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Chapter 27


2 years later...

It's been two years that I've been working with Aiden with racing. I can honestly say I'm the best in the business. Unlike fighting, it's a little bit more easier to get to the top, you just have to know how to drive well.

It's the big "championship" race tonight where the four top racers will compete against each other at once. The track isn't extremely wide so only two can ride side by side. I just hope there's no major crashes.

Aiden has explained to me there's one guy I'll be racing tonight who I have yet to race, I think his name is Draven. He's the next best, he also tends to have tricks up his sleeve to push people out of the race.

We'll just have to see who's the real champ tonight.


"Avery! Let's go!" I hear Rebecca shouting from the living room. I quickly grabbed my gear and ran out of my room to meet up with Rebecca.

"I'm here." She laughed as I was struggling to run, carrying everything. I decided to join her in on the laugh.

We rushed out the door, double checking we had everything and we hopped in my mustang. She decided to ride with me today since she's "never been in my mustang," I've asked her countless times if she just wanted to ride with me but she's always told me no. I honestly think she's just scared if it.

We cruised up to the track, parking in our usual spot. There's more people and cars here than usual, I guess because it's the championship race.

As I got out of the car I heard a group of guys mumbling that this is the biggest race they've had yet. One because it's the first time a girl has actually raced the championship and two because it's the top 4 biggest racers they've ever seen.

"You made it." Aiden says while walking up to me with the boys. "They're having all racers register up at the booth, the race starts in an hour so I advise you to go get that done." I nodded my head and walked past the crew to the booth.

The other racers weren't up there so I must be the last to register. "Avery Knightly." I said to the younger teenage boy sitting at the booth. He looked up at me and I smiled.

"You're the Knightly!" He said in a surprised voice, I laughed and nodded my head.

"That's me kid." I said while still laughing, his eyes grew big and he has a smile wide that stretch ear to ear.

"Not to be weird, but can I have your autograph? It's okay if not." I smiled at him and turned my attention to the model car on the table, it was a black mustang.

"Is that your model car?" I asked him, he turned his attention towards it and nodded shyly.

"How about I sign that for you?" He quickly grabbed it and handed me both the model car and a sharpie marker. I flipped the model car upside down taking the sharpie cap in my mouth by the cap and opening it, and I signed my name on the bottom base. I handed him back the car and he had a gleaming smile on his face.

"Thank you so much!" I laughed once again.

"You're welcome kid, now can you mark me off for registering?" I winked at him, I noticed him blush. He took the highlighter and marked off my name.

"Thank you doll." I turned and walked from the table back over to my car. Rebecca was standing there giving me another one of her strange looks but I ignored it and grabbed a water from my car.

"Awww, someone's got a little crush." Rebecca jokingly said about the little boy at the booth. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

"Just a dedicated fan that's all." I said while taking another drink from my water. Rebecca just laughed.

The crew and I just decided to sit and joke around until it got closer to time.


20 minutes has passed and the boys have done nothing but tell us their lame ass jokes.

"Oh but then I tell this girl.." Leo tried to explain before he was cut off by Brennen.

"Leo, has it come a cross to you that no one gives a fuck about your love life." We all broke into laughter, Leo crossed his arms over his chest and rolled his eyes.

"Meanie, I was just trying to say how this girl-." Leo was cut off once again once Aiden showed up.

"Leo, seriously, no one gives a damn." Aiden stated causing all of us to laugh once again.

"Rude.. I'll just go talk to this rock, at least he will listen." Leo stormed off like a kid throwing a temper tantrum to the rock behind his Jeep. We all laughed again.

"Avery." Aiden caught my attention. "It's time hot shot." Rebecca patted my shoulder and I pushed myself off my car and grabbed my gear and quickly put it on.

"I'll meet you by the starting line." Aiden said before walking off.

I took a deep breath before putting my helmet on. Before I got into the car Rebecca had her hand on my shoulder and I looked at her. She gave me a smile and I returned the smile back. I quickly got in the car and turned the key over bringing the engine to life. The vibration from the engine calmed my nerves.

I made my way up to the starting line. I saw Aiden and he was pointing to his ear. Crap, I forgot to put the earpiece in. I went into my glove box and grabbed it out. I placed it in my ear and pressed the button for the automatic call through Aidens ear piece.

"Good luck hot shot, remember this race is big. Keep your distance and finish strong, also watch all surrounding." I laughed, and instead of responding to Aiden over the earpiece since it's hard to talk with the helmet on, I nodded my head to Aiden.


Before I knew it the flag was dropped and we were off on the championship race. I had a tight grip on the steering wheel to make up for being nervous. I was in second as the guy driving the Corvette was in front of me, I'm pretty sure that's Draven, he's got a nice car and seems to be a decent driver as well.

I glided easily through the first few turns me and the Corvette battle for first and second place. The drift was coming up so it was time to shift it in high gear and pass up the Corvette.

I finally passed up the Corvette but he quickly passed me again, I noticed he was more towards the other side of the track so I merged over to the inside to pass him again. As I was about to pass the Corvette, I immediately lost control over my car.

The next thing I knew, everything around me was spinning, spinning, and spinning until everything just went black.
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