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Chapter 26


Friday rolled around quickly, the race is tonight. Aiden has had me work extra time out at the track to get ready for today, I'm both excited and nervous. This isn't like fighting, it's much more dangerous. I finally got my drifting to perfection. Aiden said it's the fastest he's ever seen someone perfect it.

I went on about my normal day, I helped Rebecca clean up her apartment for awhile. She said "the boys" were staying with us tonight after the race, whoever they are. Unless they're the other guys in my contact list.

Aiden stopped by with his mechanic to check on my car to make sure it's suitable to race. I sat in the car and revved the engine when told. The guy gave me and Aiden the all clear for the mustang to race so Aiden paid him money for coming out this way.

Me and Aiden went back in, Rebecca had dinner already made. Lasagna, with toast and salad. Rebecca loved to cook big meals like this sometimes, so while me and Aiden got everything ready for the race she cooked.

"Dinner was delicious honey, thank you." Aiden thanked Rebecca for the meal she cooked. "Avery, meet me over in the living room. I want to discuss something's with you." I nodded to his request and followed him to the living room. Rebecca took our dirty dishes and cleaned them.

"The people there tonight, can be dangerous. The person you're racing tonight is at the top of the game. One of the best racers out there. Some ground rules: no betting with anyone, watch who you talk to, do not cause a stir up. If anyone tries to start anything with you, walk away." Aiden told me the rules, they all made sense and I could do all, besides maybe the last one. Being an ex fighter, I can't just walk away if someone tries to start something. I realized that when Jeremiah and Sword came around.

"Do you understand Avery!?" He asked with a stern voice which brought me out of my thoughts. "Yes sir." I nodded. He walked past me patting my shoulder. He went into the kitchen to help Rebecca.

I took out my phone and checked the time. I have 2 hours before the race. I went back into my room and put my hair into a side braid and washed my face. I needed to do something to calm my nerves. I focused on myself in the mirror for a while, realizing how far I've come. I use to be a little girl that would get pushed around by her so called family. No here I am about to participate in my first race.

I walked out of the bathroom and went and grabbed my uniform and helmet. It was time to leave for the race, Rebecca and Aiden were already waiting for me at the door. I hopped in my mustang and placed my gear in the back seat. Rebecca joined Aiden in his car.

The closer I got to the track the stronger my nerves hit me. When I parked my car, I sat there for a moment to catch my breath. Once I felt calm enough I got out and met up with Aiden who was around a group of guys.

"This must be the racer." The tall, skinny guy with dreads said. Aiden turned around to me and smiled. "That's her. Boys, this is Avery." I waved at the 4 guys standing there. They gave a slight smile and waved back.

"I'm Kenny." said the guy with the dreads. He looks the oldest out of them all. He has several tattoos on his arms that laid perfectly on his dark skin. He seems nice.

"Brennen" said the shorter brown haired guy, you can obviously tell he works out a lot. Also not the talking type, since all he said was his name. Seems kinda rude too since he couldn't even look at me when introducing himself.

"I'm Leo." Said the tallest of all the guy, with a wink, I seriously hate guys. He had tan skin, jet black hair with a hint of blue that showed when the light hit it.

"Aaron," the guy with chestnut brown hair said shyly. He's really baby faced, how cute, probably the youngest of them all.

"Avery, these are the boys that'll be staying with you and Rebecca after the race. It's time to go get dressed now." I nodded and headed back to my mustang and quickly put the suit on.

"Good luck Ave, the crew will be cheering you on at the finish line." Rebecca said while walking up behind me. I grabbed my helmet and turned around. "Please be safe, these guys can pull some stupid shit when racing." She spoke while pulling me into a hug. I hesitated at first, but finally gave into the hug. She pulled back and patted my shoulder, I gave her a smile to hide the fact that I'm nervous.

I put on my helmet and got into the mustang. I turned the key over and the engine roared. People immediately looked over in my direction because of the loud sound of the car. A grin grew onto my face, realizing the power I have in my hands.

