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Chapter 24


I shocked myself when I crossed the finish line with that guy following behind me. I decided to sit in the car until he crossed the finish line and came to a stop.

From the way this car sounds and the way it took off, there's no way this car should've won. This guy knew this car was a piece of shit that's why they had to use this one if they raced him.

I slowly got out of the car as the big group of guys came running over rambling on whatever, annoying the shit out of me though.

The guy gets out of his car, his head low with his long messy hair falling in front of his face. A look of defeat, a look on a person I've always enjoyed seeing.

I walked up to him and stopped, crossing my arms over my chest with a confident look on my face. He looked up at me, his face switching between defeat and anger. I stuck my hand out to him, palm facing up.

"Hand over the keys." He crossed his arms over his chest. Anger raging in his eyes.

"You cheated, race me again and the car is yours" I drew back my hand, crossing my arms back over my chest, standing up to the guy.

"There's no way to cheat with that piece of shit car without it falling apart. I just know how to drive it unlike these idiot. They raced once for that car and lost, I raced once for that car and I just happened to win. I won fairly now hand over the damn keys." He still had his arms crossed over his chest, glaring at me. He's not backing down either.

"I'm not giving the keys to a bitch who-" he was cut off by someone walking up to us.

"Give her the damn keys Bryant. She won fairly, don't be such a pussy because you got beat by a girl." A shorter man approached us. He was maybe 5'8, still taller than me. He was kinda scrawny built, short dirty blonde hair. His hands were stained black like he had been working on a car.

Bryant, I guess that's his name, handed me the keys. I walked past the short man and thanked him, he just nodded his head and gave me a small smile before going back to glaring at Bryant.

I walked over to the mustang, as I was about to open the door someone said something.

"Hey, you got a minute to talk?" I looked back and tall man with long jet black hair, half pulled into a bum in the back. Walked up to me. He put out his cigarette, he had a button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up and pair of jeans. He had a tattoo of a rose in black ink on his right forearm that really stood out on his dark tan skin.

"I guess I do." I threw a hint of attitude towards him, really I just want to get out of here. I heard him give a low chuckle. Now he's standing right in front of me, but at a respectful distance.

"Names Aiden, nice little run out there." I assume he has a natural rasp in his voice, probably from smoking. Is he serious? Did he just take his time to get my attention to just congratulate or compliment me? I mentally rolled my eyes.

"Thanks, names Avery. Was that all?" I saw a smirk form on his face.

"No, I train racers, I think you have potential." I raised a brow at him.

"Racers for what?"

"Illegal racing, you could make damn good money. I've been coming here the past few months trying to find someone else to train an manage but everyone has been lacking that special skill, you have it." I really thought about his deal. I really could use another good paying job, but I really don't want to get into another illegal stir up.

"Deal." Did my mouth say what I think it said? I shook my head and grabbed a piece of paper out of my backpack and a pen a wrote down my number. "Here, contact me when I need to start training and where. Now I have to.." I just now remembered I have no where to go. Shit.

He grabbed the paper from my hand and immediately put the number in his phone. He looked up at me with a questioning look. "Have to go where?" He looked at me like he can look right through me.

"I.. don't actually have anywhere to go." I sighed, fuck I need to get away from here but I can't go to far from where I'll be training.

"You don't have a place to live?" I just shook my head no. He went quiet for a minute, I could tell he was studying me.

"You can stay with my daughter." I raised a brow at him, what? "She lives not far from the track you'll be training and racing it, which is about an hour and a half from here. She has an apartment, I live not far from her." I nodded my head agreeing to living with his daughter. It'll have to do. "I just texted you the address, I'll meet you there, and I'll text her you're on your way." He put his phone in his pocket until he walked over to the Dodge Charger and got in, the engine roared before he drove off making the wheels squeal against the gravel.

I got in the mustang and turned the key to start the engine. The engine roared vibrating your chest, it was much more aggressive sounding than the charger. I put the address in the GPS on my phone and began driving to the apartment his daughter lives at.

Here I go again getting into illegal shit, maybe that's just what my destiny in life is.


I pulled up to an apartment complex, let's just say, it's a very nice apartment complex. I checked my phone for the apartment number and went up to the 4th floor to room 458. I knocked on the door, I know Aiden is here because I saw his charger in the parking lot.

A girl who looked like the female version of Aiden, opened the door. She's gorgeous. She has the same dark tan skin as her dad, she had short bright purple hair, nose and lip piercing, full sleeves on her arms of tattoos. I can tell this girl has a more dark vibe, I think I can get along with her, as long as she's not a bitch.

She saw me and smiled, "hi I'm Rebecca." She stuck her hand out to shake mine, I returned. Damn she has a very girly voice for her dark rebellious look. She seems nice. "Oh, come in, come in." She stepped outside of the way for me to walk in.

Her apartment was a mixture of grays and blacks, it was clean and organized. Her gray walls really complimented the black decorations. I saw Aiden walking out of the kitchen.

"Ah, you made it. I see you've met Rebecca, my daughter. I'll let you two be. Avery be ready for practice tomorrow at noon. Have Rebecca ride with you, she knows where to go." I nodded to Aiden and began looking around the apartment. It's so... nice.

"Well, make yourself at home. Are you hungry?" It's like she read my mind. I gave her a genuine smile and nodded my head. She smiled back and went into the kitchen to cook. "Why don't you go get showered, you seem like you've had a long day, and you've got a long day tomorrow. Food should be done by the time you come back. Oh and there's a bathroom in your bedroom. Down the small hallway and to the right. It's right across from mine." She gave me a small smile as I looked down the hallway she was talking about, I looked back at her.

"Thank you, for letting me stay, and well everything." She gave me a small laughed.

"It's no problem really." I smiled at her once more and headed to the room. This bedroom matches the theme of the rest of the apartment. Gray Walls. Black furniture, and a full sized bed with dark gray cotton sheets.

I placed my bag on the ground and unpacked my clothes. I grabbed the clothes I needed for bed. T-shirt and shorts should do.

I got in the shower and just soaked for awhile. Once I finished I got dressed, brushed my hair out and braided it. I headed back to the kitchen and Rebecca was already sitting down eating. She pushed a plate towards me and I sat down and ate with her.

We talked some, more of the basic questions for getting to know each other a little more since we will be living together. She's definitely a lot nicer than she looks.

Once I finished eating I went back into my room, brushed my teeth and went to bed. I have training at noon. Hopefully with this illegal job I won't get severely hurt.
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