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Chapter 23


I walked out of the salon and down the street for about an hour or so. I stopped on the side walk on the other side of the road when I heard loud engines revving. It was coming for the other side of the privacy fence across the street.

I quickly crossed the street, checking both ways before crossing. I walked up to where one of the boards had a hole in it and peaked through. I immediately saw two cars taking off down a wide stretch. It looked like a dusty mess, even when they got on what looked like an abandoned road.

I looked around and saw guys standing around a certain car. It caught my attention as well.

Three of the guys moved and I was able to see a clear visual of the car. Oh my god, there's no way.

More moved over to the cars coming back down the stretch. It's... it's really the car uncle Rei was going to get me. The one he was killed over.

My anger started rising and I quickly marched into the junk yard. The cars were already back and the guy, who I assume won, was standing next to the mustang.

Guys we're surrounding him asking to race him for the car. The guy rejected everyone. I marched up to him, pushing my way through the crowd and stood right in front of him. My arms crossed in front of my chest.

"I'll race you for it." It was more of a demand than a suggestion. The man looked down at me and laughed.

"Go home little girl, this is no place for you to be." He spoke when laughing. My anger is still rising.

"Look bitch, you're going to race me. I'm going to win this car back." He rose a brow at me.

"Babe, watch the tone. Also, this car was never 'yours' in the first place, so how would you win it back?" The guys around us are clearly amused by the situation as they keep eyeing me.

"It is mine, and I'd be the one driving it if you didn't kill me uncle over it." He gave me a questioning look before busting out laughing.

"I've never killed anyone, and I definitely wouldn't do it over a car." He looked back at the mustang once again. "Except maybe this one." He brought his attention back to me.

"Race me. I win, I get the car. You win, you can have whatever you want." He looked like he was really thinking on it before a smirked showed up on his face.

"If I win, I want you. Let's head over to the cars." I took a deep breath and followed him over to the two cars that raced earlier. Damn I can't lose this race. Luckily for me, Ian taught me how to drive. Luckily Josh, taught me how to drift. So I might be a bit of a show off.

"You can have that car." He said while laughing. I looked at the old beat up car. It looked so bad you could barley pinpoint what kind of car it was. I sat in the car, turning on the engine. Waiting for the guy in the middle to drop the flag for take up.

One hand gripping at the wheel, the other on the gear shift. Let's hope this car doesn't fail me.

The guy between us raised up the flag. After what felt like forever of him holding it up, although it was only about 10 seconds. He dropped the flag and we were off.


I always go to the junk yard a few hours out of Los Angeles. I'm looking for a new car to race in. My dad knows I'm an illegal racer but he doesn't want the Knights knowing so I have to do it on the low.

When I got here today a guy pulled up in a nice one of a kind mustang. The thing was clean and fully decked out. Black on black with a custom package put on the engine. Which give it about 950 HP.

The guy currently isn't playing fair by racing everyone using a much better car than the one they use. I would chime in but I don't want to cause a stir up. I was focused on debating If was going to go home since that's the only decent car here but the guy isn't playing fair until Eric caught my attention.

"Hey, that girl has guts." He said blowing out the smoke from his cigarette. I don't know how he can do that shit, it disgusts me.

I looked over to what he was talking about. I could barely see her because of how short she is, but I saw her long jet black hair, along with her black jeans and leather jacket. She's really not backing down from a guy that's twice her size. Interesting.

I guess she talked him into racing her for the car because the started heading this way. Now that I'm able to get a full look at her face, she gorgeous.

"Haha, hey ya know Draven If you put a picture of Alessandro right next to her, she'd be the female version of him. Sounds like she has his attitude as well." I looked at him as he spoke. I thought his opinion was stupid until I looked back over to her. She was a bit closer now so I could really see her features, and damn.

Wait a minute...

Oh shit that is Roxy.

She casually got into the piece of shit of car and took off once the flag was dropped. The guy she was racing was a head of her by almost a car length. He does this shit on purpose. I almost can't watch this. I turned to start walking out of the junk yard when Eric caught my attention, yet again.

"Uhh Draven, you might want to see this." I turned back around and damn was he right, again. She must've shifted gears just right and gunned it because now she's ahead of him. She's heading to the turn about. Every person here has failed to shift the car right and drift to even give them a chance to win.

She was different though, as soon as she hit the marker she drifted perfectly. I stood there with an idiotic smirk on my face with my arms crossing over my chest. Eric knew I was impressed because he had a shitty ass grin on his face.

Before I knew it she's crossing the finish line, beating the guy. Honestly, he deserved it. He's been a dick the entire time.

Eric came walking over to me as I'm watching her get out of the car.

"Damn Draven just go over to her and get her number." He laughed.

"No" I said sternly, I probably should've been a little nicer about it, but we're not aloud to approach her.

"Awe why not, you afraid she's going to reject you? Come on we can at least go talk to her and congratulate her for beating that son of a bitch."

"We can't talk to her Eric."

"Why-" he paused looking over at her once again.

"Oh... oh shit that is her!"

"Shhh, damn it Eric, you're going to blow the cover. Let's just go." I told him as I began walking out of the junk yard.

"Ugh... fine." He huffed before following behind me.

Looks like I can let Alessandro know I've seen her. I'll just say we went out of town for a bit to go to my moms favorite cafe then took a walk and saw her racing in the junk yard. Which isn't a complete lie, my moms favorite cafe is in this area and we did see her race.

Hopefully he doesn't get too suspicious about me racing.
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