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Chapter 35


I finally made it back to Los Angeles after a very long 41 hour drive back. I ended up stopping halfway and staying at a hotel because I couldn't keep driving.

The first day back I just stopped and grabbed food at McDonald's and got a hotel room and just stayed in and rested. I wasn't really in the mood to go out and do much.

It's now Wednesday morning and I figured I can go grab me an ice coffee and look for some apartments I can afford. With me just leaving the modeling business I still get an income for every picture of me is posted or for any magazines sold. I need to find something that I can always afford because my money from modeling isn't forever.

There was a small coffee shop just right down from the hotel I was staying in. I walked in and stood in line. I've always wondered what all of Los Angeles was like and now that I'm off and on my own I guess I can start to learn more about where I'm from.

It was finally my turn, the lady at the counter was finishing up the man before me drink before walking back over to the register.

"Hello, what can I get you today?" the older lady asked in a soft tone.

"I'll take a mocha iced coffee, please." I responded while looking around the cafe. Something feels off but I chose to ignore it.

"That'll be $4" the lady said I grabbed a five dollar bill out of my pocket and handed it to the woman.

"Keep the change" I said, the woman put the change in the charity jar by the register. I walked over to the pick up area. I heard mumbling of men's voices when I turned around and saw a group of 4 men dressed in business attire. A man with black hair made eye contact with me before the lady who made my drink got my attention again.

I found a one person table close to where the group of men were sitting and I sat down and started searching up apartments close by on my phone.


"Hey" Eric whispered to me while elbowing my arm. I looked up at him giving him a questioning look, but not really paying much attention. "Why does that look like who I think it is?" He questioned, that's when I look up and see her. You can't not know it's her, those genetics can't be missed.

I made eye contact with her briefly before the lady behind the counter got her attention for her drink.

"Yea, it's her" I said quietly to Eric.

"What're we going to do? Tell boss?"

"I'll text him." I told Eric before pulling up Alessandro's contact on my phone.

Draven - "hey, I've got something important to tell you."

As soon as I placed my phone on the table it dinged. I looked up and noticed she was sitting at a table close to us.

Alessandro - "what do you need? Make it quick."

I rolled my eyes at his response, always so rude.

Draven - "Alessandro, she's back. What do we do?"

Alessandro - "....I'm going to text everyone the plan in the group."

I placed my phone back down while waiting for Alessandro to come up with a plan. I would occasionally glance over at her, she seemed very concentrated on whatever she was doing on her phone. I rolled my eyes, come Alessandro.

"Did you tell him?" Eric asked drawing my attention away from her.

"Yes, he said he's typing out a quick plan and he will text it to us all at once" Eric just nodded and went back to doing whatever he was doing on his phone.

After about 10 minutes my phone went off again. I read over Alessandro's plan. It was risky, it might not follow through but it's the only way we could do it. We can't just up and kidnap her although Alessandro would be desperate enough too.

"Do you think this will work?" Ricky asked. I reread the message again.

"Hopefully." I nodded to everyone to get started on the plan. We all got ready to leave.


I stopped looking at my phone for a moment when I noticed the four men in business attire had left. When I looked back at the table they were sitting in before going back to looking at my phone I noticed one of them left a phone.

I got up and threw my empty cup away and grabbed the phone. Maybe I can find out where they are so I can return the phone. When I picked up the phone the screen turned on.

I looked at the screen, there was a note placed on the lock screen that said "if lost, return back to Nick James." There was an address attached at the bottom of it. I guess that's where he lives, I'll just go take it to him. Kinda weird how he has his location on his phone, but oh well.

I pulled my phone out once I got outside and put the address into the GPS. Apparently this place is just a 15 minute walk.

I followed the GPS and it stopped me right in front of a large hotel. This man must have money to be living or staying here. I walked in and noticed a large sign for a bar and casino off to the far right. The front desk was in the middle of the floor plan.

I walked up to the man at the front desk.

"Hey, what room is Nick James staying in, I need to return something." The man looked up at me, his face going pale. I raised a brow at him giving him a questioning look.

"Umm yes. Just go to the elevator and press penthouse, he should be there." He said with his eyes focused on the computer. I decided to ignore his strange behavior and just walked over to the elevator.

The elevator was a mixture of gold and red, making it look elegant. I looked at all the buttons and found one that said "PH" at the very bottom, I guess that's for penthouse since nothing else on here says otherwise.

The doors on the elevator closed and it started climbing up. The feeling of going up so high was making me sick. The elevator finally stopped and the doors open. It immediately went straight into a small living quarters area.

I quietly and slowly walked into the place. I looked around and noticed the small pictures sitting around.

"Excuse me, Nick James, are you here?" There wasn't a response when I asked pretty loud. I was turning around every so often to watch my surroundings. "You left-." I was cut off by a feeling of cold metal being pressed against the back of my head. I froze immediately. Fear swept through me but I covered it up, by crossing my arms and straightening my postured.

"Who the hell are you?" A deep husky voice asked. I slowly turned around and was finally faced with 4 men with their guns pointed right at me. The one man with his gun still pointed at my head. "Start speaking bitch or ill shoot." He demanded, I shot him a glare.

"Cole, remove the gun from her head. The rest of you drop your guns." Another deep voice echoed through the room. I turned to face the voice and my eyes were met with a tall man with a skin tone similar to mine and jet black hair, he also had the same color blue eyes. I froze in my place, this man could easily pass for my twin brother.

"Roxy..." the man said breathlessly, with shock in his voice.

"Who's Roxy?" I asked giving the man in front of my a questioning look. Everyone started looking at each other while me and the man in front of me stared off at each other.
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