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Chapter 30


It's been a few weeks since I've been released from the hospital. I'm much better than where I was. I'm now capable of driving by myself again. Aiden wanted to ride with me the first few times again to make sure I could handle it or else he was going to drive me to New York.

I've been packing my stuff up for the past few days because I'm leaving out tomorrow. Rebecca, Aiden, and the boys have been spending as much time with me as possible. Which also means having movie nights, every. Single. Night.

Rebecca wants us all to go out to dinner tonight since I can't stay up that late. I'm currently getting out of the shower and drying myself off. I put on a pair of ripped black jeans, a red cropped tank top, mid-calf boots. I scrunch my hair a little bit to help keep my natural waves more defined. Throwing on some deodorant, and a little perfume I was ready to go.

I walked out of my room grabbing my leather jacket. I didn't need my keys since Aiden insisted on driving me and Rebecca. As I got to the living room I saw Rebecca standing at the door waiting for me.

"Wow you look hot, but then again you never look ugly." Her facial expression and tone switched from happy and impressed to disappointed. I just laughed.

"Honey you're hot too now shut up and let's go." I walked out the door and I heard her come behind me.

"Okay okay bossy pants." I laughed at her again. Aiden was already in his car waiting for us, I hopped in the back seat while Rebecca took the passenger seat.

"You ladies look amazing tonight." Aiden complimented us, he didn't look too bad himself. He had a black button down with grayish/ white dress pants. I forgot to mention that this is a "fancy" dinner, but fancy isn't my calling so I usually settle for my "signature look."

"Thank you." Me and Rebecca said at the same time, making us all laugh.

"You don't look to bad yourself dad." Rebecca complimented her dad.

The ride to the restaurant was relaxing, we just talked about a few things here and there. They didn't bring up about me leaving tomorrow which is great because I don't want to think about that too much yet. I just want to enjoy my night with these guys.

We arrive to the restaurant and met up with the boys. Aiden went in to see if our table is ready. He came back out not long after to get us.

The waiter took us to our table and we all orders our food and drinks. The night was relaxing, everyone was joking around one another, tell embarrassing stories, bringing up past events at the track between when I wasn't around and when I was. It was good to just think about the good times and not the bad. I'm sure going to miss these guys though. I hope they'll do okay without me.

After dinner Aiden dropped me and Rebecca off at her place and we went straight inside and went to bed.


It's the next morning and I'm packing up the last few things before loading it up and leaving. Everyone is suppose to be here shortly to say their goodbyes. I've already had my shower and I'm ready to go. Aiden told me to wait until he got here to help load my bags up.

All the boys are here now, just currently waiting on Aiden. We're all sitting in the living room talking. There was a knock at the door and Rebecca got up to reveal Aiden walking in.

"You ready to get everything loaded in the car?" He asked and I just nodded my head. The boys got up and followed me. Rebecca took my keys and unlocked the car. Everyone grabbed one of my bags and took it outside and put them in my car. Once all the doors were closed I noticed Rebecca was gone.

"Where'd Rebecca go?" I asked, but like she heard me she came running out of the apartment with a Polaroid camera. She also brought something to sit it in and placed it at a good angle.

"Everyone around Avery? I want to take a couple memory pictures." Rebecca said. Everyone got around me. The boys towered over me so they stood behind me. Rebecca set the timer on the camera and quickly ran over to me and hugged me. The camera snapped.

After she ran over to get that picture and laid it out for it process we took another picture together. Once we finished I hugged everyone. Rebecca came back over to me handing me the first picture we took. She has already dated it.

"Something to remember us by." I saw a tear fall from her eye and before I knew it, I was crying too. Me and Rebecca hugged each other, the boys and Aiden huddled in over use for a group hug.

After our little crying/ hugging session, I told everyone goodbye again and hopped in the car and began to drive. 41 hour drive here I come. Aiden said he'd call me every so often to see where I'm at and if I'm okay. Hopefully all things go well I'm New York.


After about 3 hours being on the road my phone started ringing. I picked it up to see Aiden calling me.

"Aiden it's only been 3 hours." I said while laughing.

"Yea yea, Rebecca made me call you because she wanted to say she missed you." I just laughed again. That girl sure is something. "Are you doing okay though?" I know he's only asking because of the accident. Honestly I'm still a little nervous behind the wheel but I'm much better than where I was.

"I'm fine Aiden, I'm about to stop off at a restaurant to grab something to eat since I didn't eat much for breakfast. Call me back later please."

"Alright, be safe Avery."

"Will do"

I hung up the phone and got off at the first exit. I stopped at a McDonald's and got a cheeseburger and fry with a coke. I sat in the parking lot and ate.

Once I was done eating I got out of my car and threw my trash away and took a quick trip to the bathroom since I was already here. Once I got back into my car I got back on the road. 38 more hours Avery, you got this. New York here I come.
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