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Chapter 3


My alarm went off , starting of another Monday. Time to start another miserable week of school. I got up and got dressed. While I was grabbing my back pack I looked out the window and saw Jake and Skylar getting in the car to leave for school. Of course my own siblings don't take me to school although we go to the same place. I get stuck riding the bus, with my luck today it's raining.

As I was walking to the bus stop it decided to rain harder. Now I'm completely soaked and I can't just stay home.

The bus finally showed up and I saw in the first seat by the bus driver. I don't mind riding the bus in the mornings, everyone is usually pretty quiet.

We finally pulled up to school and I was the first one off. I rush into the school to go straight to my locker to get my stuff and head to class to avoid any drama. Hopefully I don't run into my siblings or one of their friends, they'll just embarrass me in front of everyone.

While walking to class someone pushed me in my back, my books hit the ground and I fell to my knees. I heard laughing from behind me, I knew who it was. Skylar and her little click were there laughing. When I looked up I was surrounded by a lot of students.

"Aww, sorry honey, didn't realize you were there." The one girl made a remark which made people start laughing.

"Geez sky, I feel bad that you're even related to that dumpster trash, I mean she can't even properly dress herself." The girls continued to laugh. My blood started boiling. Usually it doesn't bother me, but that's the first time they've physically touched me.

I slowly got up and reached down to grab my text book. When I turned around all three girls had their backs turned to me. I ran behind behind the red head and slammed the text book on her head, she was knocked out cold on the ground. Skylar and her other friend turned around in shock. It wasn't long before Skylar's shocked face turned into a glare.

"You made a big mistake little bitch, I'm telling mom and dad when we get home. They'll be sure to handle it. No ones going to defend you either because, well, no one loves you." She laughed with the other girl.

"Shut the hell up Skylar."

"Try me bitch." She walked up to me barely towering over me.

I balled my fist getting ready to swing, but before I could make contact with skylars face, someone grabbed my arm. "That's enough, everyone get to class! all of you in my office now!" I look up to see the principal, he escorted all of us to his office. He was obviously pissed. I knew I was in trouble. Skylar and her friend walked by me shoving into my shoulders. I followed behind.

When we reached his office, he took Skylar and her friend back first. After about 10 minutes the girls came out giggling. I wonder what they told him.

"Ms.Knightly, in my office now!" His words startled me so I jumped up and walked in. He pointed at the chair and I sat down. He was writing something down on a piece of paper. I'm going to get suspended for hitting the girl in the head with a book but I don't care. I was defending myself.

"Ms.Knightly care to tell me what the hell happened out there?" I looked up at him, taking a deep breath. I told him everything, from when I was just walking from my locker to class, to when I got pushed down and the girls comments, to when I hit Skylar's friend in the head with a book. He stared at me with a blank face. Great he's mad at me.

"I'm highly disappointed in you, first you're a failing student, now you're picking fights with people. Skylar is one of the best students at this school and you expect me to believe someone who doesn't even make good grades, that's she's the one the started it? Ridiculous. You're suspended for a week." I went from feeling shocked to angry within a matter of seconds. I stood up and slammed my fist on the top of the desk.

"I would not lie about this! She did start it! All I do is try to mind my business and stay out of peoples way at this school! I'm the victim here and you're defending someone just because they're a good student? Nobody gives a fuck about me at home, so no one can help me with my homework. On top of that my parents keep me home sometimes because my siblings 'don't feel like seeing me at school that day' you haven't even checked the cameras and you're already putting the blame on me? This is bullshit!"

"No ms.knightly! Skylar wouldn't do such a thing, and for your unnecessary and rude behavior make that 3 weeks. Now get out of my office!" I just stared at him for a moment, then I grabbed my back pack and stormed out of his office and out of the school. I ended up walking home which took an hour.

When I reached the front door, I remembered there being an extra key under the door mat. I unlocked the door and placed the key back. I closed the door and ran up to my room closing the door and jumping on my bed. I laid there with my head in the pillow crying. Why doesn't anyone ever believe me? What have I ever done wrong? I already know I'm going to be in so much trouble when my parents get home.
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