I walk back out of the kitchen after putting the supplies up, Isaac walked in.

"You ready." I nodded and shut the lights off as we walked out, locking the door behind me.

As we walked in silent, the sound of a car kept getting closer and closer. I looked behind us and there was the car. A person with common sense would've just kept walking, I on the other hand, stopped and looked at the car. I'm fed up, I want to know why this person is following us. Isaac noticed I stopped and stopped immediately as well. The car came to a stop and two men got out, they were people I knew. Jeremiah and Sword.

"Why are you all here? And why the hell are you following me?" I demanded, my voice dark. Isaac noticed the difference, he had a shocked look on his face. Jeremiah and Sword smirked.

"Well princess, for a special reason, we want you." I raised a brow at him as Jeremiah got extremely close to me.

"She's not going anywhere with you." Isaac demanded to Jeremiah, placing a hand on his shoulder. Jeremiah was much taller than Isaac, and bigger built. Jeremiah smirked.

"Aww, protecting your little girlfriend. I bet you don't even know who she really is, or what she's done before coming here." Isaac looked at me then back at Jeremiah trying to figure out what's going on. Sword in the back is now leaning against the car watching the situation unfold.

"Jeremiah leave it alone, I'm not going anywhere with you. Now leave us alone." My arms crossed over my chest, clearly he only sees me trying to demand him amusing.

"Sorry princess but you are coming with us whether you like it or not, must I also let you know that I told Sword you severely hurt so I could get you away from that Liam kid. I want you for myself." Isaac eyes were raging in anger at Jeremiah's words. My blood was now boiling.

Jeremiah looks at Isaac's hand that's still on his shoulder. Jeremiah took a swing at Isaac knocking him to the ground. Now I'm pissed, and my blood is boiling.

I swing at Jeremiah, knocking the breath out of him. Sword jumps in starting to fight me too. I'm constantly throwing punches at both of them and they're returning them.

I was finally able to punch Jeremiah enough to knock him out. I noticed a beer bottle on the side walk. I quickly ran over and grabbed it and quickly ran to Sword bashing his head with it.

Not only am I drenched in sweat, but I'm also covered in blood from both guys. I look to my right and see Isaac slowly trying to get up holding his stomach. I was caught off guard by the police sirens.

Quickly I grab Isaac and take off running to return Isaac back home. I need to leave, people I care about are constantly going to get hurt, but I'll leave in the morning. I'll need daylight to make sure I don't get into another mix up like tonight.
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