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Chapter 43


It's been a few weeks since the whole thing that happened at the club. I've still been working on my training with the others. Alessandro has backed off on being so overly protective, he now allows me to attend all meetings and I'm even able to join them on missions.

We were just in Italy 4 days ago dealing with an Italian gang that decided to make a "purchase" of guns from us, but decided to not pay. We packed up that same night and set up a "meeting" with them to see if they'd pay up, but since they didn't, we ended up killing them all. That small gang no longer exist.

Since we've been back from Italy I've been receiving a lot of text messages from an unknown number. Most of the comments consisting of things saying "I know where you are.", "you can't hide forever.", " watch your back." I just tend to ignore them. It's probably just some overly obsessed teenage girl trying to contact someone else over some boy. I just open the messages and ignore it.

It's currently late at night, we haven't done much the past few days besides train and have a quick update meeting every day. I was getting my clothes ready for my shower when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." I spoke loudly as I sat down on my bed checking my phone when I noticed another message from the unknown number. What I saw made my heart immediately drop to my stomach.

Unknown number:

"Roxanne, you have two days to meet me at the location I'm about to send you and join us. If you refuse or don't show up, I will not hesitate to kill your family, friends, and your little lover boy. I know where your exact location is and I can see exactly what you're doing. Don't fuck this up and lose everything you have, that'd be much too sad. See you in two days."

My heart was beating rapidly.

"Roxy?" I jumped at the voice speaking, completely forgetting I let someone come into my room. It was Draven and he was giving a questioning and concerning look. "Are you okay?" I shook my head completely out of the trans I was in.

"Yea, sorry, I was distracted. I'm going to get a shower. Make yourself comfortable, I'll be out in a minute." I said will tossing my phone on my bed, grabbing my clothes and heading to the bathroom. Once I shut the door behind me I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding. I then got undressed and got into the shower, letting the hot water relax my body.


Roxy has been hiding something since we've been back from Italy. I don't know what exactly, but I'm not going to up and ask her, since well, its quite obvious she won't tell me. I know it's something to do with her phone because at random times she will start acting strange after looking at it.

I heard the water start running in the bathroom, she must be in the shower now. I sat down on the edge of the bed and I heard her phone go off. I tried to ignore it, but it rang again. I happened to look over and I noticed she got two messages from an unknown number. I really shouldn't snoop through her phone, but what if it's really important?

After a minute of thinking, I decided to check the messages. I was shocked to say the least for what I read. how could she have not said anything to us? It seems as though she's been getting these messages since we've been back from Italy, no wonder she's been acting strange. The messages were just an address and another threat message stating she better come alone.

I sat on her bed until she walked out of the shower. when the door open I saw her coming to me with a weak smile. God she's beautiful. Snap out of it Draven, it's now or never that you bring this up.

"Is there anything you want to talk about? anything at all?" I came across as pushy with the question. she stopped right in her tracks and turned around to me.

"No, why?" she crossed her arms over her chest. I can't believe she just lied straight to my face. I slowly got up and walked to where I was right in front of her, there was little space between us. She looked up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers, clearly showing no emotion.

"So, nothing at all?" I questioned once again, but this time I placed the phone in her hand. She looked down and noticed it was unlocked and the threat messages were pulled up. She looked back up at me glaring.

"You went through my phone?" She said through gritted teeth.

"I checked your phone, while you were in the shower. Your phone went off twice so I assumed it was important and checked it." She dropped her head. "Roxy, why'd you hide this from us? You know we'd do anything to protect you. Especially me and Alessandro." I said while taking my fingers to lift her chin up so she's looking up at me. The emotions were now spilling through her eyes although her facial expression was emotionless.

"Come on, we need to go bring this up to Alessandro. Don't fight me either because even if you try to go yourself we'd find you before hand. You're not doing this alone." I said before turning to walk away. I stopped immediately to see if she was following, when I saw she was just standing there I put my hand out for her to grab. She looked up at me then slowly grabbed my hand as I lead her out of her room into Alessandro's.

We walked down the hall straight to Alessandro's room. I knocked on the door and he opened up immediately. He looked at me, then Roxy with her head down, then at us holding hands.

"I swear Draven if you're coming in here to tell me my little sister is pregnant by you, I will kill you instantly." He said before turning his back to us to finish drying his hair. I followed in behind him with Roxy behind me. Letting go of her hand I closed the door.

"I wish it was something like that." I sighed. Alessandro snapped his head towards me with a glare before giving me a confused look.

"What do you mean?" He questioned, his full attention now towards me. I looked down at Roxy who looked back up at me.

"Roxy's been getting threat messages. She was going to go by herself, luckily I caught it while she was in the shower." I held my gaze with Roxy before she dropped her head again, she immediately tensed up. I feel bad for saying anything, I just hope she can forgive me and understand why I had to do this.

"What messages?" Alessandro snapped looking at Roxy. She just handed him the phone as he read the messages. His expressions switch between anger, fear, and sadness. He looked back up at Roxy and just came over and hugged her.

"We will be there with you to handle these people." Alessandro said while pulling away from the hug. "Draven, take her back to her room. Training early tomorrow morning. We will have a meeting tomorrow night to discuss how we are going to approach this." I nodded and grabbed Roxy's hand again before leading her back to her room.

She crawled into her bed, I took one last look at her, she looks so vulnerable right now. It's a sight I'm not use to seeing. I turned and walked to the door when her she stopped me.

"Draven?" She questioned quietly. I turned around to her.

"Yes?" She was quiet for a moment before speaking up again.

"Stay with me tonight, please." She spoke just barely above a whisper. I should say no to avoid being killed by Alessandro for sleeping in the same bed as his little sister, but she needs someone right now. She needs me.

I nodded my head and took my shirt off before walking over to the other side of the bed she wasn't sleeping on. Luckily I already had sweatpants on or i'd have to go change. I laid in the bed and rolled over to face her, her back was facing towards me.

"Goodnight Roxy." Is all I said before the next thing I know, she's rolled over facing me with her cuddled up in my chest. I was hesitant at first, not use to this affection from her, I wrapped my arm around her waist and held her close to me.

"Goodnight Draven." she mumbled into my chest before both of us drifted off to sleep.
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