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Chapter 46


I walked for about 5 minutes until I reached the destination that was sent on text message. There's no one here though, I look around again, no one. I checked my phone and the location was correct. Was this a trap?

I heard the sound of tree branches snapping, I quickly grabbed my gun ready to shoot when I had too. The sound of tree branches snapping all of a sudden stopped. The air around me started becoming hard to inhale because I was exactly sure who I was meeting up with, but I held my facade.

"Aww how cute, you decided to dye your hair black." I turned around to where I was hearing a woman's voice coming from. It was my so called aunt Amanda who I grew up knowing as my shitty mother. I glared at her. " It's such a shame really, your blonde hair was so pretty." She came walking up to me about to touch my hair before I swatted her hand away.

"Why are you here?" I asked sternly, as she just smiled at me.

"Oh honey, it's been my job to make your life a living hell. I though you'd be dead at the gala but that best friend of yours and those stupid guards got in the way. It wasn't hard to find you again though since, you know, you do have a car that not hard to miss." She said while walking around me.

"You're behind all this?" I questioned snapping at her.

"Oh no, no , I couldn't do it all alone. I'm pretty sure some of these faces will look familiar. Come on out everyone, we can a nice little reunion now." Amanda said while laughing coldly. The next thing I know, more people were walking out of the shadows.

She was right, a lot of these people were familiar. first I saw Jake and Skylar, the two people I thought were my real siblings. Then I saw Patrick, the man I grew up thinking was my dad. I then saw Sword and Jeremiah, I've had multiple encounters with them, but I didn't know they were working for her. I then saw the man I raced at the junk yard for the mustang. Not far behind them was the two people I least expected to be apart of her group, Ronny and James. To say I felt betrayed by James was an understatement. Although I hated everyone here, I turned my gaze back to the one behind all of this.

"What the hell do you want from me Amanda?" I snapped.

"Aww, I'm not longer mom to you, I'm hurt honey." She said while laughing darkly. "I'll have to teach you some respect again little bitch. You're coming with us so I can finish my quest of making you suffer until you die." She snarled at me.

" Over my dead body." I heard a males voice speak up, looked over to see Alessandro and his men standing right behind me, ready to fire on the spot.

"Well it looks like someone can't listen to simple orders, I told you to come alone and you brought along your brother and all your fuck buddies." Amanda said with a devilish smirk on her face.

"Wow mom, I knew she was desperate for attention, but I didn't think she'd turn into such a whore." Skylar commented which led to her and Amanda laughing.

"Are you going to answer her question as to what you want her for, or are you just wasting all of our time." Draven snapped, causing Amanda and Skylar to stop laughing.

"Well hot stuff, my mom wants.. actually is forcing 'Roxy' to join us, or she will kidnap her again and kill all of you." Skylar snapped, her little flirty comment towards Draven caused my blood to boil.

"You have 10 seconds to make up your mind Roxanne." Amanda stated coldly. I looked around all eyes were all on me. I met my gaze back at Amanda who was now smirking at me.

"No, I wont go with you." I stated while walking back towards Alessandro and Draven. Amanda started laughing coldly again.

"Well, I guess I'll just have to kill everyone that came with you then, but I think you might want to see something first." She said, nodding at one of her men who went back into the woods and leading two girls out with bags over their heads. They look like they've been abused and neglected. The man that brought them out removed the bags from their heads. I instantly realized it was Chloe and Rubin from the underground.

"Come with me, I'll set your friends free." Amanda said staring at me as I was staring at the two helpless girls in front of me who held their heads down. I sighed, I need to sacrifice my life to save theirs.

"Fine, if you set them free, I'll go with you." I stated a smirk grew on Amanda's face.

"Untie the girls and grab her." Amanda stated. I waited patiently as Ricky and Tyler grabbed the girls. I grabbed my gun and shot the man who was coming for me.

"You bitch!" Amanda yelled. Before I knew it another shot was fired, I was waiting to feel the pain hit, but it never did. I heard a hard smack to the ground, I looked over and noticed Draven on the ground, she shot Draven.

"NO! DRAVEN!" I yelled running over to him tears of sadness, pain, anger were spilling out.

"I warned you little bitch, I'll take everything from you." Amanda said while laughing.

I grabbed my gun again and aimed it at her head and shot her, the next thing you know I'm shooting at everything coming towards me. Once I saw the last of them hit the ground with blood pooling their bodies I dropped my gun and hit the ground.

"Roxy come on" I heard a muffled voice speak as I'm going in and out of consciousness.

"Someone get Draven to the hospital now." Another muffled voice spoke.

The next thing I know I'm being picked up and put into the SUV. I barely see Draven laid across the mens lap in front of me.

"Draven" I said in a faint raspy voice. I'm trying to stay awake for him, but i'ts getting hard. He looks so lifeless although I can barely see him. Someones got a piece of cloth over top of his shoulder where I'm assuming he was shot.

I'm assuming we reached the hospital because I see blurred figures rushing around and taking Draven out of the SUV.

"Draven don't leave me." I said again in a faint raspy voice. The door to the SUV was shut and the hospital disappeared behind us as the SUV took off again.

Before I know it, darkness is taking over me.
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