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Chapter 32


I've been living in New York for a few weeks now, all I can say is the only big difference between here and Los Angeles is mostly the people, plus the buildings are closer together.

I figured I should go ahead and just find a job here to keep me busy. I remember walking through the city the other day there being a clothing store close by the hotel I'm staying at, I can go there and get a more classy outfit.

I quickly got dressed and threw my hair up in a high pony tail and grabbed some money. The mornings tend to be cooler here so I threw on my leather jacket and headed out.

Walking outside, the wind was really strong. It was very cloudy out so it might rain sometime today. I'll just go to this one store today and just relax at the hotel finding jobs.

I made it inside the stores and immediately was met with flashing lights. I looked over to the far left corner and noticed they are having a photo shoot. I wonder if I'm even aloud in here right now, the door wasn't locked and there wasn't a sign so I guess it's fine.

I shrugged it off and continued to look through the clothes on the rack. The flashing was starting to annoy me so I needed to make this quick. I saw a really nice black, long sleeve, mid thigh dress. I grabbed my size and went to the dressing room.

The mirror in the dressing room was really dirty so I decided to walk out and use the one outside of the dressing room. The dress fit every inch of my curves perfectly, the material wasn't itchy, and it was overall comfortable to wear. I'm not really much of a dress person but I like this one, plus I couldn't find any pant suits that I liked.

Just as I was about to walk back into the dressing room there was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and male just a few inches taller than me smiled. He had bleach blonde hair perfectly laid over to the side, a perfect smile and he was really petite built with pale skin. I nervously smiled at the guy.

"Hi girly, so I don't know if you're currently looking for a well paying job or anything, but I just happened to see you over here and my god, you're hot." I raised a brow at the stranger in front of me. "Anyways I want to sign you as a model with me, I'll be your agent." I just stared at him, I'm just a random girl shopping in a store and he wants be my agent for modeling.

"Uh.. actually I am looking for a job." I hesitated to say.

"Great" he looked down at the dress I was wearing and tapped is chin with his pointer finger. "Come with me." He grabbed my hand and I struggled to keep up with him, damn he can walk fast.

He took me back to a room in the far back of the building. He opened the door and there was a nice large mirror that went from one side of the wall to the other. There was 2 guys and 3 girls working on, which I'm assuming to me, models. They're doing their hair and makeup. The room smells like a mixture of burnt hair and chemicals, a smell I'm not use to.

"Ronny, Come here please." A man slightly taller than the guy that's standing next to me came over. The bright lights shined on his dark skin.

"Yes James?" He asked politely.

"Ronny this is.... what's your name honey I completely forgot to ask you?" I giggled as he kinda face palmed himself.

"Avery" I responded

"Ronny, this is Avery, she's my new signed model. Please introduce her to Kyle." He looked back to me. "Kyle will be your makeup and hairstylist, he will get you all ready and you'll come back out and we will do a few shots." I nodded and James walked out of the room. Ronny took me over to, who I'm guessing is Kyle. Ronny walked up to Kyle and said a few things, Kyle nodded and Ronny left. Kyle has blue eyes and curly dirty blonde hair, he's also really tan so he must not be from here.

"Hi Avery, I'm Kyle. Let's sit you down and get you all dolled up." I sat down on the seat that Kyle patted and he walked away to grab some things I'm assuming.

He came back with a bag full of makeup. He put a spray on my face.

"You have a very natural pretty face so we won't do anything too crazy." I nodded and just went along with whatever he did.

He finished my makeup and it was a very simple, almost natural looking makeup look. He took my hair out of the pony tail I had it in and sprayed it with hair spray. He warmed up the straightener. Once it was warmed he began straightening my natural wavy hair.

Once he was finished I looked in the mirror, it's probably the best I've ever looked. Kyle grabbed my hand and led me over to a small dressing area. He grabbed a few items and handed them to me.

"Here put these on and meet me out here when you're done." I nodded and closed the curtain behind me.

I looked at the clothes and noticed it was a lace bra with an over sized suit jacket that was hemmed to fit a woman's body. I put those on and I put on the laced heels that when halfway up my calves. I've never worn heels so these definitely felt uncomfortable.

I walked out of the dressing room and Kyle turned around, his eyes widened.

"Holy shit!" He came up to me and fixed my hair some and took a bottle with a glittery liquid in it and sprayed it along my chest where cleavage was showing and on my face. "Come on, let's go show James and get a few pictures taken" I followed him out the door and to where the photographer was picturing a male and female model together.

James looked down at me and almost spit his drink out.

"Wow Avery, excuse me?" James said loudly while motioning for the photographer to stop. Everyone stopped what they were doing immediately. "You guys are done" he said to the models "I want you to do a few photos of her, you'll have to help her with a few poses since she's new to this." He said to the photographer. James led me over in front of the camera and back to his spot.

The camera man helped me in a few poses and took a few shots. When I was done I walked back over to James and Kyle.

"Girly you're a natural, and you're going to look amazing on the cover of magazines," I laughed. "So where do you live at, I'm sure Kyle here can give you a ride back?"

"I live at the hotel just right down the street," they looked at each other before looking back at me.

"Umm no, ill drop you off at the hotel so you can pack your things, but you're living with me. Before you say no, it's really no big deal I have an extra room in my apartment anyways." Kyle demanded. I looked at James and he nodded his head.

"Okay, I want to change out of this first though." Kyle grabbed my hand and led me back to the changing room so I could change.

Once I changed, Kyle led me to a parking garage to his car. He had a nice Corvette, I guess being a makeup and hair stylist for a modeling company pays well. I got in the car and he took me to the hotel.

I went in and Kyle helped me grab my stuff and we went to his place. It wasn't far from the hotel either. He parked in a parking garage and helped me carry my stuff up.

I guess this is my life now. Hopefully me and Kyle can handling living together.
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