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Chapter 39


I woke up the next morning to my alarm. Today is the day I start my training again, just this time, it's for different reasons.

I rolled out of bed and threw on a sports bra and a pair of running shorts with a pair of tennis shoes. I brushed my teeth and put my hair up. Throwing on some deodorant I went downstairs to the kitchen and got some breakfast.

No one was down here so I ended up eating a bowl of cereal by myself, I guess everyone else started training earlier than me.

I placed my bowl in the sink and proceeded to wash it. Once I finished it dried it off and put it up. I guess it's time to head down to the weight room.

I made my way into the gym and all the boys in there stopped what they were doing and looked up at me. I'm guessing they thought I'd be out of shape, but little do that know I continued to work out even after the underground. Which I'm sure they have no idea about.

"Stop staring you idiots, aren't you suppose to be busy?" I snapped before walking over to Alessandro who was doing something on his phone not paying a bit of attention.

"So are you going to train me today, or am I suppose to just sit and look pretty for your men?" I heard a chuckle from behind me and noticed it was Draven. I look back at Alessandro who shot him a glare.

"Follow me." He sighed while getting up, I just rolled my eyes and followed behind him. He led me to a room with dividers and targets. I was handed a decent sized hand gun, the metal was cold in my hands.

"Take a few practice shots, I just want to see how your aim is today and then we will head back to the gym." I nodded and walked up to one of the targets and began shooting.

The first few shots were off, but the more I continued the better I got. After about twenty shots I finally hit on in the center. I smiled at my achievement.

"Wow, you have a really good aim for someone who's never shot a gun. I guess it runs in the family." Alessandro chuckled. "That's enough shooting for today, let's head back to the gym." I nodded and put the gun down.

We walked back into the gym and eyes were instantly on us. I just rolled my eyes and headed straight for the treadmill. I still go based off my old work out routine, it's easier on my knee than what the other work out routines I have tried.

I set the timer for 5 minutes for a basic warm up. I noticed Alessandro walking up to me once I finished running and was just walking out.

"So I need to test your fighting skills, once you're done with your work out meet us in the gym." I just nodded while taking a drink of water. I noticed my nerves kicking in some, I haven't really fought since the underground, since my injury.

I know this house is huge but damn they literally have everything in here.

I went straight to the free weights. I can't really do the squats or bench press since I don't have a spotter, but if I'm going to be testing my fighting skills today I need to not tire out my muscles too much.

I wanted to fight against not fighting today, not knowing how I would react getting back into the ring, but I didn't have a good enough excuse. It's probably not going to hurt anything to see if I've still got it.

I did a few push ups and sit ups, followed by 30 second plank before heading to the gym, I saw everyone go to the right so I assume it's somewhere this directions.

The more I walked down the hallways I started hearing low chanting, I must be getting close.

Finally I made it to the end of the hallway and opened the door where a large boxing ring was set up in the middle. Chair were set up around where the rest of the men were sitting. Nick was in the ring fighting Ace. Let's just say, Ace is winning this fight by a long shot.

By the time I got over next to Alessandro, Ace had Nick to the ground. Draven blew his whistle marking the 5 second hold down.

"Tyler, you're up." Tyler got up and went straight into the ring. I remember Alessandro telling me that Tyler was his best friend that was with the police force. He must know how to fight.

"Roxy, show us what you got." Alessandro said. It seriously felt like my heart stopped then. I took a deep breath swallowing the fear that something might happen and went into the ring.

Draven blew the whistle, I threw the first punch at Tyler. We went back and forth a few times taking swings at each other, trying to take one to the ground.

Tyler quickly tried to wrap his leg around my right leg, the one that was injured. Fear instantly kicked in and I froze. Next thing I know I was instantly taken to the ground. I heard gasp coming from the others.

Tyler came towards me to try and hold me to the ground and I crawled back away from him. Tyler kept coming towards me, at this point I was shaking. Thoughts from my last fight were flooding through my mind.

"Stop! Just stop!" I yelled before quickly getting up and running out of the gym and back up to my room. I slammed the door shut and started pacing, trying to calm down.

I went into the bathroom and grabbed some water in a cup I kept in the bathroom and went and sat out on the balcony. The cooler air helped calm my nerves down and I was finally able to breath.


Roxy shouted for stop, fear lacing every time she said it. She quickly ran out of the room. Draven tried running after her but I stopped him.

"Just give her some time to breath. I'll try and talk to her later." Draven nodded his head and I walked to the door. "Training is done for the day." I said sternly before walking out. What the hell happened?


It's now been a few hours and I've tried countless times of going into Roxy's room, but it seems she keeps it locked unless it's the maid going in to drop off her food.

"Boss?" Draven came into my office where I've been sitting for the past several hours trying to think of what could've possibly scared Roxy.


"Have you been able to talk to Roxy?" I just shook my head no.

"She's gone quiet and it seems none of us can figure out why." I said with my forehead rested against my hands.

"I'm sure she'll come around, just give her sometime boss." Draven said before leaving. I guess he's right, I'm only giving her a few days though. I want her to know that although I haven't been there her whole life, I want her to be able to talk to me.
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