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Chapter 44


I woke up the next morning feeling warmer than usual. When my vision cleared I noticed a large arm wrapped around my waist, I looked up and was met with a sleeping Draven. He looks really peaceful so I tried to sneak out of bed without waking him, but as soon as I tried to shift myself I was immediately pulled back into his embrace. This time when I looked up at him he was awake and already looking at me.

"Morning." He said while releasing the grip from my waist and sitting up. His voice was very deep and hoarse.

"Morning." I took a deep breath to calm my nerves a bit. I got up and grabbed some clothes to change into for training.

"I guess I'll see you at breakfast too." He said with a chuckle as I closed the bathroom door. I felt my face heat up and I looked back out the bathroom and he was standing against the wall.

"Haha, yea, see you at breakfast." I said quickly before turning and closing the bathroom door again, this time seeing how red my face was in the mirror. What the hell is wrong with me?

Once I finished putting on my tank top, running shorts, and shoes before freshening myself up I headed downstairs to see everyone already in the dining hall eating.

"Aww my baby girl is up and finally decided to join us for breakfast." Nick commented as I walked in.

"Fuck off Nick." Both Draven and I said in sync which caused everyone in the dinning hall to erupt in laughter.

"Damn, first you all hated each other and now you're talking in sync, what a strange world we live in." Nick said before taking a bite of his bacon.

I walked over and sat down between Tyler and Eric and filled my plate up with bacon, sausage and pancakes. I began eating when one of the maids came in to serve some orange juice.

"So, after training today, I want everyone to meet in my office while we discuss how we're going to handle this new mission. I want to make sure we do things properly so no one gets hurt." Alessandro stated.

The rest of breakfast everyone ate mostly in silence besides a few small conversations. Once everyone finished we all piled our dishes together at the end of the table for one of the maids to grab to wash. I followed everyone to the weight room where the guys started with doing weights while I started with a 5 minute warm up on the tread mill.

Once I finished running, I let myself walk out for a minute or two before hopping off to start with the weight lifting. I was stopped by Tyler when I got off.

"Why do you run before weight lifting?" He asked.

"Well it warms up the muscles, plus your muscles are overstretched when lifting so it'll cause more harm to your body if you try to run afterwards. Plus, when I was training to be an underground fighter, that's how I always started my training." I said before taking a long refreshing drink from my water bottle.

"Huh, who knew. I might start doing that with you." He said with a wink before walking over to the free weights. I turned my attention to Draven who was just sitting at one of the bench press stations looking at his phone. I walked over to him and stood there until he looked up at me.

"Mind helping being my spotter while I do this?" A smirk grew on his face at my question as he got up and stood behind the bar as I laid down adjusting myself before I started lifting.

Draven helped me finish with the rest of training by being my spotter while doing weights. Once we all finished we followed Alessandro up to his office. Everyone took their seats in either the chairs around the room or on one of the couches.

"Now that everyone is here, I just want to say that this next mission involves Roxy." Alessandro said while straightening up some papers on his desk while moving them to the corner. "I wont go into full detail of what's been said, but Roxy has been receiving anonymous threat messages. We were given a location and we will be meeting there tomorrow night, but we have to follow a precise plan." The tension In the air increased when he mentioned the threat messages.

"What's the plan boss?" Ricky asked.

"Well, first we will let Roxy walk out there and see the people first. We must stay hidden or else they'll start shooting, they must believe she came alone. We will attach a body camera and an ear piece on her so that way we can hear and see everything. Once I call the shots everyone will slowly make their way up and surround them." Alessandro started to explain.

He continued to explain what everyones part of this mission will be since we have to be more careful.

"Cole, any updates on who these people might be?" Alessandro asked Cole who was quickly typing away at the laptop.

"No sir, these people know what they're doing because those no way to pin point an exact location with what we have. Plus no phone calls were made for longer than 5 minutes to be able to track it back." Cole responded, Alessandro nodded in response.

"Meeting dismissed, everyone head down for dinner then go straight to bed, we're going to need our rest for tomorrow." Everyone got up and headed to the dining hall for dinner.

Everyone ate in silence for the most part besides my mom asking how everyones day was. We are all so focused on what's going to happen tomorrow, I honestly don't know if I'll even be able to sleep. I didn't finish eating my dinner and I left the dining room to go get a shower.

I grabbed the jacket Josh gave me and underwear and got in the shower, the hot water helped relax me some. I got out and grabbed a white fluffy towel and wrapped it around my body as I brushed my hair and washed my face and teeth. Once I was finished I put on the jacket and underwear.

When I walked out of the bathroom I jumped when I saw Draven sitting on my bed. He immediately stood up when he saw me. I'm so glad this jacket reaches down past the middle of my thighs.

"Can I help you?" I asked trying to hide the embarrassment from wearing hardly any clothes around him. I heard a deep chuckle come from him.

"I just came to check on you since you just kinda up and left dinner with no explanation." he said while walking towards me while only leaving a few inches between us.

"I'm fine, just really tired and nervous for tomorrow I guess." I said hesitantly, I hate acting scared in front of others. Draven gently pulled me into a hug.

"I wont let anything happen to you." I returned the hug, but he quickly pulled away for a moment and started looking at me from bottom to top. He raised a brow when he met my eyes again. "whose jacket is that?" His question threw me off guard. I forgot I had saved Josh's jacket he let me have before I left the underground, I never got rid of it.

"its an old friends jacket, I have no idea where he's at or anything anymore." he hummed in response before turning and walking out of my room with no other words. Such a weirdo.

I went and sat down on my bed when I saw Draven walk back in as he throws something at me. I picked it up and realized it was one of his shirts. I looked back at him while he's resting his right side against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest with a raised brow.

"What's this for?" I questioned while looking at the plain black t-shirt that he threw at me.

"Get rid of the the jacket, I don't want to see it anymore. Hunter green is not your color anyways." Is all he said before walking out of my room, this time closing the door behind him.

Not even a minute later he opened the door back up, I gave him another questioning look.

"One last thing," he said while walking over to me. He walked over and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead before resting his on mine. "Goodnight Roxanne, I serious, I won't let anything happen to you tomorrow." He then took up and tucked a piece of my hair behind my hair.

"Goodnight Draven." He gave me a genuine smile before turning around and leaving once again. I let out the breath I was holding and laid down in my bed with a smile spread across my face and fell asleep.
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