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Chapter 28


I was counting the stock for the bar at one of the casinos when Eric came running into my office, busting the door open. He was clearly out of breath. I put the paper work in a pile on my desk and walked around to the front, crossing my arms over my chest waiting for Eric to explain.

"Eric?" He put his figure out towards me for me to hold on a second. Usually I'd have his head if anyone did that, but this seemed important since he's never done that. He slowly stood up straight and finally caught most of his breathe.

"Draven.. Roxy... accident." He spoke between breaths, he immediately got my attention at Roxy. I quickly grabbed my keys and started heading to the door.

"Wait, but-"

"Let's go Eric, you can explain along the way. Just tell me where." I cut him off so we could rush to the destination.

"The hospital." I quickly made it outside of the mansion with Eric right behind me and hopped into my car, Eric jumping into the passenger seat. I know I can't exactly go to see Roxy because I have to keep my distance but if there's any way I could get a glimpse at her, it'd be something.

"So back to what I was saying, please don't kill him because Draven has been involved in this since he was younger. He was forced into doing it when he got involved with some bad people before my dad started training us, but Dravens an illegal racer." I quickly swerved the car out of the way from hitting a tree at Eric's comment. Not so much of the fact that Draven is illegally racing, I figured he was up to something since he was leaving to go somewhere extremely late at night, but it was the idea that Roxy was involved with yet another illegal scandal.

"Don't worry about Draven, I'll have a talk with him later. I have other things to worry about, plus it's only his first slip up." Truth was, I didn't care that he was an illegal racer, he's already doing illegal things being in a mafia. I've always wanted to be street racer myself.

"Okay, not so much worried about what you think boss, but what about your dad?" Eric's got a point, my dad would have Dravens ass if he found out he was illegally racing. He doesn't run the mafia anymore but he doesn't accept people who hide things. I'll just have to avoid telling him.

"Don't worry about my dad, I'll get that covered too." Eric remained silent for the rest of the ride which was good because honestly, I was in no mood to talk.

We finally made it to the hospital. After parking the car on the street we went in to the front desk. The older lady looked up at us as we came up to her.

"Name?" She said in a monotone voice.

"Draven Parker." I said as she started typing on the computer.

"Room 324, have a nice evening." Still in the monotone voice. I quickly took off walking to the elevated with Eric trailing behind me.

When we reached the third floor and I quickly looked for Draven's room number, hopefully he's awake because I have a question to ask him.

We reached his room and I knocked on the door and walked in. Draven was sitting on the bed as the nurse was giving him a pain pill and something to drink. He looked up at Eric then at me and I saw a spark of fear in his eyes. Once the nurse left I turned around back to Draven.

"Boss I'm-" I put my hand up cutting him off.

"Don't worry about it right now, we will talk later. I need to know what Roxy goes by at the track. I won't go into her room or anything I just want to be able to see her." I saw Draven throw a quick look at Eric once again then back at me, taking a deep breathe.

"I mean, all I've ever heard people call her is 'Hot Shot' but I know she registers under Avery Knightly," I nodded my head to Draven before leaving the room.

There was another desk on this floor, this lady looked a bit younger than the other one. I walked up to her and she looked up at me with a smile.

"How can I help you today sir?" She spoke with a smile still in her face.

"Avery Knightlys room please." She quickly started typing away at the computer.

"Yea, just three doors down to your right sir, is that all?" I nodded to her.

"Yes ma'am thank you." I said before slowly walking down the hall to her room, I noticed her door was open so I slowly walked to it and barely walked by the door frame. I didn't want people to think I was spying on someone.

I saw her laying there in the bed. The little bit of moonlight shined on her face. She looked so lifeless yet alive as well. It hurt my heart seeing her connected to so many wired and tubes. Whatever "accident" happened must've been bad, there was cuts and bruises all over her body for what was shown. I just hope Draven wasn't the cause of this, or I might actually kill him. Something else I'll talk to him later about.

Not being able to look at her anymore without wanting to hold her, I walked out of the room and saw Eric and Draven in the hallway.

"Should you be up Draven?" I asked walking towards them.

"Doctor said it's just mild whiplash to take the pain pills for a few days and I should be fine, he said I can leave now."

"Alright, lets go then." They nodded and started walking to the elevator. I quickly took one last look at Roxy's room and followed behind them.

Soon Ale, she'll be home soon.

Once we got the paperwork filled out for Draven to be discharged, we got into my car and headed back to the mansion.
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