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Chapter 40


I've stayed in my room for 2-3 days now. Everyone stopped bothering me once I wouldn't respond after the first day, I assume they're doing it to give me my space.

I currently just walked out of the shower in my black silk robe. I decided to walk and sit out on the balcony for fresh air. Being within those walls are slowly suffocating, but I can't leave my room without being bothered so being outside is my only bit of escape.

Just when I was enjoying my space there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." I spoke loudly. Just assuming it was the maid. I heard footsteps getting closer to me but I didn't think much of it, maybe the maid just cleaning.

"Roxanne." A deep voice spoke sternly cause me to jump and turn around quickly in my chair. It was my father, shit. "We need to talk." I threw a scowl and turned back around. I pointed at the chair that was closest to me and crossed my arms over my chest. This better not be what I think it's about.

"Roxanne we all care about you deeply, please, explain what happened. Alessandro and Draven have both gone mad because they can't seem to figure out what's wrong. Could you at least tell me?" I looked him directly in the eyes, he was being so sincere with his words. I figure it's time someone knows. Taking a deep breath, I began speaking.

"I was brought back to a dark time, several dark times actually. It just all hit me at once and I just freaked out I guess. Somethings from my past still haunt me, I just haven't figured out the triggers yet, but I guess I figured out that one." I couldn't look at my dad, I just focused my attention at the ground. I'm struggling to express emotion and feelings, but I'm trying, to help him see what's going on.

"I'm going to tell you, about everything that's happened. It's time someone knows." I look up at him and I see him nod, curiosity and fear seem to grow in his eyes. I turned my attention up to the sky.

"I was abused, by them, dad. They use to beat me, they neglected me. I had to steal from the local gas stations to feed myself, or if unc- I mean Rei would come over, he'd make me something small to eat while everyone was asleep. The people who I thought were my siblings would bully me more than the kids at school. Once I found out Rei was killed, which now I know he's alive, it broke something within me, I just ran away."

I proceeded to explain everything that happened at the underground, including the injury. I expressed how the abuse I endured and the accident triggered something that caused me to panic when fighting Tyler.

I began speaking about being an illegal racer, becoming and model, all the way up until meeting Alessandro's men finding me at the cafe. I was shaking from anger and sadness, my body physically isn't letting me cry, so the most I can do is just shake.

I felt my dad place a hand on my shoulder and it caused me to jump. I looked up at my dad, it seems like guilt was written all over his face. I furrowed my brows, what's he hiding?

"There's some things I need to tell you Roxanne." I noticed a sense of fear bubbling up in my stomach and chest. I'm not going to like what he says just based on his facial expression.

" I helped you get out of that mad house by faking Rei's death, but I was the one that chose to lose contact of you once you ran away." I noticed tears forming in my dads eyes. A familiar feeling of numbness is sweeping over me now.

"I got a call from Ian saying he had you. I did an investment with his brother than owns the bar. Ian knew who you were and called me instantly, most fathers would've been happy and would've taken you in immediately. I didn't, but I want you to know I did it for a good reason." Anger was building up now, he chose to cut off all contact and the open opportunity he had to have me back he threw it away.

"There's no fucking excuse good enough to help argue the fact that you just left me with practical strangers to raise me most of my life." I spoke sternly looking directly into my fathers eyes. I quickly got up and stormed into my room.

"ROXANNE!" My father shouted, causing me to freeze in my place. "I did it to protect you! They would've found you again and killed you if I tried bringing you back here." I scoffed at my dads words, a dark laugh left my chest.

"Protect me huh?" I turned around and faced my dad, anger is raging through me. I see fear, pain, and anger show on my dads face. "YOU COULDN'T EVEN PROTECT ME THE FIRST TIME I WAS FUCKING KIDNAPPED! and you think you were protecting me when you decided to cut off contact when you had an opportunity to save your only daughter, bring her back home. That was a bitch move!" I snapped through gritted teeth.


"Just get the fuck out." I snapped again walking past my so called father back out to the balcony. The next thing I knew the door was slammed shut to my bedroom.


It's been a few hours since mine and my fathers argument. I've calmed down a bit with my anger rage, but the anger turned to betrayal to pain.

There was a knock on my door, but I simply didn't have energy to answer, hopefully they'll go away. When I heard the door open I huffed.

"Get.out." I spoke sternly.

"Now Roxanne, that's not way to speak to your mother." My body, emotions and everything and relaxed instantly. My mother had a very soft spoken voice, but she could make it sound stern and serious when needed. "I also have your dinner." She came out to the balcony with me and I saw two plates. One for her, one for me.

"Thank you." I said with a weak smile while grabbing my food and beginning to eat the steak. We ate in silence for most of the time, but I was okay, I enjoyed my moms presence, I had a sense of calmness when around her.

"Sweetie, about your father." I immediately sighed at her words. "Please, here me out." I looked over at her, her eyes pleading. I faintly nodded my head.

"Your father, has made some mistakes. Most that involve the situation that happened to you. He beats himself up every day for not being able to protect you. Just know, that your father has, and always will love and do his best to protect you and your brothers." I held eye contact with her the entire time she spoke, tears started to roll down her cheeks. I realize how much I really look like her, the long black wavy/curly hair with blue eyes. The only difference her eyes show much more emotion than mine.

"Can you please, do me a favor?" I gave her a question look. "Can you please, start coming out of your room more and start talking to everyone. The boys have gone insane since you've been locked up in here. Especially your brother and Draven." We gave each other a weak smile with a faint laugh.

"I'll try momma." She reached her arms out for a hug and I got up and returned her hug.

"We all love you dearly sweetheart, and we're doing the best we can to be here for you now since we missed so many years with you." She gently placed a kiss on my temple. "Get you some rest honey, it's been a long day for you." I just nodded my head and followed my mom back into my room.

Once my mom left I got changed and went straight to bed, mom was right about it being a long day.
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