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Chapter 34


It's finally the night of the party and Kyle has been going through all his makeup, my clothes, and photos on the internet to find out how he's going to dress me up for the party tonight.

"Ugh you have nothing in your closet" Kyle complained while looking through all the clothing I've used for modeling. "We've got about 10 hours until the party, were going shopping." He grabbed my hand and yanked me off the bed.

We stopped at a store not too far from the studio and we walked in. There was several gorgeous and very high fashion dresses in here. I knew it was going to be expensive. I'd complain but I know I've got the money to purchase at least one expensive dress myself.

We spent hours in this store and everything I tried on, Kyle disapproved of them all. I was really started to get tired of trying things on and I was about to say I wasn't going until I saw Kyle come back with a black bag.

"Here this is the one." He said while handing me the bag. I just groaned and turned back into the dressing room and put the dress on. When I looked into the mirror it was a black silk dress with two slits that went up to the upper thigh and a v-cut at the chest.

I walked out of the dressing room and Kyle immediately acted like he was going to faint.

"Wow I'm glad you like it." I said sarcastically to Kyle.

"That's the dress. Take it off and put it back in the bag. I'll go purchase it." He said while getting up.

"Umm Kyle I'll pay for it. Here take my card." I tried handing him my card but he swatted at my hand.

"No I'm going to make you a bad bitch. I will purchase this dress to fulfill me making you a bad bitch." I just laughed at him and turned around and got changed out of the dress and put it back in the bag. By the time I got out Kyle had already purchased it and we were leaving.

Once we got back to Kyle's place he immediately started working on my makeup. He said I needed to wait to eat until we got to the party because the food is always the best at these parties.


After about 2 hours Kyle was finally done with my makeup and he had started on my hair. He told me he was just going to straighten it so that will only take about and hour and a half.

By the time Kyle was done it was 6:30 and the party starts at 8. While Kyle went to grab a shower and get changed I went and put the dress on and my heels. I put on some perfume. I looked through the little bit of jewelry I had and I couldn't find anything I wanted to wear. There was a knock on my door and I knew it was Kyle.

He came in with his hands behind his back. I gave him a questioning look and he knew I caught on that he had something in his hands and he brought them around in front of him. He had a gorgeous diamond necklace.

"It was my mother's, she always loved wearing her diamonds. You remind me a lot of her so I figured I'd let you have this." Tears started to build up in my eyes, no one has ever been so generous to me like Kyle has. "Bitch don't you dare cry. Suck them tears up before you fuck up my master piece." I quickly collected myself while laughing at Kyle's demand. I turned around and Kyle placed the necklace around my neck.

"Let's go party!" He cheered. I quickly followed behind him to his car.

When we arrived there was escorts waiting outside the venue. A man in a black suit opened my door and held his hand out. I took the gesture and got out of the car while nodding a smiling at him. Flashing lights quickly started showing up from everywhere when I got out of the car. Kyle came to my side.

"Let's walk in this place like we own it." Kyle said.

"Let's do it." I said while linking my arm in with Kyle's as we walked together into the venue. When we got in there was a huge stair case that led down to where everyone was. More flashes brightened the dimly lit room where people were dancing and talking while music played.


The party has been going smoothly the first couple of hours being here. Which made me feel more relaxed not thinking anything was going to happen. I've talked to a few of the other models here and a few celebrities.

Kyle has been off somewhere, last I saw him was with Miguel. They've both had a bit to drink so there's no telling where they're at or what they're doing. I've only seen James once and that was when I first got here.

As I was walking through the crowd, I saw Kyle coming up to me quickly. He was out of breath.

"Avery, we need to get out of here." Tears were building up in his eyes, he was panicking. Before I had time to say anything gun shots immediately started echoing through the building.

Oh no, they're here.

I looked back at Kyle with panic washing across my face. The next thing I knew a few guards came out of the corner from where I was standing and quickly grabbed me and Kyle and rushed us to the back.

"Where the hell is Avery Knightly!" A woman's name shouted. No one answered there was just a bunch of screaming. More shots were fired. We were now running towards the back.

Once we reached the back door we were rushed into a van. They immediately took us to Kyle's place. When we got back inside I was panicking.

"Avery, are you okay?" Kyle asked me as I just stood there in shock.

"Kyle, I'm sorry, but I've got to leave here. I can't risk your life." I saw pain wash over Kyle's face but there was also a look of understanding.

I quickly ran to my room and changed out of the dress and into my usual black jeans, black tank top and leather jacket. I quickly started throwing things into my suitcases.

Kyle came in and started grabbing my bags and I helped him. When I got outside I realized something, how was I going to leave?

"Umm Kyle, I don't have a car." He looked at me. A smile grew across his face. What is he smiling about? The BMW Aiden let me have ended up getting smashed in the parking garage because someone wasn't paying attention.

"Yes you do." He nodded his head to the direction behind me. When I looked over I noticed the sound of the roaring engine that sounded like the mustang I use to have. The black mustang pulled up and a gorgeous rose and butterfly pattern was showing faintly underneath a glitter high gloss.

"I remember you telling me about the mustang you use to have. I got in contact with the company that had it in LA and had them rebuild it and send it here. It was suppose to be a late birthday gift but I guess it can be a parting gift as well." Kyle said while he starting putting the bags in the car. The guard that helped us leave took the bags in my hand and placed them in the back seat.

"Oh my god Kyle, thank you so much. I'm going to miss you." I said while hugging Kyle, tears started streaming down my face. I looked up and saw that Kyle was crying too. "Thank you for everything."

He smiled. "Thank you for being my best friend. I'm going to miss you. Try and stay in contact, Yea?" I nodded my head. "Now get out of here before they find you." I quickly rushed to the driver side of the car and waved one last time before speeding off.

Los Angeles, I'm coming back.
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