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Chapter 36


"Whatever, I just came to drop this persons phone off since this is the address that was given. I'm out of of here" I said waving my hand and turning on my heels to walk back to the elevator.

"Stop her" the man I was staring at said. My instincts kicked in and I tried to run to the elevator. I pressed the button quickly to open it, but the door was opening too slow. By the time the doors open hands were wrapped around my upper arm and I was lifted off the ground. I tried kicking and fighting them off but nothing worked.

The men holding me stopped in front of the man I had a stare off with. They still held me off the ground I guess knowing I'd immediately start trying to fight again.

"Take her to her room." He demanded.

"Yes boss." The men holding me responded. Boss? What the fuck?

"You can't do this!" I tried yelling. It was useless, the men placed me in a room that was nicely decorated. Silk sheets covered the bed and the room had a mixture of blacks, grays and white.

They dropped me to the ground causing me to fall to my knees. I tried getting up as quickly as possible to run out the door but they made it out faster than me. There was a locking sound from the outside. Shit, they locked me in here.

Anger was fuming with in me so I started banging on the door as hard as I can.

"HEY, YOU CANT KEEP ME IN HERE!!" I yelled while still banging on the door. "LET ME OUT!! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" My voice cracked on the last word. I heard footsteps inching to the door so I stopped.

"Once you calm down, I'll let you out and we can discuss things." He said sternly behind the door. Calm down? He just kidnapped me and he expects me to calm down? What could he possibly want to talk to me about?

"Fuck you!" I snarled at the door before walking over to the bed and plopping down.


It's been a few days and I've had a few blow outs. I almost strangled the man that would come in and bring me my food. Overall I've just grown too tired to keep fighting.

There was a knock on the door so I came out of the bathroom. The door unlocked and the man who decided to kidnap me came in. I groaned while rolling my eyes and went back into the bathroom and finished brushing my hair.

I saw in the reflection of the bathroom mirror that he was standing at the doorway staring at me, no readable expression on his face.

"Can I help you?" I asked flooding with attitude and annoyance.

"Finish up, you're coming with me. I'll discuss everything." I stopped brushing my hair and looked at him with a questioning looks. Deciding to not fight it I sighed.

"Fine" I said putting my leather jacket on. I was stopped at the door again, the man hadn't moved yet. I took a step back crossing my arms over my chest glaring at him.

"Can you promise to not run off, or I'll hand cuff you to me." I gave him a disgusted look.

"Fine, let's just go." I said walking past him to grab my phone off the charger.

I followed out of the hotel and to his car. It was a bright red Corvette. I got in the passenger seat. He took off driving.

It was a silent drive, I thought he wanted to talk?

We pulled up to a gate that had access to a large mansion. The bricks were a dark purple brown color which really stood out against the lush green grass and the large white fountain in the front.

He parked the car over by the side of the fountain across from the front door of the mansion.

"Where are we?" I questioned still looking at my surroundings. If I'm able to get away I'm reporting him immediately.

"My house" he said coldly. "Come on, we can go up to my office and discuss things." I sighed and just got out of the car not feeling like fighting.

We made our way up to the mansion and the inside was gorgeous. There was a huge chandelier in the front hallway, the floors were a white and gray marble. The walls were a light gray. This man must love gray and white.

I followed him up the stairs and closed the door behind me to his office. He took a seat at the chair behind the desk, I followed his hand that was pointing at the chair in front of him. I walked over and took a seat, still checking my surroundings.

"I'm sure you have a lot of questions." He stated while resting his elbows on his desk. Is he serious?

"No shit." I snapped while rolling my eyes. "What's your name?" I asked him, I have to get the basic information if I want to report him once I get out.

"Alessandro... Alessandro Knight." He spoke with such confidence when saying his name. "I know you're probably wondering why I kidnapped you and I promise I'll explain but not yet." I shot him a glare, is he serious?

"What do you mean you can't explain yet?" I was starting to get angry, I slowly stood up from my chair. "What kind of person just goes and kidnaps someone?"

"The thing is, you're not just someone." He met my eyes, there was a serious look on his face. Whatever is going on is very serious.

"Please explain how I'm 'not just someone'" I sat back down, crossing my arms over my chest and resting my right leg over my left. I noticed Alessandro taking a deep breath, he looked down. It was silent for a few minutes but I help my gaze.

"We're family." He said before stopping again. I gave him a shocked but yet questioning look. Family? "Your real name is Roxy, or Roxanne Knight." He sighed. "But that's all I can tell you right now, at least until things clear up." He looked at me giving me a sincere looks. I could've picked a fight and demanded answers, but I didn't. Something tells me there's something deeper in this this story that needs to be set before explaining the full story.

"Okay.." is all I could say. I pulled my gaze away from him and started looking at the ground. "Are you my brother?" I asked on last questions. He just nodded his head yes.

"When you walk out a maid is sitting out there ready to show you your room. Dinner is at 7, please come down and eat." He said after I got up. His eyes met mine and I saw a hint of sadness. I just nodded my head and walked out the door.

The maid showed me my room. It was much bigger than the room at the penthouse. If he lives here, why does he have a penthouse?

I decided to take a nap before going down to dinner.
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