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Chapter 33


1 year later...

I've been living with Kyle for about a year and to say the least he's become my best friend within a short amount of time. He's so far the only one I've worked with that I've truly told my life story, but he told me his in return.

I rolled out of bed and grabbed a shower before going to the kitchen and making breakfast for me and Kyle, he honestly can't cook. I dried off after my shower and threw on a pair of dark blue jeans and a white tank top. I got to the kitchen and noticed a burning smell. I looked over and saw Kyle in the kitchen with a smoking stove. I couldn't help but laugh. He turned around and saw me and started sighed.

"Huh, I'll never get a boyfriend if I can't cook." He whined. I continued to laugh more. He finally joined in with me. "Can you please help me?" He asked pleadingly, I nodded my head and walked over to fix everything.

He had burnt the eggs completely so I washed the skillet off. I continued to turn the stove back on and continued to start making me and Kyle our omelets. I can say I'm glad Rebecca finally taught me to cook or I'd be helpless.

I placed Kyle's plate in front of him and I sat across from him and ate.

"Soo I heard rumor that you're going to be working with one of the hottest models out there." Kyle pretty much screeched. I looked up at him wide eyed.

"I thought I was going to stick with individual modeling?" At least that's what James continues to tell me because I "put everyone to shame." I think he's crazy, but he's my manager so I go with it.

"Well, yea, you were. James wants you to start modeling with some guys now. He said it's good for his image as well as yours." I was shocked honestly. I knew Kyle was going to enjoy this.

I checked the time and realized it was close to 10. "We need to get going, so James doesn't kill us for being late." I said while I got up and put my leather jacket on. Kyle put his plate in the sink and grabbed his keys and we walked out the door.

We drove down to the studio and Kyle parked in the small parking space next to the building like he usually does. We walked in a James immediately turned around when the door opened. He ran up to me and Kyle.

"Ahh there's a gorgeous supermodel." James said cheerily while kissing my cheek. "Kyle hurry up and get her hair, makeup, and get her into wardrobe. Miguel will be here soon." He demanded and Kyle quickly took my hand and we made our way to the makeup booth.

Of course Kyle did a fantastic job with my makeup, doing a more glam look. He did a very messy but cute wave look with my hair.

"Your outfit is in the dressing room, go get changed." Kyle said while texting on his phone. James must've told him he already had my outfit placed in there.

I went into the dressing room and noticed lingerie hanging up. A simple black lace bra and underwear with a gorgeous silk black robe. I stared at the clothes for a minute because this was a bit out of my comfort zone, but decided to put the lingerie on.

Once I walked out Kyle looked up at me with a playful look on his face. "Ooo girl, you make me question on if I'm really gay." We laughed together as I took one last look in the mirror fixing the robe.

I walked with Kyle back over to where they were taking the pictures and everyone immediately stopped when I walked in. James looked at me and smiled. The man who I assumed was Miguel was looking at me too. Damn he was hot. He was body builder muscular but he had a nicely sculpted body, the bright lights really shined on his perfectly clear dark skin. I swear this men that are models aren't human.

James grabbed my hand and led me over to Miguel. "Miguel, Avery, and Avery, Miguel." James introduced us and we both smiled at each other. "Places my lovely models. I want passion out of these pictures." James shouted dramatically while walking back towards Kyle.

The photographer took several shots with me and Miguel and some individuals. He kind of just let us pose on our own besides one where Miguel had to be on top of me while I was laying on the red sofa.

"Ahhh perfect" James yelled once again looking back at the photo on the camera. I was placing the robe back on since the last few shots were taken without it. I just laughed at James for being so dramatic.

"Are you going to the party tomorrow night?" Miguel asked me. What was he talking about?

"Party? What party?" I question Miguel, before Miguel could answer James and Kyle were right next to us.

"Oh my god, Avery. I knew I was forgetting to ask you earlier this week. There's a party tomorrow night and all models, celebrities, makeup artists, you name it are going to be there." I looked up at James in shock, of course he'd forget to ask me. He's very forgetful.

"Please go Avery, I will have you looking like such a bad bitch." I laughed at Kyle. I thought about it for a minute. The fear of those people being after me scares me and I have a bad gut feeling about this, but they should still be back in California, not here.

I looked up at Kyle who was still looking at me with pleading eyes. Then I looked at James who was giving me a look of "you better go." Then I looked up at Miguel who was just watching Kyle bouncing like a little kid on a sugar high.

"Fine, fine, I'll go. What's the worst that can happen, I get champagne spilled on me?" We all laughed but mine was more forced. Obvious more can go wrong but I saw how excited Kyle looked and I couldn't tell him no. Plus I think Miguel has a thing for Kyle, I'll need to play match maker.
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