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Chapter 41


A few weeks have passed and I've started opening back up more with everyone. No one really seemed to ask what happened besides Draven and Alessandro of course. I've also spent sometime with Jaxon, getting to know him. He's not much different from Alessandro, except younger and he doesn't have the temper like we do. He's been studying abroad so this is the only time I've really gotten to talk to him.

I started my training back up. Since everyone knows what happened, they've let me work at my pace to build myself back up. My mom told me before I started training that no ones here to hurt me and I need to regain my confidence back. She was right too, I've lost so much confidence since I've left the underground, I just never realized it.

I just finished training an hour ago and I'm now getting showered. Mom wants to do a big family dinner, including Alessandro's men, since they're also family. I want to clean up before going down and helping her set things up.

I get out of the shower and dried off my body. I wrap the towel around me as I walked up to the mirror. I take a good look at the person in the mirror before me, it seems as though she's a stranger, but a familiar stranger. Hopefully she can come to terms to who she really is one day, because she seems so lost right now.

I shake my thoughts and continue to get dressed. Throwing on a sequin black tank top and dark blue jeans. Walking back into my room I grab a pair of flip flops that go with the outfit. I gently brush out my hair before heading downstairs.

I made my way to the kitchen and noticed the maid helping my mom fix a big dinner. I smile to see how happy she looks mixing all the ingredients. She looked up and saw me standing here and smiled. Whispering something to the maid, who nodded her head in response, my mom made her way towards me.

"Come on honey, you can at least help me set up the dining room. The boys took care of cleaning the dining hall and the kitchen while you were getting ready." She said while showing me the plates with the silverware and cups. I nodded my head and walked over starting with the cups and silverware.

I walked into the dining hall and a bright table clothed covered the long, dark, wooden table. As I'm setting the silverware and glasses down on the table I heard plates being placed down. I looked up and saw Draven placing plates where I've already put silverware down at. I see him looking at me and I gave him a small smile.

"I thought you boys already cleaned up everything while I was getting ready?" I questioned him in a more teasing way.

"I just figured I'd help you out, that's all." He removed his gaze from me. I cocked a brow questioning his response.

"Let me guess, my mom had something to do with this?" I asked, stopping what I was doing. Still keeping the teasing tone. Draven stopped what he was doing as well.

"Actually, she caught me watching you from the doorway. She told me to come in here and help you and to talk to you instead of staring." He said while rubbing the back of his neck. He's being really shy right now and it's something I'm not use to seeing. I laugh his response which, in return, gave me a glare from Draven. They glare soon turned into a smirk.

"Dinner is ready!" My mom shouted just as me and Draven finished setting the table. Everyone came in and took their seats. I went and helped my mom and the maid place the food on the large table before taking seats ourselves.

Everyone began filling their plates and eating. Everyone ate while small conversations erupted every so often.


Halfway through dinner someone's phone started ringing. We all noticed Alessandro get up and answering the phone call in the hallway. Based off his body language, he's not happy.

He finally walked back in and stood behind his chair instead of sitting down.

"Tyler, your father called. We have some business we have to take care of. Someone broke into one of the clubs. The rest of you let's go and get ready to go into position." Everyone got up on Alessandro command. I proceeded to get up to, this is a perfect opportunity to put my skills to the test.

"Not you Roxanne." Alessandro turned towards me once I tried getting up. I crossed my arms over my chest.

"And why the hell not?" I questioned him. I can tell he's growing impatient, but I'm not allowing him to go unless I can.

"Because it's not safe for you."

"Not safe? What part of being in a fucking mafia is safe? Ive been training hard and this is a good opportunity to put my skills to the test." I continued standing my ground.

"No, not happening." Was the last thing Alessandro said before walking away.

"Alessandro!" I shouted, my blood is boiling at this point.

"Roxanne." My dad said sternly, I snapped my gaze to him. "Just go get you some rest, they'll take care of this. You'll have plenty of time to handle a situation like this." I just huffed at my dad and left the dining room.

"Like I'm going to just let that happen." I mumbled under my breath while walking up the stairs.

I made it up to my room. I quickly put on a pair of black jeans, my combat boots and my leather jacket. I grab my gun from my drawer and place it at my waist. I grab a black bandana, just Incase I need to hide my face away.

I quickly look out my window and noticed they're setting up a plan. It'll be a little bit before they decide to leave, that'll give me enough time to finish planning out how I'm going be there with them.
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