I crept up the the starting line waiting on the competition. A girl with a crop top with a racing flag and black jeans stood up front. Before long the other car showed up. I was startled when he revved the engine and it back fired. I look over and see an older model Camaro parked next to me. The guy rolled down the window and winked. Disgusting.

The girl brought up the flag, waving it. I gripped the steering wheel, ready for take off when she drops the flag.

The wait felt like forever, finally the girl quickly dropped the flag and both of us took off flying. Aiden quickly chimed into my ear piece. "Don't open all the way up just yet. Wait until you get around the first bind and crank it up some. Once you get to the drift spot, hit the right speed, drift the shit out of the car and open up full speed for the home stretch." He said the order I needed to run this race. "Got it boss."

I reached the first curve and kept the same speed. After I got passed it I cranked up the speed like Aiden said. The guy in the Camaro is a little bit ahead of me, but I trust Aiden's plan. The drift spot was coming up, Aiden came back on. "Speed up past him so you have a clear path to drift." I took his command and switched gears, cranking up the speed enough to get past the Camaro.

I reached the drift spot, I noticed myself tensing up. I knew I couldn't fuck this up or I'd lose the race. I added a bit more grip to the steering wheel and shifted the car to drift. It drifted smoothly around the bend, I quickly straightened up the car. Shifting gears to fully open up, I hit the gas and flew straight through the finish line.

I pulled over to the side after slowing down and parked the car, the guy in the Camaro came not long after I parked. I quickly got out of the car and greeted Aiden and Rebecca with a big hug.

"Congrats Ave!" Rebecca squealed while hugging me.

"All I've got to say is, I've never seen a girl drift that good. That shit, was bad ass." A hand was placed on my back and I looked over my shoulder and see Leo and the other boys coming up to congratulate me.

"Thanks you guys, but it's really all thanks to Aiden for being such a good coach." I look up to Aiden and he's smiling, something I haven't really seen much of yet.

"I think this calls for a celebration!" Shouted Leo.

"Hell yeah!" Shouted the rest of the boys playfully shoving at me.

"Pizza at my place?" Rebecca suggested. All everyone looked at me, I guess asking for approval. "Sure, why the hell not." Once I approved the boys high-fived each other and me and Rebecca laughed. Our little cheer session when everyone immediately went quiet. I felt a presence behind me and turned around, it was the guy I raced. He's tall, So I have to look up to him. He had a look of anger wiped a crossed his face with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Not bad out there babe, just know, I let you win that. No one has ever beat me on free will, I'm still the best in the league. I just gave you some slack since you're new." He chuckled his words. Is this dude really that serious? He slacked off at the drift spot, that's why his car didn't drift properly. Plus he drives a piece of shit. No wonder his car struggled, his ego is going to struggle too once I give him a piece of my mind.

"Oh really, Avery won fair and square. There's no way that junk yard ornament could beat the nice ass mustang she has." Before I had the chance to speak, Kenny stood in front of me and got close to the guy. The rest of the boys followed behind him. Kenny's words obviously pissed off the guy, but the guys looked ready to fight. I squeezed through in front of them before they got the chance.

I stood in front of the guy, minimal distance between us. I looked straight into his eyes with my arms crossed over my chest. "You must really like the taste of cock in your mouth." I spoke with attitude, the guy raised a brow at me, questioning my words.

"The hell does that mean?" He said, I gave off a small laugh.

"Well you know, just saying because, you're sounding kinda cocky right now. Figured you must like it in your mouth." I winked at him and turned to start walking away but looked back over my shoulder. "But just a little advice, don't choke." I turned back around flicking my braid to my back and walked off. The boys and Rebecca started laughed and followed me back to my car.

"That was a good ass comeback." Leo said, still laughing. I laughed a bit more with him. I looked over to Rebecca.

"I'll meet you at the house, and the rest of you." I turned back around and got into my car.

After I got back to Rebecca's, the boys ordered pizza and we all joked around getting to know each other more before finally passing out.
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