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Chapter 25


I decided to get up a little bit early to go out for a run, I've been doing good with keeping myself in shape since the underground. Plus it helps me get my mind off of things before a long day.

I finally made it back to the apartment and decided to make some toast. Rebecca must've just woke up because she was sitting at the island drinking her coffee.

"Decided to go on a morning run?" She said with a small laugh.

"Yea, it helps me stay in shape, and to keep my mind steady for the day." She looked at me with questioning eyes, the followed with a faint smile.

"I wish I could get myself up early enough to run, I'd rather sleep." We both laughed. I sat down and began eating my toast across from Rebecca, I had water instead of coffee, I've never really liked it. "Don't worry about my dad, he will be hard on you but I promise it's for the best. He told me before you got here that he sees a lot of potential in you, that's rare for my dad to say." I looked up from my toast to Rebecca. She really meant what she said, I gave her a small smile and nodded my head.

We didn't talk much for the remaining time, after I finished my toast I got up and headed to get my shower.

Sitting in the shower I really contemplated on if this is what I really want. I could easily move to another city and just find a good paying job that's legal, make new friends, live my own life with no worries. But that's the problem, I always have to worry. I tend to put people before me.

From experience already, trying to live a normal life is just going to get innocent people hurt, seems like people from my past are always going to be after me. I wonder how Isaac is doing, hopefully Jeremiah and Sword won't be after him after what he pulled, but they said they wanted me, so I doubt it. I decided to leave my old phone in my apartment so I couldn't be tracked or contacted by any of them. Luckily I bought a backup phone just incase something happened, I've been using that one.

I'll need to continue to remind myself to not get too close to Rebecca or Aiden, just in case something were to happen. They might be within the illegal business but I'm not quite sure if they could handle people like Jeremiah and Sword.

I must've been in the shower for a long time because the water started turning cold. I got out and dried off. I put on a pair of black ripped skinny jeans, a white tank top. I blow dried my hair and washed my face. I've never been a fan of makeup so I always skip that part of a girls typical morning routine.

I walked out of the bathroom and went to my room, there was a knock at the apartment door. My blood immediately dropped, I hope it's not who I think it might be. They couldn't have followed me here could they?

I heard Rebecca talking as I walked out of my room, I look in the living room and I see Aiden standing there and them talking. I instantly calmed down and sighed. Aiden saw me and smiled.

"Well good morning Avery, I have something to give you." I crossed my arms over my chest, in a more resting manner and raised a brow at him. He walked over to me and handed me a long, rectangle shaped box. "You'll need it to keep in contact with me, i noticed you only have that cheap phone at the junk yard, so I got you a better one." I opened the box and looked at the phone.

"Thank you." I said as I turned on the phone, I noticed it was already set up.

"I set it up for you, the contacts you'll need are already in your phone. There's names you won't recognize, but once you start racing you'll know who those people are." I looked up at him and nodded. I went straight to contacts and saw Aiden and Rebecca's name first. He was right, the rest of the names I don't recognize.

"Well i figured I'd stop by to see how you were doing and give you that. I'm heading out to the track to get things started. I'll see you girls there In a few hours." He said while checking the time on his watch. "Bye dad." Rebecca said kissing her dad on the cheek. They have a good relationship, seeing that kinda made my heart ache. I never had a dad that cared about me.

The both looked at me with a bit of concern in their expression. They must've noticed something was up. I quickly washed the expression off my face, covering the hurt with a smile. "Bye Aiden. I'll see you at the track." I quickly turned around and went straight to my room.

I locked myself in the bathroom and tears started rolling down my cheek. I leaned over the sink, trying to collect myself. I've learned to keep my crying quiet over the years.

I finally looked up, my pain turned into anger immediately. I'm glaring at myself in the mirror, damnit Avery stop fucking crying.

I quickly gathered myself and walked out of my room, I grabbed the keys to the mustang and headed out.

Once I got outside I noticed Rebecca's car was no longer there, just must've already left. I got in my car and grabbed out my phone this time. Aiden had texted me saying him and Rebecca already left although she was suppose to ride with me. He said he needed her help. He texted the address to the track. I put it in the GPS in my car, and headed straight there.

Once I arrived there were 2 cars. Rebecca's, and some other car. I slowed down pulling up next to Rebecca's car. I noticed this isn't an actual race track but what seems to be an abandoned road.

I shut the engine off and got out, I walked over to aiden, looking at the other car sitting there with no one around. "Who's car?" I asked Aiden as he turned his head behind him then looking back at me.

"It's mine, Rebecca will be using it to help you train. Here's your head piece, you'll need it so I can tell you what to do on the track. There's one more thing, hold on." He handed me an ear piece to put in, then he walked over to the other car and got something out of the back seat. When he came back over he handed me a box. "It's your racing gear, it'll help protect you some what if something were to happen. Here's your helmet to. You can put the gear on over your clothes."

I took the gear from him, I took off my leather jacket and handed it to Rebecca, then carefully put the gear on. Rebecca had went to her car and placed my jacket inside. I took a hair tie I found in my bathroom and put my hair in a low bun, I placed the ear piece in then put my helmet on. The gear was all black, the back of it read "Bandits," I guess that's the name of his racing crew.

"Head on into your car, follow Rebecca through the track, she will guide you. I can monitor where you're at on the track with this GPS." He shows be the red dot that flashes on the screen for where I'm at. I'm guessing the ear piece has a tracker on it. "When you reach certain points I'll tell you what you need to do when you reach those places. Be careful and have fun, we're going to take it easy today, but after that we're going full force." He patted my shoulder and I headed over to my car.

I got in and followed Rebecca around the track. We didn't go fast at all, just coasted through it. There were several curves and bends, mostly wide ones. Aiden told me the spots where I needed to speed up and slow down. There was one particular turn that was really sharp, and it was before the final straight through to home. He told me there that I have to shift the car just right and drift around that bend, but if I feel as if I can't get the car to drift to shut it down a few gears and coast around it.

After the guided tour through, Aiden let me run through the course a few times by myself at a steady speed. Increasing it a little each time but not enough to where I have to drift the car.

Once I finished I parked the mustang and let the engine cool and got out of the gear that I was now drenched in sweat from wearing. I walked back over to where Aiden and Rebecca were standing, Aiden was on the phone. By the time I got over to them the call must've ended.

"Great job today Avery, you have practice every day this coming up week. We will need to work on your drifting especially, I saw you drift at the junk yard but that was dirt. It's a little different with asphalt. I want you ready by next Friday. I just got off the phone with Mitch, the grand prize is $25,000 and I think you have a chance to win." I looked at Aiden carefully and he was serious, a week worth of training and he already wants to put me in a race. Undoubtedly I was nervous and excited. I crossed my arms over my chest and smiled at Aiden.

"Game on, let's smoke some asses this Friday," Aiden and Rebecca laughed. Me and Rebecca headed back home and relaxed for the rest of the day.
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