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Chapter 29


I woke up with severe pain shooting all throughout my body. My vision was blurry for awhile, but when it focused I noticed I was in yet, another hospital room. I saw that I was hooked up to a whole bunch of tubes and wires.

What the hell happened? All I remember last was the championship race.

I heard the door to my room open up, I was barely able to see who it was until the stepped closer, it was Aiden. He sat a cup of water on my table next to me and looked up at me. He must've noticed I was awake because he almost spilt he drink.

"Oh, you're up! How are you feeling?" He said gently placing some of the hair that was in my face out of the way. I kept eyeing the cup of water, he saw that and brought the straw up to my mouth to help me drink it.

Someone else came into the room and I heard something hit the ground, it looked like a bag of something. The person was also Rebecca who quickly turned around out of the hospital room shouting.

"Doctor! Doctor! She's up! She's awake!" Her yelling called a strike of pain to go through my head and all over my body, I winced at the pain.

"Ohh shut up." I said with a very raspy and hoarse voice, I heard Aiden chuckle and I laid back down from drinking some of the water.

Two nurses and a doctor quickly came in. The one nurse turned around and left after the doctor told her something, while the other nurse came over to me to check my vital signs, the doctor started asking questions about my pain levels. The second nurse finally came back into my room and gave me some pain medicine and once they were done the doctor talked to Aiden and left the room.

I looked over to Aiden and Rebecca both having a little bit of worry in on faces.

"Guys don't worry, this isn't the first time I've been in the hospital, this hospital particularly." I saw them both share a look then gave me a questioning look. I guess it's about time I tell them what I use to do.

"I was in this exact hospital a few years ago over a turn ACL. Underground fighting." I struggled to breathe a bit so I took a big breath after speaking.

"Illegal fighting, illegal racing. Can't seem to stay away from danger huh?" Aiden asked jokingly. I gave him a small smile.

"Nah, Danger can't stay away from me," I tried to laugh but it led to coughing which made my whole body hurt. I winced at the pain. Rebecca and Aiden who were both laughing with me immediately stopped.

"Easy there Avery, Dont over do it." Rebecca assured me.

"What exactly happened, last I remember I was trying to pass that black Corvette before the drift bend."

"Once you about to pass the black Corvette the guy in the green Camaro slammed into your back end just enough to boost in the air a bit. That caused your car to flip a few times. The boys are at the shop currently seeing if it's replaceable." Aidens words spiked my anxiety a bit. I knew it was bad, but I didn't think it'd be that bad.

"But, your little track boyfriend snapped this really good picture of you and wanted me to give it to you once you were able to see it." Rebecca handed me a picture. I knew who she meant about "track boyfriend" she was talking about the teenage boy at the booth. The picture was of me in front of my mustang with me in my leather jacket, my helmet on the car to my side. The sun was up just enough it showed the detailed paint job of the roses and butterflies on the hood, it was a picture I was actually smiling in. It made me smile.

"Thank you." I said as a tear escaped my eye. I looked at Rebecca who was full on crying now as she came over to me hugged me. I looked up at Aiden after pulling back from the hug and he had a serious expression on his face like there was something to tell me. I raised a brow at him. He took a seat in the chair next to my bed.

"Avery... we need to discuss something important." I gulped at those words, those words are never good. Since he said it in such a serious tone, I know it's not good.

"That is?" I saw Rebecca sit down next to her dad. Yea, this is definitely no good.

"Avery, based off of what we saw, it seems as though the person in the cCamaro was after you. It seemed too much on purpose." My breathing quickened, oh no. They're after me again.

"Avery?" Rachel's soothing voice and her hand on my arms calmed me down a bit. "Is everything okay?" I shook my head no, trying to catch my breath.

"Back in the underground, there was people after me then. After I left those same people were after me again. What if it's them?" Panic started to rise again as I finished speaking. Rebecca is now rubbing my arm to help calm me down.

"Avery I think it's best to leave the state for awhile, as long as they know, if it's the same people, that you're in California they'll keep finding you. I recommend New York. Low life's like them wouldn't make it that far I'm sure." Aiden had a point, maybe I can stay away until this calms down. "But I'm not going to make you leave until you've healed up some. I want to make sure you can handle the trip, also don't worry about a vehicle. I have an old BMW sitting in my garage you can have. I don't drive it anymore."

All I could do is nod my head at Aiden, this is all so much. I just want.. normal, but clearly that's not what life wants me to have.

The pain medicine the nurse must've given me had something to make me sleepy. As we sat in silence in the hospital room I found myself falling asleep again.
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